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JJKN Part 2 -- the story after 22 years (Page 9)

Princess IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 13 August 2004
Posts: 5782

Posted: 14 May 2005 at 5:41pm | IP Logged

Guys???????????????????????????Confused Where is everyone???????????Confused Someone please continue the story................it was going great. Please continue or I'm gonna cry.

Note/Warning: When Princess cries, IF will get flood with her tearsWink

suganain Goldie

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 2161

Posted: 14 May 2005 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
armann- jassi.. tum to mike tyson jassie punch karte ho.....

jassi- oh i'm so sorry armann sir...i love you so much!

armann- i know i love u to but can't u be friends with mailka...then their will be peace at GM.

jassi- how can i be friends with mailka when she is so mean to me and all of the things she has done...i'm sorry armann sir..i love uHeart with all my heart..but even babji won't forgive her...

armann- ok ...i tried....let's continue our candle light dinner...

jassi-(in a seductive mood)-How about bedroom fun?Wink

someone can continue now........

umi82990 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2005
Posts: 18369

Posted: 14 May 2005 at 8:16pm | IP Logged

thanks.......but will this ever come???

thanks anyways.....

Princess IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 13 August 2004
Posts: 5782

Posted: 14 May 2005 at 8:23pm | IP Logged

Hi UrS82990,

Welcome to IFSmile. This story line is not the real one.............it is a made up story by IF members.


spike Senior Member

Joined: 12 November 2004
Posts: 531

Posted: 15 May 2005 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Okay, I'm back to take lead.......lemme ignite my brain before putting fingers into gear.....had a rough time driving down the busy street...my stars are with me since i didn't crash the road down with that wrecked-up machine they call a car...

Edited by spike - 15 May 2005 at 6:21am
spike Senior Member

Joined: 12 November 2004
Posts: 531

Posted: 15 May 2005 at 7:28am | IP Logged

Hmmmmm.......reads thru some stories put forth by ppl and chuckles to self while flexing fingers....kahaani mein masala kam hai...abhi baadshah masala daalna parega....baadshah masaalaa......

Jassi slaps Armaan hard across the face. Armaan wakes up with a start!Confused Yes, he had been dreaming of jassi and himself in their bedroom and accidentally kissing Pinku's pet cat....

Jassi: Armaan sir! Uthiye! Angry

Armaan: huh? main kahaa hoon?Confused (rubs area of face where jassi's 5-finger test had struck, he still doesn't know she slapped him...)

Jassi: Abhi to aap ghar pe hai!

Armaan: ha wo to dikhai de raha hai lekin mein yaha seediyon ke paas kyun hoon?

Jassi: Kyunki kal saari raat aap yehi pe behosh pare the!

Armaan: Kya? (then he slowly remembers everything that went wrong last night) Jassi, i'm very sorry Jassi, kal raat ko jo hua wo nahin hona chaahiye tha. Please mujhe maaf kar do...jassi please...

Jassi: (stern look on her face with 440-volt bulbs in eyes)  Kal ke liye to mai aapko kabhie maaf nahin kar sakti, main to kya Babaji bhi aapko maaf nahin karenge. aap ne us aurat ko mujhse dosti karne ko kehke mere hi ghar pe ghus kar mujhpar keechar uchhaalne ka mauka diya hai Armaan sir! Angry

Armaan: nahin wo keechar kaha uchhal rahi thi wo to tum dono plate glass ek doosre par uchhaal rahe the...Confused

Jassi: SHUT UP! Angry (remembers mallika's victory over herself)

Jassi turns and starts leaving the hallway (are nahin, i'm not amnesic like TnD, wo hallway ke end mein stircase hai jisse chhat pe ja sakte hai) Armaan follows her like a faithful puppy.

Armaan: jassi, Jassi, please meri baat suno, mera aisa koi iraada nahin tha, main waada karta hoon mallika is baat ke liye tumse maafi zaroor maangegi...

Jassi enters Tinku's room where the handsome...err little lad is practising boxing

Jassi: tinku!!! tumne abhi bhi apna juice nahin piya?!!Angry

Tinku: Chillax mom! pe loonga!

Idhar armaan is desperately trying to reach out to Jassi amongst all the mess in Tinku's room...

Armaan: Jas..ouch!Ouch

Tinku hit the boxing pillow (i don't remember what it's exactly called, any boxing freak out there?) right on Armaan's broken nose....it came flyng off his face and hid somewhere in Tinku's messy room...ab dhoond nikaalna to Babaji ke haath mein hai......

Armaan: Oh no! ye tune kya kiya?CryCryCry

Jassi turns around and is shocked: Armaan sir! Aapka naak kahaa hai? Confused

Armaan: Bees saal pehle (see jassi's family life--an imagination by deli) seediyon se girkar maine apna naak toda Cry aur phir naya naak banwaaya, aaj tune wahi naak ghoosa maarke tod diya!Cry naalaayak! ab main teri is jungle mein apna naak kaahaa dhoondoo! CryCryCry

Jassi: Ghabraaiye mat Armaan sir yehi kahin hoga...starts looking for his nose among Tinlu's possessions....though she knew ab phir se naak banwaana parega! Dead

Enters Pinku.

Pinku:(deeply enraged) Papa!!!Cry Aapne mere Tutu (uski billi...jiska naam billu rakhna chaahiye tha...) ko kiss kiya! Ahahahah!CryCryCry You are so.....Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Pinku screams like she saw a ghost! Billi uske haathon se neeche aa giri. meaow!

Pinku: oh my God! papa aapka naak! jaldi mere kamre mein aake makeover kar leejiye!

Jassi: Nahin pehle unki naak dhoondne mein madad karo.

They all search for the nose lekin kisiko naak nahin mili, except for the cat.

Armaan sees the cat fiddling ith his nose and howls.

Armaan: Damn! ye billi meri naak ke saath khel rahi hai!Crymeri naak!

Now the cat had a few personal grudges against armaan and refused to give he nose back at Pinku's requests. Armaan became so impatient he started running after the cat which, scared, ran off with the nose and then ate it! Confused

Armaan: Damn! Damn! Damn! Ouch

suganain Goldie

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 2161

Posted: 15 May 2005 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
i dont understand he lose s his nose...thats so wierd here maybe is hould write now.....

Armann starts laughing...All the kids and jassi look at him..u guys i have a nose remember this is just a joke....All the kids yell "papa!" and they go back to their room...Jassi comes to Armann

Jassi- Armann sir..aap se baad nahi karogi....

Armann- jassi how long won't u talk to me...u know we are husband and wife we can;t just not talk forever...i will promise u mailka will say she is sorry to you i promise...Cry Armann has a tear in his...

Jassi(distressed)- oh armann sir please dont let one tear drop..i forgive u but i still need a "i'm sorr from mailka" she cannot just come to my house and fight with me ...

Armann- jassi i think u are the one that started the fight...

Jassi (grumbles)- armaan sir!!

Armann- i mean she started the whole thing i will make sure that she fogives u...

Armann goes to the car and starts and drives to mailka's house. 

At Malika's House
Armann rings the door bell.. Malika looks thru the window..

Malika- It's Armann.. he's probably here to tell me that i should patch things up with Jassi.. i will not be friends with that chasmish-churiya..she is such a b***h!Evil Smile  I have an idea! 

Armann keeps ringing the doorbell...

Malika says- Coming wait for 3 minutes! 

Malika goes into to her room and takes off her clothes and puts on a bathrobe.... "come in and sit in the living room i will be right there.."  

Armann comes in ans sits down on the sofa....

Malika starts on her devilish plan.. she puts a camcorder near her kitchen window and turns it on....and opens her bathrobe open to make sure some of her skinEmbarrassed are showing...she hits record and walks in

Armann- Hi, Malika I wanted to see u..(Armann is shocked to see Malika in a bathrobe..and is about to speak when)Ouch

Malika- oh armann darling..u have come to see me ...u had to fix this date with me right now..when i just got out of the shower...

(All this is being recorded on the tape)ConfusedOuch

Armann- Malika! Wha..Ouch

Malika (comes close sits on Armann's lap)- oh armann! don't speak i know u and i have waited 4 this day for years but now u finally got what u wanted...now u and me can stay together forever...

Armann is about to speak when ..

Malika- oh i forgot to turn the stove off be right bacl for more of what u wanted she winksWinkEvil Smile...

Malika goes back to the kitchen and turns of the camcorder..."Sorry armann darling.. but this was the only way to get u back into my life...now i will just send this tape to Jassi and she will leave u forever..."

Malika comes back to the living room with a fuming Armann AngryAngryAngry


Mailika covering up...-u are right armann ...i'm sorry...Evil Smile..u and jassi are married and have children together...and that is your love...lets be friends


Armann leaves Malika's House..

Malika with her devilish smile Evil SmileWink.. "sorry Armann but when Jassi gets the tape ..she will kick u out of the house..and u will be so weak u will have none else to go to but me....." MUHAHAHAHA!

2 Days later....

Armann and Jassi are in bed Embarrassed and after another long romantic night are snuggling together...

Jassi- So you went to Malika's House but then u realized that she is not a nice person...How did u finally find out she isn;t nice?

Armann (nervous)- because i did...and i found out without even stepping into her house...

Jassi- Oh Armann sir I love you soo muchHeartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..they both start making out...making noises....

The kids...maaa papa wat;s going on...

Armann- Jassi. this is why i didn;t want kids no more romantic time like we used too..

Jassi gets up- we will do that later get ready for work...I cant go today cause it's my day off...

Armann is gone at work and all kids are at school....Jassi alone at home suddenly mail comes Confused

Mailman- Jasmeet Waila Suri....u have a mail

Jassi (cheerful probably cause she likes to hear Jasmeet Suri!)- yes thats me Jasmeet Suri...Mrs..Suri!  Thankyou...

Jassi goes inside- Oh it's a cassette... she put it inside the vcr sits down and plays it...

Jassi sees Malika in a bathrobe caressing Armann's cheek and she is sitting on his lap...ShockedOuch


She thinks and rewinds the tape and plays it..looking at her Armann sir's face on the tape...then she smiles..Smile

In the Evening..

Lalalalalala! Armann comes singing- My Jassi darling where are u?

Jassi- Come my darling sit on the sofa I want you to see something...

Armann- Ok show me...

Jassi plays the tape...

Armann watches Malika sitting on his lap and starts to panicShocked

Armann- OMG!  Jassi...i ..didn't like what mailka was doing really she was doing everything..i swear i went their to talk to mailka..

Jassi with her seductive face..ApproveEmbarrassedWink sits on Armann's lap takes her glasses off and takes her finger down Armann's face- Armann sir.... I know you very well...You have never broken my trust ever...on this tape ur face is worried ans shocked and not seductive and loveable liken u r with me...

Armann smiles- Jassi u trust me so much....I love you for that

Jassi- I married u because i trust u and i love you....not a silly tape wiith a bazaar ka aurat like malika is going to change that...

Armann take Jassi to their bedroom and flops her on their bed....
Jassi flicks her hair and smiles.  Then Armann walks out of the room

Jassi- Where are you going Armann sir?


Jassi- Armann sir..we should work on this plan together..but later ....fist Jassi flick her hair..You know Armann sir you look so hot when you are so tensed upWink...It  makes our bedroom so hot!...and garmi...!!.. and u know what happens///Embarrassed****************************************************

3 hours later....

Armann and Jassi think of their plan and are about to take revenge...

Story part by
Naina Rana

Give this
1 star
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5 stars

please PM me...

alright someone else can continue my hands really hurt and please don't mess it up....

mikagurl23 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 January 2005
Posts: 4592

Posted: 15 May 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
dangg....u all did such a great job! i couldn't stop laughing especially""4 D". It is after the 4 directions u see...Purab, Pashchim, Uttar and Dakshin..."" and theres soo many lines, omg! i luved every moment of this. ill continue one day later.LOL

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