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FF: Love walked In! # Thread 1 (Page 82)

little.angel56 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Hey people there!
I know am going to be thrashed for this late update again, but believe me or not, i had a problem so couldn't. 
But for my apology, i have written this long update( I believe so) pouring in my ideas. Please please comment, as I am sending pm's to over 70 people, still lack in the comments and likes!

Also i will like to say, the next update will be after the 86 page! 


Manvi thrashed inside!

Oops, firse wrong timing kya? She said looking straight into her jiju's eyes!

Waise, koi ni, jeeju ap humare room mein chale jao, Virat is waiting for you, she continued!

Jeevika was just smiling or laughing perhaps!

Viren glaring towards Manvi and talking with his mouth and hands both: Batao kya zamana agaya hai matlab, apne kamre se hi displacement hogayi! Had h!

Jeevika: isme had kya Viren ji? Hume ready hona hai, abb aap jaiye please,

Viren just glared at her, according to him, she had Alzheimer a few minutes ago, and it seemed as if the excitement mode was on!

Fine, and Viren just left the room in a mish!

Jeevika and Manvi started laughing,

Manvi walking towards her: waise di, apki dress kaha hai?

Han Manvi, us cupboard mein hai please laadegi? : said a lazy Jeevika!

Manvi: di lagta hai mere chutki ne apko aalsi bana diya hai, but anything for her!

And she goes towards the cupboard and take her dress out, while Jeevika sits on the bed laughing on how her sister, devar, and husband are going to tolerate her tactics and thinking how this baby will be loved by all!

"Waise Jeeevikaaa, " Viren re entered the room looking towards his sherwani 
meanwhile Jeevika just stood, indicating Manvi to hide her dress! After all, it had to be a surprise.

" mein to yeh puchna bhul gaya kii tum logo ko kitna time lagega apney ap ko decorate karne mein" he finally had his eyes facing her.

While Jeevika's face completely showed signs of something fishy!

"haw jeeju? Decorate? Hum kya apko Christmas trees lagte hai?" Manvi popped out,

A laughter thrilled in,

"Ab jaiye jeeju, mein apko call kardugi, kyunki is party mein only couple entry is allowed, to apko invitation pahcuh jayega kamre mein ane ka" added Manvi instantly after the laughter.

" matlab kya zamana hai, ajkal apne kamre mein bhi invitation,
tum logo ko to mein dekh luga, bollna fir kabhi kahi bahar jane ke liye" said Viren in an angry cum funny tone.

" Viren ji, jeeju" emotional blackmail mode switched on, Manvi and Jeevika made puppy faces, forcing Viren to leave and accept that fine, they will be going out  and he wasn't angry!

As soon as he left, Jeevika locked the gate in order to be on a safer side!

"Jeeju ne to bas " Manvi said in a relief!

Jeevika: chal Manvi, ab jaldi taiyar hojate hai, isse pehle ye log hume aur decorate hone ko kahe"

Silence engulfed, and then they both were heard laughing!

Manvi went in first to change as she had to wear a heavy lehenga while Jeevika set on the jewels, the makeup kit, (Am sorry am not that aware of all this)

Meanwhile in Virman's room:

Virat: bhai, apka be yehi haal hai na?

Viren: han, romance ka r b nahi hai

Virat: wah, yaha to meri abhi abhi shadi hui hai, aur mujhe kahi jane ko b nahi milta, upar se!

Viren: upar se humari biwiyan!

They both looked at each other and started laughing and then resorted to their favorite time pass, playing video games!

Virika's room:

"manu, jaldi kar na, mujhe b change karna hai, aur dekh meine sab taiyar b kardiya" Jeevika mumbled getting impatient seeing the time again and again and screaming at the dressing door!

" di, mera lehanga heavy hai na, its taking time, ap tab tak apne baalon ko decorate karlo" Manvi replied with full volume

"Decorate?" This left laughter on both sides.

" fine, mein soch rahi hu ki neeche se baal straight rakhu mannu"

"di, kya ap bhi, humesha wo hi boring look, aisa karo, wo jo meine tongs machine rakhi hai, use apne  age wali lato ko twist karlo, baki mein aage karungi" Manvi the great, she added lastly.

Jeevika started following her instructions and meanwhile Manvi had finally changed!

Jeevika was awestruck in her beauty, the lehanga had fitted her Manvi so perfectly, her body shape added to the hotness, only thing left was the hair and the makeup!

"mannu, " said Jeevika with a big mouth open!

"I know di, I look gorgeous" said a self obsessed Manvi,

And Jeevika nodded in confirmation!

"acha di, abb ap change karlo, tab tak mein apney ap ko set karlu, I mean more decorative" giggled Manvi,

"acha fine, " Jeevika rushed into the dressing

"aaram se di" frowned Manvi!

Manvi sat before the mirror, and was almost ready, her hair perfectly into a bun(her mehendi hairstyle), her flicks curled and twisted on her face, her eyes beautifully lined, her lips shined.

"Perfect" Manvi mumbled and stood!

"mannu, mein theek to lag rahi hoo na?" and there came a princess with a pink colored clothing on her, looking worried about her looks, with her face just looking at the suit, hands tucking the suit here and there unnecessarily!

"jeeju sahi kehte hai, ap faltu mein fikar karti ho, FM, you look like a princess di" Manvi gave out this comment in full excitement and Jeevika popped her eyes to her.

"mannu, itni late ho ra hai, mein bas baal aise hi karlu" Jeevika ignored her comment

Mannu, beta jeeju ka sms yaad hai na? ignore this things, all due to pregnancy, koi bat nahi.

"di, ap chup chap baitho, aj ap meri responsibility ho" said Manvi

She sat and had full trust on her makeup and hair artist. It took just some time for her to get Jeevika in a full dressed up mode,

'di, you're ready" said Manvi indicating her too look at the mirror.

A beautiful face only having a light makeup, her big beautiful eyes the kind that you can look into and feel like you are getting lost, her hair gathered onto the right side , and the flicks doing their work, anyone could feel like caressing it, the body ; many people would marvel at her posture,

"do I look good" said again a worried Jeevika

"di , you look out of this world" said Manvi in a sweet tone making her head comfortable at her di's shoulder.

"mannu, aj tujhe b kisi ki nazar na lag jaye" said Jeevika finally in her sisterly tone,

"di aj mujse zyada ye dua apke liye" Manvi got a little emotional and then shared a light hug.

"acha di, ab mein jaa ri hu, jeeju ko bhi to bhejna hai na" smirked Manvi and left hurryingly,

"ye ladki bhi na"

Something struck her, jeeju ko bulane? Viren ji will be here, he will finally see my dress, I mean, unhe pasand aayegi na? ni aayi to? Par mannu said I was looking good,

A confused Jeevika just stared herself in the mirror looking for some corrections.

"jeeju, ap apni biwi ke pas ja sakte hai" stood Manvi there with no one heaping her attention

" hello?? Ap logo ko sun ra hai?" shouted Manvi this time to gather some attention.

As soon as Virat's eyes caught her standing, he could not concentrate his eyes on anything else! This dint go unnoticed by Viren and Manvi.

Blush crept Manvi's face.

Viren stood and was just about to leave when he dropped in her ears " you look beautiful, saali sahiba"

Manvi was again blushing on this compliment.

Viren left giving thumbs up to the couple!

"drop dead gorgeous" words poured out of Virat's mouth.

She came near to him looking down,

"tumne ye kab li baby"? indicating the dress and wrapping arms around her

"ye tumhara favorite color hai na" Manvi replied innocently

"par use zyada ye colour tum pe pasand hai " he kissed her

"You look angelic, sexy, stunning, statuesque, the dress fits you shapely, you look beautiful Manvi" said Virat engulfing her.

"chalo Virat, ab hum chale neeche?late ho ra hai" said Manvi realizing the time

"kya yr romance ki to dhajeeya uda di" irritated Virat replied!

Manvi: Virat, raat hai na,

Virat smirked to her and they left for the party.

It was around 6.50 and the sun had hid, their room was dark, as Jeevika had switched off even the lights.

Viren entered the room eagerly waiting to endorse her once, but seeing it dark, he was confused.

He switched on the lights, and his eyes found out her. She was sitting peacefully in front of the mirror on the dressing couch. She was an idol of serenity.

He felt lost in her beauty, and involuntarily his footsteps approached her. Her eyes faced the floor, smile creeping on the face, blush rouging the cheeks.

The beauty was breath taking! Viren finally found himself sitting besides Jeevika on the level of her knees. Jeevika still looked to the flooring as if one of the marbles would compliment her.

The silence Jeevika couldn't bare.

"vi.." she was about to

"shshshsss…" Viren said her putting his fingers on her pink glossed lips.

"mujhe tumhe aram se dekhne to do" he continued, with Jeevika blushing more on each second passing by

Eyes are meant to see not to hypnotize, they are so captivating.

He lend on a kiss to her eyes, her soul wanted his touch more

she smiled, just a little smile at first, but as it grew it pressed her rosy cheeks up and slowly reveled her teeth, like a perfect Pearl necklace. Finally the smile reached her eyes, lighting them, causing them to crinkle at the the corners.

He rendered a sweet peck on her cheeks

He pushed his mouth against hers, his tongue passing between her lips, tasting the forgotten flavors of her. Her tongue brushed against his as their eyes closed from the passion that had been so long anticipated.

Finally they broke apart


"Jeevika, you look beautiful " was what he could manage to speak

She just hugged him tightly.

"Thanks for chosing my favorite color on your baby" Viren patted her


"Viren ji, sirf apke liye" she ended the conversation.


"My dearest di and jeeju,
Finally the wait is over, hands in hands please step down to the back lawn of the Vadhera mansion"


Manvi's oh so formal message landed in Viren's inbox.


They both smiled, and Viren asked for her hand which she swiftly placed in his.

They both left their room, and headed for the stairs leading to the back lawn. Lest did they know what was waiting! The whole area was dark to their surprise, so Viren firmly gripped her hand.


As soon as they reached the staircase, the dark corridor and staircase seemed to vanish.


The spotlight turned on the beautiful celebrity couple of the night,Viren and Jeevika. The light on them made them feel special, in the darkness the only thing brightened were them!


Viren and Jeevika hands in hands smiled to each other and adding on their surprise their OWN song played , " zindagi mein aaj lamhe, khaas aagaye…"

They took each step further hands in hands, beautiful eyes of her staring and gazing in the hazel brown eyes of his. They dint know their steps matched and that they were walking, Viren slowly made Jeevika close and still their eyes meeting each other, hands in hands, his other hand rested on her creamy waist covered by the pink suit!


They made their way till their attention was ceased by some other people.


Oops, not people but small children. Boys dressed up in black suit and the girls dressed in pink gowns.


Both of them were left in awe, all the children turn by turn came to them, one boy and one girl.


The boy used to kiss Jeevika's hand and the girl used to kiss Viren's cheek. Jeevika eyes were teary

They dint know who had planned all this, but this definitely had left them in perplex situation, awe, and love for the children as well as the family.


The gentlemen, here the boys, gave roses to the lady love, Jeevika

While the girls just said congratulations to them!

Viren side hugged Jeevika understanding her emotions.


 Likes and comments please Smile Also tell me what did you guys like so that i can add on that more!













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from the way you describe Virika romance (teeth like a pearl necklace) to the self obsessed manvi

i also loved the christmas tree joke, it was fabulousss

really no words for you, just AMAZINGGG!!!

I can't wait to read your next update and if you can put lots more VIRIKA (you can never get enough of them) and VIRIKA with baby moments Tongue

thanks for the pm and scrap also Wink

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--Ayesha-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update.
Haaa i love wht viren tld apne aapko decorate kar lo n way u described virika romance is just fav n way viren analising jeevs beauty
Lovely update.
Thanx 4 d pm

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surbhi1994 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
loved it
a big thank u fr dis part
hope u continue soon
Smile Smile Smile
Clap Clap Clap
pm me

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jenna_p Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Beautiful updateSmile
Loved it..
Continue soon..

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karanshalaka Groupbie

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Awesum... d VIRIKA moments were just aaawww... 
I luv it when Viren just admires Jeevika... 
Viren calling them christmas tree to them was funny!! Virat is so sweet...
Manvi's msg lol... :D
M waiting for the surprise to open up completely...
Update soon n do PM!!

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-Haju- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 12:23am | IP Logged

Two Thumbs Up!

It was amazing

I loved the way you describe the scenes


I really don't what should I write

Loved it

Cont soon

Thanks for the pm. 

Edited by Virika11 - 13 January 2013 at 1:56am

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mariarauf48 Goldie

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finally u updated Smile

was waiting for such a long Sleepy

what can i say simply Clap

A-W-E-S-O-M-E Clap

just loved it to the core 

the decoration part was damn hilarious Big smile

virika romance what can i say was just perfect Blushing

the way u described was just amazing Day Dreaming

the last part was soo cute 

cant wait for more 

update jaldi jaldi 

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