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Written Update : 23rd Oct 2012

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Arjun is in his car when he sees Purvi walking on the other side of the road .He goes  to her and asks her what she is doing here .She tells him that she is working . When he asks her about her new company she tells him that the name of the company is Sarvesh industries ( OVT's competitors ) .Arjun is a little taken back but he takes it well and is happy for Purvi that she has got a new job .

Purvi tells him that the Tender that OVT lost was because of her but she did not know that she was directly competing with Arjun's company as she does not wish to hurt him .Arjun says that it is OK and he is proud of her that she is so good at her work .He says that he does not mind loosing to her at all and now they will work again but as competitors .
After Arjun leaves , Purvi feels bad that she has to compete with Arjun as she learned so much from him and also wanted to spend her life with him .
Sachin ( a new actor ) has come back to India .He is working on his lap top ( Deshmukh house ) He tells Manav and Archana that he wants the court to know about the case that was filed by Manav about Soham's kidnapping and now he wants Manav to take the case back and go for an outside settlement . This way the court will review Soham's sentence .He assures Archana that getting Soham out is now his responsibility .
Teju is very angry with manav .She questions him why he is trying to help the person who kidnapped his daughter .Manav tells her that now he knows that Soham is his son and as a father he cannot ruin his future by sending him to jail .He says that Soham is in the situation because he did not get the upbringing that Teju , Ovi and Sachin had but he is sure that Soham will improve .
Sachin tells Teju off because she is constantly calling Soham a Gunda . He says that she has to stop this because this is hurting their Aie and for her sake they have to try and help Soham .
Ovi goes in Arjun's office and she tells him that Purvi has joined their competitors .Arjun tells her that he already knows this and Purvi told him this morning at the tender meeting place .He says that Purvi is being loyal to her company and she is extremely efficient and professional and if OVT lost the tender then that is because of their own inefficiency .He says that one employee should not matter so much to the company if the company is strong enough and she should work hard and be very good at what she has to do to match up the rival company .He says that Purvi already knew all this and never had to be told about this .He also tells Ovi not to take all this personally and to keep her professional and personal life seperate .
Purvi's boss is talking to his friend in his office .He is telling him how he is using Purvi's skills to show Arjun Kirloskar down .The other fellow tells him that Purvi and Arjun were having an affair but Arjun cheated Purvi by marrying his business partner's daughter . Purvi is very upset to hear all this cheap gossip against Arjun .Her boss sees her listening to them .Purvi goes in her office and packs up her stuff and tells her boss that she is leaving and will send her  resignation letter .She says that she is proud that she worked in OVT industries because there the boss would not induldge in gossip about their staff. Purvi's boss becomes aggressive and says that Purvi has no self respect as she is still having an affair with a married Arjun Kirloskar and he will see to it that she never gets another job again .
Purvi goes home where she finds out that Sulochna had a small accident and has sprained her arm .Some ladies are putting a bandage on Sulochna's arm .Purvi is worried about her Aaji and she decides not to tell her about her losing her job .She says to Sulochna that they must ask Vinod to come and live in this house .Sulochna says that for this to happen , Manju should also wish to come back here .
Sulochna goes to rest and Purvi calls Archana .
She tells Archana everything about how she left her job .Archana is glad that she left such a company .Purvi also tells Archana about Sulochna's accident and wants Archana to talk to Vinod about shifting to the Karanjkar house as Sulochna should not be alone .
Vinod comes to the Deshmukh house because he has to give some papers to Manav .Manav briefs him about Sachin taking over Soham's case .Vinod is glad that Soham's case is being dealt by his own brother and prays that Manav's son comes back to his house . Manav says that not only his son , every son should take care of their parents and this stands true for Vinod as well and he should think of moving back to his mother's place .Vinod says that because of al lthe conflict in the past , he is reluctant to take that step .
manav tells Vinod that he too had a fight with his mother and had stopped talking to her but though he was angry with Savita , he made sure that she was still living in the same house as him and was under his care because relationships are very important .Vinod says that he will talk to Manju .
This scene is a brilliant one guys , worth watching ...
Excellent performances .
Sachin has managed to get Soham bail .Manav, Archana , Sachin, Purvi and Sulochna are al lwaiting for Soham outside the court .Soham comes out with his gang members . His family eagerly is waiting for him but as soon as he sees them he comes to them and  starts abusing them .He screams at Manav and calls him a Rich self centred man who thinks that he can buy anyone . He says that his parents are only Varsha and balan and he is angry that they were put in jail .He starts hurling abuses at him , one galli after another  and then in his temper , he grabs Manav's collar .
Archana gives Soham a  very hard slap , says this is for grabbing my pati's collar .
She gives him another hard slap , this one is for abusing my pati .
Then she gives him a third slap , this one is for taking advantage of his family love and taking them for granted like this .
She says that teju is right that he is not going to change and wil lalways stay a criminal .She wanted to take him home and help him live a better life but he is a totally gone case .
 Sachin tries to talk to Soham but Soham rudely stops him .
Soham  starts abusing Archana now  , says that he woulsd rather die than come with her  . Manav now screams back at Soham .
He says that he was wrong  to think that Soham can change into a better person .He shot Soham and cried for him but how he wishes that he had shot Soham straight in his heart and he would die there only . His parents ( Manav and Archana ) would mourn him but that would be better than to have him for a son .
Everyone is so shocked to hear Manav say this to Soham .
Sachin and Archana drag Manav away because he is so angry . Archana looks at Soham one last time , the lullaby plays in the back ground but then Archana turns her back on him and walks away ..
Soham goes to jail to see Balan and Varsha . They are happy to see him and want to know who gave his bail .Balan thinks that their lawyer arranged the bail as Soham  is an important bahu bali but Soham  tells him that the bail was arranged by Manav .
Varsha gets worried when she hears this .She fears that now Soham  will get impressed by Manav's goodness and may want to leave her .She decides that she will do whatever it takes but will make sure that Soham stays with her only and never goes back to his prents .
Balan tells Vishnu that manav is a dangerous man and can attack him any time as he is so rich .
Soham says that Manav will not do this because he thinks of Soham  as his son and wants to take him home .
Varsha gets trrified when she hears this .Soham  tells her not to worry as he is not going to leave her .
The Soham says that Purvi came to see him in the hospital and showed him a Cd where he saw how he was being cared and pampered by Manav and Archana .How Manav was the one who taught him how to walk and Archaan used to run after him all day trying to make him eat .While saying this Soham starts smiling .
He asks Varsha why she told him that no one loved him in that house as he himself saw how much Manav and Archana loved him as a baby .
Varsha starts crying .
She tells Vishnu that the truth is that his parents never loved him .Archana would just run after Ovi and Purvi al lday and little Soham was badly neglected .Varsha was told that she could never be a mother and when Varsha saw how badly baby Soham was neglected , she started taking care of him .At one time she took him home for 6 months and in those 6 months , manav and Archana not once came to check on him .
Soham is shocked to know all this .She tells him that she wanted to adopt him and his parents agreed for legal adoption as Soham was nothing but a burden on them . Bu tthe last minute they changed their mind .Varsha's madness for Soham  was not understood  by her family and she was send to a mental assylum .that is when Varsha decided to kidnap Soham .She tells him that she kidnapped him and ran away with him to Darbagha .She apologises to him for keeping all this a secret as she was afraid of losing him .
She says that whatever she did was only for Soham's own safety .
Soham tells her that she did right and he loves her and trusts her and will never leave her .
He tells her that he is going to get Balan and Varsha out of jail now .
When Soham leaves , Varsha thinks that she lied about manav and Archana only so that Soham will hate them and be even more close to her .She decides that she will make Soham hate his parents even more so that he will never ever think of them and will always be Varsha's son .
 Balan again tells Soham that Manav Deshmukh is his worst enemy and he should remember this .
Archana is in the Karanjkar house , she is crying a lot because she slapped Soham . Sulochna says that she did right because Soham was being very rude .
Manav is in his house .He is furious thinking about Soham .He says that Archana did right when she slapped Soham and he too should have given him two slaps as Soham grabbed his collar .He sdays that sachin and him did so much to get him bail but Soham is not worth it .Teju tells him that he is not worth the sympathy and love that they are giving him .
Purvi explains to Archana that it is tough for Soham to trust them as he only trusts varsha and Balan .Archana says that Soham is a good person at heart and that is why he still values relationships and one day he will listen to her and become a better person .
Sulochna is worried about what manav is going through right now .
Manav tells his family that Soham has no place in his life and his house as he was terribly rude to him and was abusing him and threatening him .
Precap : Archana has come to see Varsha in the jail .She telsl varsha that she wants to change Soham in a better person so that he can live a better life and would be respected in stead of being hated .She says that varsha can talk to him and change Soham's life ..Varsha says that she will do nothing of the sort .

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Thanks in advance for the update, Tanya ! Hug

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Good Arjun come to know directly from Purvi about she working in his rival company.

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at least now buy new house for your family Manav .

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I love Soham, Arcahan, Manav and family scene

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Clap now except Arjun no one can give job to Purvi

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