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Right or Wrong Decisions


Chapter 1 - Below

Chapter 2 - Below

Chapter 6 - Page 6

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Please do read and give constructive criticism. Thank you. 

Chapter 1

London, England


A seven year old boy with jet black hair, chocolate- coloured eyes hurried down the stairs.

"Mama, I'm sorry but I was adding changes to my story. Everybody in our class will be presenting theirs tomorrow." He said swiping his coat off the sofa. 

Khushi smiled.

"You know Arjun, you remind me so much of..." Khushi said lost in thought, her smile slowly disappearing off her face.

"What mama? Remind you of who?" Arjun asked breaking Khushi out of the memories she had just entered. 

"Nothing. Khushi said fixing a her smile back onto her face. "I'm getting late for work and you are getting late for school. Come along, let's get going."

"Sure, mama." As much as Khushi hated not telling him the truth but she didn't want her only child being exposed to the truth she detested.

Arjun had walked outside to the car. 

Khushi grabbed Arjun's bag, a box of home-made biscuits and her file, and made her way towards the car. She entered the car to hear Andrew, the driver, laughing at some joke Arjun had told him. 

"Andrew, please drive to Arjun's school and then to the office." 

"Of course ma'am."

Approximately 20 minutes later they were outside the school.

"Mama we're here. But remember you promised to make some biscuits for the school fair."

"Of course, how could I forget, when you've reminding me about it for the past week. Here you go." Khushi said handing over the box to her son.

"Thank mama. Love you. Bye"

"Love you too, darling. Bye"

Khushi smiled seeing her son run eagerly to the school gates. How quickly he had grown? And him being the spitting image of his father. Even after what happened between them. 


"AARAV IS YOUR SON,ARNAV." Sheetal shouted. She calmed down seeing his shocked face. "He's our son." She said touching his shoulder. 

"Sheetal, stop right there. You're a friend don't ruin our friendship. Stop lying about Aarav."

"Friendship, really? And Why would I lie about Aarav? Don't you remember that time when we both got drunk. And you told me you had a one night stand the next day after I left. That one night was with me. When everyone thought I had a stomach flu, I actually had morning sickness. "

"I don't believe you. But I want DNA test proving that he is my son. So I know what kind of women you are."

Sheetal was about to continue when they heard a crash. Khushi stood there with a tray cluttering the doorway of living room area and coffee splatted on her clothes and hands. He started moving towards her when he saw her pure white alabaster skin turning red, burning. She moved out of  the room, stumbling towards the stairs she hit the coffee table and fell down. Still she held her hand up refusing any help and limped up the stairs and toward her room.

Moving toward the stair he felt a hand restrain him. Swiftly turning he saw it was Sheetal. 


Sheetal stood there not moving.


"Arnav right now you're angry and you're not thinking straight, here is my number if you want to see your son."

With that she departed. 

He ran up the stairs to find his room locked. 

"Khushi open the door right now. Khushi please."

"Chotte what is all this shouting. What is happening in this house?" Nani questioned. 

"Nani, I don't know what to do? Khushi won't open the door."

"Khushi beta, open the door."

Still there was no reply.

Arnav ran into the garden connected to his room and opened the door.  Khushi was lying on the floor unconscious with her foot in a completely abnormal position. 

"Khushi," he whispered "what have I done?"

Without wasting a second he opened the door and Nani came in. Arnav briskly walked toward Khushi and swiftly picked her up. 

Within 20 minutes they were in the hospital, the doctor was checking Khushi and the family had just arrived. 

The doctor came out of the examination room. Looked at the family and said,

"Mrs. Raizada dislocated her ankle. We put put it back into the socket and she has a cast to stop it dislocating again. She was very dehydrated so we've inserted a IV drip. When she wakes up she'll in pain so we have given her some morphine for the pain. She will be required to stay here for 2 to 3 days to be kept under observation, by that time her ankle should be much better."

The doctors pager bleep. 

"If you'd excuse me Mr Raizada I have a emergency to attend to."

With that the doctor walked away.

Arnav walked towards the room Khushi was resting right now. How was he going to help? She'd hate him and he knew she was not strong enough to know her husband had, or might have had,  a child from pre-marital affair. For the world it was the 21st Century but according to Indians it was the 17th/18th Century. 

He had made up his mind. IF the child was his then he would ensure he had full custody and his wife would stay by his side.

Arnav enter Khushi's room, although she was awake she did not respond to him. He knew she was hurt but right now was not the best time to talk to him. 

This however, was the same for the next four days. 

On the day she was discharges from the hospital Khushi spoke. 

"Arnav are you having a DNA test for Aarav?" Khushi questioned. 

"Yes, the results should be with us in a few hours at the latest."

Arnav left to complete the discharge papers. Unaware, that Sheetal was lurking outside Khushi's room. 

She entered and saw Khushi sat on the bed, staring into space.

"Khushi please listen to me." Khushi looked at the door to see Sheetal near the entrance.

"What is it that you want to say?" Khushi asked, in a voice that didn't sound like her. She could feel something bad was going to happen.

"Arnav will take Aarav away from me when he realises that Aarav is his son. And you alone will be responsible for making a child grow up without both parents. How would you feel if your son got taken away from you? You have no idea how hard it has been for me being a single mother in this society but I have pulled through. Did you know Arnav was my first love? We were always together but then we parted our way and didn't meet but I had my little angel. Khushi don't let my child lose his mother, please I will give you anything just to let me, Arnav and Aarav be a family." Sheetal sobbed. 

These words had a very deep effect in Khushi. For someone who lost both parents she understood. 

Khushi remembered the sweet innocent boy, Aarav, she couldn't do this to him. 

"Fine. You know when I first saw Aarav he reminded me of Arnav. He looked, talked, spoke, ate, stood exactly like arnav. I will leave but only for that little boy who deserve to have a family who loves him. Arnav will get signed divorce papers tonight. Then I will leave town."

With that Khushi walked out and Sheetal followed, each going in their different directions.

The plan I have very carefully executed had worked and soon I will have Arnav, Sheetal thought. 

Arnav enters Khushi's room; he found it completely empty. Where was Khushi? She was here ten minutes ago, he thought. 

Khushi on the other hand visited Arnav lawyer got the divorce papers signed and gave it to the lawyer to pass to Arnav whilst Arnav was searching frantically for Khushi. 

For Khushi her happiness was swapped for the happiness of three people, a family.

She wasn't sure it was the wrong or right decision. She just hoped Arnav was happy. 

*****FLASHBACK ends*****

Thanks for reading. Please like and leave a brief comment telling me whether I should continue or not. Thanks.

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Interesting concept. Looking forward to reading more.

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Awesome writting. I'm hooked on the concept.Please continue soon.

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hi where are u?please update soon

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Hope it reaches the expectation of all you readers.

Chapter 2
Singhania's Main Office,

"Morning Adi."

"Morning Khushi."

"Adi we've got an internal meeting at 10 with the head of departments."

"Alright and we're having dinner at your place today if that's okay."

"That fine. Oh and I promised Arjun you would take him out on Saturday. Hope that fine."

"It's beyond fine. My nephew deserves all my time."

Aditya Singhania was in the car which killed Khushi and his parents. He, like his parents, was believed to be dead on sight, since the bodies were burnt to ashes. Adi, however, survived with minor memory loss, a broken leg and deep lacerations. Adi was taken in by a doctor who saw him stumble in front of his car.

And after a month he was engaged to the daughter of the doctor who saved his life, Dr. Sneha Kapoor. After his engagement all his memories gradually came back and he remembered his younger sister. He began to work continuously, pouring his sweat and blood in making himself one of the best businessmen in India, and the world. He owned properties, business, restaurant. A worldwide entrepreneur. 

The next thing he made sure was to find Khushi. It took him some time to locate but when he did find her, she was completely broken. She had told him about her husband. Adi felt like breaking every bone in that man's body for breaking his little sister's heart but that was probably make things worse. And worse than that, she was pregnant with his child. But Adi supported her through and through becoming the male figure in Arjun's life. 

Raizada mansion,

Arnav barely slept keeping himself buried in his work. He hired the best private investigators money could buy but it was as though she had vanished.

He opened his safe and pulled out the divorce papers. How could she do this to him? How could she distrust him so much? If only she stayed a couple a hours longer she would have seen Sheetal truth come out. Aarav was not Arnav's son nor was he Sheetal's. That b**** was trying to trap him and for what? His wealth, which was useless in helping him find his Khushi. 

Singhania office,

"Hello. Is this Miss Khushi Singhania?"

"Yes this is she. How can I help you?"

"Ma'am, we seem to have a problem and require your and Aditya sir's presence in the Delhi branch, immediately."

"When will we need to be there for?"

"If possible tomorrow."

"And how long will we be required to stay there."

"At least a month, ma'am."

"That's absolutely fine."

With that Khushi put her phone down. Gulping down the fear that was imploding in her.

Khushi's house 

"Adi, Arjun supper is ready."

With that both of them ran toward Khushi and sat at the dining table. She smiled her brother was a big softy but in the boardroom he was ruthless.

She put food in Arjun's plate and Adi put food in his. 

"Adi we need to fly out tomorrow morning for Delhi. There's a problem there. "

Adi froze. 

"You're not going there Khushi."

"Why not Adi? I have got over it. And your reacting as though its happened to you. Please let just go there, sort it out and come back. It's not like I'm going to meet him-"

"Meet who mama?" Arjun asked with curiosity

"Nobody, darling. And guess what your coming with us and all of us are staying in our house there."

"Really mama? Adi Mamu is staying with us?" He said with gleam of excitement passing his face. 

"Of course I am, champ." Adi spoke. 

The next morning the three of them were in Heathrow airport boarding on their private jet. Arjun fell asleep as soon as the jet ride was smooth. 

"Adi I want to meet my family."

"No, Khushi. That's never gonna happen-"

"Adi, I meant my adoptive family,doofus."

"Oh. Ok that fine. So long as he's not there."

They arrived in Mumbai by 1pm. 

Singhania Mansion,
Delhi, India

"Arjun darling wake up. We're in India." His eyes shot open. He took in the serenity of his home for the next month. 

"Mama it beautiful." Arjun whispered. 

He walked toward the house. 

They entered the house and saw a completely modern interior. They went and got refreshed. 

"Khushi, Arjun we're going to the office. Come on."

They walked to the car talking to Arjun about what he would like to see. 

Singhania office, Delhi branch,

"Arjun do you want to sit in come with us or sit in the office?"

"Come with you mama. I'd get bored easily in the office."

"And you don't think you're going to get bored when we're talking about the finance and future projects." 

"Of course not because you and Mamu will be there to make this interesting for me."

Arjun and Khushi smiled at his eagerness and innocence. 

"Ok. Lets go then."

Singhania Corp. Headquaters
Dehli, India

They been in the boardroom for 10 minutes discussing important topics. 

"Should we raise the annual expenditure 3 or 5 percent." Adi question the board members. 

"I think you should choose 4%". Arjun stood up and said. The board members looked at each other with surprise. A youngster was answering this question confidently. 

"And why is that Mr. Singhania? Why do you want 4%?" Adi questioned his nephew, already knowing his explanation. 

"Because it is not to high and not low. If you chose 3%, the company could suffer potential loss. Why? Because you'll be underspending, and eventually the value of the share will be reduced mainly due to the reduction of advertisement. And if its 5% it will mean you will be overspending and wasting 1% percent more of the budget than required. And that 1% could improve other sectors."

"I agree with you Mr. Singhania."

With a small smile indicating pride on his uncles face he sat back down. 

"Do any of you have any doubt with Mr. Singhania's opinion?"

The all shook they head and murmured that is was a good idea. 

Aditya and Khushi looked at Arjun proudly. No wonder he fast-tracked a year in school and he was still at the top. 

The meeting ended and they made headed home at 3pm. 

"Adi let's head to the house now."

"Fine, Khushi. Lets go."

Gupta's house, Delhi,

They were outside the house 40 minutes later. The three of them walked towards the front door. 


The door opened and a shocked Garima started to get tearful. Khushi just waited for Garima to get over the shock. How she had change, she was wearing pencil skirt with a blouse, looking like a efficient workaholic just like Arnav, Garima thought.

"Khushi." Garima whispered. 

Garima opened the door and frowned at the man and boy who were with Khushi. 

They made their way to the sitting area and there sat the Raizada family, including Arnav. 

"Khushi, I thought you said your adoptive parents and adoptive bua lived here. Then who are all these people?" Adi whispered. 

"That's him Adi, on the centre sofa to the right." Khushi said looking at Adi. 

He knew who HE was. It was HE who made his sister's life hell, Adi thought and he wassipping coffee here as if he did nothing wrong. He calmed down when he saw his sister motioning "no" with her head. 

Arnav was happy for a moment that Khushi was his back but then he saw the little boy and a man with her. Who were they?

"Khushi!" Payal came toward Khushi. "You've changed so much." She said looking at her new attire

"I know." She said with a brief smile. 

"And who are they?" She questioned whilst smiling.

She looked at Arjun. 

"Jiji this is my son Arjun."

Everyone was shocked. Their mouths hanging wide open.

Please comment if you like this chapter. Doesn't have to be long at all.

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Amazing story, please update soon!

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