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~ Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi ~ Thank Yous - Page 150

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One of my favourite ghazals by the Legend Late Jagjit Singh -

***Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi ki har Khwaish pe dam nikle,
Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle !!!***

Hi friends,

Not many people know me here as I am not active anymore. I used to be hyperactive once upon a time when the show was on-air but hibernated after that. I write some silly stories, which are basically my own representation of Shanak in different situations. I am known for delaying in updating and keeping the story on for months LOL...but basically I do that to avoid finishing them.

I decided to write this SS especially for forum and not posting it anywhere else. It will be a short story to be completed in few updates so don't be scared that I'll leave it hanging. No, I will complete it quickly with back to back updates.

This is my way of saying Thanks to the forum and RBO for giving me awesome friends, memories to treasure and happiness Smile

Will continue this SS here... ONLY if people promise to read !!! You need to take an oath on a holy book in your comment saying that you will stick to it ...LOL...Just Kidding LOL

So, here it goes --

Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi
Part 1.

 (siggy credit - Zee creations n Bushraa )

"Yeah, Mom !!!"
"Can you, for once, leave that Ipad aside and concentrate...," Madhavi urged in an edgy voice.
"I'm listening mom..." Shaan was as casual and carefree as before. His eyes were still moving rapidly with the ball in the game that he had been playing on the Ipad, with his fingers swiftly moving on the screen to trap the ball. His tone was unapologetic and relaxed and his posture reclining.
It did not help Madhavi at all.
She was about to continue to scold him this time, when Sunil entered the living room and asked, "Kya ho raha hai ?"
"Dekhiye na Sunil, He is just not listening to me."
"What happened Shaan ?" Asked Sunil.
"Nothing dad...the same old Ramayan that gets repeated everyday in the house. Since last 15 days mom is after me as if I am getting so old that all girls will be married by the time I decide."
"It's not about all girls, Shaan !!" Madhavi corrected him.
"Oh yes ! How can I forget ?? It is about one girl...your favourite...Khanak... Her highness, Khanak Sharma..." Shaan animated his tone to stress on his words and to give an unnecessary dramatisation to the dialogue. It didn't amuse either Madhavi or Sunil.

"What's wrong in her ?" Madhavi asked with hurt.
"Wrong !!! Ehhh !!!" Shaan shrugged and raised himself from his seat to go away, after closing the device on which he was hooked since hours. Suddenly he had lost interest in it.
"Shaan, wait !! You need to tell me before you go. I love Khanak, you know that. She is my best friend's daughter but it seems you are just not happy with my decision of making her my bahu..."
"Right !!" Shaan turned to her squarely and answered in clear words without mincing any of them, "You just said it mom...why do you want explanations for that ?"
He was straightforward and direct...so much that Madhavi was intimidated. He had always done what he had wanted and it wasn't easy to convince him once he had made up his mind.

Sunil asked, "Are you not happy with this decision ?"
"Happy ?? How can you guys even think of me getting married to someone I don't like...???."
Sunil cleared his throat and continued, patiently, in a cautious tone,"Are you in a relationship ? I mean, are you seeing someone ?"
"Come'on dad ! No...!!!! If I was seeing someone, I would have brought her here right away. I wouldn't have waited for mom to try and impose her decisions on me !!" Shan argued desperately.
"Well, What is your exact issue ??!!" Madhavi asked defensively.

His forehead creases deepened as he focused on Madhavi to answer her query.
"Mom, I have never liked her..."
"And the reason is ??" Madhavi wasn't going to give up.
"Reason is...nothing. No specific reason. I feel she is a 'small city type'...non stylish, non classy...she is not my type...she is too...too...errr...homely and ganwaar !!"
"Stop it Shaan !!" Madhavi yelled at him, "Do you even know that the one you are calling 'ganwaar' is finishing her graduation in Law, this year. She could have been a lawyer, practising and rising by now, had it not been that unfortunate plane crash that took away her mother. Her father too, had to be hospitalised after that and you know her condition very well !!"
"I know that, mom !! But that doesn't mean that she becomes a candidate worthy enough of marrying Shantanu Khandelwal !! You can't line up all needy girls in a queue, waiting to be salvaged by marrying your son..."
"Stop it or I'll slap you !!" Madhavi lost her temper at his use of poor language and had to be consoled by Sunil.
"Patience Madhavi..." Sunil held her hand and squeezed it.
"Look at your son !! I can't beleive that he is the same old Shaan who used to be so loving, so caring and compassionate..."
"He was a kid, mom...if you try to sacrifice me at wedding altar, I'll prefer to walk out of this house and your life than marry that snob that you have chosen for me..." He turned to go and covered the hallway in few fast steps.

Madhavi kept standing speechlessly in the centre of the living room. Tears rolled down her cheeks, not because Shaan had refused to marry her choice of the life-partner for him, but because she now knew for sure that her son didn't have any capacity to judge people and to differentiate right from wrong / fake from genuine... and this was going to cost him a great deal in future. To reject Khanak was a foolish decision, according to her and this told her that he was so immature. She silently prayed to her God to be with her son in every step that he took in his life.
All she could whisper was a weak - "Sunil..."
"Let her go Madhavi...he is not going to listen right now !!" Sunil said.

At the turn of the hall, Shaan unexpectedly stopped in his tracks as he was about to bump into someone who was supposedly standing there since quite some time.
A look at the doe shaped deep black eyes and they told him that she had listened to everything that was being conversed in the living room. Her taut face flaunted a clear skin and her pink lips devoid of any lip shade were naturally pretty. Her salwar suit was a combination of rust and brown, giving her an ethereal, ethnic look...and her well maintained hair made her look neat and well dressed...but someone unfortunately didn't register that beauty.
"Whoa !! Khanak !!! I was about to bump into you !!" He spoke casually.
"You should watch your way and take measured steps ahead." She answered calmly.
He smiled sarcastically and said, "I wish I could. But you know, I'm in a hurry today...I have to attend a gathering of friends...which I hope you have no idea about..."
"Oh no...I have no idea about 'friends'..."
"Ha...why so bitter today ? Awww, don't tell me that you heard us when we were talking in the living room..."
"I did !! I heard everything !!" She focused on his face and cornered him.
"Great !! So now you know that..."
"that...You hate me ??"
"Not sure abut hate but yes, I don't like you baby...and my mom wants me to marry you !"
"I know that !!"
"And don't tell me that you said 'yes' to her..."
"I hate you Shaan. I wish she had asked me before you...I would have enjoyed the fun of rejecting you before you could." She answered bitterly.
Shaan laughed heartily at that, throwing his head backwards, nodded shamelessly and pressed his lips in amusement, "Go and humour someone else dear !!" Then he controlled himself and lowered his head to face her at her level and winked with a tease, speaking in a whisper, "I know that you have a soft corner for me. I just hope that you don't love me...you know, I hate breaking hearts... but if you are yet another one to suffer a heartache at my hands, it isn't my fault...you are too plain for my standards..."

She could have slapped him right-away and it would have been less,  measured on parameters considering her state of anger but she swallowed the insult and her crushed pride with much difficulty and whispered back, "If your mom hadn't promised my parents that they'll take care of me and if my degree was completed and if I was earning on my own and not staying in your house...I would have exactly told you, what are the results of insulting a woman."
"Wow !!" He smiled sarcastically and leaned by the wall, observing her intently and shrugged, "So how much more time is left ?? In your earning, your degree getting completed and staying away from us ?? 4 months ??? Alright, I'll wait for it...Go ...complete your Law degree, earn something and get out of this house and 'then' tell me what it means to insult a woman...but till then, shut up and stop interfering !! Don't you dare to impress my mom and make her force me to marry you !!"
"Not in 7 lives ..." She raised her neck challenging him.
"Good for you !!" He pointed his finger at her and warned her before he moved away to go out of the main door.


I don't need comments if you don't feel like writing. But 'likes' will do the needful to tell me that you want this SS to be posted here. Less than 30 likes and it will tell me not to continue Tongue

Part 2 - page 4
Part 3 - page 6
Part 4 - page 9
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Part 8 - page 24
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Parts 33 A and B - Page 117
Part 34 - Page 122
Part 35 - Page 124
Part 36 - Page 128
Part 37 - Page 133
Part 38 - Page 138
Part 39 - Page 141
Part 40 - Page 144

Parts 41 onwards - 

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wooow love it mani, hmmm u need to complete the othe ff'ss tooo other mujhse buro koi nahi loool
anyways yayyy continue the ss and yh keep it on india forums I dont mind whichever u wanna do xxxz

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Manita in forum.. very good... nice start.. Shaan is an egoistis snob!! waiting to c how Khanak gives it back to him..

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hi manita...update is really lovely..i really love this egoistic shanak...will be waiting for ur updates...
the way khanak spoke to him directly that i heard the conversation...she is just straight forward...
i love this khanak...shaan is like a playboy...waiting to read how they will love eachother...please do continue soon...

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Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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OMG awesome start... i was taken a back at shaan & khanak's conversation...they are fighting wid their words...looking forward for the next part...

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snigdhanagar Goldie

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

mani di!!!!!!!!!!!

its jst awesome...hawww shaan is soo rude...madhavi wats khanak to be her daughter in law bt dis shaan...Angry

he thinks shez gawar???? OMG m soo angry wid shaan...afetr deir convo dey r enemies nw...

m waiting kaise khanak shaan ko sabak sikhati hai...n m sure after dat only he wil realize his mistake...

noo no u hav to comp dis ss any how...LOL

update soon...

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SmileHi manita di love ur all stories & this ss also good, so please continue this
love u & update soon..Smile.

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loved it!!!!!!

update soon..

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