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New OS: Perfect Sundays

SmileyStar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Hellooo Everyone Hug

Shocked to see me here? Me too! LOL I've been MIA for quite a while due to exams and studies. Ufff! I hate them Ouch

Anyways, Another OS in my Ashar-Asmara series after ages Embarrassed Got requests from people to write on them as I haven't in very long so here you go! Enjoy this OS on Arhi's REAL kids... Well, they are, for me anyway LOL


"Hey DM!" Khushi dramatically slapped her forehead on seeing her 4-year-old son, Ashar entering the room from the poolside, his clothes caked with mud from head to toe. "What happened to your clothes? What were you doing out there?" She asked wide eyed.

Ashar's black t-shirt and cut off jeans could hardly be seen under all the mud. His elbows and knees were literally brown from the plastered mud.

"Calm down Khushi!" Arnav said with a low chuckle, emerging from the glass door leading to the poolside as well. "Ashar helped me with gardening today." He said, smiling at his son proudly.

Khushi's face broke into a smile as she looked from father to son, both sets of identical brown eyes sparkling and faces adorned with grins.

"Did my Raja Beta have a good time?" Khushi asked her son, ruffling his hair lightly.

"Yes mum, It was sooo much funnn!" He bobbed his head in affirmation, his cheeky grin in place. "We'll do it tomorrow too, Ok dad? After you come home from office?"

"Sure buddy." Ashar smiled at his son, "Now go and take a shower!"

"But whats the point Dad? You promised we're going to swim in the pool in a bit... I'll get clean there by myself." He grinned his eye-crinkling smile.

Ashar laughed loudly, "You'll get clean but the pool water will get dirty, wouldn't it? Now off you go. Daddy will go and take a shower too!" He smiled as Ashar nodded before running away.

"Khushi!" Arnav suddenly turned to his wife, "where's my little princess? I haven't seen her in ages!"

"Yeah right! Ages!" She scoffed playfully. "You're the one who put her to sleep, Remember? She's in her cot!" She smiled while sitting down to fold the washed laundry.

Arnav quickly walked over to his 8-month-old daughter, Asmara, and murmured a 'Hello there, precious!' in a baby voice before turning to Khushi and asking in a low voice, 'Can I wake her up?? I want to play with her!" He stated eagerly.

"No, please don't Arnav! She just went to sleep." Khushi let out, smiling on seeing Arnav's martyred expression.

"But I want to play with my baby!" He whined like a child. "And I'm pretty sure she wants to play with her daddy too, don't you Princess?" He directed the last part of the speech towards his sleeping daughter.

"Yes, yes. I'm sure Asmara wants to play with you too but you know, she is your daughter and she gets really cranky if anyone disturbs her sleep. So go and take a shower. She'll be up in a while anyway." Khushi explained to him patiently.

"Okay!" Arnav said with a light frown before whispering in Asmara's direction, "Wake up quickly Princess! Daddy's waiting!" He lightly kissed his daughter's forehead before heading to the washroom, stopping midway to plant a kiss on Khushi's cheek as well, his eyes shining with mischief and love.

Khushi smiled contentedly as she felt her cheeks flush. Her family was just perfect! Arnav was such a amazing father, it sometimes seemed too good to be true. Every Sunday such as today, he'd spend the entire day with his kids and her. Not a single call from office was allowed unless it was something really very important.

Although they didn't do anything special but just the sight of Arnav enjoying with his kids made her heart burst with joy and pride. She couldn't have prayed for more perfect Sundays with her family.


"Khushi, we're baaack!"

Khushi, who was working in the kitchen preparing lunch, felt her lips curve up in an involuntary smile on hearing Arnav's voice. The father-son duo had gone out for some ice-cream after swimming, on Ashar's demands. Arnav had insisted that she accompanied them too but she had declined as she had lunch to take care of, which was already very late as Ashar and Arnav had insisted she joined them in the pool as well. And she had to admit, she had enjoyed herself to her heart's content. She had never known swimming was so much fun.

"Mum! Mum! I had 3 cones of Ice cream today! 2 Chocolates and 1 Strawberry!" Ashar whizzed straight into the kitchen, yelling excitedly.

Arnav entered the kitchen behind him, chuckling loudly at his son's innocence and excitement.

"And guess what Ashar got for you, Khushi?" Arnav asked his wife playfully.

"Jalebies!" Ashar announced proudly, grinning a toothy smile, revealing a paper box from behind his back.

"Oh Really?? My Raja Beta got me Jalebies? Thank you so much!" Khushi squealed happily before grabbing hold of her son and kissing him on his cheek enthusiastically and he beamed back, mighty proud of himself.

"Ashar, what do we say in return when someone thanks us?" Arnav asked his son with a smile.

"You're welcome, Mum!" Ashar told Khushi, grinning cheekily.

"Thats right, buddy!" Arnav smiled proudly, already training his son into a perfect gentleman. Something Khushi found absolutely adorable.

"Dad helped me too, Mum. He was the one who gave the idea of getting Jalebies and then we went together to get them. You should give him a thank you kiss too." Ashar said, nodding intelligently and Khushi felt herself blush as Arnav leaned his cheek towards her with a smirk to receive his reward.

"Arnav! Not in front of Ashar!" Khushi whispered hastily.

"Oh well, guess I'll have to wait till we're alone but the delay will cost you." He winked at her mischievously and Khushi hit him on the shoulder, smiling herself.

"Mum, do you know what I did today?" Ashar intruded, "I drove Dad's car!" He continued happily in one breath before Arnav could stop him.

"What?? What do you mean by that, Ashar?" Khushi asked him sweetly while throwing Arnav a Oh-you-are-so-dead look.

"Khushi, he just sat in my lap while I was driving. Nothing dangerous!" Arnav quickly defended himself.

"It was so much fun! I held the steering wheel and turned the car too." Ashar bobbed his head happily and Arnav cringed, mentally kicking himself for not telling Ashar that this was going to be their little secret.

"Ashar, lunch is ready! Why don't you go and wash your hands?" Khushi blabbered the first excuse that sprung in her head to get him out of the impending war zone. She never fought with Arnav in front of her children.

"Ok Mum!" He gave Arnav a hug around his legs before running out of the kitchen.

"Arnav!" Khushi thundered once Ashar was out of earshot. "Do you even realize how dangerous it is to drive with a kid on your lap?"

"Relax Khushi! I only let him on my lap on our street. You know there's almost no traffic there." He defended himself.

"I don't care, Arnav! Its still very dangerous! And Ashar's saying he turned the car by himself?" She asked in a shrill voice.

"Khushi! He's 4 year old! He can't turn an SUV by himself. I did! He was just holding on to the steering and I let him think he was the one doing it." Arnav explained patiently.

"Ok, but what if Ashar starts thinking that he can drive by himself and try it when he's in the car alone?" She retorted.

"Ashar is fully aware of the fact that he's not allowed in the driving seat by himself. He has promised me. And you know that kid doesn't go against my wishes. So stop freaking out!" He told her gently.

"Arnav, its still very dangerous to drive with a kid on your lap. You can get distracted and that is what leads to accidents!" Khushi almost shrieked.

"Sshh Khushi! Hold on a second!" Arnav suddenly held up his hand halting her speech for a moment.

"No, I will not shut up, Arnav!" Khushi began but Arnav quickly placed his hand on top of her mouth shutting her up effectively while listening intently.

"Asmara! I'll get her!" He let out, before turning on his heels and dashing away. Khushi then too registered their daughter's faint crying and smiled involuntary on seeing her husband's care for their daughter before she remembered that she was very angry at him and her face hardened. She had to talk him out of this driving thingy.


Arnav went straight to the cot where his daughter was lying, waving her tiny fists in the air and crying softly.

"Sshh, Daddy's here, Princess!" He whispered soothingly picking her in his arms right away and she stopped crying immediately.

"Daddy's so bad, he left his little Princess all by herself!" He cooed softly, cuddling her to his chest.

"But you know Sweetie, it isn't really my fault. I wanted to take you out with us too but your Mum wouldn't go and Bhaiya was really insisting on having ice-cream so I had to. But I missed my little angel so much! Bet you missed your Daddy too, right?" He continued his murmurings in her ear as he took her to the kitchen.

Khushi always loved listening to Arnav talking to their daughter but right now, even that didn't lift up her mood. Just as most people sing to pacify their kids, Arnav talked. He would talk nothings into Asmara's ears in a low husky baby voice for hours, telling her about his day at office, the traffic he faced on the way and all sorts of random things and she would listen with rapt attention as if understanding each and every word of his. Khushi found this all adorable and often joked about how he talked more with his daughter than her.

"Arnav, we weren't done yet!" Khushi let out with her hands on her hips as soon as Arnav entered the kitchen.

"Khushi, lets not fight in front of our daughter. What will she think?" Arnav let out playfully, smiling as he kissed his daughter's chubby cheeks, too happy with the fact that she was finally awake to pay much attention to Khushi.

"Arnav, this is serious! I don't want you driving with Ashar on your lap after this. You guys could've had an accident or something! What would I have done then? You know I can't live without you guys!" She shrieked, her voice getting louder and more high pitched with every word.

Seeing Khushi's distraught state made Arnav realize how serious she actually was and he quickly lowered his daughter in her pram before going up to his wife and quietly engulfing her in his arms whispered, "Calm down, Khushi!"

He then held her by her shoulders and looked into her eyes reassuringly. "You know that I would never... I repeat, never ever do anything that could harm our children. They're way too precious for that! Our street was deserted and Ashar literally begged so I gave in. It was nothing dangerous. So please take a deep breath and calm down!" He instructed slowly.

"But still Arnav..." She began but stopped when he raised his eye brows and taking a deep breath, she continued, "I know you'll never let anything harm our children and I trust you. You're an amazing father Arnav but you have to learn to sometimes say no to our children. For their own good... You know after what happened to my Amma and Babu Ji, I fear accidents as it is. So please don't do this again. Please?" She pleaded softly, holding his face in her hands.

Arnav felt tears suddenly stinging his eyes as he realized that he had failed to comprehend the reason and the insecurity behind Khushi's anger. "Ok, I promise! And I'm so sorry for upsetting you." He added in a husky voice, kissing her forehead gently.

Khushi showed her gratitude by placing a soft kiss on his stubble making him smile.

"As we're already on it, how about we take care of all the other pending kisses as well?" He smirked to lighten the atmosphere and it worked as Khushi let out a giggle, pushing him away.

"Not in front of Asmara!" She teased, her eyes dancing merrily.

"How about now?" Arnav smirked pulling her behind the kitchen door making a shy but still dazzling smile light Khushi's face.

"Do you have any idea how breathtakingly beautiful you look when you smile?" He asked, caressing her pink cheeks making her blush even ever darker shade of red.

"Always keep smiling Khushi. Its the second best thing you can do with your lips." He added, smirking.

"Second? Whats the first one?" She asked, confused.

"Let me show you." He whispered in a husky voice, his eyes twinkling as he planted his lips on top of hers.


Likes & Comments Please Big smile

NOTE: To raed more about Ashar and Asmara, check out my Index Embarrassed

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Kukkad Wink
Buahahaha ROFLROFL Feels so good to be first Party
Will edit soonishEmbarrassed
Aww, it was so sweet and cute! Ashar and Asmara series are always a treat to watch. And I did the best thing to read this OS after the sad one because it cheered me up like anything!! The perfect family Heart
Arnav is such a great Dad!! The best ever! His relationship with Ashar and Asmara is so beautiful!!Embarrassed
I would love to see Ashar swim in the pool with his muddy clothes ROFL It has never been used before for such purposes ROFL
Arnav's baby talks with Asmara seem so cute! How I wish to see this one day!!Day Dreaming And even Khushi seems under the charm with this side of Arnav!!Embarrassed
Buahaha Arnav in trouble for making Ashar sit in his lap for driving ROFL Khushi Attack ROFL But I am so glad that he understood the reason behind Khushi's anger!! And that actually made me teary!! They are so perfect with each other and their children makes it even better!!
The end was so romantic Blushing Arnav showed Khushi what was the first thing she did best with her lips ROFL
Love you for writing this OS and keeping Ashar and Asmara alive in your writings Hug

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im on the first page...*squeals*..

finally you came up with a perfect os...
and im so freaking glad about that..

awww arnav is sooo adorable ...
the way he talks to asmara,the way he loves her ,the way he cares for his family is so eminent..
his sweetness is way intense to handle that i feel like screaming my lungs out..
ahh i can't love him enough for how amazing he is as a father and a husband..
this family sure is the happiest in this whole world..
the romance and care going hand in hand...
how blissful and heaven sent this is..

loved every single bit of it fari..
its another plummy and replete os to prove the perfection of your randomness...
i feel like kissing you for bringing this up...

i love you dammit   !!!!

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Thumbs Up...

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Originally posted by tash10

Kukkad Wink
Buahahaha ROFLROFL Feels so good to be first Party
Will edit soonishEmbarrassed


Posting another one in 5 mins!! Big smile

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Nice piece of writing!!Smile Sweet and it!

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That was soo cute!
Lovely OS.Smile

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