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JJKN Part 2 -- the story after 22 years (Page 11)

MonicA#1Actress Goldie

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Posted: 20 June 2005 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
I miss Spike so much!!!!! I want her to be back!!!!!!!!CrySomeone continue on her behalf!!!!CryPlease!!!!

marvelous.malks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2005 at 6:23pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by suganain

i dont understand he lose s his nose...thats so wierd here maybe is hould write now.....

Armann starts laughing...All the kids and jassi look at him..u guys i have a nose remember this is just a joke....All the kids yell "papa!" and they go back to their room...Jassi comes to Armann

Jassi- Armann sir..aap se baad nahi karogi....

Armann- jassi how long won't u talk to me...u know we are husband and wife we can;t just not talk forever...i will promise u mailka will say she is sorry to you i promise...Cry Armann has a tear in his...

Jassi(distressed)- oh armann sir please dont let one tear drop..i forgive u but i still need a "i'm sorr from mailka" she cannot just come to my house and fight with me ...

Armann- jassi i think u are the one that started the fight...

Jassi (grumbles)- armaan sir!!

Armann- i mean she started the whole thing i will make sure that she fogives u...

Armann goes to the car and starts and drives to mailka's house. 

At Malika's House
Armann rings the door bell.. Malika looks thru the window..

Malika- It's Armann.. he's probably here to tell me that i should patch things up with Jassi.. i will not be friends with that chasmish-churiya..she is such a b***h!Evil Smile  I have an idea! 

Armann keeps ringing the doorbell...

Malika says- Coming wait for 3 minutes! 

Malika goes into to her room and takes off her clothes and puts on a bathrobe.... "come in and sit in the living room i will be right there.."  

Armann comes in ans sits down on the sofa....

Malika starts on her devilish plan.. she puts a camcorder near her kitchen window and turns it on....and opens her bathrobe open to make sure some of her skinEmbarrassed are showing...she hits record and walks in

Armann- Hi, Malika I wanted to see u..(Armann is shocked to see Malika in a bathrobe..and is about to speak when)Ouch

Malika- oh armann darling..u have come to see me ...u had to fix this date with me right now..when i just got out of the shower...

(All this is being recorded on the tape)ConfusedOuch

Armann- Malika! Wha..Ouch

Malika (comes close sits on Armann's lap)- oh armann! don't speak i know u and i have waited 4 this day for years but now u finally got what u wanted...now u and me can stay together forever...

Armann is about to speak when ..

Malika- oh i forgot to turn the stove off be right bacl for more of what u wanted she winksWinkEvil Smile...

Malika goes back to the kitchen and turns of the camcorder..."Sorry armann darling.. but this was the only way to get u back into my life...now i will just send this tape to Jassi and she will leave u forever..."

Malika comes back to the living room with a fuming Armann AngryAngryAngry


Mailika covering up...-u are right armann ...i'm sorry...Evil Smile..u and jassi are married and have children together...and that is your love...lets be friends


Armann leaves Malika's House..

Malika with her devilish smile Evil SmileWink.. "sorry Armann but when Jassi gets the tape ..she will kick u out of the house..and u will be so weak u will have none else to go to but me....." MUHAHAHAHA!

2 Days later....

Armann and Jassi are in bed Embarrassed and after another long romantic night are snuggling together...

Jassi- So you went to Malika's House but then u realized that she is not a nice person...How did u finally find out she isn;t nice?

Armann (nervous)- because i did...and i found out without even stepping into her house...

Jassi- Oh Armann sir I love you soo muchHeartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..they both start making out...making noises....

The kids...maaa papa wat;s going on...

Armann- Jassi. this is why i didn;t want kids no more romantic time like we used too..

Jassi gets up- we will do that later get ready for work...I cant go today cause it's my day off...

Armann is gone at work and all kids are at school....Jassi alone at home suddenly mail comes Confused

Mailman- Jasmeet Waila Suri....u have a mail

Jassi (cheerful probably cause she likes to hear Jasmeet Suri!)- yes thats me Jasmeet Suri...Mrs..Suri!  Thankyou...

Jassi goes inside- Oh it's a cassette... she put it inside the vcr sits down and plays it...

Jassi sees Malika in a bathrobe caressing Armann's cheek and she is sitting on his lap...ShockedOuch


She thinks and rewinds the tape and plays it..looking at her Armann sir's face on the tape...then she smiles..Smile

In the Evening..

Lalalalalala! Armann comes singing- My Jassi darling where are u?

Jassi- Come my darling sit on the sofa I want you to see something...

Armann- Ok show me...

Jassi plays the tape...

Armann watches Malika sitting on his lap and starts to panicShocked

Armann- OMG!  Jassi...i ..didn't like what mailka was doing really she was doing everything..i swear i went their to talk to mailka..

Jassi with her seductive face..ApproveEmbarrassedWink sits on Armann's lap takes her glasses off and takes her finger down Armann's face- Armann sir.... I know you very well...You have never broken my trust ever...on this tape ur face is worried ans shocked and not seductive and loveable liken u r with me...

Armann smiles- Jassi u trust me so much....I love you for that

Jassi- I married u because i trust u and i love you....not a silly tape wiith a bazaar ka aurat like malika is going to change that...

Armann take Jassi to their bedroom and flops her on their bed....
Jassi flicks her hair and smiles.  Then Armann walks out of the room

Jassi- Where are you going Armann sir?


Jassi- Armann sir..we should work on this plan together..but later ....fist Jassi flick her hair..You know Armann sir you look so hot when you are so tensed upWink...It  makes our bedroom so hot!...and garmi...!!.. and u know what happens///Embarrassed****************************************************

3 hours later....

Armann and Jassi think of their plan and are about to take revenge...

Story part by
Naina Rana

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please PM me...

alright someone else can continue my hands really hurt and please don't mess it up....

wow! plz cont!! Clap

MonicA#1Actress Goldie

Joined: 19 April 2005
Posts: 2331

Posted: 20 June 2005 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Hey Jassi4armaan, you continue and then I will follow suit!! We will make this nice and hilarious!!! Spike will surely come back then!!!!Big smileLOL
MonicA#1Actress Goldie

Joined: 19 April 2005
Posts: 2331

Posted: 26 June 2005 at 12:26am | IP Logged
CryWhere is Spike!!!I miss her!!!CryCry 
Sand Senior Member

Joined: 13 February 2005
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Posted: 26 June 2005 at 1:26am | IP Logged

Originally posted by MonicA#1Actress

CryWhere is Spike!!!I miss her!!!CryCry 

Hey Mon, I think she is having trouble with her internest system. If you want I'll pass your message to her. I miss her around here too...CryCry

spike Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2005 at 8:37am | IP Logged

Spike reads all the messages...gees...i thought this post might have been in the back page already, but no!!!!Big smile This is certainly an upgrade!Big smileBig smileBig smile Now Spike's happy!

Alright, alright, I'm back. I had a variety of miserable encounters in which i cud almost have been killed (tab IF ki JJKN forum ka kya hota?Wink) and then the virals and then oh so many bad things. One of my friends passed away (needless to say, i think everyone knows) and ritu is in trouble and I think i'm becoming somewhat crazy......but i'm happy to see that ppl missed me, esp the ghost-daadi monica (sorry teri taang kheechne ki aadat jo par gayee hai Wink)

Suganain, i liked ur part very much but it's obvious u haven't read "Jassi's family life- an imagination" posted by deli and so u didn't really get the nose part...but that's okay.

Now for some action by the contract assassin..anybody watch Mr and Mrs Smith?

Jassi and Armaan are lying cozily on the bed when suddenly the alarm clock shrieks and Armaan is so startled that he falls from the bed.

Armaan (screaming loud like a lunatic): Jassi! ghar pe chor ghusa hai!!! kuch karo! help! help!

Jassi (picking up Armaan from the floor...he's hit his nose again and now it's completely cracked...except now Jassi doesn't want to tell him that or he'll get upset): Nahin Armaan sir! uthiye! sirf alarm bajaa hai.Confused

Armaan (relieved): Oh! Thank God Babaji!Tongue sirf alarm baja hai! par Jassi, itni raat ko alarm kyun?

And then a knowing and resentful look creeps up on Armaan's face...Confused

Armaan: Jassi! Tum aaj raat ko baahar nahin jaogi! Ouch

Jassi has already gotten up from the bed and and started to dress in her spandex attire...you know, the purple shirt, orange tights with green panties over the orange tights....and let's not forget the chashma....

Jassi: Sorry Armaan sir, lekin mujhe jaana hi hoga. Maine apne sheher ko museebat se bachaane ki kasam khayee hai.

Armaan: Lekin Kyun?!!!Cry

Jassi: Bhool gaye aap? Jab hamaari shaadi hui thi tab maine Babaji ke darbaar mein sau naariyal phode the, aur aap ko paane ke badle mein maine Babaji ko ye wachan diya tha ki main apni sheher ki surakshaa karoongi.

Armaan (fed up with her and now he's squeeking liek a mouse): Tum sirf apni parivaar ki surakshaa ka wachan nahin de sakti thi? Saare sheher ko beech mein laane ki kya zaroorat thi?!! Cry 

Jassi: Uffo Armaan sir, ab maine wachan de diya hai, mujhe wachan nibhaana parega. (Grabs her broom stick) Acchha to ab main chalti hoon. Crime Patrol ka Shakti Anand mera intezaar kar raha hoga. Subha hote hi chali aaoongi.

Armaan: Par Jassi tab tak main yahaa akele kya karoonga? Ouch

Jassi: Aine mein jaake dekhiye. Khud ba khud kaam mil jayega. (Gives Armaan a kiss and jumps out the window...crashing into the hard trunk of the oak tree in front of their house...)

Armaan waves godd-bye to his wife, and then goes to the mirror.

Then a sharp femalish cry wakes the entire house, and there is a loud thud. All the kids rush to their mama-papa's room. First comes Pinku who would have uttered something if words had been processed in her brain for the occassion. Then Tinku, and lastly Banti in his torn pajamas and a picture of Pari's daughter in his hands (Yes...our hero is in love!)

Banti (scratching head and yawning while putting on glasses): kya hua Pinku?

Pinku: Kuch nahin...dad broke his prosthetic nose again...Dead

Banti: Oh. Chalo sab jaake so jaate hain.

Tinku: Ha chalo.Dead

And they all go back to their rooms.

The next morning.....

Armaan is in the hospital getting the medical and psychological attention he needed..he had lost his mind completely when Jassi found him running around the house wearing nothing but her red chaddees.....she called the Careless Hospital and the armed and protected men came and took him away before the kids woke up.

Jassi was making breakfast when the kids came down and asked their mom where their dad was.

Jassi: Wo kisi zaroori kaam se bahar gaye hain...aane mein kuch din lag jayenge.

The kids had breakfast with their mom for the first time together...Pinku again skips the halwa...Jassi is furious at her but decides to do nothing since she's tired running around the city all night. Pinku and Tinku leave for college but Banti waits at the table.

Jassi: Banti beta, college nahin jaana hai kya? tumhe der nahin ho rahi?

Banti (stuttering): Wo, mummy...mu..mu...mujhe aapse ku..ku..kuch kehna hai...Embarrassed

Jassi: Kya mere laadle?!! (lovingly fondles his oily head) Bol na?Big smile

Banti: Wo...mum...mum..mummy, mujhe na...kisi se p-p-p-p-yaar ho gaya hai! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed (hides his face with the napkin)

Jassi (astounded and happy for her son): TongueWah! mera beta! Ye kehne mein itna sharmaa raha tha? Oye mere laadle! Ye to badi achhi baat hai! Kaun hai wo khushnaseeb?Big smile

Banti (taking a deep gulp): Wo, mummy, wohi to aapse kehni thi...

Jassi: To bol na bacche, kaun hai wo?

Banti: Wo mummy....wo...

Jassi: Bata na!

Banti: Raj Uncle ki beti.....Embarrassed(and his face suddenly shrinks as he sees his mom's face glowing and puffing in fury)Ouch

Banti: Wo, mummy...m-main samjhaata hoon na aapko...

Jassi: Wwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry

Banti: Mummy, please shaant ho jayiye...Ouch

Jassi (nodding her head in disbelief): Wwwwaaaaahhhh! CryCryCry Kaise? Kab? Kahan!AngryAngryAngry

Banti: Nahin mummy maine use bataaya nahin na...

Jassi suddenly lights up: Tune bataaya nahin!  Big smileThank babaji! Big smile bataana bhi mat! Tu janti nahin wo kaisi ladki hai? Tujhe sharam nahin aayee us nakchadi se pyaar karte hue?Angry Tune aisa soch bhi kaise liya!

Banti: Mumm...

Jassi: Shut Up!Angry Phir kabhie is baat ko dohraana nahin! warna main tujhe hostel bhej doongi! Angry

Banti (really scared like the sound of hostel was the sound of hell....actually wo wahi pe rehta tha, armaan ke gusse ki waje se, par wahaa ke ladke use pareshaan karte the..new year's ki raat ko use ladki banaake girl's hostel mein bhej diya tha...ladkiyon aur matron ki chappal ki nishaane abhi bhi uske body pe hai Ouch... wahi yaad lekar wo ghar waapas aa gaya): Nahin mummy!OuchCry Hostel nahin bhejna! Cry Thik hai, main ye baat phir kabhie kisi se nahin kahoonga! Par aap please mujhe hostel nahin bhejna!CryCryCry

Jassi: Thik hai. To ab college jao.

Banti sobs and goes to college.

Idhar Jassi ka dil chhat-pataa raha hai. Raj ki beti? Lekin Banti ki bhi koi galati nahin hai...wo bechaara kyaa jaane ki jis ladki se wo pyaar karta hai use paida Jassi aur raj ne kiya tha......Cry

Edited by spike - 26 June 2005 at 8:45am
MonicA#1Actress Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2005 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Spike is back!!! I am happy!!!!!Big smile
suganain Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2005 at 11:50am | IP Logged
sumone continue

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