The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

YaHiMa SS: Kiya blasts Samar for hurting Juhi Pt.3

angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

Part 1

Listen to d 'Khwaishein' song 4m movie 'Heroine' for better effect while reading.

                                                -----Song starts-----


Juhi is sitting @ her table in her home staring @ d dancing couple globe wid a dreamy n sad lukn face.

Khwaishon ka chehra kyun
Dhundhla saa lagta hai

Kyun anginat khwaihishein hain

She is thinking abt her happy moments wid Samar including him asking her to be his partner @ d Freedom Party n her getn excited. Tears started cumn 4m her eyes. She also thought abt many other moments like Samar asking her whether she likes Kiya, Panchi n Bobby n her answer confusing him.

Khwahishon ka pehra
Kyun thehraa sa lagta hai
Kyun yeh ghalat khwaihishein hain

She remembered her moments of them enjoying n dancing @ d Freedom Party. She remembered them doing Banga Ki Pungi. A smile came to her lips thru tears but it soon faded. She thought him of ditching her during Buddy Walk n then cumn back.

Har modh par phir se mud jaati hai
Khilte hue pal mein murjhati hai
Hai besharam
Phir bhi sharmaati hai khwaihishein

She is thinking of other moments of scolding him for not spoiling her mood n tickling him. Tears r increasing in her eyes wen she thought abt Samar treating her as his slave in front wid others around ordering her to carry his bag, do his assignment n bringing sandwich for him 4m d canteen n above all keeping maun vrat d entire day n asking her who d master is n ordering her to follow him. His sly expression while ordering brought more tears in her eyes flowing freely.

Juhi's Mom called her, "Juhi beta, aakar khaana kha lo."

Juhi thought of Samar forcing her to eat more than enuf food by tricking her n replied by wiping her tears  n clearly her voice to avoid her letn know dat she is crying, " Nahi mom, muje bhook nahi hai".
Tears again came into her eyes once again she started crying.

Zindagi ko dheere dheere
Dassti hain khwaishein
Aansun ko peete peete
Hansti hain khwahishein
Uljhi hui kashmakash mein
Umar katt jaati hai

Juhi thought abt him teln her to get up n not to sit till he says so n ordering her to sit on d stairs in front of him, forcing her to dance on raunchy song 'Dreamum Wakepum'  wid him enjoying n smirking @ her n giving sly expressions wid others around lukn @ them. N then ordering her to do his back massage n on her breaking her silence denying his disgusting order teln her dat its his order n then Juhi losing her cool n yelling @ him calling him names for wrongly treating her using d opportunity of master-slave task. She gets up 4m d table n grabs d globe. She is abt to angrily throw d globe n break it on d floor wen she got flashback of her 5th birthday n her parent gifting it wid love.

Juhi's Dad saying wid a smile while giving it in her hands, "Dis is for my beautiful Princess".

Juhi becoming very happy saying innocently wid a smile on her face, "Thank you Daddy, ise main humesha sambhaal kar rakhungi.  Ye main Princess hu aur ye mera Prince jo ek din muje jarur milega."

Juhi's Mom said, "Aur vo Prince tuje humesha Princess ki tarah rakhega".
They kissed on either side of her cheeks.


Cumn back 4m d flashbacks, she kept d globe back on d table n started crying bitterly thinking random moments of how Samar treated her lworse than a slave.

Changing of music into loud one

Samar is quietly sitting @ his shop. Suddenly, d happy moments spent wid Juhi starts haunting his mind refusing to go away. He remembers her wen she she requested d gang to make her part of der plan next after d Banga Ki Pungi incident. He thinks abt dancing wid Juhi @ d Freedom Party. His expression turns into sad.

Aankhein mich jaaye jo ujaalon mein
Kis kaam ki aisi roshni
Oo bhatka ke naa laaye jo kinaron pe
Kis kaam ki aisi kashti

Samar sadly thinks about her catching him outside Banga's office while he was asking liptick n kajal 4m Kiya to use it on Banga n joins in d Banga Ki Pungi n them enjoying it. He then thinks about d coincidence scene of der expulsion letters. He also thinks about her non-stop talks wid him n him getn annoyed but liking it. He thought abt many interesting  moments spent wid her wid her n thinking of her bubbliness n her cheerful smile. He also thought abt her antics dat annoyed n also made him smile.

Aandhi har dheere se laati hai
Vaada kar dhokha de jaati hai
Muh pher hans ke chidaati hai khwahishein

Samar thinks about her being acting as volunteer for Buddy Walk where she was blindfolded by Jaitley Sir n him getn worried wen Juhi was about to trip only to be handled by Jaitley Sir. A smile came on his face. He also thought of her thinking another guy as Samar during der Buddy walk n Samar getn uncomfortable wen he sees him touching her inappropriately n driving him away widout Juhi letn know n her asking him y he went away. He thinks of her dancing to 'Halkat Jawani' song n him driving away some students laughing @ her n stopping d song to stop her 4m further embarrassment. His smile fades n tears starts cumn 4m his eyes wen he starts thinking of forcing to dance on a raunchy song 'Dreamum Wakepum' @ d same place n enjoying lukn @ her while smirking n giving sly expressions while others around were lukn @ them. Him scolding for sitting teln her to sit wen he says so or remain standing n making her to sit on d stairs before him. He broke down wen he remembered him falling 4m d stairs during Buddy Walk n Juhi getn worried asking him where he got hurt n then blowing n caressing his wound.

Zindagi ko dheere dheere
Dasti hain khwaishein
Ansoon ko peete peete
Hansti hai khwahishein

Uljhi hui kashmakash mein umar kat jaati hai

He thought about his smirk wen he came to know dat loser buddies vl become der partner's slave for a day dat is Juhi vl be his slave for d entire day n misusing d opportunity by treating Juhi ordering her to his work n keep maun vrat dat is follow his orders quietly widout uttering a word, reminding her dat he is d master n ordering her to follow him forcing her to eat his food by tricking her. He then thought ordering her to do his back massage n her breaking silence refusing to do then also Samar teln her dat its his order n then her yelling n calling him names for taking d wrong advantage n using her like his slave. He punched his fist on d wall wid tears flowing freely  4m his eyes regretting his cheap deeds n betraying his frnd by using d opportunity of d master-slave task n Juhi's helplessness n widout showing any pity on her. He even thought dat instead of feeling sorry, he complained abt Juhi shamelessly saying he only asked for back massage n she tuk it in d way n his ears r still warm. He felt ashamed of himself for breaking her trust by hurting n publicly humiliating her. How cud he do dat to any1 dat also to a girl, his partner in d Buddy Project program. He was thinking how she may be feeling now cuz of him acting like a jerk n a heartless person? Is she very angry @ him n also crying like him?


Both Samar n Juhi thinking of der happy moments wid tears in der eyes wid scenes shifting to both of them time to time. D last scene is shown of both on split screen wid tears cumn 4m der eyes as d music starts cumn to an end.

                                            -----Song ends-----

Scene shifting to Samar.

Samar(in his original accent thru tears): Juhi, maine tumhe aaj bahot hurt kiya mauke ka galat faayda uthakar. Plz, muje maaf kar do.

Scene shifting to Juhi.

Juhi(thru tears): Samar, tumne muje dhokha diya aur muje buri tarah hurt kiya vo b sabke saamne. Main tumhe kabhi nahi maaf karungi.

Next day, KD is waiting for Kiya @ d corridor facing d ground wid a guilt luk on his face. Piddhi cums to him n notices him lukn guilty.

Piddhi: Bhai, kya hua? Aap itna udaas q ho? Buddy Project class 1 ghante me hai.

KD: Main Kiya ka wait kar raha hu. Piddhi, tuje nahi lagta ki hum bahot badi galti kar rahe hai Kiya ko dhokha dekar. Muje nahi lagta hai ki vo kuch galat kar sakti hai. Kiya kitn badal b to gayi hai. Vo mere plan me involve hone ko ready ho gayi aur usne TBP contract b sign kiya.

Piddhi: Maine khud use apni aankhon se Kunal k saath dekha tha.

KD: Fir b jaruri to nahi na ki baat vahi hai jo hum soch rahe hai. Mere bags se jab drugs mila tha tab kitne logo ne muje guilty maana aur bahot kam logo ko trust tha maine aisa nahi kiya hai. Baat kuch aur b ho sakti hai jo vo kisiko nahi batana chahti ho. Agar usne sachmuch kuch kiya rehta to vo b Kunal, Arun aur baaki gang k saath jail me hoti thi. Aur tu sirf use Kunal k saath dekh kar kaisa assume kar sakta hai ki usne b muje fasaaya hai muje raaste se hataana k liye qki vo mere academics me use aage rehne k vajah se mujse jalti thi. Vaise b, kisi ko publicly humiliate karna galat hai vo b ek ladki ko.

Piddhi: Aap thik keh rahe hai, agar Kiya ne sachmuch kuch kiya rehta to uncle use b nahi chhodta tha.

He tells KD abt him spottin Kiya wid Kunal n angrily charging 2wards to JJ bringing him out of d caf n stopping him to do his his stupidity.

KD: Humne ye b nahi socha ki agar Kiya Kunal k saath hai to vo b to problem me ho sakti hai judging by d fact how he n his frnds r. Agar uncle tuje nahi rokta to tu, Kiya aur main musibat me pad jaate the. Kiya Kunal k saath q thi ye baat baad me shayad pata chal jaaye. Muje use sab sach batakar use maafi maangni chahiye mere galat intentions k baare me aur genuinely frndshp kar leni chahiye. Vo hume  jarur maaf karegi aur shayad kuch pata b chal jaaye.

Piddhi: Nahi bhai, Kiya bahot hurt hogi jab use pata chalega ki hum use dhokha de rahe hai aur agar usne hume maaf nahi kiya to.

They see Kiya cumn n Piddhi goes to d class. Kiya cums n greets KD while she greets him back. KD is about to apologise to her by teln abt his wrong intentions wen they see Juhi cumn wid a sad look on her face. Kisha gets worried. They greet her but she gives no response n goes inside. They go after her. Juhi is in tears by now.

Kiya: Juhi, kya hua? Tum ro q rahi ho? Tumne kal jaane k time kisi se baat tak nahi ki aur chup chaap sabse pehle ghar chali gayi. Aur tumne mere calls disconnect kiye aur sms ka reply nahi kiya.

KD: Kya hua Juhi? Koi problem hai kya?

Juhi: Pls, leave me alone.

She began running n reached outside d class. Kisha lukd @ each other in confusion n getn worried abt Juhi. They ran after Juhi calling by her name but she gave no response. She wiped her tears n entered d classroom. Except Kisha, all were der in d class including Samar. Samar was pleased to see her n stood up to talk to her.

Samar: Juhi sahiba, aap aa gayi. Hum aap hi ka wait kar rahe the.

She dint said anything n was getn angry lukn @ him. She slapped him hard across d face leaving Samar n also others shocked

Samar: Juhi sahiba, ye aap kya kar rahi hai?

She slapped hard on his other cheek as well

Juhi(angrily): Jo muje kal usi jagah par kar dena chahiye tha taaki tumhe b pata chale ki doosro ko publicly humiliate karna kaisa lagta hai.

Samar: Juhi sahiba, hume...

Before he cud complete his sentence, she pushed him hard causing him to stumble but he dint fall down.

Tears started cumn 4m Juhi's eyes n she grabbed his collar n started shoving him. Others were too shocked to interfere.

Juhi(angrily thru tears): U jerk, tumne mere saath aisa q kiya? Kya bigaada tha maine tumhara? Tum apna dost kehte the na muje fir muje q ek ghulam se b buri tarah treat kiya. Kya yahi tumhari dosti hai?

Kisha entered d class n wer shocked to see Juhi attacking Samar. They pulled her back eventhough she was protesting n charging @ Samar.

Kiya: Juhi, wat r u doing? Tum Samar ko q maar rahi ho?

KD: Juhi, batao kya hua? Tum aise bhaag kar q aayi class me?

Juhi started crying n Kiya started comforting her.

Kiya: Tell na Juhi, tum apne best buddy Samar ko q maar rahi thi?

Juhi: He is not my buddy. He is a jerk.

Her answer left evry1 shocked. Kiya pulled Juhi outside d classroom  took her in d caf before teln evry1 dat they vl b back in some minutes.

Kiya: Juhi, abhi muje batao ki kya baat hai? Tumhare aur Samar k beech me jhagda kaise hua?

Juhi: Kiya, usne muje ek cheap slave ki tarah treat kiya aur sabke saamne muje bahot buri tarah hurt kiya.

Juhi told Kiya evrythng dat hpnd yesterday wid tears in her eyes. Kiya got very angry @ Samar for treating Juhi like a dirt n betraying her by breaking her trust.

Kiya(angrily): How d hell he cud do dat wid u? Uski itni himmat ki usne tuje aise treat kiya. Main use nahi chodungi.

She got up angrily n charged 2wards d classroom along wid Juhi equally angry while still in tears.

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
poor juhi Cry
she is soo hurt!!!
loved the song scene..
liked KD's behaviour..hope he wud change soon Smile
do update and thanks for the pm
DilBanjara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 1:32am | IP Logged
poor juhi
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
slightly edited in samar's part of d songSmile
d song is need to be downloaded n then those parts r read along wid d song lines

Edited by angel_juhi04 - 20 October 2012 at 3:45am
KriYaansh960 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Awww !! I love this SS ! I love Samar and Juhi !!
U've written it brilliantly ! If u can than pm me :) 
keshiya IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 August 2012
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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 6:17am | IP Logged
loved it. 
loved ur song selection
juhi is so hurt. i wonder what is Kiya gonna do. 
thanks for pm 
when you continue plz pm meSmile

angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged
^kiya samar ko bahot sunaygi aur insult karegi n juhi vl join her n beat samar even more...kd ko khud pe aur gussa lagega public humiliation ka plan banega k liye vo b lakdi k liye...piddhi vl suggest kd not to tell kiya d truth now as she vl b very broken as she is not even treated well by her own family n kd vl agree saying dat he vl always keep kiya happy n never betray her but vl say dat he vl tell her wen proper time comes...only kiya, samar n juhi r main while rest others r cameos Smile
keshiya IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 August 2012
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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel_juhi04

^kiya samar ko bahot sunaygi aur insult karegi n juhi vl join her n beat samar even more...kd ko khud pe aur gussa lagega public humiliation ka plan banega k liye vo b lakdi k liye...piddhi vl suggest kd not to tell kiya d truth now as she vl b very broken as she is not even treated well by her own family n kd vl agree saying dat he vl always keep kiya happy n never betray her but vl say dat he vl tell her wen proper time comes...only kiya, samar n juhi r main while rest others r cameos Smile
hey awesome yaar Clap
can't wait
plz update soonWink

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