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ROFL really my Bheja is moving on "UNTRAVELED ROADS" De De...Wink
so BHAVYA is ACP RAAT step sister...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
hope IQRA is Her Future Bhabi...LOLLOL
and NAKUL is her Hony wala DULHA...ROFLWink
really Zabardast Chapter...ClapClapClap
I loved it a lot...HugHug
U are truely a GEM...Heart

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nice part
beautifully written
waiting for the next update

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Originally posted by -De.De-

@Twinkles - Thank you so much hun... and nahi he doesn't know and I would like to keep it that way. Embarrassed jis din batana hoga main khudh bata dongi.WinkLOL

I got your word... WinkLOL  ok fine, i'll not tell anything about this series to anyONE ROFL  

BTW after chapter 8, I doubt is Bhavya's mysterious father is who...?? Silly  my thoughts are reaching its heights... Ermm for once I thought , at the end it will be revealed Nakul or Rajat as Bhavys brother ... sorry ika , but can't help in thinking so Embarrassed

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Originally posted by gadhadada

ROFL really my Bheja is moving on "UNTRAVELED ROADS" De De...Wink
so BHAVYA is ACP RAAT step sister...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
hope IQRA is Her Future Bhabi...LOLLOL
and NAKUL is her Hony wala DULHA...ROFLWink
really Zabardast Chapter...ClapClapClap
I loved it a lot...HugHug
U are truely a GEM...Heart

GD mere bhai , you have grabbed my words...LOL  I too feel so LOLLOL

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A.N. - I'm sooo sooo sorry guys for such a late update but I was quite busy as working as well and had graduation this week as well, so been quite busy. Thank you all for your patience and LOVELY feedback. @GD and Twinkles... keep guessing, but my lips are sealed.WinkLOL Here another long update for you guys. Enjoy!Big smile

As the morning arrives Nakul and Vivek get ready for the court proceedings. It's not even been 24 hours since Nakul has set his feet in Delhi, he is feeling restless by the fact that he is not far from his father he just hopes he doesn't run into him while the time he is here. Nakul sees Vivek lost in his thoughts, Nakul asks him reason for him being lost, Vivek denies.

Vivek: No reason, I am fine.

But Vivek's words doesn't seem to match with his expressions, which leaves Nakul confused. Finally both leave for court.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, this morning some people have seem to be waking up from the wrong side of the bed. As Bhavya opens her eyes to the bright sun rays falling on her, a smile curves up in her lips she looks around and finds it bit strange, it doesn't feel like her room. As she turns around she jumps when she finds Iqra lying next to her sleeping peacefully. Bhavya is shocked at this, she doesn't remember when she got here and how. She closes her eyes and tries to remember what happened last night. She was very upset when Iqra got home, she was emotional and Iqra made her feel better, they both sit for hour and just watch something on TV. 'Ohhh... I must've dozed off here while watching TV.' Bhavya thoughts are disrupted as Iqra starts to wake up. Bhavya thinks to get and leave but she wakes up but Bhavya is still sleepy so she just doesn't better, she looks at Iqra, whose eyes are still closed but her lips are slowly moving. As Bhavya looks closely she hears Iqra mutter something, she tries to listen but doesn't understand, it seems like she's reading something or rather reciting!

Iqra finishes, then she finally open her eyes, for a second she's surprised to see Bhavya there but she quickly changes her expression to comfortable.

Bhavya: Yeh aap kya parh rahi thi?

Iqra sits up.

Iqra: Good morning to you too!

Bhayva: Batayein na..

Iqra: Main... Darood Shareef aur 4 Qul parh rahi thi.

Bhavya looks slightly confused.

Bhayva: woh kyun?

Iqra: Kyunki... main apna din Allah ke naam se shuru karti hon, aur khatam bhi Allah ke naam se.

Bhayva looks at the smile that appears on Iqra's lips, a strange peace can be felt on her face.

Bhayva: Humesha se aise hi karti ho?

Iqra looks at her and smiles.

Iqra: Nahi... yeh main shayad tabse kar rahi hon jab main 15 ki thi.

Bhayva looks at Iqra and sees the pendant hanging around her neck with Arabic words written on it. She always wanted to ask her about this but she never could ask her, she saw Iqra wearing this all the time, she never saw her taking it off.

Bhayva: Aik baat batayein, aap yeh pendant humesha kyun pehne rehti ho? Kya khaas hai esme?

Iqra looks at her pendant, she touches it slightly and looks back at Bhavya.

Iqra: Yeh Ayat-ul Kursi hai. Yeh merey galay mein hai, meri hifazat ke liye, mere darr ko durr rakhne ke liye. Main bachpan se bohut darti hon, bohut darpook rahi hon. Andhare se darr, saayon se darr... har cheez se dar lagta tha. Tab aami mujhpar Ayat-ul Kursi parh kar phoonkti thi toh darr chala jata tha, toh aik din aami ne mere liye yeh pendant banawaya, balke hum sab behno ke liye aur humey pehna diya, tabse pehni rakhti hon. Tabse mera darr bohut kam hogaya. Pata hai Ayat-ul Kursi parhne se Allah ke 70 farishte humari hifazat karte hain, humare saath hote hain. Mujhe ab darr nahi lagta raat ko bhi, na andhere se, na hi kisi aur cheez se, kyunki main janti hon Mera Rab mujhe dekh raha hai, meri hifazat karega Woh.

Bhayva listens to her curiously.

Bhavya: Aapko itna yakeen hai Rab par?

Iqra: Tumhe nahi hai kya Rab par bharosa?

Bhavya: Haan hai na... Waise kya sachme recite karne se darr khatam hojata hai?

Iqra: Haan.

Bhayva: Kaise?

Iqra: Yakeen hai, apne Rab par.

Bhayva wants to know more but before she could ask, Iqra quickly mention that they are going to be late, so get up and get ready. Iqra goes to bathroom, leaving Bhayva is pool of thoughts, and finally she gets up too and goes to her room to get ready.


Meanwhile in Delhi Vivek and Nakul reach at court and the case's proceedings begin. After an hour the proceeding ends and Judge says that the final hearing will be tomorrow and then the case decision. Nakul and Vivek decide to have lunch later. Nakul then excuses himself, saying he will meet him at the decided place for lunch. Vivek agrees and he goes too leaving Nakul behind. Nakul stands there for few moments then he just leaves not sure where he wants to go.

ACP Rajat is working in the bureau, he just finished interrogation of one of the suspects, he is busy recording the details in the files but for some reason he is unable to concentrate. He is not feeling himself today; he just wants to get away from everything. With much difficulty he carries on working, concentrating on work, after a long time today he just feels the time passes quickly so he can just go home. 'Home is where your heart is. Home is where you find peace and love. Home is where you are never alone.' He quickly pushes his thoughts aside and goes back to work.

In Delhi Nakul is driving aimlessly, he is lost in his thoughts but keeps on driving, suddenly he puts his foot on brakes and car stops. He looks at the road ahead. There are two roads leading he looks at one of them. 'How did I end up here? I wasn't supposed to be here.' He studies the road closely, that is the road which leads to his past. 'I know this way, it leads to my home.' Nakul stops his thoughts there. 'My home? Why do I still call it my home? It was just a house, it was never my home.' Nakul looks at that road for a long time before turning his car to other road and continues travelling. Before he gets far, he realizes soon it'll be lunch time and he asked Vivek to meet him in the restaurant. He turns his car and starts to drive back into town.  Meanwhile Vivek had met up with Tasha, they were having a nice time together talking. Tasha had taken a morning off to meet up with Vivek as it was quite in bureau this morning so she couldn't resist meeting up with him. As Vivek realises it's lunch time soon, he starts to make his way towards the restaurant but Tasha is also with him, as she doesn't want to go right now. Vivek decides he will tell Nakul soon about Tasha's work but he decides after going back to Mumbai. As the reach in restaurant they realises Nakul is still not there so both of them sit in waiting area and start talking. They are busy with each other when Tasha gets a call from bureau. She tells Vivek she has to go now.

Tasha: Sorry Vivek, but I have to leave now as there is a new case in bureau so ACP Pradyuman called me back. I need to go but I will see you tomorrow.

Tasha gets up and she starts to leave when Vivek holds her hand, Tasha looks at him in surprise when he pulls her towards him.

Tasha: What?

Tasha sees a twinkle in Vivek's eyes which causes her cheeks to burn up instantly. Before Tasha utters a word, Vivek pulls her face closer and kisses her lightly.

Vivek: I love you.

Tasha coming out of the magic of his touch, replies to him.

Tasha: I love you too.

She bids goodbye and leaves. Vivek keeps looking at her until she is far from his sight smiling to himself he turns around and freezes in his place. Nakul is standing right in front of him from the furious look on his face Vivek can take a hint that Nakul heard what he shouldn't have. Vivek opens his mouth to say something but closes it.

Nakul: The same ACP Pradyuman?

Vivek: Sir...

Nakul walks very close to Vivek.

Nakul: Get... out of my sight. Right Now!

Nakul's voice is dangerously low, Vivek never heard him speak in such tone, Nakul's eyes are burning with rage, Vivek for the first time feels really afraid of Nakul, without wasting another second he finds it better to leave right now because Nakul is not in condition to hear him, leaving a rage filled Nakul behind.

The day goes by and evening arrives. Iqra makes her way back to her home; it was quiet in bureau today so she left early. After the training Bhavya and Vineet decide to go for the movie Bhavya needed a distraction, first she didn't agree but then she thought it's better than going home and she was sure Iqra will ask her something so she decided to avoid that and go for the movie with Vineet.

Iqra changes into her normal clothes and gets comfortable. She is not in mood for eating yet so she just lays in her bed and start using computer checking her mails, Facebook. Few moments later she just put on some music, turns the volume up and just lays in bed, listening to the music. Music is her passion, she can't do without it. Half an hour later her eyes open due to the ring. She opens her eyes a second later another ring. Someone is at the door, she goes to the door wondering who is there because it can't be Bhav as she has her key. With her absent mind she opens the door as soon she sees the figure standing outside, she freezes on the spot. Rajat is leaning against the door from with his eyes dug to the ground. He slowly lifts his gaze up managing to look at her but avoid looking in her eyes. Iqra comes out of her state.

Iqra: Aap?

Rajat: Can I...

Iqra moves from the door allowing Rajat to come inside. She takes him to the living room and asks him to sit down. Rajat sits down on the sofa and Iqra sits on the sofa next to him. His eyes once again meet with the floor, Iqra waits for him to say something but he doesn't say anything, she looks at him from head to toe, he isn't himself today, he seems disturbed... distanced? Maybe. When she sees he is not going to talk, Iqra gets up, making Rajat lift his gaze briefly to look at her.

Iqra: Aap... kuch leinge?

After few moments Rajat speaks.

Rajat: Paani.

Iqra goes to kitchen to get water. Hundreds of different scenarios are playing in her mind right now, wondering over why Rajat is here. She goes into the living room and finds Rajat in exact same position as she left him. He's making her worried, something isn't right. 'His father. Is something happened to him?' She wonders.

Iqra: Paani.

Rajat looks up and finds Iqra standing in front of him with glass in her hands. Rajat takes the glass and drinks little bit of water before putting the glass on table in front of him. He sees Iqra is still standing in same position he looks at her, as if she was waiting for his permission. She sits next to him he looks at her before turning his gaze away. Iqra is getting curious but she allows him to take his time. He looks at her once again but now he looks into her eyes, this surely caught her off guard she tries to move her gaze but couldn't. His eyes are sad. She can see various emotions in his eyes right now; his eyes are showing her his state right now which he is trying to explain through words. She can see pain, sadness and loneliness; she is overwhelmed by this. Rajat moves his gaze from her suddenly, freeing her from his gaze; Iqra blinks couple of times as if she is just brought out from a strong hypnotism.

Rajat: Can I... hold your hand, please?

Rajat's voice was barely above a whisper but Iqra heard him clearly, for a second she was surprised, it all felt like a dj vu. She holds her hand out he takes her hand into his hands and rests his head on their hands and close his eyes. For sometime both of them sit in same position then Iqra slowly moves her free hand to his hair, ever so slowly starts to crease them. Her actions surprise Rajat, at her touch he opens his eyes and realises where and in what condition he is currently. He wants to look at her but he avoids that, he still is resting his head on their hands. Iqra decides to break the thick silence developing between them while creasing his hair, he doesn't want to admit but it was making him feel better. Why is it so simple for her to make him feel so, better?

Iqra: What's wrong?

And here's the million dollar question which Rajat was avoiding since the morning. She waits for his response but he remains silent. Iqra tries one more time, she barely whispers to him.

Iqra: Batayein na... kya howa?

The affection in her tone made Rajat break his silence. He lifts his head but he doesn't let go of her hand. Iqra stops creasing his hair but let her hand stay there. He looks straight ahead instead of looking at her. A smile appears on his lips but quickly fades away, which leaves Iqra somewhat disappointed. He sighs deeply and finally speaks.

Rajat: Kuch nahi... bas ehsaas-e-tanhai maar raha hai. Yeh ehsaas-e-tanhai bhi kitni ajeeb cheez hai na?

He looks at her and continues.

Rajat: Bheed mein bhi insaan ko tanha hi kar deta hai. Tum toh... janti ho na?

Iqra is shocked at this question and is somewhat hurt, he catches her reaction but she quickly changes it back.

Rajat: Mera woh matlab nahi tha...

Iqra: Aap aisa kyun...

Before she could continue, Rajat speaks again.

Rajat: Mera rishta es ehsaas se kafi purana hai, sochta tha... waqt ke saath esay khatam kardonga. Aapne aap ko itna busy kar liya, ke kab main puri tarhan tanha hogaya mujhe nazar hi nahi aya. Maine kabhi bhi esay apne opar havi nahi hone diya lekin aaj... dil mera boojh talay itna dab gaya hai ke saans nahi li jaa rahi. Yeh ehsaas mujhe andar hi andar mujhe kabse khatam kar raha tha mujhe pata hi nahi chala aur aaj pata chala hai toh itni dair hogayi.

Iqra: Aap tanha... nahi hain.

He looks at her and laughs if she just told him a joke she didn't except this reaction from him. He brings his face close to her and looks into her eyes.

Rajat: Dekho mujhe... mere ird gird... sirf tanhai hi hai. Dekho na... kitna tanha khara hon main.

Iqra: App. Tanha. Nahi. Hain.

Iqra repeats her sentence slowly this time but with so much determination in her eyes that even Rajat is taken by surprise at the sudden change in her. He looks at her for some more explanation but she doesn't say anything but slowly she removes her hand from his hairs. She wants to say the two words badly but something stops her, Rajat starts to get her point but he wants her to say it but he knows she will not say it. They both are very well aware of what is going on here but none of them is acknowledging it.

Iqra: Us raat jab main bikhar gayi thi, mera bharam aapne tora tha. Mujhe tanhai aur beete hoye kal ke andharon mein wapis jaane se aapne bachaya. Aur aaj aap... main aapko un andharon mein nahi jaane jongi, jahan se main hokar ayi hon. Aap... tanha nahi hain. Aap es ehsaas-e-tanhai ko jeetne nahi de sakte.

He keeps looking at her and absorbing her words. He knows very well what she's trying to say, but damn... he wish he could hear her say it. But instantly he drives that thought away. He takes few deep breathes and doesn't say anything but he seems a lot more relax now than before, both of them sit quietly again for some time. After sometime Iqra speaks up.  

Iqra: Feeling better now?

Rajat smiles at her, a genuine smile which answers her question. She smiles back. They know, they both have each other who understand each other's state very well. He was there in her weakest moment, he held her close to him and didn't let go until the moment passed. Tonight she is doing the same for him, he was at his weakest moment and she is holding him together, keeping him from falling apart. Both have started to read each other without words. Knowingly very well, where this is going to lead them in future, which doesn't seem that far; they somehow end up stealing some moments like these every now and then, allowing them to be transparent in front of each other.

Finally Rajat let's go of her hand which he has been holding onto for a long time. Iqra slightly move away from him allowing a gap between them.

Iqra: Aap kuch khayeinge?

Rajat: Nahi main woh...

Before Rajat could answer, they hear the front door unlock. As soon the door opens Bhavya enters with a chirpy mood.

Bhavya: Hey... I'm HOME!

She moves from the door to living room and her chirpy mood changes drastically when she enters the living room. Iqra looks at her in shock but she changes her reaction quickly into surprise before Bhayva could see it. Rajat stands up but for some reason he feels guilty as if caught at bad time. Bhavya is plain shocked to see Rajat there.

Bhayva: Sir... aap? Yahan?

When Bhavya calls Rajat as 'Sir' is hits Iqra like an arrow in her heart sending a strong alarm inside her, reminding her who this man is. She looks away as guilt takes over her.

Rajat: Haan woh...

Iqra: Woh aik case ke liye yahan aye thay.

Rajat looks at her, who is avoiding his and Bhavya's gaze altogether. Iqra knows Rajat hates lying even more than her so she saves him from getting into that position.

Bhayva: Oh.

Rajat feels the thick tension in air he starts to realise he made a big mistake, he shouldn't have come here. To ease a tension bit he changes the topic.

Rajat: How was the movie Bhavya?

Bhayva looks at him in surprise but looking at Iqra she realises she must've told ACP Rajat about it.

Bhavya: It was nice... sir. But Vineet... he is so funny, we had loads of fun, he kept talking during the movie too and almost got us kicked out of the theatre.

Iqra feels relieved to find Bhavya distracted as she tells him her story. Bhayva suddenly realises all of them are standing.

Bhavya: Sir... aap baithein na, kharay kyun hain?

Rajat: Nahi woh... main nikalne hi laga tha. Main jaane hi wala tha aur tum agayi.

Bhayva: Par bhaitein na, thori dair.

Rajat: Nahi, dair hogayi hai, mujhe chalna chahiye. I'm pretty sure you both are tired as well, you both need rest.

Rajat looks at Iqra, who is looking at floor.

Rajat: Maine waise hi bohut time le liya...

He looks at Bhavya and smiles.

Rajat: Main chalta hon. Tum bhi araam karlo.

Bhavya nods and smiles.

Rajat: Good night.

Bhayva: Good night sir.

Rajat starts to take leave when Iqra finally moves from her place.

Iqra: Main en... sir ko bhar tak chor ayon.

As soon 'sir' escapes from her mouth it stings Rajat badly he decides to ignore it, he moves towards the door and Iqra follows him leaving a confused Bhavya behind.

She wonders what happened here. Various thoughts go into her mind but she decides to ignore them all. Meanwhile at door, Rajat is ready to leave he takes one last look at Iqra who is looking anywhere but at him. Rajat moves his hand towards her and gently holds her hand causing Iqra to jolt and look at him in shock. Finally she has his full attention.

Rajat: Thank you for... everything. I am... fine now.

Iqra looks at him carefully, indeed he is 'fine' now. He is not the same man who entered her home earlier; he was not completely broken or bruised as before.

Before Iqra could reply Rajat leaves her hand and goes from there without waiting for her response. Iqra watches him leave until he is not out of her sight completely. She closes the door and takes deep breath, as she makes her way towards the living room, she sees Bhavya standing in the midway looking at her somewhat displeased?

Iqra: Bhavya... kaisa...

Bhayva: Good Night, Ma'am!

Before she could complete her sentence Bhavya abruptly walks away leaving Iqra speechless.


Vivek looks at the door unlocking, soon Nakul enters. He doesn't notice Vivek on other side of room but when Nakul gaze falls on him, anger fills in his eyes once again. Vivek has no choice but to face Nakul.

Vivek: Sir.. aap

Nakul doesn't give him a chance, he throws his jacket on the bed and goes in the bathroom banging the bathroom door, leaving a startled Vivek behind.


Hope you'll enjoyed it.Heart

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Wow!! That's all I can say. ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

I'm telling you Iqra and Rajat are tied together because they're both so broken. It reminds me of a song.

Is this love?
Maine na jaana
Aha aha
Is this love?
Tu hi batana
Aha aha

And as far as Nakul and Vivek go...I hope Nakul doesn't hurt Vivek.

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I'm reading this after a while! I think I found yours and Bhavs scene the sweetest. Maybe for the other scenes, I was trying to draw my own connections to the story... I don't remember how many chapters I missed. But that was definitely really nice. Your character still has the same personality Embarrassed Same way of talking, same way of convincing. It's so you! Smile That was probably the longest chapter you've ever written, right? 
(Kinda felt nice to read something other than assignment work for the day) lol Great job, hun!! 

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Wow Rajat and Iqra scene are very well written... I am worried about Nakul and Vivek relation... hope all things get sort out soon...

Bhavya has changed I thing but still one question is there? who is her father...

Please update next chapter soon

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