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PSH Suggestion & Frustration Thread (Page 4)

Istila Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Sorry to Vikram's Fans.

I wish there was something positive for you, but it seems there is a lot of talk that they are going ahead with their original plans with Vicky being the negative. 

On this show they are making ridicule & mockery out of the audience and showed Vikram's mobile text message:  'Apne Pyar Sugni ko Haasil karne ke har mumkin koshish karunga main yash, chahey uske liye apne bhanje aditya ki zindagi se khilwad kyu na karna padey.'

Why do they pass us messages about PSH using other dramas? What should one make out of their angry expressions? Are they feeling okay? Is this normal professional artists behaviour towards their audiences? 

Do the CV's even know the meaning of real love or how to fulfil a trust & PROMISE. Do they understand the meaning of an engagement which they keep breaking or know the meaning true loving marriage? 

Why is Sugni made out as the victim here? She is the culprit in destroying hers and Vicky's happiness. She CHOSE to switch partners - from Uncle to nephew and live in the same house. No decent (even if ignorant) woman would do what Sugni has - how appalling. She is being shown as truly belonging to the Bedni prostitutes. 

All this talk of not destroying marriages, Sugni destroyed Amrita's marriage with Adi. How shameful, she hasn't even the basic understanding or sense, yet claims she can outwit others - what folly! She's only outwitted anyone, in destroying not one, but THREE lives. My advice to you young men ins that she is the type of person to watch out for. If you live in a destructive marriage - please LEAVE while you can.

I can not believe that Varun Badola is agreeing to this contemptible scriptline.

Sugni was engaged to Vikram, not Adi her prospective nephew. Adi was engaged with Amrita till they decided to break it off and put sindoor on Sughni even though they didn't want to be married to each other - This is a forced marriage, null & void, it's abuse to women - how can you make a joke out of these relationships and force opposing characters to marry and get along? How can you say once you are married that is it! Women have a choice and in this case you have downgraded women and only shown they have no choice but to marry a man who snatched you from your prospective husband, albeit he was going to be your nephew! It's slavery of women! No woman in her sane mind would agree. No decent man would turn vile for this as no nephew would dare do that to an uncle he respected & got along with. Every man & woman has the right to leave a broken or abusive marriage. You (CV's) have made laughing stock out of real issues.

How can Adi steal & marry his Uncle's bride? How can he live with this guilt for the rest of his life? He is the biggest cheater of all. He changes his mind like there's no tomorrow. First he promised to marry Amrita whom he used and threw away, betrayed her and his Uncle's trust, then betrayed Sugni and again with Sugni? What is the value in showing yo-yo-ing relations, violence, hatred etc and then to show the same people getting along, except only to annoy their audience and put them off watching their own show.

'Aarti yash come near the stall and yash takes aarti on one side he is staring at his mob aarti asks what is the matter yash says my friend (they are talking about vikram sugni and Adi about sugnis prob )aarti says sugni life with get a new ray of hope she says uski zindagi me phir subah hogi'

Definitely, Subah ki Bara Joke Phir Banaya Hai!

This story has finally collapsed.

Edited by Istila - 27 October 2012 at 1:58pm

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eastmeetswest Goldie

Joined: 03 August 2012
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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
I dont know why people keep attacking the producers/writers, please they have made these serials for us to enjoy, not to attack and cast apsersions. everyone has their likes dislike and perferences and we should stop acting infantile when we dont get the story going our way. personally i not a vikram fan nor an adi fan, but do you see we getting  on like a lunatic for a serial? make believe/ unreal, JUST ACTING people its just acting. I know in the end vikram and sugni will end up together after all this hollabulu, so please be patient and if it doesnt happen so what? is this the end of the world, no my friends this is not reality ok, ?
ForeverSHINee IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 June 2012
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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eastmeetswest

I dont know why people keep attacking the producers/writers, please they have made these serials for us to enjoy, not to attack and cast apsersions. everyone has their likes dislike and perferences and we should stop acting infantile when we dont get the story going our way. personally i not a vikram fan nor an adi fan, but do you see we getting  on like a lunatic for a serial? make believe/ unreal, JUST ACTING people its just acting. I know in the end vikram and sugni will end up together after all this hollabulu, so please be patient and if it doesnt happen so what? is this the end of the world, no my friends this is not reality ok, ?
I beg to differ we have every right to criticize the show if we are not happy with it. At the end of the day it is the audience of the show that gives trps. Hence we have very right to complain if we are not happy with it. Frankly speaking I am not fan of either Jodi but I really liked the concept of this show and watched it. This days the characters have been butchered beyond repair and the show is clearly giving some wrong messages. Plus there are several loopholes and inconsistencies in the story.
Anyways this is a frustration/suggestion thread where members are supposed to complain. If you are enjoying this show then enjoy it no need to comment here. If you have any frustration or suggestions for this show feel free to comment but do not ask us to stop criticizing the writers. We are entitled to express our opinions.

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Istila Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2010
Posts: 1000

Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eastmeetswest

I dont know why people keep attacking the producers/writers, please they have made these serials for us to enjoy, not to attack and cast apsersions. everyone has their likes dislike and perferences and we should stop acting infantile when we dont get the story going our way. personally i not a vikram fan nor an adi fan, but do you see we getting  on like a lunatic for a serial? make believe/ unreal, JUST ACTING people its just acting. I know in the end vikram and sugni will end up together after all this hollabulu, so please be patient and if it doesnt happen so what? is this the end of the world, no my friends this is not reality ok, ?

Please refrain from large bold script as that is termed here as shouting and refrain from using profanity, using words such as 'lunatic' for members giving their POV is a verbal attack and mental abuse. If you do not agree then either give your views or leave.

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Hillylove IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 August 2007
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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Excellent Posts EveryoneClap,  Of course someone had to come and Spoil the momentum with something that has nothing to do with the topic of the thread.  Forgive them.

So, I will vent my frustrations as follows:

Cvs you have disappointed in so many ways, I know deep down you don't even know what you have done or what you will do in the future.  Why? I don't know, I could bash you from now till eternity, but I know you will never be able to make the show to please the majority, as it was never your intention.
Cvs I was so intrigued by the topic you chose that I came home everyday rushing from work because I wanted to see what you had in store that would give all viewers a small break from the usual focus of Jodis, and Sas bahu drama.  I don't mind some of everything, but your Topic of Bednis if utilised properly would have made it the most Interesting Show in History of Indian Serials, and you would have been the first to accomplish this and you would have gone down in History. 
Can you imagine if you had just planned carefully and left out the arrogance towards your viewers, what near Heroes you would have been today?  

CVS You should not have done below:

Try to make us believe that an Man can stand up for what is right at all times, remain unprejudiced to a culture of women, who make a profession out of their bodies for money, while mocking aspects of the institution of marriage, can change in two seconds.  How did you expect us to believe that is possible?

You tried to make us believe that a Man who showed unconditional friendship and love to a girl from a scorned culture, was only lusting?
This man helped this girl in her worse times, even when his own family was against her, looked down on her, detested her.. Did you really believe intelligent people from any culture, cast, creed, nation, would ever fall for that concept? 

Ok, so you made us disappointed in Vikram lying, because people with good values don't support lies, but did you expect us not to understand his plight, and his deep down intentions to tell the truth, based on how you started the show and what you presented as evidence to us? 

Cvs you showed us Vikram and Dhanuma discussing that he would reveal the truth soon,  then unfortunately Gulabiya found out about Reva first.  So why are you trying to portray Vikram as this man who Always wanted to hurt Sugni and ditch his wife on the streets?  Were you not the ones, who made us believe Reva is paagal, so Vikram had to get her treatment?
So, how do you justify Vikram being evil? Didn't you not state in the show, in more than one episodes that Jiji forced Vikram into a marriage with an insane wife? That she was insane from childhood?
So, are you saying Reva was so smart, that she pretended to be insane since she was a child?
Cvs are you kidding me?  Do you think your viewers are that simple minded and would be too busy raving for Jodis, that we would not see the inconsistencies in your story?

The morality aspect CVS .  Show or no show, real life or no real life, pretence or joke, people with a good value system, cannot swallow immorality, especially the ones you have continuously dished out for months now.  I don't care how fictional these characters are, you would have to be brained dead to not be impacted by what you watch on Television.  In general people watch TV for the purpose of entertainment, but they choose certain channels and different types of genres based on what they want to experience.  I will not for once believe that I do not have a choice in what I watch on television, and I cannot dictate what television writers show me or my family.  Yes, I can change the channel or turn off the tv, but at the end of the day, if 200 out of 250 persons turn off their TV or change the channel, would your show really survive? Where would you get the money? You do not pay yourselves, so it is the viewers who have a say in your livelihood at the end of the day.
I know you may take comfort in the fact that a lot of people in the world, just don't care any more, have given into the negative aspects of life to take over our world, for so many reasons.  Some can't be bothered because they feel they can't make a difference.  Some believe that not being concerned about the well being of the world and the preservation of good over evil, makes them boring or judgemental.  Some feel keeping quiet and saying PSH is just a show, makes it okay in their mental world and they are untouchable by impact of these shows.  Hey it is just a show after all, why are you people getting so "lunatic," over fictional characters. 

I don't accept that a Girl should marry the Nephew of the Man she almost got married to, even if he was a fiancee from hell.   
This is immoral and not entertainment for family. 

I don't accept a Girl should willingly take the fiancee of another woman for her own happiness and revenge, worse a friend.  Then call it in the name of goodness.

For educational purposes I will relay to those who don't know and obviously you don't or choose not to Cvs know that Fictional Characters cannot be based off of "Nothing," it is always stemming from or being guided by something real in life. It is impossible to say a Fictional Character is based on something you don't know or never heard of, does that make any sense?  So, that is why it is important that what you show censored or uncensored is according to your audience, because these Fictional Characters  are portray from something you must have seen or something from your mind, so how can they not be real?
Are you saying that your brain is not real?  It does not have a thought process that is real?  
Then, why should I accept or buy into your Negative Minds, since you say these are only Fictional Characters, don't they belong to your Minds then?
So, Cvs I do not want to accept your Negative Minds and call it Entertainment.  If we accept all the Minds of  Cvs of the world, even though they are negative, then it can no longer be freedom of entertainment.  We cannot be experiencing this freedom if we are only depending on your minds, and our thought processes are not included.
If all the talented actors work for your Negative Minds, then they are in the same position as us viewers, they have not thought for themselves, just Robots.

Now to the show itself:

Sugni has disappointed me the most.  Her age was a concern for me at first, with her big ambitions to change a culture which would take a mature, determined and strong person to accomplish and endure.  Yet, I got comfort in the fact that she started out so good.  The  very first time, Sugni played Jhansi Ranki and saved that girl from her own half brother and his friends who were up to no good, I saw that strength and determination and even pureness.  

Then all the other times, she tried to make her family including her Mother know she did not want to live the Bedni life and continue this degrading and destructive culture, that has ruined both sides of the coin for any family.
I am still trying to figure out why she was portrayed this way if it was just for "show."  There is no consistency in this character.

Sugni maybe really acted her age, even though they say age is just a number, the verdict is still out on if we can always rely on that concept.
Sugni went from being so in love with Vikram, he could do no wrong for her.  I can understand why she would feel this way, because Vikram did portray a man worthy of loving and is still consistent in this aspect. However, could Sugni have been more cautious in spite of Vikram's knightly behaviour?  Maybe not, because she is 18 after all, and it is the likely age to fall in love and even if it is just the concept of love, especially if you meet a man like Vikram. Charming, Kind hearted, caring and helped your Mother get to the hospital when there was no one else.  Any girl would fall for a man who was nice to her Mother, he would stand out from others. 
Sugni said she saw Vikram as her husband, she would commit suicide if he was married, and of course we know she is alive and kicking. 
Sugni said so much and has done so much in the few episodes we saw that we thought she was someone to be reckoned with, but now we have to accept never existed.
The main contention for all to decide, has been if Sugni's reaction finding out Reva was alive, justified. 
Sugni could have been hurt, I accept that, Sugni could have been in a rage, I accept that. However, Sugni is clearly not a rational girl, after all she did learn from the best her Mother. We have seen how she has handled situations.  Yes, everyone has flaws, and being irrational I can't condemn anyone for, even though we know that is not a healthy way to live, but to Bid yourself to the highest bidders of a whole community of Thakurs?  Okay let us say her reasoning is that "Oh, just my luck, I finally thought I did not have to end up like my Mother, a Bedni, and live a decent life." I can agree with Sugni here for feeling this way.  Let us say Sugni gave into this feeling and decided to just go with what she thought was her faith, but did she need to choose from the whole community of Thakurs?  Did Sugni need to let Adi from the same house of her "Culprit," the Nephew of this man do her Sardhakai?  Sugni knew that Adi was never a lover of Bednis, even if he and her Mom became new BFFs in two days, it was not the whole Bedni Community that he became friends with. She knew Adi was very much engaged to Amrita, the girl who was always kind to her, she danced at their Engagement Party.  Did she not for once feel repulsed by Adi as her love's nephew?
I could have understood but not agree, if Sugni had gone with any other man outside of Vikram's house.  
Her behaviour towards Adi in the room was repulsive.  I could not imagine how no matter what state she was in, she would be willing to let the nephew of her ex fiancee who you she stayed in the same house with his Uncle only a few days before, touch her?  Why would Sugni do something like that?  How can that be moral?
She claims she is trying to save a marriage, so she killed two birds with one stone, ruined Vikram's life and Amrita's future, and hitch herself a husband in one go!!! How clever Sugni, you have rewritten the Bedni's culture, you have gone where no other Bedni has gone.
How can coming in front of a man who loves you to distraction, in his own home, flaunting your to be marriage with his nephew, make him fix his marriage?  Men tend to want you more, when they feel they can't have you.  Someone explain Sugni's logic to me (or is it the Cvs?)
It is obvious by now that Sugni is not concerned with Vikram's pain, I smell serious Pay Back on her part for ruining her dreams as "Wife."
To me Sugni is more mad at losing wife status with Vikram, than losing him.  If not why the hurry to Marry Adi, why not just skip town?  I am sure Vikram's love is pure enough not to search the whole of India and holding her against her will.
I wonder to myself, why Sugni would think that Adi would be genuine or loyal to her, if he betrayed his own Uncle and the girl he was engaged to marry.  I have answered my own question, Sugni is not loyal herself, She was not even loyal to her own Mother, when she wanted to marry Vikram and when she wanted to Marry Adi. Isn't that strange?  Marriage is obviously like "Breathing," for Sugni. 
Sugni is words I cannot use on this forum as it would be deemed as bashing to the 10th Power. 

Now, Sugni is supposedly showing determination, but is it channelled in the right direction?  Can we ever trust Sugni ever again, after her wilful act of ruining a family?  Can we really still hang on to Vikram and Sugni, when love is supposed to be Kind not Cruel?
Okay let us not depend on Sugni to have the Sanskaars of a decent home, where she sees loyalty, togetherness, strong and decent men working for a living, a single Mother working an honest job for a living, but isn't there something called "Conscience?"
Everyone was born with a Conscience, so why can't we hope to see an active one in Sugni?  Didn't we not see her a good person in the earlier part of the show, or was it our imagination?

I am really sorry for the very very long Post, but I saw "Frustration Thread," and mine has been spilling over for months now.

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anagha107 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Thank you aarthi for this suggestion and frustration thread.
Its really frustrating and irritating to see Adi's feelings for Sugni.  How can he do like that?   We audience all know that sugni is TJS's biological daughter.  And TVS's chacha(who is now not in the present story) is TJS's brother-in-law.  TJS's own sister is TVS's Chacha's wife.  Remember the scene at the bricks factory where tvs comes to save his chacha from tjs.  Now there is some blood relation between tvs and sugni.  agree or not?  Even if the CVs left all those characters into garbage,  but the fact that tvs and sugni are still in deep love with each other, can not be ignored.  Then how can Aditya can't see that fact?  First he didn't realise how much amritha loves him and she is still in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!.  he didn't give a damn to inform her abt him and sugni.   And when she came to know abt his betrayal and disloyalty, he slaped her for accusing them.  How disgusting?  And now he feels he realised that he is in love for sugni with just one simple hug? 
I suggest that aditya should not tell sugni abt his love.  I reallly feel sorry for the well known CVs that how come they create such a worthless character.  Anyway  I feel that aditya should learn to respect sugni, tvs and amritha's feelings and their love.  Amritha is such a pure character, she left the decision to adi and said that she will wait for him till her last breath.
Aditya should learn the value of true love between tvs-sugni and actually come to understand amu's love for him and go for her.  As adi don't have the intention and courage to tell MS abt the truth,  the CVS should turn the story in such a way that Adi-sugni marriage will not take place.  When reva tries to kill TVS, he may loose his memory or he may become mentally imbalanced,  but be in the show (AS HE IS THE BREATH OF PSH) so that Sugni comes to know the real nature of reva and accept TVS love for a life time. 
Guys, this is my personal feeling that the story could be like this.  But it all depends on those CVS who are making all the fuss of PSH.  I can only expect that the story would go in this way and be the end TVS-SUGNI AND ADITYA-AMRITHA WILL BE TOGETHER.

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croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
 please cvs ,  stop this torture, adi-sug is punishment, this is a cruelty... let us free to this punishment... please ... enough is enough...      

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

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