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Written Update : 24th Oct 2012

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Both Manav and Archana are in the Deshmukh and the Karanjkar house  respectively .Manav is angry and is saying that he will never let Soham be part of his family , Archana is telling her mother and Purvi that she will make Soham a part of her family .She will tell him how much they all tried to look for him and will also apologise to him for hitting him .

Manav is telling his mother that Soham is not worthy of his love .
Sulochna and Purvi are telling Archana that Soham will only learn about family values when he will start living with his family .Sulochna says that Varsha only gave him love and not sanskaars and they wil lall help him to learn how to talk to elders . Archana is positive that all this can be done .Only somehow Soham should come back in her life .
Arjun is sitting in his office .One of his staff wants to have a leave and he starts thinking about how once Purvi also wanted to go on leave because it was her best friend's wedding .At that time Arjun did not give her the day off and rudely tore off the leave application even though she was well within her rights to ask for a leave .
This lady called Susha comes in .She wants a leave for 3 days because it is her daughter's wedding .Arjun gives her 7 days off instead of just 3 . He also assures her that he will help her financially if she needs it .The lady invites him for the wedding and Arjun accepts the invitation . When she leaves , he thinks about Purvi and how he is following all that he learned from her .
Soham is standing outside the court instructing his lawyer to get Balan and Varsha out from jail .He sees Sachin and walks to him . Soham starts being rude to sachin and says that he is just as bad as Manav and for money he is trying to keep his parents in jail . Sachin gets angry and says that he feels like giving him a slap for the way he talked to their Baba . Soham says that Manav is not his baba and not even Sachin's real baba as Soham knows all about Manav's family . An angry Sachin tells Soham that he is only quiet because Soham is Manav and Archana's son .
On hearing this , Soham pushes Sachin very badly in front of everyone .
Sachin, feeling insulted is angry but somehow controls his anger and walks away .
At home Sachin tells Teju about what happened with Soham .Teju is furious that Soham insulted sachin like this and she tells Sachin to keep away from that man ( Soham ) . Sachin tells her that he felt like slapping Soham but he stayed quiet as he has a reputation and did not wish to spoil it .Sachin feels sorry that he got Soham out on bail and tells Teju that he will now make sure that Soham never becomes part of his family .
Savita is listening to all this .She gets worried that along with Teju and Ovi , now even Sachin hates Soham so how will Soham come back to this family now ?
She goes to Archana  ( in the kitchen ) and tells her that now along with Ovi and Teju, even Sachin is against Soham . Archana starts crying when she hears this .Savita tells Archana that she wants Soham to come back but not at the cost of making everyone unhappy in the family and Archana should talk to Manav so that he can talk to the rest of the kids about Soham . Archana says that first she will try and talk to Soham and then she will talk to Manav .
Archana goes to see Varsha in jail .It is late night and Balan is sleeping . Archana says to her that Soham only listens to Varsha so only Varsha should tell him that his place is with his real family .
Varsha starts taunting Archan that she should herself try and get her son back .She is so desperate for him, came all the way to Darbhanga and now he is in front of her so what is she waiting for .She should take her son home with her .She says that time has taken a full circle after 18 years and now Archana is where Varsha used to be .
18 years ago , Varsha begged Archana for Soham and today Archana is begging Varsha for the same son .Now Varsha has the power that Archana does not have .She starts laughing when she sees Archana is crying helplessly .
Archana tells Varsha not to be in the illusion that she has won because Varsha is not worthy of being Soham's mother as she turned Soham into a Gunda .Today he is living a life of crime only because of Varsha .
Archana says that she has come here to give Varsha one more chance to prove that she loves Soham and let him go so that he can live a better life .
Archu says that she will make sure that Soham lives a life of respect and not crime .
Varsha says that she will not do anything like this .Varsha also tells Archana to stop crying all the time about 18 years and even Varsha had to go through hell in the last 18 years  , it was not just Archana who was suffering .Varsha tells Archana that she did not even have her mother for 18 years and had to be a mistress  to a man like Balan , all this she did only for Soham .
Varsha tells Archana that she has told Soham the truth and still he has rejected his real parents and wants to be with Varsha. Archu  tells Varsha that what she is doing is very wrong but Varsha tells her sister that she will do nothing for her .
Purvi calls Vinod and asks him if he has talked to Manju about shifting back to the Karanjkar house .Vinod says that he has not talked to her as yet .
Romil brings a modeeling assignment for Ovi .She is unsure if she wants to go back in modelling .Ovi asks Arjun if she can go to a fashion show of the designer who wants to give her this modelling contract .Arjun says that she should go .Ovi wants Arjun also to come with her but Arjun says that he has to go to a wedding of the daughter of one of their staff member .Ovi says that he does not have to go to the wedding of such ordinary people and it should not matter to him .Arjun says that it matters to that lady whose daughter is getting married .
Romil is surprised to see that a big man like Arjun is so humble .Arjun tells Ovi that he has learned to think about others since he came to India and it is a good thing to think about others happiness as well .
Punni wants to know why her mother has said yes to go to the Karanjkar house .Manju says that she has a reason and that is why she has decided to move back there but she will tell her the reason at the right time .
Arjun goes to the wedding of Sudha Ji's daugheter .He is greeted warmly there .He too is very sweet and polite to Sudha Ji , congratulates her and praises her for giving her daughter such a lovely recpetion . He goes to congratulate the bride and the groom.
Purvi is also standing near the bride .The bride , called Suman , is her friend . Arjun wishes Purvi and they all have a group picture taken .
One of the relatives of Sudha Ji takes Arjun aroud to introduce him to people .Arjun then sees how Purvi is enjoying the pani puri .He remembers the times when both of them used to have pani puri together .
There is a lot of rush of people near the buffet table and Arjun is feeling awkward going there .Purvi notices this , she goes and makes a plate of various things for Arjun to have and gives it to him .He thanks her and starts eating .They both keep looking at each other .Fond memories come back to them when they used to share dinner together .
Teju wants to introduce Green Tea to Sulochna .Sulochna is reluctant as she has never tried Green tea in her life . Teju is annoyed with Sulochna because she always thinks about Soham .Sulochna says that Teju is not a mother as yet so she cannot understand what Archana is going through right now .
Vinod , Manju and Punni come in with all packed luggage and bags . They are looking happy  , Vinod tells Sulochna  that he has come to live with his mother .
Sulochna says that she waited for him for so long .Vinod says that he was ashamed of all that he had done and that is why he did not come .Both mother and son are so happy to be with each other .  .Manju says that she will come in but only on one condition .An irritated Vinod wants to know what her condition is .
Her condition is that Purvi also lives with them as she wants to spend time with Purvi as her daughter . Vinod and Sulochna are so happy to hear this .
The only person who feels that something fishy is going on here is Teju . She thinks that Aaji feels that all is well but there is definitely something going on in Manjusha's head .
When alone in the room, Punni wants to know why is Manju trying to bring Purvi i ntheir family .Manju says that Purvi's salary will help to run the expenses of the family .Punni says that she and Vinod also earn but Manju stops her and says that she is not ready to bear Sulochna's expenses and all that is going to come from Purvi's salary .
 Also Manju wants Purvi to help out with household chores .Now Manju will put her flat on a rent and make money from there as well .
Punni is feeling proud of her cunning and manipulative mother .
Teju is telling Sulochna , in the other room, that Manju definitely has some motive or else she would not want Purvi to stay in this house with them .Sulochna feels that with time Manju has become a good person .
Precap : Purvi is running on a deserted street late at night .Three  goons are chasing her .She falls down and then sees a man walking on the road . She rushes to that man , crying and begging him to help her and save her from these goons who are misbheaving with her . That man turns around , it is  Soham ...
Purvi is shocked to see him and then she says ' Soham dada ' .Soham is also surprised to see Purvi like this .

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Thanks for the WU, Tanya ! Hug

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Manjusha wants to live with Purvi in same house . kuch toh kadbad hai .

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I liked Soham & Sachin scene alot . I knew there will hate track of Soham & Sachin .

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Thanks Tanya for this long WU..ClapClap..long epi, your job is awesome

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Thanks for the update Tanya.

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who is that new guy coming to meet Ovi?
Arjun and Purvi meeting in a daughter of a staff marriage

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After ages I saw selfish & manipulative Manjusha . I am loving it .

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