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|*|~Happy Birthday Moksha~|*|

Yukti22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 February 2010
Posts: 6898

Posted: 22 October 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Welcome Friends ! Today we are gathered here to celebrate the birthday of a very special and multi talented personality.
She is none other than our Moksha(mokshashree)

Happy Birthday Moksha !
 Wish u a very happy birthday Moksha...You are a precious gem to us and  one of the most important part of our group.
You're always very special And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things That life can bring your way
Like warm and loving wishes And happiness and cheer
And everything you need to start Another happy year

~facts about moksha~

Apart from Rati Pandey, Moksha is a fan of Shweta Tiwari, Ankita Lokhande and Kratika Sengar.

Moksha is the best writer of HD forum. She is unbeatable when it comes to writing posts on Rati.

In earlier days, Moksha silently used to read 50-60 pages of Rati AT daily at night. LOLAnd after reading she used to reply and share her views in just a single postLOL

Moksha is the slowest tortoise of our forumLOL. She joined IF in 2008 and she's still a senior member. But we love you the way you are Moksha !Embarrassed

Besides Rati, Moksha's interest is music and dance.

Moksha loves Indira Sharma more than Nupur BhushanROFL

Moksha's favourite slogans are - "Jai Ho Rati Pandey" and "RATI IS THE BEST. HD ROCKS! "LOL  Coz in most of her posts you'll find these lines...lol

||~Moksha's  Masterpieces ~||

-InDirA s Family ,family ,family!-
indira -WHEN TO CUT TIES?-
-Its not always about love,is it?-
Estranged from Zara no more...-.moksha-...
...the grip that gave Zara the father in Inder... "

Love you Moksha !!

May God Give you the bestest of everything,
and may you get everything you desire for always & forever.

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Yukti22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 February 2010
Posts: 6898

Posted: 22 October 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged

OS by Radha
It was a bright and beautiful day.. But it was a special day, special because it was the birthday of a very special person!!
And all the rpians had gathered and were planning a party!! Lets have a look at the preparations!!

Moona: I'll have a look at the lights again.. Someone come with me..

Shreyu: Put those balloons there! Nancy help me plz..

Nanz: Wait let me get the cake first!!

Avani: You haven't got the cake yet?! :o You guys na.. can't rely on you.. when are you going to get it..

Radha: Calm down madam.. the cake is here! What she meant its not arranged on the table! :P

Avani : :Oh thank god :P

Meanwhile at Moksha's home:

The doorbell rings and Moksha opens the door, and exclaims in surprise to see Yukti and Nikhila standing there!

Moksha: omg! what are you guys doing here?

Yukti: Moksha there is no time to answer questions.. please come with us fast..

Moksha: B.but what happened? Is everything alright?

Nikhila: You just come with us.. we'll explain you on the way..

They all leave from there..

Meanwhile at the hall:

Khushi gets a call..

Khushi: You guys are coming in 5 mins? ok ok..fine.. everything is ready here..

Khshi: Guys they are coming in 5 mins.. get ready..

Kheya: Yeah everything is done.. we'll just wait now..

After around 5 mins..

Shilpa: someone switch off the lights.. they've come!

Sachin switches off the light..

Yukti, Moksha and Nikhila enter  to find the room in darkness..

Moksha: Why have you guys brought me here?  What happened to the lights? whAt is happening?!

Just then the light comes on AND..

We all: SURPRISE!!!!!

Moksha :  :o omg!! wh..what ..

Mahesh: Wish you a very Happy Birthday Moksha! Hope you liked our little surprise!!

Moksha: I'm speechless seriously!!

Preethi: Happy Birthday Moksha! Don't say anything now.. lets go n cut the cake first!!

We all went near the table where the cake was arranged, which looked delicious!

We all: Happy Birthday to youuu.. happy birthdaaayy dear Moksha.. Haaappy birthday to you...

Moksha cut the cake and gave it to everyone!!

Rinky: Lets give our gifts now!

Surbhi: Yeah sure!!

We all give our gifts to Moksha and make her open them!!

Nikhila: Moksha for my gift you will have to come somewhere with me! And you all too!

Moona: Where?

Nikhila: Let that be a suprise! You guys just come with me!!

We all followed her excitedly .. We went by bus..

Moksha: where are we going Nikhila?

Nikhi: Just wait and watch.. (and she smiled mysteriously)

As we started nearing the place..

Radha: I know this pl.. :O

Nikhi: shhh :P

And after two mins we got down at the stop and started walking.. After about 10 mins we reached at the GATE OF FILMCITY!

Yukti: omg! What.. we are at the filmcity? that means...?!!

Nikhi just smiled mysteriously and beckoned us inside..

And we kept walking.. After another strech of 10 mins.. we came upon a shoot.. a serial shoot was going on..

All of us knew from inside now what was coming, .. We just kept looking around everywhere... as if dreaming a beautiful dream.. :)

And then from the vanity van descended the one whom our eyes yearned to see!  Rati Pandey herself!

She saw us and came to us.. She went directly to Moksha

RP: Happy Birthday Moksha!! ( And she hugged her!)

Moksha was not able to control her emotions! She was engulfed with tears of happiness!!

Moksha: I don't know what to say.. I just want to thank you di.. I feel blessed that I'm getting the chance to meet you on my birhday!!

RP: You are special Moksha! Those words you write about me, they are truly from your heart!! I get so overwhelmed with happiness you know with those writings of yours!!
I have one request from you today.. I want to hear that poem written by you on me.. the one which you had written for my birthday! I want to hear it !!

Moksha: That will be such an honour!! I'm speechless really!!

RP : I'll just finish these scenes I'm supposed to shoot.. then we all will hear your poem! And it is a pleasure meeting you guys again!!

Rati di proceded with her shooting of the scenes with us watching delightedly!!

After her shooting..

All the cast and crew sat down to hear Moksha's poem.. with Rati di ofcourse most excited..

Moksha: Firstly thanks for giving me this opportunity di!! I'm on cloud nine right now!!!

(This is a poem written by our very own Mioksha!)
Beautiful young people are acts of nature,
But beautiful talented people like you are works of art
If things get better with age, then you are approaching Magnificent.
You should really celebrate on your birthday
They don't make angels everyday
God broke the mold when he made you
Our heart smiles every time you sing
Your talents are perfect dreams come true
Your style, so fly
The whole world knows you are one of a kind
Our hearts will wait till once again you reap the awards

More than a woman but still our angel
You rocked more than a boat you rocked the whole world
We take a journey to the screens everyday
We remember how you entertain us
At your best you are beloved
The humblest most inspiring one
You live up to your name
You are our one in a billion ,Rati Pandey!

Her words were followed by a loud round of applause!!

RP: That was so kind of you!! You are truly a great writer!!

Moksha: Thankyou very mush Rati di!

RP: Didn't you guys bring cake for me? ;)

Moona: ofcourse we got it!!

We all got the chance to give cake to Rati di and spend few enjoyable hours with her watching the shoot and also not to forget the pictures we clicked with her later on!!

Thus the party ended on a happy note!

Some Birthday Gifts for you

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Yukti22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 February 2010
Posts: 6898

Posted: 22 October 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged

Name: Shilpa

Birthday wish: hey moksha, wish u a very very happy birthday...wish u d best of health, wealth n success...God bless u n hope u hv a wonderful bday:):):)

Describe her in one word: 1 word is difficult 2 describe her...i wud use 'passionate, creative n talented' Embarrassed

moksha, we met at Hd forum...i had read a few comments of urs in RP AT...n d depth n passion, with which u wrote abt Rati/Indira always touched me...ur every word dat u write, is always 'dil se'...:):)

luv 2 read ur posts n comments...u r an amazing personality n i guess a talented singer n dancer 2...hope u get success in watevr u do...always remain like dis...n stay in touch...happy birthday once again...:)

Name: Nancy Cool

Birthday wish: Happy Birthday Moksh ji !! I wish you all the happiness and success in the world... i wish one day i can get your writing skillsLOL Your one of the best writers ive come across ! Your writings seriously touch my heart <3 I wish today you get showered with gifts and eat loads of cake Embarrassed your a amazing person and a wonderful human being Hug I always love talking to you and i wish i continue to for many many years Hug HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 

Describe her in one word: one word Ermm i would say simply amazing  Hug

Siggies/OS/gifts etc: 

Name: Avani

Birthday wish: Wish you a very happy birthday Moksh! May this day bring you immense happiness and good fortune. Embarrassed You're a lovely person to interact with and I've always enjoyed your company. I seriously wish to chat more often with you. Your writing skills are truly impeccable!! Our group would seriously be incomplete without your presence. 

Describe her in one word: Unique and talented Big smile

Siggies/OS/gifts etc:  Thanks to nancy for making this lovely sig from my side!


Name: Moona

Birthday wish: Happy Birthday Moksha, God Bless You. May God fulfill all ur wishes. Hug

Describe her in one word: One word is not enough for her, She is Multi-Talented girl and brilliant writer and a very good person.

Siggies/OS/gifts etc: Siggie 4 u Moksha.

Name: Radhika

Birthday wish: Avery Happy Birthday, Moksha. May god shower you with his choicest blessings. Best wishes for a happy, fun and frolicking birthday, and a joyous year aheadParty

Describe her in one word: ExpressiveEmbarrassed

Siggies/OS/gifts etc: Not very creative in this deptOuch


Birthday wish:Happy Birthday mokshaHugHugHug
I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!HugMay ur all dreams n wishes comes true,,my all heartiest wishes for you..Big smileBig smile

God Bless You!!

Describe her in one word:well one word is not apt to describe anybodyEmbarrassedyou are amazing writer moksha ji,,realy its always pleasure to read ur posts,,it truly touches our heartsBig smileBig smileKeep writing moreSmilegod bless!!

Siggies/OS/gifts etc:


Birthday wish: a very very happy birthday moksa .may god bless u n he fulfills all your wishes . live happy n healthy

Describe her in one word: MAGICAL WRITER

i rarely had any conversation wid her but being a lover of reader i was realy amazed when i first time read her topic on FORUM . she z d most talented writer of our forum .her writing has a professional touch .n later i came to know dat she is professional dancer n siner too . so moksha is CELIBRITY OF OUR GROUP smile

Name - Nikhila

Birthday Wish- Many Many Happy returns of the day Moksha, Hope u get the best in ur life, as u truly deserve all the best things out there in ur way. Hope u get success in everything that u do. May god fill ur life with love, Happiness and keep u in good health.

1 word - Ahh..is there any single word that can describe our Moksha the best? Hmm...i dont think we have any. But an Adjective tht would be good in her praise would be "Artistic". She has a very good Artistic skills in all the Multitalents that she posses, be it writing & her classical singing and dancing. I dint get to hear nor see, but am sure, she would be amazing there. She is a true Kalakaar. Ahh...ek sache kalakaar ki soch, samajh aur jasbaat hai Moksha ke. There is a lot of depth & passion in her or her works.

I still remember her initial days at IF. As i was a regular follower of RP AT, i used to notice 1 girl who used to silently come, read all the comments, liking few and going, thn she slowly started writing a single comment each day as to how she loved Rati di's acting. And thn there came another phase whn she started writing a paragraphs abt character & acting in particular. Tht is whn i noticed her depth of Understanding a characters emotions. Before i knew that she Appreciates Rati di's acting a lot, but whn she started writing abt Indira, thts whn i got to knw how ardent fan she is or Indira in particular and Rati di as an Actress.There was a tag line that she alwys used "JAI HO RATI PANDEY" hahhaha.

It took soo much efforts by some of us to get this girl into conversations and talking mode...LOL. She was so shy and hesitant in joining in discussions. But glad that she opened up and mingled with all of us. She is 1 of the gr8 Nite batch team. i still remember the day whn i told Moksha that her writings are soo artistic like articles that should be pulished and thts whn she told tht she is actually profession writer too. Her Beautiful comments kept increasing AT's charm and 1 day finally with some member's encouragement Moksha stepped out into forums thn just restricting her writings to RP AT, and stated making threads in forum. Moksha's comments and inputs in RP AT are like precious written pearls. Love reading her comments. Very artistic, poetic, with gr8 depths and understanding of a character or the topic in particular. She really has amazing writing skills.

  • Apart frm the artistic skills and talents that Moksha posses 1 of the most Important thing which makes her a Wonderful person is her Sweet, caring, compassionate, honest, truthful, Beautiul Heart. Which makes her such a lovely & Adorable person.

  • Moksha...we all Love u a lot and we are glad that you are 1 amg us. We are proud to have u as an RP Fan. And am sure Rati Di would also feel proud to have a Fan like you.

Once again Happy Birthday Moksha.
Am blessed to have a co-Fan & a Friend like you.
God bless you...Enjoy ur spl day and share ur moments with us too.


Birthday wish:Hey Moksha!Wish you a very very happy birthday!many many happy returns of the day!:-)

Describe her in one word:Moksha havent interact with you ...but read some of your writings in the Forum and loved all of them!You are a Fantastic writer...and your writings clearly defines how much you love Rati!Your posts are always full of emotions and always touch my heart!looking forward to read some more!:-)One word to describe I think it will be-TALENT...Simple word but a apt word to define her!


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Yukti22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 February 2010
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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Special Thanks to Nancy, Radha and Avani who helped in contributing with their Fab creations and ideasEmbarrassed

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-PD- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 December 2009
Posts: 15084

Posted: 22 October 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Hey Moksha, a very happy birthday Hug

Message likna meri bus maa nahin hain to complement the queen of writings so a small gift from my side hope you like it... [I made it with the help of google, my little knowledge on photoshop and my friends Wink]

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Angels_Sweetz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 June 2009
Posts: 18162

Posted: 22 October 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Moksha Ji Embarrassed  Hug 
May ur special day be filled with lots of Surprises Embarrassed Happiness & Enjoyment.
Plz Ignore spelling & grammer errors in my above msg...wrote it in hurry coz of less time but as usual ended up writing a long msg like how i write long comments abt Rati di or her characters LOL

Made this Quickly Tongue for you Smile

Lovely Thread Yukti...and Thnx to others who helped u in making this beautiful thread
PS- whnever i see such Wonderful thread, i keep wondering if u guys would have made anything for me like this or not, and wht u guys would have written for me. I doubt if HD would go on till next year and will u all guys be here or in touch to see such things for me LOL

and Uk and Rads...u guys always keep me as the person who gets Rati di to the party or who arranges such thing LOL Whnever i read such things i feel strange...meri uthni aukaat kaha LOL Next bday thread whoever's it is..plz shift tht honour & huge responsibility to others. Smile

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rads14 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 December 2009
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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Hey Moksha wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!Hug
May all your dreams come true!
God bless you!!

One small gift from my side Embarrassed

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Passion_17 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 November 2011
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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
happy birthday mokshaHug
hope u hv an amazing birthday n a wonderful yr ahead...Big smile
beautiful thread avurayucyBig smile

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