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:: AarYan Express #9 : Saans Mein Teri ::

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AarYan Express #9 : 
Saans MeiTeriSaans MilTo


Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Visha_Dhami
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : Visha_Dhami
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the weekAmanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Shocker of the week :Visha_Dhami
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami & KinSanj
Siggy of the week : Visha_Dhami
Avi of the week : Visha_Dhami
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Prediction of the week : Visha_Dhami
VM of the Week :Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*

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Hi Everyone ! 
What? Its been our 9th edition?
Isn't that like really fast? Ermm
We really do hope to keep giving you this weekly edition always and forever LOL
How did you liked this week's episode? Good mix of romance, dance, worries and also emotional scenes right?
So lets have a look on what our NL team has brought for us this week Wink

And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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SinalRocksdarrishpadmavarMr.Zk-Deepzz--enchanted-ashGC_arjaStrawbellaksfan2luv_lvndrnirmalac99smileymj10--Iqra--kholitaakui1984ZetterFireLordPhoenixcssudhauluvmgssroomaniAllbut1jyoti06ilovepyaarFallen AngelEuphoria.--HANISA--roseinbloomLoveforlifevillager00gcluvTessalonitaahir004.Rashmi.gafulu14pickachu

VishaD. IF-Addictz

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15 October 2012

Papa Scindia says that Yash and Aarti can't live in the house and Aarti goes and lights a diya and Papa Scindia says that they can live here and everyone is happy. Yash is happy and keeps looking at Aarti who is shy. Yash brings drinks for Aarti to drink and Yash calls to Shobha to inform that they are back home. While Shoba is on the line, someone knocks on the door and its Prashant and Prashant falls down and Shobha shouts Prashant while the phone is on and Yash wonders who is Prashant. Prashant tries talking to Shobha but Shoba shows cold shoulder treatment to Prashant. Yash tries calling to Shobha's phone again and Shobha says that Dubey has fell down and and Yash decides to go to Shobha's house with the kids.

16 October 2012

Gayatri speaks on the phone to Papa Scindia and she can't wait to be back home. Gayatri asks Vidhi to make something special for Yash and Arti while Prateek assist to cook. Yash and Aarti leaves to Shobha's house and on the way, Yash and Aarti are teased by the kids. Shobha and Dubey are having an arguement about Prashant returning and Prashant decides to leave and the house bell rings and its Yash and Aarti. Prashant hides and Shobha asks Dubey to pretend that his leg is paining and Yash sees Prashant's shoes and Dubey says its his. Prashant is listening to everything and is happy when Ansh says how someone helped them. Prashant suddenly faints and everyone wonders what is the noise to which Shobha covers up and goes and sees Prashant unconcious in the bathroom and sees blood coming from his mouth.

17 October 2012

Shobha finds an unconcious Prashant and leaves to bid goodbye to Yash and Aarti and as they leave, Aarti decides that she needs to inform Yash about her pregnancy complications.Shobha and Dubey brings Prashant to the hospital and Shobha is worried about him. Its dinner time at the Scindia house and everyone is having good time by playing antakshari and while Aarti is dancing with Yash, she pulls herself back and Yash asks what happened and Aarti reveals that her pregnancy has complications and Dr Kurian had told her to abort the baby and everyone is shocked. 

18 October 2012

Aarti informs that Dr Kurien had adviced Aarti to abort the child to everyone's shock while at the hospital, Dubey and Shobha learns that Prashant is having Cancer and won't live long. Vidhi and Yash are asking Aarti not to risk her life and also think about her other childrens. Buaji says that the child is important as its Gayatri's hope and Papa Scindia shuts her saying that the decision for this is to be made by Yash and Aarti. Shobha breaksdown seeing Yash and says that she will fight for Prashant's life. Aarti is having backpain and Yash reads Aarti's report saying he can clearly see that there is complications and Aarti assures that everything will be fine. 

19 October 2012

Aarti asks Yash to come along meeting Dr Kurien and Aarti's hotbag falls down and Yash takes the bag and sit to help Aarti. Yash puts the hotbag and Yash tries convincing Aarti again that the report clearly shows that nothing is good and Yash asks why is Aarti so stubborn and she can conceive again.Paridhi sees the news on tv where the police has found a necklace and realize its Vidhi's necklace. Vidhi comes in at the same time saying that she needs back her necklace and leaves. Yash gets an appoinment with Dr Kurien and Yash says that they both need to be with each another and they hug. Yash sees Ansh and Aarti bonding and Aarti heads to the clinic and the doctor says that she has suggested abortion but if they both want the child, they need to maintain the coordination and there is a way.

This week the Best scene goes to Aarti and Yash's Private interaction in their Bedroom when Yash gives hot water-bag on Aarti's back to make sure her back pain goes away Embarrassed and then Yash tells her that she should opt for abortion because her life is more important but Aarti assures Yash that she is sure the complications hv reduced now that she is all stress free and requests Yash to meet the doctor once before reaching to a conclusion on which Yash agrees but on one condition that if Doctor says complications are still there then she will have to listen to his verdict on abortion and if there is alternate solution as per doctor then he will listen to her verdict on keeping the baby and so in the end whatever decision they take , it will be their joint decision which Aarti happily agrees Star

The best part about the whole scene was a perfect private interaction between both husband-wife  with a proper conclusion in the end Thumbs Up.. Most of the times whenever they had a conversation in private , they kept  argguing ,shouting and then one of them walked off in middle keeping the whole issue hanging Ouch..but this time  even though initially they had a argument , but Yash smartly handled the whole situation making sure he is able to convince Aarti both ways ... In short Yash has really come a long way and he is no more the guy who will walk off or run away from problems anymore .. he knows how to confront them all with maturity and patience Thumbs Up

Initially Yash struggles to give the hot water-bag on Aarti's back because of her hair and he was sort of trying to avoid physical contact with her bare back mayb because he dont want to loose control WinkLOLTongue...Aarti gets irritated because Yash could not properly keep the water-bag on her back and so she was ready to go to Vidhi but this makes Yash determined and we see finally he sheds his inhibitions and himself puts her hair on side and makes physical contact with his hand on her bare back to put the hot-water bag WinkEmbarrassed...Moral of the story is Yash still has certain inhibitions after the Mumbai night when it comes to hv a physical relationship with Aarti and this is where Aarti knows that mayb she will never get her man physically again , reason why she is desperate to hv this baby which she feels is their only symbol of love Ouch...

But the contrast was so superbly done .. Initially Yash hesitated to even touch her back  but eventually in the end he himself stretches out his hand ,inviting Aarti to come in his arms so that she can rest her head on his chest and find some comfort .. It means in the end he sheds all inhibitions and is ready to sort of give her comfort physically in his arms like a typical husband EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

But having said that ,I feel Yash is still not sure how to define his relationship with Aarti yet , reason why when he was arguing with Aarti and asking her to abort the child since its best for her health , there was again a certain hesitation in his words the moment he tells her that she can conceive again  , she can become pregnent again but then suddenly he stops there without arguiing further and wonders why did he slip this out of his mouth when mayb he himself does not know whether he is going to b physical with Aarti again in future or not OuchOuch... Aarti dint say anything there , nor she demanded anything from him in future  but Yash's hesitation on this  matter says it all and this is where Aarti's silent expression in that scene suggested why she is so adamant to keep the child because she knows that Yash still does not know whether in future he will ever give her the place of a wife in terms of physical relationship or not  and nor Aarti wants to force Yash for it Smile...

In this above situation , Yash himself realised why this child holds so much importance for Aarti , more than her own life and so he stopped arguing with her and immediately  spoke to the doctor on phone which I feel was perfect on Yash's part because he too knows there is no point debating on this with Aarti because Aarti is as ziddi as him Big smileLOLLOL...

I loved the way Yash later told Aarti that if there is a alternate solution , then he is ready to support her but if there is no solution , then she will hv to support his decision of abortion Clap... Yash was quite clear that whatever is final verdict , they got to support each other and this is what we viewers hv been shouting for all this while that both Aarti and Yash need to take joint decisions as husband and wife since after marriage there is no You or Me ..Its always HUM Big smile...In this entire scene , Yash made Aarti realise the importance of "Hum" Embarrassed...

I also loved how Yash was getting irritated whenever Aarti kept talking about his family's POTA dreams LOLLOL...In short Yash was a typical husband today who only cared for his wife's life and emotions more than anything else Star...Also Yash knows that his anger or outburst scares Aarti and so he kept his cool even while arguing with her about the abortion and later after talking to the doctor , I loved how maturedly he explained it all to Aarti about taking a joint decision Clap

Overall Yash comes out shining as Aarti's hero in real sense in this whole scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...His only problem is he is yet to decide what exactly he feels for Aarti and to what extent he wants to take this relationship in terms of physical proximity ... Rest he now knows the importance of "Hum" in this relationship Thumbs Up...When he gives the comfort hug to Aarti by asking her to come in his arms , he is trying to make her realise that we r one now  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...But when he hesitates at a point about Aarti can b pregnent again , there he is himself yet to realise his love for Aarti  Wink...So their relationship is yet to reach the next level of physical proximity , but their relationship has definitely reached the level where both can at least hv a matured talk and take joint decisions 


There were many Aww scenes this week with Yash finally smilling again and now accepting Aarti as his wife. The small conversations between them are really sweet and not to mention, Yash played the guitar and also danced with Aarti. Well, that was the good times and after Aarti reveled her complications in pregnancy, Yash was concern and worried for Aarti. He later understands Aarti's feelings as a mother and decides to face the situation together and lend a helping hand.

Ansh on the other hand made us go aww wondering how lucky if we had such a son. He placed two hands asking Aarti to choose between happiness and sadness and he later reveals that it was happiness in both the hands and it was his magic. Such an adorable child. And Shobha finally succumbs to her motherly feeling seeing Prashant's state and vows to fight back for his life. An emotional scene for sure.

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latchimepersaudmeenadsouzadarrishMr.Zk-Deepzz-ashGC_arja-enchanted-luv_lvndrnirmalac99smileymj10--Iqra--Deepti1808cssudhakholitassroomaniAllbut1uluvmgZetterFireLordPhoenixjyoti06ilovepyaarroseinbloomEuphoria.gcluvvillager00--HANISA--LoveforlifeTessaloniFallen Angel.Rashmi.pickachu

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This Week best dressed Character goes to Aarti Scindia who looked stunning , gorgeous and like  a fairy in dark blue saree .. Her face was glowing with perfect make-up which compliemented with her dark blue saree with red border Star

Hola!!! Where should I start?? This week was quite Romantic, Shomantic, or should i say quite Bromantic...LOL Like out dear Pankaj was about kiss her younger brotherLOLthat's bromance.. Anyyways getting to the real deal... Everyday of this carries something romantic, as we all see the change in Yash, and he isn't going back to that old personality again.., However I can't list all the scenes because Visha would be quite angry on meLOL but I will list the best starting with the best..OMG!!! Can't resist, Everything was perfect in this scene where Ansh bought the gutiar to Yash, & Yash started to sing, with the kids in line siting behind each other, one holding a heart JUST FOR YOU, one blowing bubbles, and candles, the lighting, the atmosphere was just so cool and romantic, with Pankaj & Vidhi dancing, Pratiek & Paridhi, and the music sang by yashu then dancing with Aarti..OMG!!! What else can we ask for??? Such a Romantic scene, with the three couples.. Some other romantic scene of this week were (Yeah, I am listing...Shhh Visha, should knowLOL) The scene where Yashu was like Don't worry Aarti Ji its not like you can't conceive again.. OMG!!(so that means they might have another unforgettable moment)LOL! it was romantic for me but awkward for AarYa. Seriously, with this week I can go on forever, But i can't..,Overall this week had the most romantic moments between Yash & Aarti

The best performance of the week was done by our Yashu & Aarti.
Yash did an amazing job, He have transform himself from that grumphy fellow to a caring and understand husband, he has finally let go of his first wife Arpita memories. He is ready to move on. Gurmeet did an exceptional well job as Yash, He showcase two different individual as Yash. Gurmeet again prove that he is just great..
Kratika Sengar also did awesome as Aarti the wife who is happy as her husband has change, but is so sad at the thought the reason why her husband has change may go away from her life. Yashu change when he found out about his Aayu and Aarti fears if Aayu goes then Yash wouldn't be the same. Aarti like every mom wants to do justice to her child, She is a mom and her feelings are well justify. Her emotions flow as if it was real. The love of a mother can never be ignore.

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Yash certainly stood out this week and many things he said certainly was the highlight. Let it be when he is convincing Aarti not to take the risk or when Yash was he said he will be by Aarti's side was certainly some dialogues to look for.

Shobha on the other hand was really angry with Prashant returning but instantly melted seeing his condition and later said that she will fight for his life, thats certainly a way to go.

And as usual, a line that i always love when Papa Scindia says it. 'Maya, can you please Shut Up?' LOL

There were no OMG! Moment for me? as everything that happen this week was well excepted. Or maybe the part Paridhi realized that Vidhi's necklace is with the police. Does this means that Vidhi will get caught? Shocked



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The shocker certainly comes in the form of Prashant and the truth that he is having Cancer and not much time to live which has also shocked both Dubey and Shobha. Another shocked is that the police has found Vidhi's necklace and wonders if will Vidhi be framed for this Confused

Most Irritating Scene was  whn Bua ji was taunting Aarti bilwajeh..she is just behind my Cutipie Aarti frm day 1 wthout no reason...i thnk the most Irritating Character of the week was Bua Ji...she always there to taunt n interfare in ArYa's matter n it reeeli irritates me n ArYanzTongue

Guess the CV's found out that we were finding too much of their faults that they decided to limit it LOL

The bag here seems empty :

And once Yash holds the bag, the bag looks full Shocked

Yash was playing Guitar here :

But didn't we also hear some Piano sound? Maybe they could have had someone to be pretending to play Piano Ermm

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By : Sweetzo_Dips

By : JanakiRagnunath


Small Icons by :  Allbut1


Big Icon By : Albutt1

And here is a gift for you Wink :

By : -ZsterMG-

And here is your gift Party : 

Welll well well.. we had Yash in the black AGAIN. Now, I'm really getting tired of writing this award again and again for the same guy. Can we please have another hot guy in the show, maybe? But oh well..Yash aka Gurmeet, this one is for you. Day DreamingYou look super duper hot when you are in black. Hotness to another level. BlushingBlushingBlushing

Credit: PV Picture Gallery.

Bas..enough said and shown. Big smileBlushing


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By : KinSanj

By :  Mr.Zk

And here is your gift Party:

SS:Unfolding Tragedy

Author: ilovepyaar

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance/

Synopsis: Unfolding Tragedy is emotional story that is about Aarti's uncomplicated pregnancy. This story will show the trials and tribulations that expecting parents grow through when they are told by doctors that the mother and the unborn child's life are in danger. Join Yash and Aarti through their emotional journey in Unfolding Tragedy written beautifully by ilovepyaar.

SS:A Father's Trial

Author: kdsubs1

Genre: Drama/Family/Romance

Synopsis:   Children grow up fast, a father always wishes that his little girl never grows up and have a boyfriend. Yash Scindia is beyond angry, he is murderous when he sees his eldest daughter hanging out with a boy at a caf because he has to accept the fact that his little princesses are growing up turning into a beautiful young lady. What happens when Yash finds out that his elder daughter Palak has a crush on a boy? How will Yash react when he meets Palak's boyfriend?

The Dandiya Night

Author: shubhika124

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance/

Synopsis: Overprotective Yash, reluctantly takes his two month pregnant wife to Dandiyaa Program hosted by the CM. Yash is not happy that Aarti wants to play Dandiyaa because he fears that she will get herself injured. Will Yash and Aarti play Dandiyaa? What happens in the Dandiyaa Program?

Uff Uff Mirch!

Author: shubhika124

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance/

Synopsis: Aarti is burning with jealousy when she sees her hubby is comfortably dancing with Chipku Chameli oops Camilla at a party. Aart leaves the party and Yash decides to follow her because his  plan to make Aarti  jealous may have gone little too far. How will Yash confront Aarti? What will Aarti do and say to her Yash? 

FF:The Knight and The Damsel

Author: ssch

Genre: Action/ Drama/Mystery/ Tragedy/Family/Romance 

Synopsis:   This is story about ex-FBI agent Yash Scindia who married is married to his deceased wife best friend Arti Dubey.  After the witnessing the death of Arpita, Yash resigned from the  force and he is a living corpse, who is living for his  angels. Aarti is the widowed wife of the  crazy psycho  Prashant who was the reason that Arpita died.  Why did Yash marry Aarti? Will Yash and Aarti be able to forget their past and move on?

OS: Halloween in Scindia Mansion

Author: Strawbella

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Synopsis:   Trick or Treat? This story is dedicated to Halloween a yearly festival-holiday that is celebrated on the eve of October 31st; where children dress in costumes of their favorite characters  fiction or nonfiction can go trick o treating, everyone can play pranks, and tell scary stories. This year Scindia Mansion decides to throw a Halloween party, the Bahus decided their victim will be the one and only  evil Buaji who makes everyone suffer.  Meri Bhagwan Ki Kasam, read Halloween in Scindia Mansion to find out how the entire Scindia Mansion celebrates Halloween and play trick on the scheming Buaji because it is payback time.

OS:Being Pregnant

Author: zahra15

Genre: Romance/Cuteness/Hilarious

Synopsis:   Radiant, seven months pregnant Aarti is frustrated because her clothes doesn't fit her all thanks to her Aayu who is growing inside her womb.  Aarti is just annoyed that she gets the heavier bargain with the pregnancy: morning sickness, hormones, mood swings, weight gain, swollen ankles while her dearest husband gets the lighter deal. Let's just hope that the  cvs get inspired from this one shot, and show us some lovely, cute, hilarious mood swings of Aarti and Yash handling his pregnant, moody wife.

OS:Terminated Pregnancy

Author: zahra15

Genre: Family/Drama/Hurt-Comfort

Synopsis: Aarti and Yash Scindia are happily married for 5 years, have a beautiful daughter Payal who is 3 years old. After witnessing the unfortunate miscarriage that his wife had gone through during her second pregnancy; as a husband and father Yash Scindia has made a firm decision not to risk the life of his beautiful wife who is the mother of his child.  Read Terminated Pregnancy to witness the emotional decision that both Aarti and Yash take as husband and wife, parents of an existing, sometimes some decisions are hard to make but sometime we have to be practical because it is better to be safe than sorry.

And here is your gift Party:

With the precap, it has left us with so many questions in our mind. What is the solution that the doctor would suggest to Yash and Aarti? And how will Shobha and Dubey get Ansh's bone marrow for the operation? How will they inform Aarti or make sure Yash and the Scindia's family doesn't knows about it? One thing for sure, we are surely in a shocking treat next week.

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Dear Pv-ians, hope all are well. Heard the good news? Our Aaryan Express has now reached the 9th Edition. A big thanks to all your support and also the NL team. So as usual, sit back and enjoy our Weekly NL and continue giving us your support. Have a great weekend Smile

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