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FF - Hum do aur Humare do PART 14 UPATED PG - 55

Musiquelover IF-Dazzler

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FF - Hum do Aur Humare do
SS Hum do aur Humare do Part 1
Richa standing outside the hotel, talking to herself " Siddhi always comes inbetween me and My kunal. Kunal belongs to me and he is only mine. No on has got right on Kunal. After a long time Kunal is going to come in my life and I am going toget the dignity of being kunals wife and Siddhi again stepped as a ripling stone in my happiness. I will not leave her. She has to face the wrath of disturbing my 9 years longing dream of kunal marrying me. Yes SIddhi, you have to die there is no other go. I will write your fate and i decide your desitny now. No one can stop this.
RIcha enters Siddhis room and looking at siddhi in deep sleep she decides to kill Siddhi and makes an attempt and in the mean while Kunal reaches the place and slaps her and informs police about the attempt to murder by RIcha" suddenly she shouts Kunal please dont do this to me. all that I did is only for my love for you and is emberrased to find herself in the backyard of the hotel and looks around and realises that she is dreaming of the instance and decides to self that she will have to make abhay marry siddhi at the earliest and it would be the right way to avoid siddhi from meeting kunal.
Abhay was talking to sulekha and left the place while attending a call, hence he was busy in his work. Kunal on the terrace of the hotel sitting on the chair reminiscing the entire conversation and every single second that he had spent with his lady love and walking down the lane of memories with tears welling up in his eyes kunal suddenly became serious as a thought striked his brains and says to self that
" During confession, Siddhi mentioned that she will reveal every single detail of what made her take this extreme decision of leaving me and not meeting me even after comming out of prison. What could be that reason? How to get to the roots of this? Who will be able to help me? everything is so confusing but whatever it is, I heard what I wanted to hear from Siddhi. Those three words for which I was yearning for all these while. Since the moment I got to know that Abhey loves siddhi, I donno what made me behave so rudely with Siddhi.
I lied her that Anand is Richa s son and I married Richa. I lied to my Siddhi. Shame on me to call myself a man who opted a path which is not right by hiding truth from her that her son is alive and is safe with me. I know she will never forgive me once the truth is out. No, What ever might be the end result, I have to face SIddhi. I will reveal that neither I am married to Richa nor Anand is Richas son. I will reveal that Anand is her own blood. I will also tell her that Richa gave him in my hands when she tried to kill. I have to reveal this to Siddhi.
But how will she react? What will she think of me? She openly declared today that she loves me her confession was so pure and genuine and I cannot deny this. and now from her words its evident that she decided to leave me in an unavoidable circumstances. But that time, what was the situation?
What tension was running in our lives? Rohits Murder Case
Who was affected? DK Thakral, Richa Thakral
Who was fighting the case?   Me and SIddhi
Who was the accused initially?  Siddhi
Post me getting trapped in the case
What all did Siddhi spoke to me in jail when ever she met? When she met me she said that Rohit is alive and is in her custody now. she can prove that I am innocent.
Who were supporting her struggle other than me? Vikram
After that over night what might have happend with SIddhi which made her change that way? Did anyone force her to change? Did anyone threaten her?
Who saved me? What was told to me? Out of blues Richa came to save me. Was told that Siddhi left me for money by getting into a deal with DK Thakral
Who were favouring me when Siddhi turned like this all of sudden? It was only only Richa who steped newly in my life and was trying to be sweet with me.
During Delivery also I thought of meeting Siddhi but why didnt I meet her? 
I reached the place and have come across Richa with my son. But what was Richa doing there and how did the jail authorities allow Richa to take my baby. As per rule it should be childs biological parent who has to take but how did she land up there. And the nurses words that siddhi wanted to kill our baby. to what extent it can be true.
What forced me not to meet her?  When I said I wanna meet Siddhi, suddenly RIcha stopped me and made that nurse to speak to me .
Which means, Is Richa the one who made Siddhi leave me and trapped SIddhi cunningly in her plan to win the trust of my family and get close to me? It could be that Siddhi never know that her son was taken away by richa? If siddhi tried to kill the baby definetely she would have killed herself by now when she met me after 9 long years but she tried to confront me. I know siddhi very well. If she is at fault she genuinely accepts it. She never raised this topic. Which clearly conclueds that Siddhi is innocent and as Richa is the only person who hates Siddhi, she played a trick and How did I fall prey for her tricks?
VIkram too was accompanying her during that time. I think its right to call vikram now. "
Thinking this Kunal calls vikram and asks few questions asknig him to tell what exactly has happend during Rohits murder case.
VIkram narrates that they found ROhit alive and they arrested him at a place and unexpectedly the other day he was not seen and got to know that RIcha freed him from their custody and in the process of hiding him from them, she killed him.
and post that what has happened he is unaware and on the hearing day a sudden shock left him speechless that siddhi is the one who killed and she behaved with you that way.
On hearing the Kunal fumed at VIkram that all these years why were u mum. He fumes at him that if he would have revealed this truth to him, he would never have left her to her fate and become a drunkard thinking of her and holds Vikram partially responsible for the state and cuts the call.
He thinks to self again
" Its very clear now, to hide Rohit from Siddhi and Vikram, Richa might have killed ROhit and would have destroyed the proofs against her which SIddhi would have collected. After which Siddhi would have tried to confront Richa, and RIcha would have compelled SIddhi to confess in teh court that siddhi murdered Rohit and would have asked her to leave my life for ever and sign on few papers which she used as a trump card to win my families trust . In that case those divorce papers would also been the same. SO did SIddhi sacrificed herself by staking her hapiness just to free me from jail so that I can live my life?
OH no...all these years if I am living its only because of her selfless sacrifice and Me ..never even bothered to look deep into this matter and like an idiot I got blind folded with my pain that she left me and spoke so much in jail when I met her.
I wanna see Siddhi immediately no matter come what may. I just once I have to see her and cry in front of her and admit my mistake of not meeting her all these years. If I would have met her she might have revealed the truth to me. Its my mistake. But how it can be mine? SHe herself asked me not to meet then how can I? What if she asked me not to meet, as a person who loved her even I could have met her...its my mistake."
He heads towards the hotel room and looks at siddhi who is sleeping like a small child with an innocent smile curling her lips just after a mother feeds a baby singing lullaby and puts her off to sleep. near the table he finds his and siddhis mobile which were collected and brought by Abhay and picks his phone kisses her forehead by caressing her and leaves with a confident smile.
Next day Morning:
Siddhi gets up, to find herself on bed and looks around and she doesnt find KUnal around and looks for him and is surpirsed to see abhay near her. Looks at KUnal who is staring at Siddhi with a naughty smile and she could see some sparkle in his eyes which was missing all these days ...and she recollects what all has happend previous night. Though she could hardly remember what all she said, she remembers her confession and hug. Thinking taht she lowers her eyes.
its time for them to leave from the place and start for Mumbai. While Abhay was busy attending his calls and RIcha in her own plotting land ... SIddhi takes out some time to meet Kunal
Siddhi: Kunal mujhe aapse kuch baat karna hai bohot important hai kya aap mujhse baat karsakte hai
Kunal: Haa kaho... kya kehna hai
Siddhi: Kal meine jo kuch bhi kaha mujhe maaf kardijiye shayad bhavnao mein behgayi thi .me galat this mujhe aisa nahi karna chaihye tha. meri dil ki baat rok nahi paayi
Kunal:   Nahi siddhi tu ne kuch galat nahi kiya woh
SIddhi: Nahi Kunal mujhe bolne dijiye, mujhe aapse apni dil ki baat nahi bolna chahiye aap shadi shuda hai RIcha aapki patni hai..aur aapka uske saat ek beta bhi hai..aur mein kaise ..nahi .
Kunal: par Siddhi, aisa kuch nahi...
looks at siddhi thinking oh pls siddhi cut the crap and what are u blabbering oh pls stop stop*
Siddhi: Nahi KUnal, meine decide karliya hai ki mein aap se bohot door jana chahti hu... mein aapke zindagi mein phir kabhi nahi aneki koshish karoongi... and turns off ..after walking a few steps she suddenly turns at says Kunal mein to jarahi hu lekin apka ek cheez mere paas hai aur mein chahti hu ki aap jaane ki aapka kuch is duniya mein hai jo aap nahi jante
Kunal: Completely confused as to what she is referring to ..asks what
Siddhi: woh mujhe aaapko aur ek batani thi. aapko eh baat yaad hai na ki jab mein aapko chodke gayithi us samay mein pregnant thi
KUnal nods his head gestured as yes
 Woh jis din meri delivery hui thi na us din, mujhe pehle ek baccha hua tha ..aur mein uski shakal thak nahi dek payi kyunki bacche ko janam dete hi mein behosh hogayi time pe Sulekha ji mere saat thi mujhe acchi terah se sambhaal ti thi woh ... aur uske baad jab meri aank khuli... mujhe bataya gaya hai ki humara baccha paida hote hi mar gaya hai lekin mujhe baad mein pata chala ki kisi naagin ne humare bacche ko chori karke use maardi...
Jab mein is baat ko suni mein andar se poori terah se toot chuki thi lekin bhagwaan ne mujhe pe meherbaan hua mujhe phir se dard shuru hogayi aur mujhe aur ek baccha hua mein sulekha ji ko di thi ...aur kaha ki woh uss bacche ko aap tak pohoche..lekin woh jab aapke ghar tak aayi use waha aisa kuch nazar ayaa ki wo mere bariein me sochkar us bache ko apne ssath rakli.<
usi bacche ko Abhay ji ne apnaakar sagey bete ki terah paala hai ...
dewan ka beta Anand dewan asal mein Anand dewan nahi par ANand chopda hai...
mein aaj is baat aapko isliye keh rahi hu Kunal kyun ki.. mein nahi chahti ki aap iss baat se anjaan rahe...aur aapka haq banta hai ye jaan ne keliye ki aap ke prati ansh is duniya mein mere paas hai...
Kunal left in shock ...on knowing that he is a father of two sons of which he doesnt even know that he has another son ...who is living on this earth and asks siddhi to show him one how he looks like and pleads her that he will not reveal the truth to the kid that he is his father till the time she doesnt give a green signal to reveal.
Looking at kunals state, Siddhi sends few captured pics of her and ANands to KUnals mobile.
All the four leave from that place ... to Mumbai
Next Part to be continued

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Thank you all
With love
Adios and Signning off Sree
For the next update stay tuned to this thread...

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Wow nice SS Sree pls cont waiting for it.

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Originally posted by bharo

Wow nice SS Sree pls cont waiting for it.
thanks roja...
SUre by evening next part will be up ...
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Sree... Very logically written... We need to give both CVs and KC some kind of protein drink to trigger the proper function of the neurons.I was thinking,isn't there some way to communicate these ideas/suggestions/story line to the channel or the makers? 

Nicely written,do post the next part soon.. Smile

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very well written dear i wish cvs had the brai to show something like this in the show too..

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very nice I'm waiting 4 next part...

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awesome ss continue dear...

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