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SwaRon OS : Love Rekindled

Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Hi everyone. This is my second OS in one week and I'm really excited about this one. I wanted to try something new this time. So,again, I didn't use D3 ka Sharon and Swayam. And I made it little longer this time Tongue Please excuse me if you find the romantic stuff insufficient. I'm not so good at describing romance.. Smile   So here goes Love Rekindled


"Mr Shah, I hope you haven't forgotten the basic courtesies of knocking on the door before entering!"

"My apologies, ma,am, but I did knock. I suppose you were busy with a client's call."

Sharon turned red."W-well...yes I was. You really can't expect me to pay attention to soft knocks when I'm so busy with calls. Please knock louder next time. Anyway, what is the matter?"

" Mr Remo D'Souza's assistant has come to meet and you to discuss the plans for the event."

"Ok, send him in." She got up to keep the file she had in her hand in place. She heard somebody entering.

"Hello,please take a seat." She said with her back to the door.Having kept the file, she turned around and stretched her hand out for a handshake.

"I am---"She didn't get to complete her sentence as she was stunned by what she saw before her.
He stood facing her with a warm smile on her face. He extended his hand to shake her hand. Her face was pale out of shock.

"Swa-y-yam, w-what are you doing here? " She quickly dropped her hands down.

"Um didn't your assistant tell you? I've come to discuss the event plans with you. Mr D'Souza wasn't free. He has asked me to convey his apologies."He answered coolly.

"You are his assistant?"

"Assistant choreographer, yes."

"So you did end up doing what you wanted to always do." She said somewhat regretfully. "Please sit down."

"Yes I did. " He said looking at her piercingly."Did you?"

Sharon cleared her throat. "Yes, of course. I own an event management company which receives more than 1000 clients a month. I'm earning enough to take care of myself." She replied , avoiding his eyes.

"But..are you happy?" He asked her.

She turned around,surprised. He looked straight into her eyes and asked again "Are you really happy?"

She looked into his deep chocolate brown eyes and remembered all those times they had told each
other so many innermost secrets. She remembered telling him how much she missed her mother's presence. And he told her how much pain he had gone through when his parent's had divorced.

Now suddenly, looking into his honest, beautiful eyes , she wanted to tell him everything . His eyes encouraged her, and so did his sweet smile.

"Why did u leave what you loved the most Sharon?" He asked her slowly.

Sharon didn't dare to make eye contact with him again.

"I was tired Swayam, I wanted to get away from all the pain. I couldn't bear it.It was killing me from the inside." She said softly.

"What about me, Sharon? Didn't you ever think what I would do without you? I started dance only because of you and then you left dance and me. And you never told me why! "Swayam asked. His voice was no longer mild. It was brimming with pain. It felt like he was letting out all the pain he had felt for so many years.

Sharon looked at his face. He was clearly very upset. All those years, he had worked so hard so that he could forget the past, and in a way, he had succeeded. For a while anyway. But no matter how much he tried, he couldn't stop thinking about her.

"I'm sorry Swayam. After dad's death, I felt really alone. He had left me behind all the riches in the world, but emotionally I was drained. You know, it was Dad who had put me into dance and with him gone, I didn't feel any need to continue. I wanted to run away from all the misery. Isolate myself. That's why I went to abroad to study at Harvard. I didn't want to face anybody's sympathy or pity. And I wanted to prove myself. The truth is, everybody felt since I was my daddy's girl, I had it all easy. I wanted to prove them wrong. And I did. I proved wrong all those people…."Tears began flowing from her eyes.

Swayam jumped up from his seat and bent down on his knees to cup her face in his hand.

"Please don't cry.I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Please, I can't watch you like this." He said, practically on the verge of tears himself.

"No , no, Swayam, I'm sorry. You're right I never told you why I left you or dance. I never gave an answer because at that time , I didn't have one. My father had just passed away and I felt I had no one. I used to cry all day. I was an emotional mess and I didn't feel like you deserved to have someone so confused about herself. I knew you deserved better. And I thought maybe, if I break up with you in the most coldest manner , you would probably forget me." She said, her face still cupped in his palms.

"Forget you?" He brought his eyes to her eyes level. "You really thought I could ever forget you? You have always been the most important thing in my life. For so many years, I was away from you, even a day hadn't gone when I didn't think about you. I danced for you and you only. I love you Sharon.I did, I do and will always do so." He said softly.

"I love you too Swayam . And when I did calm down, after sorting out my life, I realized how much
I had hurt you. But it was my bloody ego which came in the middle. Inspite of everything that had happened I still hoped you would call me one day and tell me how much you loved me. I didn't have the guts to do it.But you never called. I thought you had probably moved on, found someone else who loved you back just the way you did and didn't ditch you in the middle and run to the United States."

Swayam laughed at that. "I never looked at any other girl, Sharon. Because I only loved you. But I thought you didn't care about me anymore, I didn't me anything to you. So it was better to avoid you than be hurt even more. My stupid ego came in the middle again."

"Sharon, I really love you. I really do. I'll do anything for you. I just wanna see you happy. And I promise I will keep you happy forever. I have worked my way up to the top just for you, so that one day if we do get together, you'll always be happy and have every wish of yours granted." He slowly lifted her right hand and kissed it gently.

"I love you too Swayam. " She said.

He got his face close to hers and pressed his lips softly against hers. She instantaneously responded by moving her hands through his hair.An electrical current lit up inside him as well as a burning fire. He held her closer and she twined her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her small waist. The rest of the world disappeared it was only them. All the pent-up passion between them finally exploded throught the kiss.They knew they couldnt live without eachother.
Finally, finding it hard to breathe, Sharon tore herself from his grip. They both stared into each others eyes passionately as they tried to catch their breaths.

"Wow, I came here to discuss the event plans."Swayam said with a smirk.

Sharon suddenly went pale.

"What happened,sweetheart? Did I hurt u?" He asked her.

"No,no, Swayam it's just that whenever I remember dance, I feel really so bad. I always regret my mistake of leaving dance. At that time, I thought my decision was correct,but now…" She trailed off.

Swayam got up from the ground and gently pulled Sharon from her chair. Once she was up, he pulled her towards him. He put both her hands on his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Slowly, they both began dancing. No music was required for them to dance,their heart beats were enough. Sharon closed her eyes and enjoyed her first dance after many years. A tear trickled down her cheek. Swayam immediately wiped it off.

Sharon slowly rested her head on his chest. She felt so happy and peaceful after such a long time. She wanted to always stay like this, in his arms, away from all the sadness and pain which had entered her world. She wanted to be with him forever…

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


I hope this quote made some sense Tongue I thought it did. Please like and comment if you like it. And do comment if you DIDNT like it too. Critiscism is more than welcome!

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Hey Neeti ...

WOW...Awesome OS swthrt ..u deserve a Hug...loved it ...both of them are professionally successful but not happy ..two souls deeply in love with each other still away from each other...lovely start ...her arrogance ..rudeness..again ...its a shield to show that she is broken from  inside...his initial coldness towards her ..showed how hurt he was by her action...his question

She turned around,surprised. He looked straight into her eyes and asked again "Are you really happy?"

i could visualize him...asking this question to her ...

Sharon didn't dare to make eye contact with him again.

Loved this sequence ...the way they cleared their hearts..he is hurt because she left without saying...she left because she thought he deserves a better person ...minus the complexities...i could feel their pain...her guilt ...the way he said ..he danced only for her ...Cry

The way they accepted about their egos coming in between...the confession and  the kiss...awwwEmbarrassed...finally ...two souls craving for each other ...the title is apt ...Love RekindledHeart

The dance ... it was adorable...i loved the description..

No music was required for them to dance,their heart beats were enough. 

How true...loved this OS dear ..thanx for this awesome OS..keep them coming ..waiting for ur next work Smile
Thumbs UpClap

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-.Nisha.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Awesome os dear
Loved it
Very well penned down
brilliant piece of writingThumbs Up
Keep coming up with more of such amazing stuffBig smile
Thanks for the pm!!
Love u..Heart

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__anonymous__ Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
 Neeti . . . .Hug  

Okey, my little doll seems to be on writing rampage . . . and that too some uber diabetogenic stuffs back to back. . . .Embarrassed 

So, this OS is really one sweet substance with some sweeter line ups . . . The background setting was Amazingly penned so as the introduction of pure professional personality of Sharon . . . Thumbs Up 

The inner turmoil of both Swayam & Sharon was substantially conspicuous through the well put dialogues . . .Thumbs Up And the romantic bits . . . ( OMG Neeti, I never knew , my little doll can conceptualize such points Wink )  . . . Mindblowingly  constructed & penned . . .I was having true goosebumps while going through it . . . .Tongue 

As a whole some practically pleasant reading piece . Approve. . Neeti, come up with more re . . . . I'm LOVING it . . . .Clap 

P.S.- Swayam here is Remo D'Souza's assistant . . .Smile After Terence Lewis , it's now Remo D'Souza . . . . . .Big smile

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Phantasm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
I did find the update romantic as well as sweet.So Swayam did keep the promise which he made- never to stop dancing. Felt really bad for Sharon after her dad died, but just for once if she would have been in touch with Swayam, she could have got out of the misery soon and Swayam was indeed right when he said he can never forget her, its impossible to get out of you something which has become an integral part of your life. And I really loved the way he made her again dance sans music.Embarrassed

PS:Yes the thought in the end is apt for them-Swayam and Sharon who were successful in rekindling love.
Keep writing and thanks for the PM.

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mrash Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:51am | IP Logged

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LoveShantannu Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged
It was a nice effort I must say. The is was cute and was romantic too. I loved how you presented their past in a crystal clear way. It was penned nicely

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sandhu89 Newbie

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 7:20am | IP Logged
diffirent concept but awasome...nice work neeti keep it up

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