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U BELONG TO ME...A kriyaansh ff(ch 15 updated )

only_kriyansh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Hey guys m new to this forum and this my first ff
m a big fan of arsha/kriyaansh so my ff is on kriyaanshSmile
bakwas title hai this oly came to my mind

Kria Ghai: once she was a sweet ,cute, bubbly girl a fighter but after breaking rey's heart she have become dull,lifeless always silent goes to collage and comes home and locks herself in the room in short a body without soul
Reyaansh Singhaniya: the handsome hunk same as d3 he had completely forgot kria sometimes only sometimes thinks of kria and makes himself straight the she ditched u... falling for tani

Swayam Shekawat:same as d3 loves sharon a lot happy with his life misses kria very badly but doesn't show it

Sharon Rai Prakash: same as d3 lovesSwayammisses kria and angry on her coz she left rey and the team

Rest all are same as d3

More characters to cum:}}

It had been 6 months kria left her dil dosti and dance mumbai and now in dehradoon everybody have moved in their lives except our kria she is not dat fighter kria anymore she had become silent not interacting to people her mom tried a lot to get the old kria but everytime she failed... she want her daughter back so she decided to go back to mumbai...


In dehradoon

Smrithi: kria aur kitne din tum aise hi raoge move on beta mujhe meri fighter beti wapas chahiye
Kria: ma plz aap firse shuru mat kijiye
sm: mai maanti hun ki maine galat ki ye mujhe ek chance do beta mai sub kuch teek karoongaCry
kr: nahi ma plz
smrithi wiping her tears mujhe kuch nahi sunha kal hum mimbai jayenge tum wapas st.louis join karoge aur dance karoge
kr: ma aapko kya lagtha hai ki mujhe mere friends accept karenge aur rey... silence nahi ma mujhse nahi hoga
and she goes from there

sm: mujhe kuch to karna padega

Next day
Sm: kria jaldi tayar hoja beta
kr: ma kana jana hai????
sm: delhi
kr: delhi kyun?
sm: meri friend ki beti ki shaadi hai so hum waha ja rahe hai
kr: ma mai nahi ahoongi aap jayiye
sm: arre aise kaise mai apni friend ko promise ki yeh ki mai tumhe lekar ahoonga
kr: maaa plz
sm: kria plzafter doing some drama finally convinced her daughter
kr: ok maa in a sad tone
kria got ready and both left for the airpor
kria was lost in her own world she was not paying attention to anything around her .The flight landed kria was feeling something different in the atmosphere .She came out of the airport and was shocke
kr:Shockedmaa hum kahan hai?????
sm: sapno ka shaher mumbaiBig smile
kria was shocked everything flashed in front of her a tear flowed down her cheeks smrithi saw this
sm: beta kya hua ??
kr: ma aapne aise kyun kiya?
sm: cupped her face mai tumhe kush dekhna chata hoon aur mujhr pata hai tumhara kush is shehar mai he
kria hugged her tightly after sometime they broke the hug
kr: ma lekin aapka kaam and humara luggage?
sm: kaam iam again doing my job here only and luggage tum chinta mat karo meh sab kuch intezar kar liya heh
kr: teek haithey went to their old house and setteled

next day:
kria was still sleeping her mom entered her room caressed her hair and kissed her forehead
sm: kria uto collage nahi jana hai kya?</font>
hearing collage she jerked and got up</font>
sm: beta kya hua?</font>
kr: ma mujhe dar lag raha hai</font>
sm: dar kyun?</font>
kr: mai un logon ko kaise face karronga?</font>
sm: beta kuch nahi hoga trust me</font>
kr: teek hai ma</font>
she happily got ready to meet her friends and especially rey
In collage

kria entered the collage with a wide smile .Everybody in the collage was staring at her</font>
g1: vo kriya hai na??</font>
g2: haan yaar vo kria hi heh</font>
g1: itne din kaha gayi thi??</font>
g2: mujhe kya pata</fon
she was going inside and she bumped to someone her books fell down</font
boy: hey kria wat a surprise??</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: huh shivam</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">(yes the boy was shivam)</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: hey tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: oh mai iss collage ka gs hoon</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: kya???Shockedpar rey?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shivam thinking ab aayega mazaa</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: ab usko in sab cheezon mai interest nahi hai</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr:kya? kyun</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: ab uska interest kisi aur cheez pe hai</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: kis pe?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: tani pe</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: tani?? kaun tani?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: tani swayam ka behen</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: swayam ka behen aise kaise aur rey uspe interest kyun dikha raha hai?? controlling her tears</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: offcourse pyaar karta hai usse</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">thats it kria couldn't digest wat shivam said</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: aise nahi ho sakta?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: arre yaar poora collage janta hai</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: main nahin manti</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: tumhe mana padega ok let me show you something</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">he took his mobile and showed her the pic</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">(guys dnt ask pic kaise uske paas kaise aya, shivam hai toh logon ko zindagi babbad karne keliye kuch b karega specially rey ka)</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kria saw the pic and was shattered tears were flowing like waterfalls lol:P</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">
<font color="#660066" size="3">she ran from there crying very badly</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">shi: huh kuch toh huvaBig smile</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">
<font color="#660066" size="3">in kria's house</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kria came home fell on her knees and started crying humesha mai kyun nahi me rey ke bina kaise reh sakti hoon i love him aur vo kisi aur ke saath...nahi nahi she broke all the things in her house</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">(imagine wat sharon did after shivam party)</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">meantime smirthi entered the house as she forgot some file</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">she saw all the things shattered in the house and went to kria's room and what she saw was terrifying.she saw her daughter in that state.actually she was hitting the mirror with her hands and blood oozing from her hand</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">sm: kria kya kar rahi ho pagal ho gayi ho kya?</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">kr: hann mai pagal hogayi hoon and again started hitting it</font>
<font color="#660066" size="3">sm: kria kria kriaaa she screamed pehle batoa kya huwa</font>
<font color="#66cc66" size="3">actually itna pagal ho gayi thi she was not thinking wat she was talking</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: yeh sab kuch aapki wajah se huva hai</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: meri wajah se maine kya kiya</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: aap kuch nahi kiya,aap mujhe yahan kyu layi yeh dekne ke liye ki mera rey kisi aur ke saath hai</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: beta mai toh bas tumhe kush</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kria cut b/w kush kaise kush wohh actaully aapko kush hona chahiye</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: kria meh</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: ma plz mujhe akele chod dijiye</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: beta mera baat toh</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: she was gettin angry ma plz</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: kept her hand on kria shoulder</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kria plz ek baar</font>
<font size="2" color="#00ff99">kria exploded nw</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: aap hamesha mere saath aise kyun karti ho?</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sm: maine kya kiye</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: yeh be mujhe batana padega woww</font>
<font size="2"><font color="#660099">sab kuch karke puch rahe ho maine kya kiya, mera sab kuch cheen liya aapne</font><font color="#33ff99">now kria started yelling and crying and telling her</font><font color="#660099">mera pyaar mera dost sab kuch mera dance sab kuch mujhe kabi kabi lagtha hai ki mai apki beti hi nahi hoon agar mai apki beti hoti aap mujhe samajthi lekin nahi aap to stupid promise rak ke mere zindagi barbad ki hai</font></font><font color="#660099">aap mera sab kuch cheenliya </font><font color="#ff6633">she was saying the same thing agian and agin</font><font color="#660099">mujhe aapke shakal bi nahi dekna chati hoon plz plz plz aap yahan se chali jayiye mujhe akele rahne dijiyeshe shouted on top of her voice</font>

<font color="#660099">sm stood there frozed tears rolled down her cheeks she closed her mouth and ran from the room went towards her car and drove she was mumbling sorry beta sorry she was crying bitterly she didnt realise a truck coming towards her that it kria was the last word from her mouth an accident took place</font>

<font color="#660099">in the house</font>
<font color="#660099">kria was still crying she got a call but she ignored it but it was ringing continiously she picked it</font>
<font color="#660099">kr: hello</font>
<font color="#660099">caller: can i talk to miss kria</font>
<font color="#660099">kr: am kria boliye</font>
<font color="#660099">c: mam a lady met with an accident she is injured very badly</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kria was dumbstruck</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: kya aap uska naam bata sakte hai(she asked scarily)</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">c: 1 minute mam...near the accident we got a purse and an id usme lika hai ki smiriti...smrithi ghai</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: kya ma...started crying ma ma ma ma nahi ma ma</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">c: hello mam kya aap jaldi ha sakte hai</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: came to her senses ji which hospital??</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">c: city hospital</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">kr: mai mai abhi aarahi hoon and cut di call</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">
<font size="2"><font color="#ff6633">it was late night she was not finding a car nor an auto</font></font>
<font size="2"><font color="#660099">not wasting much time she was running to the hospital she was shivering,crying she was totally exhausted while running a car came and hit her slightly (any guesses whose car was it)</font></font>
<font size="2"><font color="#660099">let me tell u it was our swayam's carTongue</font></font>
<font size="2">
<font size="2"><font color="#660099">howzzz it</font></font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">if u liked it plz comment or like</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">if u dont like den plz frankly tell ur opinions</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">
<font color="#660099" size="2">plz tell me if can i continue</font>
<font color="#660099" size="2">sorry for the mistakesSmile</font>

                                                       chapter 1 = page 1
                                                       chapter 2 = page 1
                                                       chapter 3 = page 2
                                                       chapter 4 = page 3
                                                       chapter 5 = page 4
                                                       chapter 6&7= page 6
                                                       chapter 8 = page 8
                                                       chapter 9 = page 11
                                                       chapter 10 = page 15
                                                       chapter 11 = page 21
                                                       chapter 12 = page 30
                                                       chapter 13 = page 40
                                                       chapter 14= page 62 
                                                       chapter 15= page 102

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Grt...loved it...pls pm me when u update...

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Pm me me when u update

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only_kriyansh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Thnx guys
Dat u lkd it
M gud at imagining but putting dem into words its really difficult
But ill try and ill update d nxt chappy soon
if ive done mistakes
Plz bare me:))

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only_kriyansh IF-Dazzler

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as soon kria it d car her head was on the car's front bonnet her face was fully  messed up and her hairs covered her face.her head was paining coz she got a slight cut and it was bleeding(swayam was in d car and could nt see her)with lot of difficulty she stood up and actually swayam was coming out of the car to help her and when he saw her face he froze and in kria mind realisation stuck she shouted ma and ran from there(kria did nt see swayam)


sw: kya vo kria thi??(he looked back agin their kria was running like a jet).

sw: haan kria kria hi heh

(and he also ran behind her calling her name but she didnt listen and was running)

sw: kria ruko ruko kria kria

(she reached the hospital and rushed towards the reception)

kr: ma meri maa(crying)

re: ji??

kr: haan ma thodi der pehle uski acci accident...

re: unki naam??

kr: smrithi ghai

re: 1 sec mam

kr: plzz jaldi kijiye(crying)

re: room no 108

(she went towards the room there she saw her mother covered with bandages and in uncouncious state and doctors next to her.she went in and hugged her momm and was crying)

dr: excuse me.. who are u??

kr: meh unki beti hoon(crying)

dr: ohh.. i want to tell you something can you plz come out?

kr: kyun? wat happened dr?

dr: aap plz bahar ayiye(and he went out even kria followed him, meantime swayam also came and saw kria and dr coming out of the ward)


kr: kria

dr: miss kria i have a very bad news to tell that ki aapke mom ko(kria cut him)

{p.n.swayam can here their convo}

kr: dr mom ko kuch nahi hoga na?plz dr tell him she is safe na??

dr: beta sambhalo apne aap ko

kr: ???

dr: aapki mom ab zyada der tak nahi bachegi unki sar par badly hurt huva hai aur body inner bleedings zyada ho raha hai. she have lost a lot of blood so(kria cut him)

kr: so kya dr apke samne haat jodthi hoon plz meri mom ko bacha lijiye(she kneeled and caught his legs and was begging)

dr: beta aap kya kar rahi heh get up(he made her stand)

dr: samajne ki koshish karo beta u should be strong now

kr:(still crying)(swayam who was hearing all this was crying coz after so many months he saw his best friend and that too in this state)

meantime the nurse came out..

nu:dr patient ko hosh aa gayi heh aur vo kehrahi ki use uski beti se baat karni heh

dr: beta go inside and talk to her

kr: no no no(she was mumbling)

dr: beta himmat rako and jao(and he went from their.after fw minutes kria went in even swayam came and stood near the door)

smriti: kria

kr: ma maa m sorry ma neri wajah se

sm: beta plz apne aap ko blame mat karo

kr: nahi maa(crying)

sm: sshh meh tumhara life barbad ki yeh tuhara dil dosti dance sab kuch cheen liya maine issiliya mujhe bagwaan ne sahi punishment di heh. soory beta tumhara rey,tumhara bstfrnd swayam, tumhara zindagi dance cheene keliye

(hearing this swayam couldn't controll he want to find iiit and he came inside the ward and stood there with teary eyes)(smriti saw him)

sm:beta tum??

(hearing this kria turned to see who it was)

kr: swayam?

(even kria couldn't control she ran and hugged him even he her hugged her and both cried their heart out seing this even smriti started crying. they broke the hug and swayam went towards her mom and took her hand in his and was staring at her with teary eyes)

sm: beta mujhe maaf kardo

sw: aunty kiss keliye aap mafi maang rahe oh??

sm: meri wajah se (she narrated the whole story to him. swayam was like in a state of shock he didnt utter a single word)

sm: meri selfishness ki wajah se meri bachi itna kuch sehen rahi heh, ab meh be chali jaoongi kya karegi meri bachii vo bilkul akele pad jahegi

sw: aunty plz aise mat boliye apko kuch nahi hoga

sm:nahi beta mujhe pata heh m going to die,beta kya me tujhe(she was hesitating to ask )

sw: kahiye aunty

sm:vo vo

sw: huh boliye

sm: kya mere marne ke baad tum kria ka kayal rak sakti ho?meh tumpar barosa rak sakti hoon

(swayam being a true friend and a good human tells her)

sw: haan aunty zaroor(he wanted to cry and shout but he controlled himself and thaught he should be stong at this point of time)main hoona meh kria ka kayal zarror rakungi vo meri bst friend hai aur aaj se vo meri zindagi ka issa ban chuki heh m their for her always

(hearing this smrithi was really happy)

(kria is in the room only standing and crying)

sm: thank you beta:))

(and she saw kria with teary eyes swayam saw this)

sw: kria yaha aao

(kria was still standing their)

sw: kria? come

(she came to them)crying

sm: ab mujhe koyi chinta nahi yeh

(kria hugged her tight)

kr: ma mujhe chodkar maat jayiye(crying)

(smriti broke the hug kissed kria on her forehead took kria's hand and kept it in swayam hand and she breathed her last)

kr:ma ma ma swayam ma

sw: pulled kria and hugged her

kr: swayam ma ma(she again went hugged her mom and started crying loudly, swayam didnt stop her after a lot of crying kria felt dizzy and was goin to fall but swayam caught her lifted in his arms and placed her on the near by bed and went to call the dr)



precap:gang comes to know about kria's truth and smriti funeral


mere ff meh rey be hai ill introduce him soon...ill promise u guys that this is gonna be interesting

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dancersqueen IF-Sizzlerz

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read both the updates...awesome...pls pm me...

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Nice update...will give long comments after 7 nov...

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only_kriyansh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 October 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
thanks for likin itTongue

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