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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 82)

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Hello guys iam back with another chapter... ok
first of all i want to thank all of you who liked my previous chapter i still cannot believed i got 63 likes it surely shocked as well as elated me... it was the most liked chapter till now and i hope this record will broke soon by you Wink alright this chapter is dedicated to my chandni aka mahi...
read and enjoyLOL

Chapter 13...

Ds: seema go and call Ayaan. Tell him i want to talk to him right now...
Seemaji nodes and walks away...
Kripa: Ayaan manyata is fine. Please go to your room and take some rest... Iam here along with ayesha we both will take care of manyata. We will sit by her side whole night so you can go and rest.
Ayaan: i am fine (says coldly)
Kripa knew she would get a reply like this she wiped her tears and tried to share his pain.
Kripa: Ayaan i know you have every right to know about your sister's life and trust me i never wanted to hide anything from you but... (ayaan interrupts her).
Ayaan: kripa doctor has gaved her sleeping injection so you better keep quite now... Don't disturb her..
Ayaan was holding manyata's hand in his while she was sleeping peacefully on her bed.
Kripa knew he was in no mood of listening so she sat beside Ayaan on the bed she kept looking at ayaan in a hope that her husband would forgive her.
Ayaan was caressing manyata's hairs. He had tears in his eyes on seeing her condition.
Manyata who was unconcious  was resting on the bed like a lifeless creature... Her beautiful long eyelashes were still wet...
Ayaan kept caressing her hairs when seemaji entered and called out his name.
Seema: Yuvraaj se maharani jee apko bula rahi hain...
Ayaan came out of his thoughts...
He nodded...
Ayaan: take care of Manyata i will be back..(says looking at ayesha)
Kripa: don't worry i will take care of her trust me..
Ayaan: huh trust you better not talk about it(says sarcastically and walks out)

Kripa starts sobbing Ayesha comes to her and tries to console her..
Ayesha we both know bhabi it wasn't your mistake manyata never told both of us that it was udayveer who married her forcefully then why you are feeling guilty'
Kripa: Ayesha you know the relation between a husband and his wife is based on certain points.. Like, love, care, honesty loyalty trust  and many other things. But I as I wife have never worked on any of them' I have never loved him the way I should have' Trust is the foundation and pillars for a relation and once it's broken a relation has no meaning at all. And I have broken his trust Ayesha'
Ayesha: I totally agree bhabi trust is very vital I na relationship and I've always felt that without trust you have nothing in which to base a relationship upon but here the scene is different. I know you hide the truth of manyata's marriage but why? Was it for your benefit? No right it was for him and his family' do you think after knowing that someone married his dear forcefully he would had left the man? No bhabi by now he would have killed him'.. and if ayaan thinks you hide it just you didn't wanted him to do anything which he will regret later''.. now tel me in all this fiasco how you broke his trust just by lieing to him for his benefit or safety is not a crime infact its what every women do to protect her husband'
Kripa: no Ayesha I should haven't hided such a big thing from him you know when it's about manyata he doesn't listens to anyone not even daadi sahib''''.. I seriously don't know what y to do to rectify my mistakes and pacify him'..
Ayesha: bhabi its ok right now our first priority is manyatas health I hope she recovers from this trauma' and we have to be strong enough to make her strong and make her face the situation'.
Kripa: thanks Ayesha you are indeed like a sister to me' I love you ( hugs Ayesha)
Ayesha: I love you too bhabi'.
Ayaan ds you called me?
Ds: ayiye ayaan
Ayaan nodes and sites infront of ds..
Ds: aaj apne jo kuch kiya uske baarey mai aapko kuch kehna hai?
Ayaan: nahi..
Ds: aapko nahi lagta jo kuch bhi aaj apne kiya who theek nahi tha?
Ayaan: nahi humne aaj wohi kia jo har bhai karta balke hum to ye kahenge hum aaj aur bohat kuch karna chahiye tha agar aap beech mai naa ati toshayad kar chukey hottey'
Ds: aap pagal hogayae hain kya? Kya matlab hai aapka aap udayveer ko marengey aapko pata bhi hai k aap keh kya rahen hain?
Ayaan: jee humen pata hai aur hum aaj apko bata rahen hai ke hum unhe maar kar rahengey'( says fuming)
Ds: aap bhool rahen hai ke aap kon hai. Agar aapko yaad nahi to hum yaad dilate hain k aap ek Yuvraaj hain jo dil se nahi dimagh se faisla leten hain..hamen to yakeen hi nahi horaha ke aap humara apna khoon hain..
Ayaan who was already fuming stood up and said..
Ayaan: agar ek yuvraaj honey ka matlab ye hai ke apni behen ko tarap te dekh kar un se muu mor lena' apni behen ko ek darindey ke paas chorna aur unn ko saza dena hota hai to humen nahi bana Yuvraaj' aap bhool gayi hongi ke aap ek raj maata honey se pehle ek dadi hain aur manyata aapki poti hain par hum ek yuvraaj honey se pehle ek bhai hain aur hum aaj apse vaada karten hain k hum Yuvraaj Udayveer ko jaan se mardenge us ke baad hamarey saath job hi ho hamen koi farq nahi parta par uss uday ki mauth hamarey hi haathon likhi hai'''.. ( he pushes the chair and it fells on the ground)
He walks away fuming in anger' ds on the other hand was shocked beyond words after seeing ayaan as a possessive brother' she knew he would never listen to her and she was the eldest and she had to save her family before it shatters completely'
Komal was sobbing when brijraj entered their room'
Brijraj: komal why you are making mountain out of a mole hill?
Komal: what you mean?( gets shocked)
Brijra: you know exactly what I mean' why you all are making this such a big issue we all should be happy that(komal interrupts him)
Komal: happy? On what
Brijraj: cmon komal you know as well everyone is making issue out of nothing why everyone is blaming udayveer? And why now if manyata and udayveer are married let them be'. Infact we should thank GOD for it?
Komal who was dumbstruck couldn't figure out what he was trying to exactly say'.
Komal: maharaj tel me what you are trying to say..
Brijraj: komal its clear what iam trying to say but if you want me to say it to you clearly then ok'.
Brijraj: we should be happy that manyata got married to udayveer? He is not an ordinary guy he is yuvraaj of the most powerful state do you know how much this will benefit us? manyata's marriage will not only make our state more powerful but it will lead to union of two powerful states .. we will have very strong place in mahasaba infact the strongest and it will give benefit to our business too. why cant ayaan see this? Why is he adamant to screw everything'.
Komal who couldn't believe what his husband said.she was shocked to hear what brijraj said she couldn't imagine in her wildest dreams that he himself will ever prefer business and won't give a damn to her daughter's life his own blood!
Komal: I think you are drunk you don't know what you are saying'..
Brijraj: no iam not drunk at all I know exactly what iam saying' agar hum khud bhi manyata ke liye larka dhundtey tab bhi udayveer jese larke ko kabhi nahi dhund pataey' aur jab aaj khud hamri kismet ne hamarey dar par dastak di hai to hum apne haathon se kyun sab kho den?
Komal: you are out of your mind? how can you stoop so low brijraj singh she is your daughter your own blood dammit! I never regretted but today  I regret of getting married to you.. the one who can't be loyal to his own blood can never ever be loyal to even his own self today I am ashamed to say that I am married to you (shouts)
Brijraj: who already had heard a lot was boiling'.
Komal: aur jahan tak aap baat karahen hain uday ki aur unki dolat ki to hum manyata ko ek naukar ke saath zyada khush dekh sakenge kyun k hamen pata chal gaya hai k saarey ke saarey rajwadey kis tarhan k hotey hen who dolat to de dete hen par pyaar kabhi nahi de patey wese hi jese aap ne aaj tak hamen dolat to bohat di par pyaar nahi de payee orr aaj ap chahtey hen k hamari beti bhi wesi zindagi guzarrey? hamari beti bhi aisey mard k saath apni puri zindagi bitaye jo har raat dusri aurat ka ban jatey hain? ye khoon hi ganda hai rajwadey nahi ayaash hoten hain aap sab aur hum apne jeetey jee apni beti ko kabhi bhi aisee zindagi bitaaney nahi denge'
Brijraj: komal (shouts and slaps hard on her face)
Brijraj: yeh hai aapki hesiyat aur izzat''( he walks out fuming in anger)
Sunray illuminated from the window and hit manyata's face'
In couple of seconds manyata felt harsh light due to which she tried to open her eyes but couldn't' she tried couple of times and then finally succeeded'. She opened her eyes and saw ceiling of the roof all the memories of past night gathered in her head she still was in dilemma'.
Manyata kept looking at the roof when she heard someones foot steps..
She tried to sit but kripa stopped her'.
Kripa: no don't its ok stay there...
Manyata: no iam fine now'. she sits on the bed with the help of krip...
Kripa: to how is my chamak challo? Hmmm?
Manyata smiled: iam good bhabi'
Kripa: good so now whats todays plan?
Manyata: what plan?( asks bewildered)
Kripa: manyata I mean whats the plan of eating today tell me I will ask suraj to make everything of your choice'..
Manyata: no bhabi sa iam not hungry at all'
Kripa: arrey dude right now you are supposed to eat all this (she points towards the food trolley which she brought with herself)
Manyata eyes popped out to see a great amount of food'.
Manyata: bhabhi saa how I mean( stammers)
Kripa: jee miss nand jii you are going to eat all this and its ds order (smiles)
Manyata: no way how can I eat 6 peoples breakfast alone'.
Kripa: its not that much yaar chalo start'.
Manyata: are you planning to make me break the worlds fattest man record'
Kripa: lol yea nice idea it would be so adventurous henaa people from all over the world will come to see you( shows all her teeths)
Manyata suddenly remembers something and her smile fades'
Manyata: bhabi what bhai said to you?
Kripa: who wasn't expecting manyata to say something like this asked her..
Kripa: what mannu? Choro sab baton ko and cmon eat all this like a good girl'.. gives her bowl of choco cornflakes
Manyata: iam very sorry bhabi I know what I have done cannot be forgiven so easily but trust me bhabi I never knew he will come back into our lives like this and when he did I couldn't gather up courage to tell everybody everything'
I know there are already many problems in yours and bhais married life and now because of me it will increase' trust me I asked you to hide everything because I thought it was my nightmare which was gone and it won't ever come back again... but I was soo wrong bhabi it was my destiny... and now i know i cant run away from it no matter how much i try
She holds kripa's hands' bhabhi trust me I never wanted to make yours and bhai's life more difficult but everything happened so rapidly that I didn't got chance to process everything and take an action... I wanted to tell you about uday but I was scared that you will tell bhai and then he will do something which will harm him or his reputation'...I know iam your culprit and you have all rights to punish me bhabi'...Kripa was looking at her in awe'. She was thinking how anyone can be so innocent so unselfish and self-giving' Her life was all upside down she was going from such a horrible state but still she was thinking about her? How can God give so much pain to such a pure girl like manyata'. Her life was going from a phrase no one would ever think of it in their dreams and here she was not thinking about her sorrows her miseries but was tensed for her bhabi and asking her forgiveness for the sin which she haven't done''.
Kripa had tears in her eyes' she immediately hugged manyata and started caressing her hairs...
Kripa: mannu you know you are the best person I have ever come across and you don't need to say sorry got it nothing happened between me and ayaan infact he supported me and you know he said it wasn't my mistake if he was instead of me he would have done the same which I did...
Manyata: who breathe a sigh of relief hugged her back and got happy to hear what kripa said...
Kripa: to now if you don't have any other excuse can we I start on feeding yaa..
Manyata: you will feed me'. Bhabi iam a grown up girl (asks amused)
Kripa: yea but for me you are my young sister so now shut up and eat this( she feeds her cornflakes)
Ayesha enters and says : wah pyaar ho to aisaa hamen bhi thora khila dijiye bhabi jee'
Kripa: to aajaiye aapko rokaa kisne hai'.
Ayeshaa comes and sits with them..they all starts chatting....

Ayaan was going out of home when he heard ds voice...
Ds: where are you going?
Ayaan: do I have to answer all your questions?
Ds: yes you should!
Ayaan: alright! Iam going for filling a case against udayveer singh and if it didn't helped then I will definetly end up in killing that bas***d I hope now I can go'. He starts walking
Ds: no you can't go' have you gone mad ayaan how can you behave like this huh? You can't act like this...
Ayaan: ds we talked about it yesterday now please dont start it again... and iam getting late.
Ds: ayaan listen to me you can't file a case'. Everyone will get to know what happened with manyata we will think of other way.. ayaan..
Ayaan didn't replied and kept walking..
Ds: ayaan ayaan suddenly she felt alot of pain in her chest she called out ayaan but he didn't listened... Her eyes started closing on their own and then everything was black'''''''''
Doctor uncle:she had a minor heart attack'.. first of all I want to ask you was she suffering from depression? Or she had any kind of  tension? Because it happens mostly due to depression or stress'. And moreover she is in her late 70's any stress could take her life'. Right now she is fine and its good that it was just a minor heart attack next time it could be worse'
Ayaan: thanks doctor uncle n don't worry we will take care of her'
Doctor uncle: yuvraaj sa 2 nurses will take care of raj maata jee 24/7 I will come everyday twice to check her but if anything happened do call me anytime ....
Ayaan: jee...
Komal: kya horaha hai hamarey khushiyon ko kiss ki nazar lag gayi hai( sobs)
Manyata who was standing on the corner looking at her dadi sahib who was lying on the bed all pale and ill' she knew she was the reason behind it' she wished she could erase everything.... she knew something might have happened due to which ds got heat attack...tears were rolling down her cheeks...
Ayaan: kripa take manyata with you she needs rest' Iam here with ds ..
Kripa: noded and takesmanyata away...
Kripa was going along with manyata but stopped when jay came infront of manyata'.
Jay: manyata you must be really happy right?
Manyata: jay I don't want to fight right now I beg you to let me go please iam already very tensed please let me go'
 jay: wohooo really you are tensed? But I don't feel like? Ds is in that state just becaue of you'.
Jay: seriously tel me manyata from where you learn all this? Everyone thought  you are sweet innocent girl who loves her family more than anything you always used to say that right that your family Is your life and no one in this world can take this place? Then what happened how you fall head over heels for a guy?
Manyata: jay you don't know what you are saying I know you are tensed right now so just go'.
Jay: wah yahan to bohat sati savitri ban rahi ho manyata'. Ghar me sab tumhara asli chehra nahi dekh saktey but I can clearly see what you are ?
You are a s**t yea you heard it right or I should say even worse than it'.
Kripa: jay( shouts)
Jay: kripa please its between me and my sister so you better stay away'. To haan jiji what I was saying'.
Manyata was about to gobut jay hold her hand and pulled her back to face her'
Jay: why you are running away han? Cant you hear the truth ? How could you stoop so low and that for a guy? You knew it right that I was crazy for uday but still you tried your best and seduced him''.. you used to pretend like you hate him but inside your heart you used to crave for him'. By your tactics you maked him yours? What you did you done black magic on him?
Or you used your body to seduce him? What you did manyata cmon tel me you can share it with your sister? I also want to know what you done to him?  Did you slept with him tel me? Did you slept with him''.(shouts)
Someone pulled her back and slapped her hard...
Jay who couldn't believed what just happened'
Komal: buss bohat kehlia aapne aur ek shabd nahi warna hum bhool jayenge k aap hamari beti hain'..
Jay walked away'..boiling in anger
Komal: aap manyata ko le jaiye kripa bete.

Manyata and kripa now were in manyata's room'
Manyata was in deep thoughts she knew whatever jay said was somewhere right'
 Manyata : this all happened because of me' I am the one who should be blamed for whatever is happening' today because of me ds is in this condition.. the lady who has faced every problem bravely couldn't face the fact that her grand daughter was married forcefully' she teached me everything from speaking till walking'. You know bhabi when I started talking no body not even maa could understand what I used to say but ds used to understand everything and today she is resting quietly on that bed...
Kripa: no its nothing like that mannu please I beg you stop blaming yourself for everything you have done nothing love'. You are not the reason infact you are the one who is suffering the most ...
Manyata: I want to be alone bhaabi please...
Kripa nodes and leaves the room...
Manyata calls seemaji: call Ayesha..
Seemaji nodes'
Ayesha: hey mannu you called me?
Manyata: Ayesha whatever iam asking I want you to answer me and please I beg you don't lie to me please'.
Ayesha: what happened mannu?
Manyata: Ayesha tel me what happened between ds n bhai ?
Ayesha: nothing'.
Manyata: no more lies please ayeshaa tumhe meri kasam hai'
Ayesha tells her everything that how ayaan was planning to file a case against him and ds tried to stop him but failed and then ended  up in getting heart attack'
Tears rolled down her cheeks..
Manyata: thanks Ayesha now I want something else from you too please promise me you wont tell anyone that you told me what happened please this is the first and last time iam asking something from you please'
Ayesha: I promise you mannu'.
48 hours past...
Ds  condition was same. She was unconscious...
Everyone was worried for ds'..
Manyata was sitting beside ds holding her hand in hers and caressing her hairs'.
Suddenly she felt movement in her hands'.. she holded her hand firmly'
Ds opened her eyes slowly'.
Manyata got happy to see her she stood up to go and call the nursesand everyone at home but ds holded her hand tightly she looked back and saw ds'.. she sat beside her'.
 manyata: ds how are you feeling now' give me a minute I will call everyone'.. everyone will be so happy to see you all right'
ds: takes the oxygen mask out of her mouth and says..
ds: hamen aapse baat karni hai' aur hum umeed karte hai k aap hamari baat samjhengii'.
Manyata: boliye ds'''

Everyone came in the room and was happy to see ds...
Doctor uncle: ye to bohat khushi ki baat hai mrirlani jee abhi pehle se bohat behtar hain aur bohat jald hi aap phir se apni duty nibhaa payengi..
Komal wipes her tears: hum aaj bohat khush hain maa sahib theek hogayi hain..
Vijay: abhi to treat banta hai henaa manyata bhai?
Manyata who was lost in her own world didn't reacted...
 vijay: waves his hand infront of manyata...
vijay: kahan kho gayi manyata bhai...
Manyata: kahin nahi aap kya kehrahe they...
Vijay: hum ye kehrahen hain k ab to treat banti hai naa
Manyata: haan bilkul...
Jay: who was spitting venom at manyata said'..
Jay: iam glad you are fine ds warna jin logon ki wajah se sab huwa who to khush they...
Manyata didn't reacted on jay words...

Manyata was in her room when komal came...
Komal: kesi hain aap bete ...
Manyata: hamen kya huwa hain hum abhi bilkul theek hain maa..
komal: aapko kuch chahye ho to mujhe bataiye ga..
manyata: maa aap humesha hamara saath dengi na..
komal: haan bete hum hamesha aapke saath hain..
Komal walked out of the room...
manyata took a deep breathe...
Manyata opened the draw took her cell out of it  and called someone....
Receiver: hello whos this?
Manyata: I didn't expected that you will forget me so soon..
Receiver: well am I dreaming or something?
Manyata: no you are not dreaming hubby!
There was silence for some seconds'
Udayveer: whats wrong with you ?
Manyata: nothing and why you think that something is wrong with me you're my husband and I have right to call you my hubby dont i?
Udayveer: come to the point...
Manyata: point what point? I think you are not feeling well...cmon I have called my husband iam talking to him so whats so weird in it'. Cant I talk to my husband whenever I like?
Udayveer was shocked! he couldn't understand what was happening? Why she was talking like this?
Manyata: hubs don't waste your time and energy in thinking why I am behaving this way.... actually I was missing you so thought to call you'..
Udayveer: have you gone mad?
Manyata: oh God hubby iam fine don't love me so much...
Udayveer: if you are done with your drama tel me why you called otherwise I will cut this call because I have much important works than talking to you....
Manyata: alright I will tell you hubby actually I want you to take your wifey back to home''.
Udayveer: home which home? (asks totally bewildered)
Manyata: OUR HOME hubby'.
Udayveer: what?

Finally iam done with this chapter guys this is the longest chapter I have ever wrote so please don't say it was short'' and I really hope you enjoyed it'. Before you hit me with rotten eggs I wana clear one thing I know many of you must be like why it didn't had manveer scenes and all but guys the story isn't just about manveer in this story ayaan is equally important and yea whoever want manveerlicious updates would not have to wait for long because from next update it would be only about manveeer so now manveer story has started in real way;)please do click the LIKE button because if you wont then you wont get pm for next chapter and do give your valuable comments'''. Avoid grammatical/ spellings mistakes''


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Yay!!! First one to cmnt Party
Awesome,superb,mindblowing fantabulous update dear Clap Clap Clap
Loved it to d coreHeart
Awe Manyata is so innocent she wasn't thinking abt herself bt kripa Smile
Ds ka hi dimaag chla hoga manveer together Wink
Mini heartattack ka faida mil jayega
manyata apne hubby k pass jayegi Tongue
Ayaan's reaction were supa gud u have written it beautifully Clap
Uday:home which home
Manyata: our home hubbyROFL
Uday: what Shocked
J ws defining herself na LOL And the thappad ws awesome LOL
And the way komal insulted the so called rajwada khoon ws superbBig smile
This update ws FLAWLESS Star Thumbs Up
I noe it ws a long update bt u wouldn't have ended it there Cry I am very greedy LOL
Update ASAP thanx fr dis update
Love uh sarahHug

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Clap Clap Awesome Clap Clap
That was great Clap
Ahhh iss ayan ke tho Angry Angry
Yaar sara kia humse koi dushmani hai
Humesha best point mae rokdethi hon
But never mind Wink Bcoz i know tum jaldi
Update kerogi Smile
and thx for Pm dear

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Awesome update
Can't wait till the next update

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Geez Sarah   ...   I'm running out of words for uConfused.  The update was FANTASTIC!!! (for lack of a better word)Clap . Every scene was so intense , so filled with emotion - AWESOMEThumbs Up !!!  Felt sorry for Kripa Unhappy, I wish Ayaan forgives her soon.  The best part (for me) was the slap Jai got from Komal Approve.  That was great ...   IF ONLY SHE COULD GET 2 MORELOL
So what is Manyata planning for her "hubby" Ermm???  Update soon Dear , I'm dying out of curiousityDead.
Thanx for this long & amazing update,
  ...  do continue soon  &
thank u for the PMSmile

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awsomeee...mindblowing,fabtastic,fabulous,amzing it...OMG...sarah ur FF makes me crazy...i tell u
urghhh...uncle brij is sooo...selfish...he doesnt care about his own daughter...sirf paiso ki aur apne bussiness ki padi hai how mean
hawww...ayan is so rude...poor kripa...huhhh...
huuhh...that J is sooo..kamini apni behen ke bare me aisa kaise bol sakti hai ullu kahin ki
OMG...DS ne sayad manyata ko uday ko accept karne ke liye kaha hoga iss liye ush ne uday ko phone karke ye sab kaha ...last manveer scene was awsomeee...
OMG...cnt wait for next chp...update soon thanx for PM.

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My eternity queen Hug, iss bar tho sach mein eternity laga di update dene meinLOL, on a serious note sarah, we all readers cant thank u musch for trying to give time to this wonderfull ff from ur super hectic study schedule, so a big wala thanku to u 

Ok now coming to the update 

I love  the character of ayesha, she seems totally dumb when it comes to guys, but she has equal depth when she comes to handling the relationship around her. Now Kripa, I seriously pity this poor soul, I have no Idea how you are planning to shape up this character,or for how long will this character be in this ff, but she has the potential to act as a unintentional cupid for manveer.

You know Sarah, the highlight of this update for me was ayaan's conversation with DS, I mean he was a broken shattered and a wounded brothers today, he acted like a mirror to himself, I'm so sure what he said in the coming days the destiny is gonna make him swallow his each and every single word like a dose of poison, and UV is so patiently waiting for that day burning his soul with the fire of vengeance and hatred, and so am I.

Komal brijraj have always been a pitiful couple, and so are hear, no great expectation from them.
J is again a character who can play the role of stupid cupid LOL

Finally the mother queen is back to her actual senses, and using her brain lol. I'm sure Manyata is now donning the cap of the undercover jassos to find out the real reason of this hatred under the guidance of DS. A truth which is so bitter that it will burn their souls to ashesOuch, But then phoenix rises from the ashes, so only after burning in this fire will Manyata know and see things in the right perspective and fight for what is right.

I loved this update Sarah, it was the second major turning point of this ff, first being the forceful marriage that has bounded manveer for eternityClap

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Anmol_. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awsome!Clap The last scene shocked me, it means there is anopther twist in da story!Wink Cant wait for da next chapter!Tongue Continue soon!Smile

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