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Diya Aur Baati Hum

~GHAR KI LACHMI~pics done..convo of bhabo n babasa

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Hola DABHians!    

While the forum is completely struck with the storyline and the circumstances unfurling infront of Sandhya and Suraj , they being torn in the cliches of family and pursuing dreams...

My thoughts stuck up somewhere else

 Sandhya being haunted by the word GHAR KI LAKSHMI ,NA KI DURGA YA PHIR SARASWATI before she could even think of her dream (By Bhabho in her most persuasive voice to her beendni...)



Though  DABH always had this way of gripping me  for what is right and what is wrong in most subtle way'this time it hit me more hard about this word- Ghar ki Laxmi

It's a good word. Aint it?


But its pinging sandhya at her heart, infact making her every vessel throb in pain'for her dream isn't just a dream to  catch up wealth or riches but a dream of love towards her country'to take care of it,serve it ,like a mother would do...

We call lakshmi as the mother of all universe right?


Since when bhabho started telling ghar ki lachmi' Its sought to making me think over the issue of lakshmi... 


Being the navratri season,and me being bought up in my kidhood, near the sacred templetown Vijayawada-the Hail of goddess KANAKADURGA(one of the shakthi pitAs) by my grandmother,who enlightened me with various mythological aspects'

I delved into deeper edges of this sensitive issue'

Now lets go ahead' this going to b a bit long and mostly Sandhya oriented with pictures'

 Consider sparing 8-10 mins?

Then go ahead!  


Bhabo, and even most of us,, think that Laxmi,Sarawati,Durga are different  entities'

But is it true?


Its absolutely a big NO !


There is this mythological story regarding this'


When the universe was formed from the great energy(AaDI PARAa SHAKTI)

It needed governance' which was given to 3 great lords who emerged from Om kaara(Trimoothi-namely,Bhramha,Vishnu,Maheshwara-also called shiva)...

When they prayed the goddess Shakthi,she granted them a wish '

Which being , her entity getting divided into 3'

She reduced herself into a haunch of powder.. which was divided equally and lent life into incarnations of Sarawati,Lakshmi,Parvathi-also called durga'

Taken up by Bhramha Vishnu and Shiva respectively with utmost reverence that they placed them in their Tongue(Vaacha stithe),heart(Manastithe),Body(Sama kaaye) respectively.


It symbolizes that a man should first adore his wife by respecting her word and respecting her in his speech.

Secondly but the most important adoration- giving importance to her feelings ,having her in his heart.

And the Third form of adoration in order is to merge into unison with her in all the ways ' Head Heart and Hand' Where even the far apart personalities till date turn out to be best half for each other, meaning the other partner when called out for one'


(Isn't this the order SurYa's relation is being developed?

 Perfect as it is to be ' Purging that there are identities of 3 heavenly couples in them'

Which actually means that sandhya is nt just saraswati (when she thought suraj of various things)or


durga(her valor when she xplained suraj of his capability n her anger wen she dint know him completely)'


but also lakshmi (the sole strength and cause of wealth and fame to Suraj..She had also given a definite goal in his life)


Not to mention, even suraj tolled the 3 lords at various occasions

Bhramha ' Isn't he mesmerized by her singing on her moohdhikahai? He always respects her words and feelings'he only started dropping off 'ji' now and then dese days'


Vishnu - when he showed loads of patience towards sandhya's emotional state to understand her and loved her to the edge of his life

Shiva ' Forgot Suraj Version 2? though too much in love with his wife,he couldn't emote his feelings in right way,thinking that its for her own good...



While the three devis and devas are known for their independent qualities, their qualities are intricately merged overlapping each other'We get this when we go into various stories,which are too deep to xplain here'

More over our couple is sent right down to earth,after it is made a match at heaven,by bhagwan himself...



I mean to say if bhabho wants lakshmi' she had to keep up with durga and saraswathi too' Am n't I right?

There ended my thought ..i'm satisfied with my explanation'


But again when bhabo told "mein thanne iso roop dekhna chahthi thi,ghar ki lakshmi ki tharaah"-after meena's debacle'

BHABHO... AngryAngryAngry

My mind again wandered off too much again'


Lakshmi , meaning from Sanskrit dathu ' laksye -  Mark/Target/Goal

She is a mark of energy that has goal of universal good,targeting destruction of bad'


This character absolutely matches with our  character Sandhya..


She has also this name Sri ' which means strength and wealth.

Vishnu is just Vishnu with our her, he assumes his power only when he is with his strength, His wife,Lakshmi' becoming Shri Maha Vishnu.


If any of u have read Ramayana in traditional format, Lord Rama is referred as just Rama in Bala Kanda(in his childhood)' While after Sitaswayamvara, When he begets the hand of Sitha as his wife.. He is pronounced as

Shri Rama by Sage Viswamitra ' later he gets back to ayodya to get enthroned..


(Sandhya ,actually proved the strength of Suraj at various instances'

 He himself told that he could have been dancing out jalebis in his kadai,if it is not for sandhya who made him realize his dream, Became the sole support of him when he was down and broken, She stood by him through his journey of becoming the world's top cook no matter what came in their way'






She had recognized the capacity of Suraj and helped him turn it into endeavour ,which his own mother feared for all her life'They professed their love for each-other' that had only increased his confidence manyfold)



 So, then,even  bhabo accepted her and even praised her' accepted dat it was Sandhya who was the reason behind the success of suraj'. 

Why did all the credit she gave to sandhya vanish into nothing'? She just oil massaged sandhya's head into forgetting dream when she herself accepted that her beendni is the strength of her son,the laxmi in his life, for the want of :Ghar Ki Lachmi:?


I m just wondering which kind of laxmi does she want in her house?


There are various kinds of lakshmi in mythology'

 Major ones being  AshtaLakshmi' It is said that Lakshmi herself assumed these forms through which she could be reached in a particular way by worshipping at our homes'




  Adi Lakshmi  or Maha Lakshmi  :The first of her forms,known for her ability to spread happiness wherever she is'She is also known for her ethical personality...

Sandhya is known for her chirpiness and getting smile on the most troubled persons face

meri khushiyon mein yu rang baroje piya..more piya'

tu dhadakan..mein jaan piyaji mare

hoton ke...tu musukaan piya...

Sandhya's charecter is the epitome of  ethics...

  Dhana Lakshmi : for money and gold'

She indirectly helped bringing heaps of money from Singapore which Rathi parivaar woulnt have even thought in their dreams'

  Dhanya Lakshmi : Giver of grains to eat.

Well, she is the wife of bread winner of the family' she gets all the provisions needed for home kitchen'

  Gaja Lakshmi : Giver of farm wealth and health of all. Swami Chidananda interprets Gaja Lakshmi as giver of power of royalty. According to Hindu mythology, Gaja Lakshmi brought back the wealth lost by Indra (king of demi-gods) from the ocean. 

She was the one who caught Meena's culpability ,not once but 3ce'

Despite her mistake'she soothened bhabo to forgive her'

Took care of her health..

Even when she played a trick of not letting her take the felicitation,she took good care of her'

We are forgetting her blood donation on that day of bus accident,saving a boy's life..

And boy! We re forgetting tubes of ointments she put on suraj's hands, Mits to safeguard him during work,tied him bandages without his knowledge'

  Santana Lakshmi : Bestower of offspring and their well being.

Don't u think guys?  She was indirectly responsible for meena's baby? It's for the fear of her jethani,meena stopped using pills and

Someday ,we know that she'll get her  own kids'

But apart from dat,lets take a look at her striving for wellbeing of kids..

She, being bhabhi(known to b second mother) of the spoiled brats Chavvi,Mohit'

Helped them onto right path'

Helping in chavvi's exams,

         Helping mohit into his computer course,

         Even when it backfired,she protected him from bhabo as should a mother,talked to suraj into getting him into right path'


  Veera Lakshmi  or Dhairya Lakshmi: Bestower of valour in battles and courage and strength for overcoming difficulties in life.

We know her tenor individually, after all she is an IPS to be..

Catching theif,Bull fight, catching Anurag , filled in water for 3 days'Running away with the bomb'

Apart from dat,she stood up for what is right at various occasions,even when the whole world was against her and her family.

  Vijaya Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi: Giver of victory, not only in battles but also in conquering hurdles in order to beget success.

Reason for Suraj's Victory? Answer is invariably 3 ladies.. Maa Durga,Bhabo' SANDHYA!

While she herself is a topper in state'

  Vidya Lakshmi : the bestower of knowledge of arts and sciences.Bestower of intellect cleaner of senses with knowledge

Do we need to explain this?

But ofcourse, she is  a expert of commerce and economics'

Her getting to the chor of storeroom firestone ' using ashes and water'

Get getting to  Meena ,from the name of hospital..

How she got till terrorist from a pendrive's info'


After all this thinking... i'm pulling my hair like crazy...

What kind of lachmi u don't have in ur house?Sandhya is a full package of all lakshmis..anyone could ever dream of'

So main CHOTU ban ke unke paas chali gayi...


B:Haan.. chotu .. sahin samay aagay tu... aake halwa kha ke jaa chora...

C:ji...Par bhabo...wo.. wo... wo...

B:wo wo wo ke ke keh raha hain? uske baad those P aatha hain na? Sandhya beendni jab mhare chore ko angreji seekha rahi me ne bhi kuch jaan li...

C:ji bhabho..wohi tho me keh raha hun...Sandhya bhabi ke baare mein..matlab pooch raha hun...

B:uske baaren me bhaashan de ke? wo ghar ki lachmi hain.. jhansi ki rani nahin...

C:wohi tho bhabo...Lachmi ki baath kar raha hun...

bhabi tho lachmi ki har roop ki saari gun hain...

pary e konsi ghar ki lachmi hain? muje samaj mein nahin ayi...

Bhabo gave a stern look towards me... dat i actually want to run away...

Just den, as a saviour... Baba sa.. aaye... 

Ba: yeh paanwaale bhi na santoosh..din ba din conjusi kar raha hain...dekh na.. paan mein meeta kam daal diya...

BH:sahin hain...nahin tho pet chini ki karmagaar banoge...

Ba:mere pet ke baarein mein chod...

ke lachmi ki baath ho rahi hain?

aaj tho muje ek baath pataa chal gayi santoosh...

wo jo suraj katputlii ki tayaariyan kar raha hain na? wo ankur ji ke saath... us raasthe se aathe,aathe...mandir jaake aa raha hun...

wahan..kuch pravachan se...!

Je jo Lachmi hain na... Bahut chanchal aur saath mein sthir bhi hove hain...

matlab.. jab lachmi ko izzat deke pyar se samman ki jaathi hain,sahi moolya mein uski isthamaal hoti hian...wahan...lachmi tikhi rehthi hain...

aur jahan  uski isthamaal sirf kudh ki sward keliye hove hain...ya phir...jahan use jo samman milni hain...u naahi mil rahi hain... tho uski chanchaltha badthi hain...

wahan jyadaa samay nahin rehthi...

haan...hamesha...Vishnu lachmi  ke saath hi rehtha hain...

uthna prem hain un dono mein ek doosre se...

bilkul hamaari sandhya suraj ki tarah...

Bh: Ai ji... aap kehna ke chave?

ankur ji aur maara suraj kutputli????

lachmi ke saath hi vishnu?Shocked

Ba:areey santhosh...wo kutputlii na...kuch aurath ki siksha ke baarein hain...

aur pravachan ke baarein kehtha hun sun o meri sherni... 

yaad ko ni ke? 

jab lachmi narraz hoke bhoolok chali narayan bhi,vaikunt chod ke Balaji ke roop mein bhoollok pe aagay the na...?

jahan lachmi..wahan hi vaikunt hain vishnu keliye...

I still dint get ans from bhabo... she is in deep thoughts...

She saw the puppet show arranged by suraj and ankur...

and days are rolling by...Sandhya studied deeply... She becam IPS...

SurYa's relation grew deeply overtime...

now bhabo and bhaaba sa... are deeply involved in playing with

Junior IPS an d Junior WTC...

while Sandhya is deeply involved in desh ki seva... and Suraj sa deeply in Expanding his mithaai ki dukaan...

This is my first ever analytic metaphor...

ur comments and criticism mean a lot to me...


Happy Dusshera ,all my buddies n bears!!!

*Pic credits:DABH picture gallery,Creations gallery,Shades of sandhya

Special thanks to Saibal bro,Nikhil Sahai,SKavuri...and all others who uploaded the above pics...

Finally done!! thnks for bearing with me...Heartjhoothas..and jhappis n puppies...and even jalebis...welcome for nythng from u buddies!

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long post...doc...great analysis doc...Clap

i learned so many things from ur post doc...

so many lakshmi i knw most of them...but dnt knw the exact meaning...

today i got to knw that...thank u doc for this infomative thread...

u analysed very giving examples of surya...liked that part...

overall one need to read this post and understand it...

i am not going deeply in ur analysis here bcz of my personal reason abt god...

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Sambar its wat i ve done ...thinking abt ghar ki lachmi Smile

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thank u for this lesson abt ur culture.

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Sujjitha... I will edit 2mro after reading... Long post n having net problem...!!! Embarrassed

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Dear Sujjitha, this is divine, serene, dignified. The best post I've ever read here! Hats off to you for this.

I take a hundred bows before your excellancy and talent.Star

still I dont know which Lakshmi Bhabho wants?


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Forgot to add one thing. Perfect picture selection!Star

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