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23/10 Dragon Club: The Calm Before the Storm

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Today's episode was so happy and hilarious, especially with regards to the majority of Aarti and Yash moments that sort of took over the episode. Prashant's truth looms in the background, as does Paridhi's problems but for a few episodes at least, we have something so rare on Indian fiction TV and that is a genuine friendship between the leads. Heartfelt camaraderie and comfort without the the sexual tension having to be a part of it and I love that. Of course love is about zooming heart beats and passionate embraces, but it is also about laughter and little things that make your loved one feel so happy in that moment: the latter is what I see between Yash and Aarti at this point.

Whatever more intense feelings they have for each other are shelved at the moment in order to do everything they can to make sure this baby is born and Aarti's health is not compromised. I kind of love how Yash starts doing everything in a formulaic way but it gets its own character as he does it, simply because of Aarti's reactions and his enjoyment of them. It really does remind me of Aarti in Mumbai, because she too was doing everything in a formulaic way at the outset of every occasion, but ended up getting involved in it in totally unexpected ways...and I think it was these unexpected moments that really made her fall in love with Yash, so much so that she couldn't have that cool control over her feelings any more. I see the same thing happening with Yash here. He may be starting to do a lot of things out of duty, because of what the doctor said, but he doesn't always anticipate the way Aarti's reactions, her little expressions, her smiles and her laughter are going to affect him, and it is in these moments that his feelings will become more and more clear to him.

The true beauty of the storytelling lies in that, just as Aarti had a test of her faith and love after they came back from Mumbai, Yash will have his when he finds out about the truth regarding Prashant. Yash trusted Aarti to support him in his endeavour to keep Arpita alive, and felt betrayed when they slept together and he thought she had orchestrated it. Now Aarti trusts Yash completely to support her through anything and she might feel betrayed if he reacts in a very negative way to the Prashant truth being revealed. In both cases, it is not as though the person feeling betrayed did nothing wrong, but they trusted nonetheless that their partner would stop that from happening. Aarti now trusts that Yash will always shield her from feeling abandoned and will probably feel even more strongly after the surprise we saw in today's segments. She might even feel confident enough to tell him about Prashant herself, and if he has an unfavourable reaction, Aarti just might hold that against him, not be obviously angry (because she is really incapable of that), but do her passive aggressive thing on him and "go away for his happiness."

Of course, into all this play the promises they have made to each other and the other members of the family, which is why they showed Aarti leaving even before this truth came out, to preclude her from doing the same thing again. Even if Aarti wants to leave Yash for re-evoking feelings of abandonment, once he learns the divorce truth, she will not be able to because of the promise she made to Palak, Payal and SP. I have a feeling that they are going to push the truth revelation until Gayatri is back on shoot, though so we probably have at least two weeks to go for that to happen.

Basically, all this prediction and extrapolation is pointing back to what today's episode means. Yash is on a mission to keep Aarti happy and stress free. So far he thinks this is going to be quite easy, all it takes is some bhel puri, a few (hundred) balloons, a romantic song and some moments of laughter and fun. But his real test is still coming, one that will show us how he really feels about Aarti, beneath all this obligatory fluff. When it comes down to it, will he support her when she is at her worst, possibly pushing him away and refusing to see reason? Because that is probably the state knowing Prashant's truth is going to reduce her to. Of course, ultimately the answer will be yes, but I can't wait to see how they arrive at it! 

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Thank you samana!! great title!! Wink

CV's please show us BHEL PURI CON today i cant wait any longer !!! LOL

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Yippeee!!me on the first page..nw let me c what i can post here after the episode..rocking title samana..*coming to the episode,all happiez with aarya but wait..sadness is just standing at aarya's door which is waiting to come in.leaving all that loved the bhelpuri scene and more than that the lemon con ermmm i mean lemon scene..yash is starting to take care of aarti even more and in this process falling for her even more..coming to dubeys,i think this fiasco will take some time till it reaches aarya ..at the end all i have to say is gehra gehra gehra saans lena pvians.more aarya moments awaiting us..

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Copying from previous thread

Good thing naa that Yash is an events planner.
Aarti is sooo  lucky

GC's comments at the end were very true. All guys want budget romance. LOL

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Episode commences with Aarya in the car, they stop at a vendor's stand, Yash comes out and opens the door for Aarti, they look and smile at each other before Yash extends his hand to her...Aarti hesitates but then she finally give him her hand and he escorts her to a bench...Just as she was about to sit down Yash stops her and dusts off the bench for her...Aww that was very chivalrous of him, Yash is really going all out to take care of Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash goes and whispers something into the vendor's ears, Aarti is looking around...Meanwhile Shobha calls Aarti's cell but she left her phone in the car...Phew thank goodness she'll be stress free for a few minutes <_<

Yash pays the vendor who leaves the stand in Yash's hands...Aarti asks Yash what he's doing to which he replies that he's making hygenic bhel for her, he answers her saying that he promised to take care of her so let him do it...The former tells him that he doesn't know how to make the dish, she wants to help but the latter declines...haha he's really enjoying pampering her that's for sure TongueLOLBig smile 

He puts on a paper chef cap which makes Aarti laugh, Iktara is playing in the background while Yash prepares the bhel and Aarti in enjoying the sight of Yash...The potatoes are hot so Yash throws them from on hand to other, the vendor comes and pours some water on Yash's hands...The latter proceeds to put on gloves and starts goggling tomatoes, one falls and Aarti laughs...Aww haven't seen Aarti laughed so wholeheartedly in awhile, it was a beautiful sight HeartHeart

Meanwhile the phone is still ringing in the car...Yash goes on to wash and cut the tomatoes then he cuts the onions and has water in his eyes, Yash looks at Aarti and seeing her a little worried, he signals her that he's okay and they both share a laugh...Yash shows Aarti a mango and she's happy...ooh Yash  the great chef knows what his wife loves to eat WinkEmbarrassed

He finishes preparing the bhel, Aarti is looking at him savoring it before even tasting it LOL...Yash gives the dish to Aarti...it's bhel with mango chutney and slightly spicy...Aarti loves it and Yash is very happy, they share the bhel and have a few laughs also...aww I can't tell you how happy I am to see AarYa so relaxed Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

A pregnant woman comes calling Yash while AarYa were eating the bhel and thinks he is bhel vendor and asks him for a BhelLOL...Yash refuses and clarifies that he is not the bhel vendor and that he made it for his wife but Aarti asks him to prepare it for the woman as she is also pregnant...Yash finally goes and makes the bhel for the lady while Aarti enjoying her plate...haha that was too funny the way the woman asked Yash why can't he make bhel for her as when he refused and the way the lady was telling him what she wanted in her bhel was to good ROFLROFLROFL Aarti was sure having a grand time Big smile

AarYa are about to leave when Yash tells her to go ahead he'll be right there, Aarti sees 10 missed calls from Shobha on her mobile and calls her back...Shobha says she wants to talk to Aarti but just then Aarti starts coughing and Shobha starts worrying...Aarti then tells her Yash made Bhel for her and how this Punar Vivaah (second marriage) changed her life...hearing this Shobha gets emotional and cuts the call without telling her anything, Dubey is angry and asks Shobha when did she get so stone hearted...Hmm Shobha is really in a serious dilemma and instead of Dubey standing by her and trying to find a solution, he's making her feel worse OuchOuchOuch

After her phone call with Shobha, Aarti leans on the car and is looking at Yash who's talking to the vendor, she's very happy...she goes and sits in the car...Aww love seeing Aarti smiling and being so happy but knowing what's coming her way my heart is breaking for her SmileCryCry

Pari discusses her problem with her Mom...Pari tells her she will tell Prateek everything but once again her Mom asks her not to do that...Finally Pari's mom asks her to go to Sweden where her aunt lives...her mom asks her to buy another necklace and gives it to Vidhi...Seriously that's the worse advice her mom could have given her now when the truth comes out they will not believe her cause she tried to cover her tracks and if she does leave it will look like she was running away Angry...I'm very disappointed in her mom! 

Dubey is taking care of Prashant who is having a really bad coughing fit leaving his parents very worried Ouch

It's night time at the SM, Aarti feels like voiting...Yash just had a bath, he comes out the bathroom come and gets worried...He aks her if she is fine, he calls her Aarti but in the end and corrects himself and adds Ji...aww he's so comfortable with her now that he let the formalities go for a split sec, I tell you Yashbabu, when you realize how much you love that woman...You won't know what to do with yourself EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash tells Aarti that he will go into the kitchen and get lemon, but Aarti isnt letting him go as she isn't feeling well, she says that she won't make it to the kitchen...So Yash opens his robe a little and pulls Aarti close to him telling her to smell him since he just took a lemon bath...He goes on to tell her to breathe in, breathe out...She feels much better and they don't feel awkward about the lemon CON, AarYa are laughing...Ooh that was just Dead I couldn't stop smiling, they were too adorable Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Precap: Shobha talking to Yash on phone and Yash asks her what happened, she sounds worried...Well I guess Shobha could ask Yash to meet her tomorrow or she could be just telling him that she needs to talk to Aarti urgently...Since the precap sometimes is misleading, I'm gonna sit back and way till tomorrow's epy Wink

P.S Sorry for the delay but I had to watch the epy like 3 times again before I could write my take...It was that good Big smile

Overall a very beautiful episode with lots of AarYa cuteness and plenty of drama coming from the Dubeys and Paridhi...A well balanced episode ClapClap

Once again KS & GC made me fall in love with AarYa all over again...The way those two actors play off of each other is PHENOMENAL Star Star Star Star Star...I can't get enough of them, from their expressions to the looks in their eyes to the little gestures they do...Everything about them is MAGICAL Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Tata Sky Spoiler!
For those who haven't read it.

Shobha hesitates to tell Aarthi about Prashant and his illness.Yash dotes over Aarthi and plans a surprise for her.She wonders how Yash knows about her likes.Aarthi learns about Prashant from Shobha.

Live Updates on the way!

Live Updates are on Page 8,10,14,if someone missed them.

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