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JJKN Part 2 -- the story after 22 years (Page 4)

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2005 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Kiran, that was grrreat!! Enjoyable!!
Clap Clap
Ok, continuing from Kiran's:

Mallika makes a face and bumps into Purab, accompanied by Meenu darling : Arey apni Meenakshi, who else? And of course not to forget dear old Nandini. (btw, Nandini madam is still in her sleeveless tops and wrap arounds, of course with lots of added weight and perfectly dyed hair, not to forget turquoise eye shadow.)

Purab remains his old self, white hair unconcealed (Our Purab believes in perfection u see and originality is the foundation), his classic black suit, his number of wrinkles are impossible to count, and he has all 32 teeth intact. Big smile (No offense, Purab fans, this is just for fun).
Purab's son Pashchim Mehra (around 18 yrs old, and who looks EXACTLY like Purab in his young days) comes after parking their limo. His 2 younger brothers Uttar and Dakshin follow.

Mallika (eyes going wide Shocked ): Purab Mehra? Tum?

Purab(smiling his flashy smile): Hello Mallika, Haan main. (sternly Stern Smile ) Aur mujhe Jassi ne invitation diya. Waise, Gulmohur ka kya haal hai? Ab to theek hi hoga...Aapko Jassi jo mil gayi...nahin to...Btw, did u meet my son Pashchim? He has started his new company called "4 D". It is after the 4 directions u see...Purab, Pashchim, Uttar and Dakshin...

Mallika glares Angry and rushes to tell Aryan the latest news.

Jassi comes running.
Jassi: Oh hi Purab!! Hello Meenakshiji. Kaisi hai aap?
Meenu (making a face): I'm fine Jassi...afterall Purab ki perfect woman jo hoon! Btw, kya aaj tum Armaan ke saath dance nahin karogi? Ya phir..Us din ki tarah..

Jassi:(indignantly) Armaan sir...aayiye..

Armaan and Raj.
Armaan:Raj!!! Aur ek musibat! Is Purab ke bacche ko idhar kisne bulaya? Damn!! Mera Gulmohur!!

Raj: Abey gadhe..Uski halat dekh..theek se chal bhi nahin sakta..woh kya Gulmohur ko karega!! Aur tu dekh...safed baal hain to bhi ladkiyan..I mean auratein ab abhi marti hain tujhpe saale! Embarrassed Waise Meenakshi is looking hot yaar! Tongue

Armaan: Shut up Raj! Pari sunegi to!!

Raj: Arey sunne de..woh bhi kya kam hai...ab abhi us fatichar Nandu ke saath flirt kar rahi hai!

Another shout from Jassi and Armaan runs.

Jassi: Purab, Armaan se milo.

Purab (stern look Stern Smile ): Hi Armaan. Hope tum Jassi ka accha khayal rakh rahe ho.

Armaan: Uski chinta tumhe kyun Purab Mehra? Angry

To avoid the tension, Jassi blurts in.
Jassi: Err Purab..Nandini Madam kahan hai? Abhi to thi..

Nandini comes, panting and huffing.
Nandini: Hi Jassi..Main tumhari beti ko "Chak de phate" sikha rahi thi..
Jassi smiles happily.

Nandini: Waise next week VLCC fashion show hai..tum aa rahi ho na? Vandanaji ka dil mat dukhana..bechari ki bahut umar ho gayi hai... Ouch

Jassi: Woh..Armaan Sir se poochna padega..

Purab: Aye....ab yeh bhi pati se poochogi kya? Kahan gayi meri confident Jassi?

Armaan: PURRAB!! Angry Angry Jassi "Tumhari" kabse ho gayi??

Nandini: Oh! Relax Armaan..Uska matlab woh nahin tha!

Armaan stamps his feet and goes back to Raj.

Jassi (in tears Cry ): Oh Purab!!! tumne unko naaraz kar diya..

Purab (softening): Aye...I'm sorry..Chalo mujhe Bebe se milao..aaj unke parathe bahut yaad aa rahen hain! Yeh Meenakshi bhi na..har samay hotel ka khana mangwa ti rehti hai! Disapprove
Purab settles down with Bebe and her parathas.

Next enters Maddy. Well he has obviously become old, looks around 80 yrs old..he is dressed quite flashily though.

Maddy:(waving his hands in his inimitable style): Hi everyone! Hi Mallika sweetie..Oh Jassi..aa gayi tum? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Dead Dead

Jassi: Kya hua Maddy Sir?

Maddy: Yeh kya pehna hai tumne?? Arey is se to ped ke patte pehen leti! Waise woh meri latest invention hai....Armaan..suna tumne? It's called "The Adivasis Reinvented". Maine Veeru se kaha hai..jungle se sab exotic patte tod ke laye..Gulmohur ka naya sensation hoga yeh..(scoffing) Phir "4 D" ke to hosh ud jayenge...Jassi..tum kuch khilaogi ya nahin? Bhook se marne se behter hai main Cockroach poison pi jaoon... Dead

Ok..that's it for now...will come up with the last part soon..Guys..add all u want..

bluelotus Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2005 at 11:37pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Daisy

Nandini comes, panting and huffing.
Nandini: Hi Jassi..Main tumhari beti ko "Chak de phate" sikha rahi thi..
Jassi smiles happily. 


you are too much DaisyWink

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alien_visitor Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Spike daisy and Kiran, You are three much, too much for IF
Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 12:49am | IP Logged


This is my addition.Big smile

Story continues :

Maddy: Yeh kya pehna hai tumne?? Arey is se to ped ke patte pehen leti! Waise woh meri latest invention hai....Armaan..suna tumne? It's called "The Adivasis Reinvented". Maine Veeru se kaha hai..jungle se sab exotic patte tod ke laye..Gulmohur ka naya sensation hoga yeh..(scoffing) Phir "4 D" ke to hosh ud jayenge...Jassi..tum kuch khilaogi ya nahin? Bhook se marne se behter hai main Cockroach poison pi jaoon... Ouch


Jassi : no no Maddy sir I will serve gobhi ke parathe and sarso ka saag to all !! please wait!

 Mallika: yuck! What a menu! Jassi you have not changed after all these years!  Don€™t you know Mallika Seth eats only continental foods.Angry

Jassi: Mallika , tumhari rassi jal gayi par€€..Angry

 Armaan whispers: Jassi, leave it ! don€™t let her make a scene here. Afterall our children are here!!!!Embarrassed

Purab is going to bebe : aye bebe! How are you ! I really miss your parathas!Big smile

 Meeu gives him a killer lookAngry:as if I don€™t prepare parathas for you!!!!!huh!Angry

Meanwhile Raj is trying to flirt with Meenu: oh meenuji! Who told that you cannot cook good! In fact I woud love to go to your house and eat dher sara parathas if you invite me!!!!Embarrassed

 Meenu: huh!Dead

Aryan in his old Aryanish mood: well! mrs Jasmeet suri! I can€™t stay here too long as I have some important works.in fact I was thinking of starting another company so I want to sell my shares of gm!what do you say?Wink

 Jassi; please Aryan sir this is not the perfect time to discuss about that matter.Smile

Armaan: no way, no way Aryan seth! I will never let you to do so!Angry( jassi is trying to control Armaan!)

 Aryan: oh come on armaan! This is not a military barrack. Anyways, I will make a move now!!!Confused(aryan€™s pet word!)

 Aryan exits!!!!

 Jassi is busy in treating Purab and Meenu and Armaan is not happy with it.AngryAngryAngry

Raj: leave it yaar. Let€™s go out . it€™s the perfect time. Let jassi handle these people!!!!Tongue

 Armaan: But Raj!what will I say to Jassi!

 Raj: tell her that we have a business meeting!Wink

 Armaan: ok!Wink

Armaan goes to Jassi and whispers in her ears and jassi is convinced and says: but armaan sir, don€™t forget to come back soon.

 Armaan: sure Jassi!Wink




Armaan and Raj sitting with glasses of whiskey!

 Armaan: Raj!I have stopped drinking for a long time . so don€™t force me . I am only accompanying you !Confused

 Raj: arre ! its okay!Wink

Suddenly Raj sees monica there!!! Arre Hi monica what are you doing here?Embarrassed

 Monica: what will I do? I was mad for Armaan and do you remember, I regularly surfed India Forums to talk to him. EmbarrassedBut he was busy with his chashmish wife and I have been old now!Cry

 Raj: arre! Jabse armaan us monster ko shaadi kiya woh toh yahaka rasta hi bhul gaya!lekin mujhko dekho. I am the same old Raj. And I still like you very much! Who told you that you have become old? Tum to pehle se bhi jyada khubsurat ho gaye ho!!!!Embarrassed( typical Raj€™s style!)

 Armaan is not comfortable at all!Ouch

 Raj: Come come , sit here !waiter! bring a glass of whiskey more.Big smile

 Monica comes and starts drinking and looking at Armaan with thirsty eyes. Raj gets up and starts flirting with another girl sheena.: hi sheena darling! Come here  and let€™s dance!!!!!Embarrassed

 Armaan is giving killer looks at Raj and he is cursing himself why he has come here!. Meanwhile raj says : armaan can i have your car? i want to give a lift to sheena and i will come back soon!Tongue

 Armaan: But Raj!

 Raj: arre ! I am coming back soon! Don€™t you worry!


 Armaan waits and waits with monica sitting beside him and drinking!!Dead

 After two hours suddenly his cell rings. Its Raj: sorry yaar !!! I have crashed your car ! I am drunk so much that I could not control and the car has got a crash! I am in the police station. You go home  catching a taxi and don€™t forget to give monica a lift. I promised her. Cry

 Armaan shakes his head in frustration.: oh!Damn!Damn! Damn! Raj!  What have you done.Angry

 Armaan takes a taxi and asks monica to come to iti! After a while he asks monica where is her house. But monica is so much drunk that she cannot answer!

Tired and angry Armaan comes to his house  at last with monica in the taxi as well. He secretly hides monica in his garage and goes upstairs.Dead

 Jassi ( angrily): what happened? Why are you so late?Angry

 Armaan: darling! €€€Actually  my car has crashed!!Ouch

 What??€"jassi is shocked.Cry

 Armaan: raj was there also!!!! And the car is in the police station !

 Jassi: oh! No!!Cry thanks to babaji ki aap thik ho! Ab sone chaley???  bahot raat ho gayi hai!Embarrassed

 They go to bed and €..hehehe!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed




Armaan's car is back and it is repaired!  It is in the garrage!!! monica is sleeping in the car.DeadDeadDead


Armaan and jassi are prepared to go to GM. Armaan comes down and goes to garrage. He whispers: what are you doing here Monica? Go away from here as soon as we go. Now get down of the car. Monica gets down. Armaan drives the car out of garage and jassi comes and gets up.


Booooooooooo mmmm!

 Jassi sees a purse there!!! DeadWho's purse is this?Jassi asks!!!!!

 Armaan looks at the purse as if it is a bomb! Oh! God! This is monica's purse!DeadDeadDead


Continue…………..Big smile



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Aabha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 1:18am | IP Logged
wow rumi...ur too goodWinkWink....just like qb, spike, kiran and daisy!!!  keep up the excellent work!!!  i liked the way u put monica in there too!!!EmbarrassedWink  i can't wait to read her reaction to this!!!

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bluelotus Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 2:05am | IP Logged

Rumi...........I think this part is from 'ECOMODA'

Am I correct?

spike Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 2:59am | IP Logged

My turn:

Armaan: Kuch nahin wo kal Raj ke kisi friend ko lift dena para to usi ka purse hoga.....shaayad...Cry almost in tears as he did not want jassi to get angry.

jassi: (ofcourse the duffer will believe her hubby) Accha, to ise Raj ko waapas kar dete hain. Chaliye aap gari mein baithiye.

They both get in and drive to gulmohur.

Armaan goes to Raj's cabin and throws the purse on his face. Raj is stunned.

Raj: Ye kya battameezi hai?!Angry

Armaan: Tere kal raat ki harkat ke baad to tujhe laath marna chahiye! teri monica ki bag hai ye! Ja use de ke aa!

Raj: Are main kyun jaon yaar, pyaar to wo tujhse.....are jassi tujhi se to pyaar karti hai!(he sees jassi coming toward his cabin) Ofcourse!Big smile Jassi tujhpe vishwaas nahin karti aisa ho hi nahin sakta! Aur tu bhi to shaadi ke baad sudhar gaya hai!Big smile

Armaan: Ye kya keh raha hai tu?

Raj: Nahin abhi tu ja. Ye main use de ke aaoonga!

The rest of the day goes okay, GM lost yet another contract to 4D...and mallika is fuming in anger...next scene, boardroom with every member..

Mallika: Ye sab us Jassi ki waje se hua hai!Angry Usi ka idea tha na ye! Dekha! Ab hum ek ke baad ek sab contracts us Purab Mehra ke haathon gavaa rahe hain!Angry

Aaryan: Ye jasmeet Suri to Gulmohur ka Mohur lagaake use bech dengi! (smirk!)

Armaan: Aaryan! watch it! Angry

Aaryan: You watch it Armaan Suri!Angry Accha hai ki main apne saare shares bech kar jaa raha hoon! Warna tumhare is namoone ki kripa se mera bacha bachaaya paisa bhi hawa mein gum ho jayega!

Aaryan storms out of the room.

It is now night, and after a tiring day's work, Armaan and Jassi are finally in bed EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Armaan: (romantic mood) Jassi, main jaanta hon ki tum aaryan aur mallika ke baaton ko lekar upset ho...

Jassi: Nahin armaan sir. Unhone thik hi kaha. Main kisi kaam ki nahin. Na ghar sambhaal sakti hoon, aur na office. Dhobi ka doggy, na ghar i na ghat ki! Cry

Armaan: Nahin Jassi...(pulls her closer so he can do dhinshting-dhishting, but then suddenly the alarm rings)

Jassi: Oh no! main to bhool hi gayi!

Armaan: (irritated) Kya?

Jassi: Mujhe abhi jaana hai!

Armaan: Kahaan?Confused (and then he remembers) Jassi, aaj ki raat kya tum nahin reh sakti?

Jassi: Nahin Armaan sir, is wakt meri zaroorat kahin aur hai! (and she slides into their small closet)

Armaan: Jassi..

Jassi steps out wearing an outragious outfit, navy blue rubber t-shirt, yellow rubber tights and a red chaddi on top, with a purple cape...

Jassi: Nahin Armaan sir, I am not jassi. I am.....Jessica, Warrior Queen Victoria!!!Clap

Armaan: Par Jassi suno to..

Jassi: Abhi nahin Armaan sir...(sniff) I smell crime in the air....(walks toward the open window and climbs up to jump from there) Farewell my love!

And she waves at her hubby but ye kambakht cape uske pairo ke neeche atak gaya, and she slipped and fell down, first crashing into the oak tree and then thudding onto the ground...

Jassi: oooh!

Armaan comes to the window: Jassi!!! tum thik to ho na?!!

Jassi: Jee haan armaan sir!

Armaan: Are main to keh raha tha ki apna broomstick to lete jao! (and he throws the brom down which hits her on the head..ooof!)

Jassi: Thank you Armaan sir...

She gets up on her mission...just then, she hears ruffled noises in the garage....she quietly toes toward the garage,and lifts open the door and flicks on the lights....alas! it is maddy and aaryan...in armaan's car...together....clothless.... Confused Jassi looks as if she is having a heart attack!Dead


Continue guys!Wink

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 3:07am | IP Logged
 Blue!my duty is to take the story to the right track and this is Ecomoda's parallel track.now see how our other writers initiate twists in it!WinkWink!!!

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