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Written Update : 22nd Oct 2012

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Manav and Archana are standing outside the police station . They are feeling dperessed after talking to the Police Officers . Both of them go and sit on a bench nearby .Manav says that varsha's upbringing  has taken Soham away from them and now they can never have their son back or even try and change him .Archana feels that Soham will change one day .

Manav can understand that Soham hates him because Manav shot him but why does Soham hates Archana when Archana did nothing wrong ?
Archana says that it is very obvious that Soham is too shocked on hearing the truth that Varsha and baaln are not his prents and that is why he is behaving this way .Archana says that Soham feels cheated but he has a good heart because despite of knowing all this he is still showing lyalty to these he considers parents  . This clearly means that he values relationships .He even gave back the Ganpati necklace because Varsha told him to and that again goes to show that Soham is a good person . Archana feels strongly that Soham has inherited some good values from his real parents .
Archana telsl Manav that her son has a good heart .Manav cannot understand how Archana can always be so positive .Archana tells him that there is a solution to every problem and for now they should just feel very glad that Soham is alive and one day they both will change him and have their son back .
Manav is also now feeling better and more optimistic as he holds Archana's hand .
Sulochna and Purvi are discussing the whole Soham issue .Purvi is looking at old pictures of baby Soham . Sulochna feels disgusted with Varsha because Varsha is now playing another game with Archana and Soham's life . Varsha very cleverly told Soham the truth but after Soham refused to accept Archana and Manav as parents  , Varsha did nothing  to try and make Soham understand .Sulochna feels that Varsha has   not changed and is still as selfish as ever and has no intentions on giving up Soham  . Purvi tells Sulochna that she will not let this happen and will go and talk to Soham .She feels that Soham already knows the truth  .
Purvi goes to the Police station and talks to Sameer Rane .Sameer first refuses Purvi permission to meet her brother Soham but Purvi convinces him saying that she only wants to help her parents as they are in a lot of distress after Soham refused to be their son .
Soham is in the hospital and is thinking about what Varsha had said about Archana and Manav being his parents .Two ward boys bring in a TV set in his room , Soham wants this TV to be taken away but Sameer comes in a says that he has brought this  in his room . Purvi also comes in the room .Soham is very annoyed to see her and when she calls him ' Soham dada' he gets even more angry and tells her not to call her ' dada' .  Purvi tells him that he should first see this CD and then decide if Purvi should call him dada or not .
The CD has some very beautiful moments of baby Soham with his mother and his father .Soham watches it quietly but then tell Purvi that this did not affect him at all as he knows that this is all a trick of Manav to take him away from his father .  Purvi says that Soham's parenst love him and that is why they got him treated by specialists but Soham refuses to believe her and says that if they loved him then they would have looked for him in the last 18 years .
He says that even if he is Purvi's dada, then also he is not going to go back to that family as he finds all of them very shallow human beings . Purvi tells him that he is angry right now but later  he will himself understand how much his parents love him .Purvi goes out of the room leaving the CD behind .
At the Deshmukh house , manav tells Archana that Soham is awake now but the Doctor has instructed that they cannot see him as he gets disturbed .Manav is  so upset about this that he is getting  a headache .Savita brings him ginger tea to make him feel better but Manav refuses to take tea from her and goes in his room .Savita is sad and Archana feels bad for her , tells her that she will take the tea for Manav .
Archana takes tea for Manav .Manav si terribly depressed and says that he cannot bear that his son hates him so much and this is hurting him real bad .Archana says to Manav that the way you are hurting , even your mother is hurting the same way .You are guilty and want your son to know and even your mother is guilty and she wants you to know .
She says that Savita too is hurting a lot because of the way Manav is treating her . Savita is feeling very guilty about what she did and does not know what to do now .
Archana asks manav to fogive Savita because his mother needs her and she is waiting for the day when Manav will forgive her .
Manav says that Savita's mistakes were too big and 18 years is a long long time .
Archana says that it was not just savita who made mistakes .Savita tried to create misunderstandings between them but they also allowed those misunderstandings to come between them .And if today they can fogive each other then why can't Savita be forgiven .
Manav comes in savita's room and asks her forgiveness for treating her so bad .savita cries a lot and she aks him for forgiveness as well .She says that she treated his family very bad and is feelign sorry about it .Mana vsays that after Soham hated him so much, he realized how bad it feels to be hated by your own child and again asks Savita to forgive him .Damodar is watchign all this fro mthe other room .When  manav leaves the room, Damodar comes in and asks Savita if she feels at peace now that manav has talked to her and if so then she should let others also live in peace .Savita wants to know who is Damodar talking about ?  Damodar says ' Archana ' .
Savita coems to Manav and Archana and she starts talking to Archana . She telsl Archana that she has always been very unfair to her , she always treated her bad and instead of the canada tickets , gave her divorce papers and also too kthe custody of her daughters . Kept manav away from Archana for 18 years and even poisoned Ovi, Teju and sachin's mind against Archana but then one day when she got a call from Archana , she got scared that  now all her power will be gone .That is why she  foged signatures on the divorce papers and got sachin to help her but what was wrong had to come out and it did . mana vcut off all relations with her and thay is when savita realized the pain of being away from your children .Savita is crying a lot and asking Archana for forgiveness as she could not bear her son being away from her and Archana had to be away from her daughters for 18 years ...
She says that Teju used to love her so much but now has stopped talking to her ( Teju and Ovi  are  watching all this and are  crying ) . She says that now Ovi also doesn't asks her out for shopping and has stopped even looking at her ..
Savita says that damodar does not even drinks tea from her hands ...she says that Archana has a big heart and she should forgive her .
Archana forgives Savita and hugs her .Teju and Ovi also come and hug their grandmother .
Suddenly someone throws a stone in their house .The stone is wrapped in a paper .Tej ureads the paper . It is addressed to Manav and is threatening Manav and his family because Mana vshot Soham the bahubali  . Everyone is scared but Archan says that she is sure that one day Soham will change and she needs her family's support to change him as he is one of them .She says that Soham must be kept away from  his surroundings and should be given a good life so he will also start thinking differently .
Soham's gang get food for Balan and Varsha . After checking the tiffin the police allows the food to be given to Balan . The gang tells Balan quietly that they have threatened Manav .Balan is happy that now Manav knows how dangerous he is . The police is strict with the guys so Balan  curses the police a lot .
Purvi is about to go for an important meeting when Punni comes to see her ( in the karanjkar house ) .Punni tells Purvi that Vinod does not wish to come and live in the karanjkar house .Purvi says that she will tell Archana to talk to Vinod . Purvi tells Punni about her new job and her new company . When Punni finds out that Purvi has joined Arjun's rival company she is very happy .
Manav is worried about his family's safety .He is not sure anymore if it is a good idea to help Soham anymore . Savita says that it is Varsha who made  Soham the way he is and they all have to help him .Manav is waiting for Sachin to come back quickly so that he can come and help Soham's case .
Punni goes to see Ovi in her office . She tells Ovi about Purvi's new job . Punni tells Ovi that now Purvi has gone against Arjun and is helping his rival company .She says that Purvi always does what suits her and that is why she used him to get high in her career .Ovi is very  disturbed  to hear this .Punni says that OVT lost the tender because of Purvi as Purvi is a very selfish person .
Soham is thinking about what varsha had told him , how Archana was lovingly looking at him , how Manav shot him .He looks at the CD but then gets disturbed at the thought of what he saw in the CD . He thinks about baby Soham being cared for by his mother .
Precap .
Purvi's boss is talking to someone and Purvi is listening to him from another room . Her boss says that he employed Purvi for a reason as he wanted to use her against OVT industries .The other fellow says that Arjun too used Purvi as Purvi was in love with him .

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Finally Archana-Manav forgive Savita.
I don't know but I think Sameer is falling for Purvi.

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Tanya - thank u for all ur hard work with the WU! We truly appreciate it.

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Thank you in advance Tanya.I know it will be more difficult since PR is one hour but thank you still.

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what was the precap...?

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Thanks for the update Tanya..

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Thank You SO much for the written updates! I REALLY appreciate everyone's hard work! 

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