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OS: Rache

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Hi guys. Howz it going. This is another random thought that i have written over the past few days.

I dedicate this one to Chocoangel

So lets get on to the OS.
Note: Rache in german means Revenge.


Khushi hadn't slept the entire night planning today out. Her husband had tortured her enough over the years. All the humiliation she faced.

Today was the day she would stand up to Arnav Singh Raizada and say that enough was enough.

She would stand for her own self today. Her rights.

She went closer to her personal study. She sat down trembling thinking of what had to be done today. She had already done phase one of her plan. That was to call Arnav back from office in the middle of the day. And that was done just a few minutes ago.

She told him that she felt sick and if she knew Arnav, he would already be on his way home.

She opened the drawer. It slid creaking open and there in front of her was the weapon. A gun. A small black colored gun.

Khushi had already made sure that it was fully loaded in the morning itself.

Today Arnav Singh Raizada would pay for his sins.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada would make sure of it.


Arnav was already up and leaving his office. He was in no mood to be trifled with. He had known his wife was up to something and Arnav always had a counter attack.

He knew what he had to do.

Akash met him at the door.

Akash: Where are you off to bhai?

Arnav: Nothing Akash. Khushi called in feeling "Sick". She is so going to get it today.

Akash just shook his head.

Akash: Bhai just don't do something that you'll later regret.

Arnav: Oh no akash. Today I shall show her who I really am. I am going to show her I don't take crap from anyone. Specially my wife. If she has a plan, I have a worse one in mind. After all people don't call me Evil Singh Raizada for nothing now do they.

Akash: Just be careful bhai. These women can be dangerous when they are desperate.

Arnav: Women should know what Arnav Singh Raizada is on the verge of desperation. Trust me Akash, I will make her pay dearly for lying to me about her health and calling me home like this.

Aman just ran to where the Raizada brothers were standing and chatting.

Aman: ASR, it is done. The people we hired will do it without letting anyone know. Plus the suit you are wearing is safe. Khushi wont know what hit her. But sir, isn't this too extreme?

Arnav: Extreme is what I am all about. Now let me go. I have a wife to tame at home.

Arnav left to sit and drive in his SUV leaving Aman and Akash guessing as to what was going to be the outcome of it all.


Khushi was ready at home. She was pacing her study nervously. Her hands were trembling. Everything had to be just perfect.

She then took the gun and hid it in her waist on the back so that she can approach Arnav without him knowing what she was going to do.

Khushi: Today I'll tell you what they call feminine power Mr. Raizada.


Arnav drove his car into the driveway and then to the main steps of the house. He gave his keys to HP and asked him to park the car.

Arnav removed his coat and made his way into Shantivan.

There was silence all around inside the house. It looked like Khushi had gotten rid of everyone else.

Arnav could hear her in the kitchen.

Arnav (thinking): trying to be innocent Gupta? You are going to regret this later.

And there it was. Arnav's confident smirk was back.


Khushi heard him go to the room.

She recalled the challenge.


Arnav: Oh come on Khushi, I can pull better pranks than you.

Khushi: You're a big laad governor. Your pea-sized brain can only play games like business-business. You can't prank a fly.

Arnav pinned khushi on the wall behind her and looked at her with utter confidence.

Arnav: I sure will knock you out when I prank you.

Khushi: And we aren't going to even kiss each other until then.

-----End of flashback----

And Arnav had kept to his words all right. Just two hours had passed between the bet and his prank.


Khushi just made tea for Arnav and she walked back to the room. She had put some chili powder in the tea in order to prank him. She got to the half open door.

Arnav was sitting on the recliner and looking at her with a smile.

Khushi (thinking): Lets wipe that smile shall we.

And she opened the half closed door.

And before she could even react, the bucket kept above the door inverted and cold water drained itself on her.

Khushi was completely drenched from head to toe with that cold water.

The tray had fallen to the floor and the only voice now was that of Arnav who was laughing his ass off.

---End of flashback----

Khushi: I am so going to get back at you mister

She took out her gun again. She recalled as to how NK had helped her for this prank.


NK: Khushiji, this is a water gun. It looks exactly like a real gun. Even the guy on the road got scared when I pointed it at him. This idea is just perfect. Fill Water and then aim at Arnav and shoot. He will be scared shitless.

Khushi jumped with joy at the news as she finally could get back at Arnav for the Bucket incident as the people of Shantivan referred to it.

Arnav had made her the laughing stock of the week.

Now it was Arnav's turn to be laughed at.

Khushi gave a wide smile.

----End of flashback----

Khushi took out the gun. It was quite heavy.

Khushi (thinking): It's a whole lot of water to at least ruin his white shirt.

She just left everything else and proceeded to where Arnav was.

Khushi: ARNAV. I have had enough.

Arnav turned around surprised.

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi: You heard me.

Khushi then pulled out her gun and pointed it straight at Arnav.

Arnav: Khushi, what the heck are you trying to do? Put that gun down.

Khushi: NO I WON'T. You listen here Raizada, I have had it with you teasing me and making my life miserable with your little pranks.

Arnav: Khushi, you have a dammed gun in your hand. Do you want to kill me?

Khushi: Yes. That is exactly what I want. REVENGE.

And khushi pulled the trigger,


There was a shot. And the bullet shelling bounced and fell onto the ground.

Khushi's was completely horrified and then she looked at a vision that made her heart stop beating and all life escape her.

There was blood on Arnav's shirt that was quickly spreading throughout the shirt. The gun fell from khushi's hand to the floor as she moved fast to catch Arnav's body before he hit the ground.

Khushi did manage to catch him.

Khushi: Arnav, please don't leave me. I had a toy water gun. I don't know how it got changed into a real gun. Arnav, please don't leave me.

Arnav was writhing in agony and khushi could see him dying in front of her. Her hands were now completely red. Khushi now cried out a plea of help in total despair.

Khushi: Arnav, please don't leave me. I cant live without you.

Arnav: I love you Khushi.

And suddenly Arnav's whole body shuddered and then he became completely still.

Arnav had stopped breathing.

Khushi went into a panic induced state. She got up and took the gun again. Pointed it at herself and pulled the trigger multiple times.


One bullet shell after another hit the floor.

Khushi looked at the region she had taken a shot. Nothing had changed. The bullet shells had come out but where in the world was the bullet?

She then looked at Arnav who was now standing and throwing his head back and laughing like never before.

Khushi looked at him confused.

Arnav: That isn't a real gun khushi. It's a movie prop. It's the same type of guns that they use in your Salman khan movies. Just better. They sound like guns, have those fake bullet shells and everything. And the second u pull that trigger a packet of blood explodes from inside my suit, it creates the illusion of a real gunfight.

And arnav laughed again. Khushi just saw him laugh and now her anger built up and she ran forward and brought his lips crashing own on hers. She was literally eating Arnav's face off.

By the time she was done Arnav's and her lips were completely swollen. Arnav had a dazed look whereas Khushi still had an anger look on herself.

Arnav: I never expected you to take your own life.

Khushi: I cant live without you Arnav. Not even for a single second. You were the one who said that our hearts beat as one. So if yours stops, so shall mine.

Arnav had tears in his eyes and he crushed her lips with his again. Their lips were screaming in pain with the amount of pressure the pair of them were applying.

When they finally broke off, Arnav had a wide smirk on his face.

Khushi: Why the smirk Raizada?

Arnav: I thought you'd kill me when I played this one jaan. And I got such a sexy kiss in its stead. I think I can do such pranks again if these lovely kisses are the punishment.

Khushi blushed but her former self was coming back.

Khushi: Oh don't worry Raizada; I do have a punishment for you.


When the family returned and opened the door to Shantivan, the sight that welcomed them made their jaws drop, some in horror, and some in astonishment and some in amusement.

Arnav was running around the house frantically shouting "I love you"s and "you can't do this to me jaan. I am your husband" to a Khushi who was running right behind him with a broom in her hand ready to whack the crap out of Arnav.

Lesson that Arnav learnt: No one messes with The Female Raizadas. 

-----------The End--------

So how was it guys... I hope you all enjoyed it... Please do comment... It means a lot to me to read how my writing is taken on by all of you...

Anyway Thanks a lot for reading...

Important note: I will be coming up with an index soon. The link will be sent to all in my buddy list and will be put up in my signature as well...

See ya guys next time...


Evil Singh Raizada...

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Chocoangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged

Dedication to me again.. * hugz u tight * I lovveee youu...

N d title in German.. Cough cough

Newayz startin to comment on d OS.. Warna Godd knwz how may dammnn angry lookz m I gonna win from u.. Rofl

Itni sarriii plannin kar li ke poori raat nahi soyii ?? Sheesshh.. Pagal ladki.. N torture.. Well dnt knw y bt instead of gettin shocked m laughin lyk craajjjyy on dat as dat is so NOT POSSIBLE !!

Enuf was enuf.. * crackin up again *

Phase one already done ??!! What the ?? N wat was dat ?? To decide dat enuf was enuf ?? * okkaayy I need to SHUT UP *

Ohh sorryy u already mentioned dat it was to call arnav back !!! Was dat just to irk him ??!!

Gun ?? Okk n seriously.. D 1st ques I got in mind.. Does she even knw how to catch it ?? How to operate it ?? Bcz she may shoot herself instead of sumone else !!! Hehe.. Nethn is possible wen khushi is bein referred..

Sins ?? Ha ha ha ha ha

So Arnav already known dat khushi was upto sumthin n he was prepared ??!! Wohh.. Iissshhhmmaarrrttt he ijjj..

Hehe.. Akash.. Hehe.. Dnt do sumthin u'll regret later..

Tit for tat.. N evil singh raizada.. Mwahahah..

Suit u r wearin ?? Aingg.. N poor Aman.. Hehe.. Has to run here n der for helpin..

Hawww ???
HP ko car chalani ati hai ??!! Kya baat hai..!!!

Ahann... So everythin was up bcz of a challenge ??

ASR havin pea-sized brain.. * thudwa *

Chillii powder.. Rofl
Hehe.. Drained in water.. Rofl rofl rofl

Water gun.. * dis is it !! Rofl *

Gun pointed at Arnav ?? * crackin up.. Letz c watz nxt *

How dumb can someone get ?? How can a water gun cause blood to oozeee out ?? * well dis is khushi *

Lol.. N den she shootz herself with d freakin water gun.. Ha ha ha

In anger she kisses him.. Kya dimaag hai yeh pagal ladki ka..

Punishment ???!!

Family scene... Rofl..broom.. Ha ha ha

Dat was epiccc !!!

Loved a entire humour filled updatee !! ;)

Edited by Chocoangel - 22 October 2012 at 4:17am

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Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrsRaizada101

oh you so have my attention LOL



Rofl desperate women = dangerous ROFL

ROFL oh god asr on the verge of desperation!?!?i am enjoying this OS very very much :P

Poor man And Akash...they prolly wanted 1st classes tickets to this fight LOL

Feminine power, oh god im dying on the floor.

cold water...pranks...chili chai 
im gasping for breath here


okay im dead of laughter<---currently typing from heaven where im still laughing ROFL

OMFG<--- somehow i think Arnav is joking though...he has to be joking!!!!

im not laughing anymore -_-

When i said charge i meant as in yell at him, not give him what he wants ROFL

Yay punishment!!! Tongue


oh god it had to be a broom didn't it!?!?

bhahhaahhah, ROFL I LOVED THIS OS!!!


-Abi Heart

Edited by Lord.Voldemort - 21 October 2012 at 4:50am

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Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by luv_arshi

baa adab.. Baa mulaiza.. Hoshiar..
bum apni entry de rahi haaii!! ROFL

waah kya tittlee haaii! Tongue

nd oh em geee.. U reserved for me on da first page Cry *happie teaarjzz*

haan haan cming to da updte...

Haaii laa.. Arnav ne aisa kya kar dia ki becharii soo bhi nai saki chain se O_O

guuunnn? Shocked *kya? Kya? Kya? *wid head movement** aur woh bhi fully loaded *gulps*

i sweaar i wud've taken dt gun nd killed u..if u were again planing to kill arnav! Tongue xD

Evil Singh Raizada eh? *wriggles eyebrow* xP
*k back to suspense mode*

wonder whats in dt head of ESR! :/

haha..khushi he is ASR.. Usko nai pata hoga toh kisko pata hoga.. *pagal..arnav stle ;) *

smirk *hayyyeee Embarrassed *

chilli powder waali chai.. Hahah..waah waah.. xD

ohooo bechari.. Arnav u truly proved u r ESR Tongue

she takes out her gun *dhak dhak..dhak dhak*

wat the..!

Water gun?

Hahahahahaa ROFL

very...i..ntelligent of u khushi kumari gupta singh raizada! xD

*she points da gun at him* LOL

life miserable? *lagta hai drama mode sachi mein ON ho gaya*

BOOM *aaahhh* *naahhiii*

*am freaked out Shocked *

blooodd?? Cry

how could u could uuu?

Awww khushiii =(

he became still? U again killed him? Hw could diz was suppose to be a water gun na..?

*piks dt gun nd points at u* *continue reading da updte*

He whaaatt?

*okai wait..puts da gun down*

how could hee.. Aww khushi ko toh heart attack aa gaya tha...

"You were the one who said
that our hearts beat as one. So if yours stops, so shall mine."
*hayee am so proud of u khushi :') *

haha.. U surely wont be spared Mr.Raizada... xD

"Arnav was running around the house frantically shouting "I love you"s and "you can't do this to me jaan. I am your husband" to a Khushi who was running right behind him with a broom in her hand ready to whack the crap out of Arnav"


diz thhing cracked me up allooot LOL ROFL

*phew hope made it up for da late cmmnt Tongue *

awesoomee updteee ROFL

Originally posted by sree_dey

END? I mean seriously???? I was hel scard readng 2 paragraphs...God dat was too too too funnyy..lovedd it...LOL

Edited by Lord.Voldemort - 27 October 2012 at 6:40am

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...Penknife... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
haaaw...!!! u truly are first i thought khuhi was turning into a murderer...then i thought that nk changed the guns...imagine that...and finally i thought arnav was really really dead...gosh that was soem os u had there...fantastic work...:D:D:D

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limitless Senior Member

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Amazing ... Waiting for ur ff

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rkapoor1382 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
omg tht was simply awesome one.
hillarious loved it

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fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 5:02am | IP Logged

You are truly evil

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