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Obliged- OS

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Hello! Im Ana. I posted a story in this forum before called Ignoscentia. People asked me for a sequel for that story. I apologize to all my readers, this isn't a sequel. I had an idea wandering in my head, and I had to write it down. This is the story of how Alya and Sam came together. So... its the prequel to my story. Its a oneshot, but its quite long, so please bear with me till the end. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. And to people who haven't read Ignoscentia, I'd suggest to you to check it out first, before reading this oneshot:


Obliged- OS

"Well...its time for me to make my way to the kissing booth." Sam said, eyeing his watch.

"Why?" Asked Alya, cocking up her eyebrows, her expression hard. Sam smirked, as he could practically feel the hostility bouncing off her.

"My shift there is about to start. Why, are you interested?" He asked, flirtatiously waggling his eyebrows. Alya rolled her eyes, slapping Sam on his shoulder. She couldn't help but smile though. A very small smile. But it was still a smile.

"Ugh. This conversation just got disgustingly idiotic." Kabir's girlfriend, Maya remarked, digging her hands in her pockets and giving Sam one of those tired looks. The same ones he received from his mother when he annoyed her on a bad night. Patting Alya sympathetically on her shoulder, as if to say good luck to her, Maya walked away.

"Hey! I thought Kabir's girlfriend is supposed to be nice to us!" Sam exclaimed, folding his arms across his chest, offended.

"No...She's only meant to be nice to me. Its impossible to be nice to someone like you, considering the size of your brain and all."

Alya elaborated on her point by pinching  her index finger and thumb together. Sam smirked again. The very smirk that got girls weak-kneed and giggly, and sloppy. Not that it made Alya weak-kneed or sloppy. She never giggled, so that wasn't ever a problem.

"Please, you love every bit of me. Including my unusually small head and the beautiful tuft of hair that sits on top of it." He ran a hand through his 'beautiful tuft of hair', as Alya, yet again, rolled her eyes. She did that a lot around Sam. He just had such stupid things to say.

"I wasn't talking about your head. The head is unusually big, the brain is not." Sam shook his head, with a small smile on his face. Alya frowned, and quirked up an eyebrow, questioningly. 

"Your way of masking your real emotions is really bad." He answered her silent question, tutting loudly.

"My real emotions?" She asked, furrowing her brows, staring at him, waiting. This should be interesting...

He smiled smugly, walking closer to her, bending his head, his lips tantalizingly close to her studded ear. So very close.

Not that it bothered her. Not at all. She didn't feel uncomfortably hot all of a sudden. She didn't feel her skin tingle. No. That would mean that she liked him...In that way. And she certainly didn't like him...Like that. She was sure.  

"We both know how you feel about me." He whispered, his cool, minty breath tickling the nape of her neck.

She closed her eyes, as he breathed, softly, his lips so, so so close. No. She wasn't going to give him this kind of power. He couldn't control her by breathing next to her.

"Do we?"

She moved her head, so she was facing him. A smirk appeared on her face, as his eyes fell on her lips. A mere centimetre away from him. He knew he was being cheesy, but his heart started beating faster.

His lips quivered, hungry for the taste of her soft, pink ones. It wasn't the first time he was wondering what they'd taste like...His breath hitched, and all he could do was stare. Wondering if he should... They were so, so so close. His eyelashes were touching hers. Maybe...

"OI! Sam!"

They jumped back from each other, startled. The spell was broken, with the proximity. The adrenaline that was pumping in Alya's body dissolved in her blood stream. The blood rushed back to Sam's brain, and all he could do was blush stupidly and answer in a stutter.


Alya shook her head, amused, and turned around, about to walk away. Of course, her best-friend wouldn't let her get away so easily. Not after...That.

"Running away from me, are you?" She could hear his stupid smirk in the tone of his voice. Idiotic, smug, cocky... And irritating to an extent that was unfathomable.  
"Oh shut up Sam. You're not the only one who has a stall to manage." She shot back, annoyed.

"Well, the offer's open." He replied casually. A little too casually. She knew it was a trap, but she had to ask. Turning around, she posed the question.

"To what?"

"To come to the kissing booth, deposit a hundred bucks and experience the most mind blowing kissing possible." Alya had to laugh at how self-assured he sounded. Like he really believed that no one in the world could kiss as well as he could.

"Really?" She asked, cocking her eyebrows, placing her hands on her hips. Obviously, he didn't understand that she was asking a rhetorical question, as he answered it.

"Yes really. I can fold a cherry stem in my mouth. And we both know what that means." He added, stepping closer to her, a flirtatious smile on his face.

"No...Pretty sure I don't." Alya replied cautiously, stepping away from him, her hands now folded across her chest.

"Well...Maybe I'll just have to show you. And you won't be disappointed, I can assure you of that." He took a step closer, to see her beautiful big, brown eyes widen. He grinned, as she stepped away again.

"Yeah, I'll pass."

"Why? Are you afraid of liking it too much? Is our little Alya afraid of feelings."

He tilted his head to the side, speculatively as she scowled at him. She was most certainly not afraid of feelings. She just didn't want his saliva all over her...Although now that she thought about it...It wasn't that bad a thing...

No. No. No, no NO! This was bad. Really, really, REALLY bad! Without giving it much thought, she fished out her wallet from her pocket, and taking out some money, handed it Sam. Sam counted the money, and as he finished, started grinning, yet again.

"Five hundred bucks?! A little eager, aren't we?" He asked, the mischievous twinkle in his eye appearing. The one he got when he was teasing Alya. Only Alya. She rolled her eyes, and slapped him, yet again, on his shoulder.

"Funny. That was to shut you up." And with that, she spun around and walked away.

Sam watched her go, a small smile on his face. He looked down at the five hundred bills, and shook his head, tutting. He was a dedicated, honest worker. He couldn't just accept the money without working for it. Now, he was obliged to work for his money. Alya paid him five hundred rupees, and she was going to get what she paid for. It was time he found out what Alya's lips tasted like.

''' ''''''''''

Dil yeh mera, bas mein nahin...
Pehle kabhi, aisa hota tha nahin.

Sameer smiled, as he watched Alya work diligently at her stall. To many, this could be considered as creepy, stalker behaviour. But it was fine, because Sameer was Alya's best friend. And hopelessly in love with her, but that wasn't something that Alya knew. Nor he, to some extent.

He had a break from the kissing booth, and sure was glad for it. He wasn't entirely enjoying kissing the crazy, desperate fangirls that came his way. Plus, he had his eyes set on a particular pair of lips. The pair of lips that belonged to the person who gave him five hundred rupees. That meant five kisses. And he was about to cash in on kiss number one.

Whistling, he walked up to her stand, ever so casually. He couldn't make it seem like he was watching her. That would be creepy.

"What do you want Sam?" Alya asked irritably, not looking up from the change she was handling. She'd seen him at the kissing booth. And the line of girls that had paid to kiss him. The long line of girls. It didn't bother her though. Nope, not at all.

"I need to repay you for the five hundred bucks." He replied, grinning like an idiot. But of course Alya couldn't see that, because she wouldn't look up. That was a good thing though, as Sam could walk around the stall and stand right next to her. To repay her for the five hundred bucks and all.

"What?" She looked up, and frowned, as she saw no Sam in front of her. Was she hallucinating? She swore she'd heard his voice... Sam tapped her shoulder and she whipped her head to face him.

"What are you doing man? You'll get us in...mphf!"

He pulled her to him and trapped her lips in his before she could tell him what exactly he would get them in. One, two, three, four, five. Five glorious seconds. Where Sameer finally tasted Alya's lips. The lips that he'd been dreaming about. The lips that tasted liked strawberry, and chocolate and coke and Alya.

He let go after five seconds, because... Well, she needed to be left wanting more. And he knew she'd want more. He could fold a cherry stem in his mouth.

"What the hell?" She asked, furiously.

"You gave me five hundred bucks." He replied, shrugging, as if that experience hadn't completely blown him away. Even though she hadn't kissed back...

"To shut you up!"

"Sorry... I only accept money in return for kisses." He replied, smirking. She opened her mouth to say something, but he beat her to it. Bending down, he whispered softly in her ear. Well... More like sang, but who's picking at details?

"Dil yeh mera, bas mein nahin... Pehle kabhi, aisa hota tha nahin."

Utterly bewildered, she pushed away from him, at a loss for words. What exactly did he mean? He wasn't going to answer her question though. Not yet. Saluting her with two of his fingers, he walked backwards, still facing her. So she could see the stupid smirk on his face, that made her go weak in the knees.

Tu Hi Bata Iss Dil Ka Main
Ab Kya Karoon

'''''' ''''' '''''''''''

Kehne Pe Chalta Nahi
Kuch Dino Se Meri Bhi Sunta Nahi

Alya Bose wearily worked at her stall, her eyes snapping up every five seconds. Why the caution? Because her incredibly annoying, unbelievably cocky and sexy...Wait did she just think that? Out loud? She looked up to see her customer smiling back at her. Not a smirk. Just a pleasant smile. She sighed in relief. Thankfully, she had not just said that out loud. Which was good, because... Well, because she didn't really think that. She couldn't, could she?

"Um...Alya, could you hurry up? I need to get to my stall too." Came the customer's voice, shaking her out of her reverie.

She nodded, her eyes still on the wrapping paper. Taking a deep breath, she expertly started wrapping the object placed on the table. Her fingers moved with surprising speed, folding the wrapping paper into weirdly shaped quadrilaterals, taping the shapes and tying a ribbon on top. With an apologetic smile she handed the customer the present, and chucked the money in the tin box she'd been given.

"Next please." She called out, telling herself that she needed to concentrate on the stall, and not on Sam.

"And what would you like to wrap?" She asked, her eyes not on the customer, as she swept off the remnants of tape off her table. Upon receiving a silenced reply, she looked up, and her eyes widened at the person standing in front of her.

"Hello beautiful..." He grinned at her, and she scowled, yet again.

"Go away Sam. I have work to do."

"So do I. That's what I'm doing right now." He replied, and Alya could feel her cheeks burning up. Godamnit! Stupid homeostasis! Stupid circulatory system! Stupid Sam!

"Get lost Sam." She retorted, lowering her eyes so he couldn't see how very embarrassed she was. And how she really didn't want him to go. He'd told her once, that even if she tried to lie to him, he'd always be able to tell because of her eyes. They could never tell a lie.

"Listen, it'll take ten seconds, so I think-"

"Next please." Alya pressed, and to her relief, when she looked up, Sam was gone. There was still this disappointment settling, in little clumps, in the pit of her stomach. She brushed that aside though, and smiled politely at the customer in front of her.

"Hello. What would you like to get wrapped today?" She asked, and the customer handed her the object he wanted wrapped.

Alya was about to reach for the wrapping paper, when it was handed to her by an ambiguous pair of hands, which had materialised from thin air. She turned around, frowning. Before she could even see the person's face, his lips collided into hers, and she knew. She tried to push away, but his possessive, vice-like grip on her waist refused to let her go.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten whole seconds. Of his lips. She pushed and shoved, but it didn't work. She could feel him smiling. Not smirking, but smiling. It was pleasant for him... And her heart swelled.

It was a lot more than pleasant for Sam. Of course, Alya, insecure and a teenager, could not know that. He wanted more of her lips. So much more of her. Like every love-struck teenage boy, he desired. But his ten seconds were up, and he had to let go. Of her petite waist, her delicious lips...

His eyes lingered on her frame, as she uncomfortably rubbed the back of her neck and turned her back to him. She didn't see the hunger in his eyes, for her. With great difficulty, he managed the swallow his urge to turn her around again and kiss her senseless. Bending down, he whispered huskily in her ear.

"I'll be back for more."

Tu Hi Bata Iss Dil Ka
Main Uff Ab Main Kya Karoon

'''' ''''''' ''''' ''''''

Karta Awaargi
Iss Pe Dhun Chadhi Hai Pyaar Ki

Alya was growing increasingly worried. Her eyes flickered around her surroundings every few seconds. She didn't want a repeat of what had already happened twice before with Sam. She didn't want that explosion of emotions to burst inside her as his lips collided with hers.

"Hey Al!"

She jumped, terrified, and swivelled around to see Kabir smiling at her. She heaved in a huge sigh of relief, holding a hand against her heart, which was beating stupidly fast. With some difficulty, she managed to return his smile, but only half-heartedly.

"You alright? You look a bit tense." He asked, concerned, and she couldn't help but smile. Genuinely. Bless Kabir. He could always make her feel better. Sweet, caring, kind Kabir. Who was always there for her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Its just that Sam's been really... Well, he's been acting a little too..." She faltered, sighing, running a hand through her hair. How could she tell Kabir that Sam had kissed her? Twice! Without blushing.

"Yeah, I saw. We all saw. Both times." Her head snapped up, as she stared, wide-eyed, at her best friend. They had all seen? Both times?!

"Which is why I'm really sorry for what I'm about to do. But its for the greater good." Kabir said, as she frowned, confused. What exactly did he mean? She didn't have time to think, as he turned her around and she stared into the smiling face of the guy she had kissed twice already in two hours. She shrunk, moving backwards into Kabir's arms. Or trying to, as he held her tightly, and wouldn't let her budge.

"Kabir... What are you going to do?" She asked slowly, cautiously.

"I'm sorry Al... But this is how its meant to be." He whispered in her ears, as he pushed her to Sam. Sam took her in his arms with great delight, and numb, she could do nothing to fight it. He caressed her cheeks, and she looked up into his dark brown eyes. Maybe... Just maybe, he wasn't doing this because it was one big joke.

And then, there it was. His lips crashing into hers, that explosion of feelings inside her. Like fireworks. They had so much power.His chapped, delectable lips. That devoured hers like she was the last piece of chocolate in a box of Lindt. That made her feel all tingly inside- a good tingly. That tasted like honey, vanilla and Sam.

Sam could feel it... Burning inside him. That light of happiness, of desire, of... love. He cupped her lips in his, and finally, finally reached the conclusion that he was, indeed in love with her. With her lips, her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her anger, her sarcasm... Every bit of her.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. He broke apart, after those fifteen glorious seconds, breathing heavily, his eyes alight. He stared softly at her, and immediately she could tell, there was something different about the way he looked at her. Scared, she backed away, the taste of his lips lingering at her mouth.

"Sam, its enough now. You should stop." She said, looking around nervously to see if anyone saw. Of course everyone did, and of course everyone pretended as if they didn't.

"No can do miss. Got two more kisses to cash in. I'll see you around." He grinned, and walked away, as she groaned.

Jaane Gumm Hai Kahaan
Baaton Mein Hai Pada Bekaar Ki

''' ''''''' ''''' ''''' '''''

Ulti Yeh Baat Hai
Aise Halaat Hai

Sam's eyes wandered around the fair, looking for her. The girl who he realised he was in love with. Who's kisses made him dizzy in the head, and incredibly happy. Who made him feel like he was flying.

"She's there." A random guy pointed to a retreating figure, holding a huge mound of cotton candy on a plastic stick. Sameer smiled gratefully at the guy, and with a skip in his step, walked towards her.

He didn't feel like there was a point to building up the moment to the kiss. He'd kissed her three times already, and honestly didn't have the patience to flirt and play with her anymore. All he wanted was to taste her delicious lips, and experience those... emotions again.

"Hey Al."

He greeted her, swivelling her around and crashing his lips into hers.  He could feel her eyes widen, as her eyelashes tickled his face and his lips curved upwards. Her cotton candy,which she had just taken a bite of, dissolved at the tip of his tongue. Its sweetness burst onto his pallette, and he moaned in pleasure.

All thoughts were wiped clean off her mind as she heard him moan. All reservations melted away, and for the first time, she kissed him back. And if possible, he felt his heart burst in joy.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

Twenty seconds. Of her lips. Of her sweet lips and her cotton candy. As he moved back, he could see her eyes, studying the ground intently. He could see her blush, and the small smile creeping on her face. He could see her eyelashes, which had tickled his cheeks...He could see those lips, that he'd kissed. That had kissed him. Kissed him back.

For the first time that day, he was at a loss for words, and she was determined not to speak.He watched her turn around, and walk away. But all he could think about was her kiss. And her toxic, addictive lips.

Ghalti Kare Yeh Main Bharu
Iss dil ka kya karoon.

'''' '''''' ''''' '''''' ''''' ''

Dil pe mera kaabu nahin
Fitrat kabhi iski aisi thi nahin

"Hey Sam!" Al shouted out her best friend's name, who turned around and stared at her. He didn't make a move. Not a step towards her, when all afternoon he had done nothing but plaster his lips to her. She smirked. Seemed like her kissing him back had had the desired effect. She strode over to him, her hips swaying, the beads on her necklace clanking against each other.

"H... Hi Al..." He replied wearily, as she stood in front of him. In all her glory. Her narturally curly hair falling on her eyes, her pink, soft, amazing lips curved upwards. He sighed, and clenched his fists to remain upright. He was so powerless in front of her... She could make him go weak in the knees, with one smirk.

"Don't want to cash in your last kiss?" She asked, her eyes cocked up, nearly disappearing in her forehead. A smug look settled on her face, and he cursed himself for mocking her before. She would always have the upper hand.

"Uh... I think-"

He was broken off by her. More specifically her lips, as she clenched his shirt and pushed him to her. And there it was. That sensation of euphoria, as she opened up her mouth to let him in. As she kissed him back, fervently. As they devoured each other's lips.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five... He stopped counting. He didn't care, as she wrapped her hands around his neck, her hand sliding up and holding a fistful of his hair. His hands automatically reached for her waist, clenching it possessively. At that moment, Alya realised it too.. She was in love with him.

As they broke apart, Sam looked up at the sky, and thanking a god that he didn't believe in, started laughing. Alya grinned too, her hand moving to his face, holding it and bringing it to her eyes.

He smiled, gently rubbing her cheek with his thumb and index finger. She grinned, holding one of his hands in hers.

"You know what this means, right?" He asked her, as she glanced at their hands together. They looked perfect.

"We're in love..." She whispered, looking up at him, grinning.

"And I need you to be my girlfriend." Alya frowned, and pushed away from Sam.

"Uh... I don't know Sam..."

"Excuse me? You would be lucky to have me as your boyfriend!" He scoffed, extremely offended.

"Is that how you ask girls out?" It was Alya's turn to be offended, as she glared at him, arms folded across her chest.

"Fine. I'd be lucky to have you as a girlfriend. Happy?" He replied reluctantly, rolling his eyes.

"Try again." She said, tutting and shaking her head in disapproval.

"Al. Come on yaa. Don't be a drama queen." He walked up to her, holding her at arms' length.

"Ooh... Not even close." She wriggled out of his grasp, walking away, backwards.

"Fine. You asked for it. If you want the big, swooping, dramatic Sam style romantic gesture, then I'll be more than happy to oblige." He said, and she closed her eyes, as he smirked at the miserable expression planted on her face.

"Oh. Shit." She mumbled, feeling very sorry for teasing her best-friend.

"Alya Bose. I've known you since I was three. You've been my best friend for ten years. And considering how amazing you are, its no surprise that I fell for you. I'm just honoured that you love me too. I hope I'm not asking for much if I ask you to be my girlfriend. So, will you make me the happiest guy around, and go on a date with me, as my girlfriend?" He was bent on his kneees, his arms were swooped out wide, and he looked up at her with his dark, brown eyes, shining brilliantly with hope.

"Oh god." Alya muttered, as she could hear the people whispering around her. All eyes were definitely on them.

"Careful what you say, everyone's looking at us." He whispered, so only she could hear. She chuckled, and walked over to him. Sometimes Sam was infuriating, and sometimes, he knew exactly what to say to make her feel better.

"Of course I would Sam." She bent down, and took both of his hands in hers, dropping a light kiss on them. He smiled flirtatiously, and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Then I guess you deserve a sixth, free kiss." She smirked, pulling back from him. He leaned down, and trapped her lips with his, and they kissed.  

Tu hi bata iss dil ka main
Ab kya karoon
Uff ab main kya karoon...
Main kya karoon...

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 6:53am | IP Logged
haye thanks for writing it's prequel but actually we wanted to know ahead...i mean did Al will accept sam again as her boyfriend...will their relation again breath...?????
but this was too too good...sam has showered his kisses on her but while reading i was like *blush*blush*blush*
n kabir ki girlfriend...ye kab hua?????? n even kabir too supported sam in his kissing session...ou la la...
again thanks for writing it...i m also abliged after rreading it   ;-)
.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
reserved <3 

edit :D 
 pretty early,aint I? Big smile Blame yourself woman.Couldn't afford to be lazy :D

I have been blushing like an idiot for like 20 minutes reading the prequel Blushing Not to forget,my mom just went past THRICE and enquired SIX times if i am talking to my boyfriend ROFL 

The prequel couldn't have been better Embarrassed It was all so cute! <3 

5 kisses for five hundred bucks? LOL I mean like really. LOL 

Bout the characters,the things i find really appealing,i never bothered mentioning it in the Ignoscentia thread i guess,anyway,here goes :

Alya,the sarcastic,denying woman 

Sam,the ever so charming.

Kabir-oh come on.I dont have to specify anything.The adorable bestie everyone wishes they have Smile

I missed Jai here for some reason Tongue but ofcourse,before you raise a finger and say 'you have forgotten another detail!" Tongue , I KNOW,he comes later in the story,MUCH later. Smile

Ok so where was I.Ya the 5 kisses Big smile The idea..aww Embarrassed

 Sam is quite a lady's man,isn't he LOL the kissing stall,i did nod in diagreement reading this,i must confess LOL I was like 'ofcourse,he is handling the kissing stall' Tongue

The whole thing where he stalks her and then startles her by his kisses repeatedly.ROFLLOL 

Kabir!Oh my god!That was hilarious!He actually pushed her Tongue and oh ofcourse,EVERYBODY was watching and behaving as though they didn't.How unlikely rite? Tongue

Alya and her denying ability.She seldom does that doesnt she?Hehe.

She finally accepts it and oh well,the 5th kiss Day Dreaming oh oh,not that i even need to mention,beautifully written kissing scenes Day Dreaming I rememba asking you to write a fully romantic story.DO that,please,wheneva u get the time Embarrassed

Hmm,so yeah,im pretty happy you wrote a connecting story,i know evry1 wanted a sequel.But come on.The prequel was truly epic.Even i had been curious,wanting to know,how these two got together in the first place :)

Oh and yes,the fact that you used lyrics from 'main kya karoon'.Thumbs up for that too dude!

So yeah,loved it. Embarrassed

P.S See,i left a long comment Wink

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AY_candy_luver IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ridzzi

haye thanks for writing it's prequel but actually we wanted to know ahead...i mean did Al will accept sam again as her boyfriend...will their relation again breath...?????
but this was too too good...sam has showered his kisses on her but while reading i was like *blush*blush*blush*
n kabir ki girlfriend...ye kab hua?????? n even kabir too supported sam in his kissing session...ou la la...
again thanks for writing it...i m also abliged after rreading it   ;-)

Yeah. Again, I'm sorry. Nothing really good is coming to me right now, and I want their story to be good. So, that's in the distant future, if it ever happens. I wrote this because… Well, it was important for me to find out how these two got together. Which I did, with this piece. So there we go. Kabir had a girlfriend. Nothing special. Well, I don't think so… I can't tell if she'll make an appearance in the future or not. The details are still quite hazy. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot :)
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Originally posted by disha15

reserved <3 
Haha! Everytime I see a reserved spot from you, my heart sinksTongue Wink. Just kidding… MaybeLOL But please do unreserve this one… And the three (four, counting RTW) others. 

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.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Aww.so sorry Ana.You know i would leave a LONG comment this very moment,if only i had the time :@ I will i will,promise,so that totals 4 reserved spots i guess?

 I reserve
spots,just so you know,that,im around here AND will read the stories AND will leave a long comment asap :D
.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 2:16am | IP Logged
edited comment \m/
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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged

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