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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 59)

wendy25 Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 4:50am | IP Logged
everytime your each update and promo leaves me speechless. But this was just WOW.
seriously my breath got stopped for a second when ayaan stopped UV.
so finally much awaited UV-Ayaan face off is on the way but its bit it going to result in fist fight? because no brother can see any man behaving like this with her sister .
And man UV is adding kerosene in fire by his jabs. i know you have explanation for UV's such behaviour. I hope now manyata takes stand fot herself. she needs to be strong to fel with these two men.i really love kripa manyata and manyata-ayaan bond in your ff and manveer are just FIRE.
really sarah you are doing amazing job. your every update is thrilling.
i know this is my first comment on your ff but i do read it regularly.
this is one of my fav ff , reminds me of my manveer in dek. now real game has started between manveer . hats off to you for creating two such strong character try to make manyata strong too so that she can bring UV on line and give him equal blow.
update soo sarah

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Shahi01 Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:14am | IP Logged
ClapClap awesome, awesome promo.
Loved it. love this story of yours, everything is written perfectly.
Can not wait 4 ur update. hopefully soon.
Keep up the great job.


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patakaguddi Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
hey sarah...Embarrassed
tht was totatally a mindboggling promo...Embarrassed
just loved it...Big smile
finally we will get to see  much waited uv-ayaan confrontation...
mammmaaa mia...LOL

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Mind- blowing Promo !!!
WoW ...  I'm so excited.
Update it soon ,
  ...  can't wait for the face-off between Uday & Ayaan.

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fatima4a Groupbie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Amazing promo,
Ayaan-Uday face off, ufff... have been waiting so long for this!

please please update soonEmbarrassed
you said you'll update today, can't wait
MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:05am | IP Logged

Manyata: couldn't believe what just happened. He revealed their relation infront of the whole world.
Reporters: sir how and when you got married? Why you kept this wedding a secret?
Uday: no more questions. He walks away or rather it should be said dragged away manyata.
Manyata's dupatta got stuck in her feet and she was about to fall when pair of strong arms hold her from her waist. She opened her eyes and met his chocolate brown ones.
Reporters were going all crazy after seeing such a romantic scenerio infront of their eyes. They were clicking the pictures like no tomorrow. Well who wont get all gaga after seeing the most eligible bachelor of india holding his wife in his arms the love and care was easily seen in his eyes.
Their eye lock was broken by the reporters loud voices.
Uday: wifey watch while you walk!
They left the airport with all the guards.
Everyone was shocked to see manyata in udayveer's arms in the news...
Komal: nahi aisa nahi hosakta hamari bachi humse itni bari baat nahi chupa sakti humen manyata ke paas jana hogaa abhi chaliye maa sahib..
Ds: shaant hojaiye komal... udayveer kabhi bhi bina kisi pukhta sabood ke aisey sub k samne announcement nahi karte. Magar hamen apni manyata pe pura bharosa hai woh aisa kuch bhi nahi karengi...
Kripa: ds i know he is lying manyata isn't married to him... How can she get married to him when she was already...(stops)
Ds: already what kripa?
Kripa falls on the floor and suddenly she remembers about manyata's forceful marriage, when she saw uday for the first time in party she got unconcious in his arms, the way she used to avoid uday, the way they danced together...
kripa: ds she is yuvraaj udayveer wife... Manyata is married to him.
Komal: kya behki behki baatein karahin hain aap aisa nahi hai samjhi aap.
Ds: tel me everything kripa everything now(commands)
Jay was sleeping peacefully when her cell started buzzing...
Jay: oh God who is disturbing me so early in the morning..
Jay picks up her cell and answers the call..
Jay: hello
Kaaya: jay have you... Have you seen the breaking news...
Jay: babes you have disturbed my beauty sleep for some kind of shitty news are you in your senses shutup and let me sleep..
Kaaya: babes its very urgent please switch on the tv now...
Jay: shutup now are you in the mood of joking or something...
kaaya: trust me babes its very important...
Jay: urghhh if its so important why don't you tell me what is it???
Kaaya: i can't please switch on your tv ...
Jay: k if it was a shit u will surely be dead by tomorrow.. .
Jay shouts seema seema..
A maid enters...
Maid: jee rajkumari jee
Jay: switch onn the tv and bring orange juice for me now...
Maid: jee
Jay: i will kill k...
She changes the channels and stops on a news channel...
News reporter: aaj ki subha hi itni romanchak rahi... Jin logon ne abhi hamen abhi join kia hai unhe batatey chalen ke india k kamyaab business man jaigarh state ke yuvraaj iklotey waaris aur eligible bachelor abhi bachelor nahi rahen... Jee haan aapne theek sunaa Yuvraaj udayveer singh ab shaadi shudaa hain..
Jay eyes got wide... She changed the channel..
Reporter: according to our sources. Mr Udayveer singh along with his wife have left the airport. But the question is why he got married so secretly and why mrs singh was going to chicago? Was it due to a normal husband wife fight or is there something else behind this mysterious wedding for more details keep watching zee news...
Jay: uday got married but to whom? She immediately changed the channel..
Channel was showing breaking news...
Udayveer Singh came to mumbai airport to stop his wife from going to chicago... Yes mrs singh was leaving for chicago but mr udayveer stopped her and introduced her as his wife infront of the whole world.. And now you will be wondering who the lucky girl is... We will not only tell you the girls name but will show you too.. She is the youngest princess of devgarh state ms manyata sorry mrs manyata udayveer singh.
Remote fall down of jay hands she couldn't believe her ears.. Did she heard right? Manyata is udayveers wife?
Clips of airport were shown on the channel..
Jay: nahi aisa nahi hosakta hum aisa nahi honney denge( shouts)
The car came to halt infront of udayveer mansion.
Reporters were present there too to capture the newly married pictures..
Uday: rohaan stop them from entering the palace..
Uday: wifey welcome to home sweet home... Now please come inn..
Manyata: i don't want to go with you anywhere.. Let me go( shouts)
Uday: you have already done alot of drama don't force me to show my true colors.. Media are standing on the gates don't let them make a mountain out of a mole hill...
Manyata: iam not going anywhere...
Uday: ok...
He opens door of her side picks her up in his arms and starts walking towards his home enterance.
Manyata: leave me... Leave me..( shouts and hits uday on his chest from her tiny hands)
Uday: don't waste your energy in hiting me trust me its not even 0.01% effecting me so you better stop behaving like i have kidnapped you...
Manyata: obviously you have kidnapped me not only once but twice... I won't leave you mr udayveer singh i swear i will send you to jail just wait  and watch.( shouts and tries to stop her tears she doesn't wanted to seem scared and helpless infront of him)
Udayveer while climbing the stairs: really you will send me to jail on crime of???
Manyata: on kidnapping me twice...
Uday chuckles: really you will file a case against me on stopping my own wife from going away from me?
Manyata: iam not your wife..
Udayveer: well you are love not a normal one but a forceful one.. But you can't prove it in the court... So now( he throws her on the bed) sleep tight and if you needed anything call the maids ill make one stand infront of your door.. Ok and yea wifey don't you even think of running away.. This palace has lots of guards which will never let you run away at any cost.. Bye darling will catch you at night... I hope i will find you dressed in traditional clothes after all its our real and official suhaag raat(smirks).
He shuts the door..
Manyata broke down!  tears started rolling down her cheeks... She never expected he will stoop so low. Her life again brought her to the same place where she was some 7 months before...
Manyata knew her family must bee worried for her as well as angry from her for hiding such a big secret from them... She sobbed for God knows how many hours her eyes were swollen now. Her eyes closed on their own after such a long session of crying and she slept...
Her eyes opened on loud voices as some one was quarreling on something... She blinked her eyes couple of times to understand what was happening and where she was?
After some 10 minutes her eyes shot open and she sat on the bed instantly... She scanned the whole room and all the things that happened to her today began flashing infront of her eyes..
Manyata: oh God how i slept? What's the time? What will uday do next? Where he will be now. Her chain of thoughts were broken by smacking. She startled a little.
Manyata: what's wrong ... She walks out of the room and found a old man in his late 50s yelling at uday. She was surprised to see how calm uday was despite of being treated like that...
Giriraj: whats this?? Iam asking you something damit (he throws the newspaper on his face)
Uday: dad listen to me i?
Giriraj: you what? Do you know what have you done? How can you? Are you out of your mind?( shouts very loudly)
Manyata got scared to hear him shouting so loud. She had never seen anyone shouting so loudly not in her palace not in her friends no where.
Uday: i know what i have done and i don't regret it..
Giriraj: do you know who the hell is she? She isn't a commoner with whom you fall in love and got married. She is princess of devgarh AYAAN SINGH sister don't you know he is equally powerful as you are? How could you udayveer?
Uday: dad i know how much powerful is he and trust me i don't give a damn and secondly i don't love his sister...
Giriraj: what? what did you say? You don't love her? Then why you got married to her secretly. Wait has she married you on her will or?
Uday: yes dad what ever you are thinking is right i married her forcefully not today but 7 months back...
Giriraj couldn't believe what his own blood have done...
Giriraj: you have lost it.. Where is she manyata manyata...
Manyata comes little scared of udayveer but she was trying to seem normal..
Giriraj comes forward to her and asks: bete are you fine? Have he done anything wrong with you... Don't be scared and tell me?
Manyata was stunned to see so much concern and care for her..
Manyata: iam fine..
Giriraj: call your family..
Uday: dad i won't let her go..
Giriraj: bete do what iam saying call mrirlani devi now.
Manyata: how can i?
Giriraj understood her situation.. He called a maid and asked her to bring something for her to eat because she was looking very weak and pale and he himself called...
After some 60 minutes mrirlani devi arrived...
Ds: giriraj hamari manyata kahaan hai?
Giriraj: aap hamarey saath chaliye?
They sat in a separate room.
Giriraj: mrirlani jee iam very ashamed on my son deed. I am very sorry on behalf of him. Now what's done can't be undone we both are known families of india now we have to find a way from which none of us face humiliation!
Ds: what do you mean?
Giriraj: i mean now they are married infront of the whole world. We should accept it as our and their destiny... We don't have any other choice trust me i have come to this conclusion after thinking alot..
Ds: you want me to forget what your son did with my grand daughter? He married her forcefully? Why? Did he think twice before announcing manyata as his wife infront of the whole world? Do you know how much we have gone through after this incident? Our relatives media people from other states are calling us for answers! Everyone wants to know why i got manyata married so suddenly and secretly? Many people are making their own stories? How would i answer all of them giriraj its matter of my daughter its not as easy as you think!
Giriraj: i know mrirlani its not easy at all but we have to do something before its too late...
Manyata enters the room and finds ds sitting she runs as fast as she could and hugs her and starts crying.
Ds comforts her.
Manyata: hamen ghar jana hai ds aap ke saath please take me home ds.(says while sobbing)
Ds: shaant hojaiye bete.
Ds to giriraj: hamen udayveer se abhi baat karni hai grijraj.
Grijraj calls uday.
Uday comes and sits infront of ds.
Uday: iam listening daadi sahab tel me what you want to say?
Ds: why uday? Why you did all this.
Uday: hmmm well let me remind you i have already answered your question before...
Well now if you don't mind can i take my wife with me i want to spend some time with my wife in my room ALONE...
Giriraj: you can't behave like this with mrirlani devi..(he shouts)
Uday: dad she is my grand saasu maa and i can behave however i want..
Ds: uday aap mai itni karwahat kyun hai aisa kya huwa hai jiski waja se aap is had tak gir gayen hai jo aapne apne se 8 saal choti larki se zabardasti shaadi ki?
Uday: hmmm or kuch?
Ds was shocked to see the way he was behaving..
Uday: now if you don't mind can i take my wife with me? Well why iam asking you i have all rights on her after all she is my legal wife..
Uday goes to manyata holds her from her wrist and starts dragging her...
Manyata: leave me leave me ds(sobs)
Giriraj: uday stop it, stop it.
Ds: udayveer  choriye manyata ka haath.
Uday doesn't listens to anyone and keeps dragging manyata away..
He was about to climb up the stairs when he felt a hand on his hand stoping him to walk further..
He turns around and finds ayaan.. His eyes were red due to extreme anger.
Uday smirks on seeing his condition..
Ds comes running after uday and gets shocked to see ayaan.
Giriraj: Ayaan bete aap.
Ayaan: haath choro
Uday: nahi chora to.. (smirks)
Ayaan closes his eyes to calm his anger...
Ayaan: udayveer singh leave hand of angel now..
Giriraj got scared after seeing Ayaan so angry he knew the circumstances will get worse if he didn't stopped them.
Giriraj: uday leave manyata's hand please..
Uday: i won't leave her hand she is my wife after all.. Now let me go man iam a married man you should know its bad manners to stop a newly married couple from going in their bedroom to... He couldn't complete his sentence Because before he could Ayaan punched him hard on his face...Uday reeled backwards and fall down on the floor due to the sudden blow. Blood started oozing out of his lower lip and in some seconds his mouth was filled with blood...
Manyata got scared when she saw her brother's anger..
Manyata: bhaii ..( shouts)
Ayaan walked towards uday to hit him once again but mrirlani devi came in between...
Ds: what are you doing Ayaan? Have you lost your mind..
Ayaan: move ds i will kill him...
Ds: Ayaan! What will happen after you kill him? Huh
You are a Yuvraaj you are supposed to take decisions from your brain not heart... Let's go.
Ayaan: what? you want me to still  think from my brain and leave him.. After knowing what he did with my sister no ds today i won't listen to you leave me( he pushes ds away)
Ds was shocked to see him like this all blinded...
Uday who was really happy after seeing Ayaan's condition. He didn't felt like fighting with him or hiting him back because he was satisfied seeing Ayaan burning infront of him...
Uday: if you are out of your Bruce lee mode can i go now?( laughs histericaly)
Ayaan clenched his fist...
Ayaan: i will kill you bas***d( he again tries to punch him but this time uday holds his hand)
Uday: nch nch nch... I know you would be feeling like killing me right.. But saale sahab now iam your jeeja you should respect me not hit me like this...  dadi sahab haven't you teached your grand son how to treat your jamai saa?
Ayaan: pushed away his hand from udays grip and punched him hard again on his face this time udays nose started bleeding..
Uday: not fair saale sahab now ill show you what iam capable of.. In swift move uday pinned ayaan on the ground and punched him hard on his face...
Giriraj and Ds were hell scared they knew if they didn't stopped them. They both would definitely end up in killing each other...
Blood started dripping as a searing pain coursed through ayaan but he didn't care... He just wanted to kill the man who caused pain to his sister.
Manyata who had frozen and frightened out of her wits hollered ayaan's name.
Manyata: bhaii please stop fighting please...
Uday on hearing manyata got more angry.. The love and concern she had for his brother annoyed him to hell.. He angrily punched ayaan very hard on his chest which maked him fall down on the floor and wince in pain..
Manyata was too shocked. It had all happened so fast that her brain was numb to process but finally the scene before her registered.. Her eyes fell on the blood which was spread all around.
Manyata didn't had the strength to stand anymore. Her knees buckled. Her heart was aching so badly the pain was unbearable.
Ayaan saw her angel loosing her senses he hurriedly walked towards her.
 Manyata finally collapsed on the floor breaking down right into her brother's protective arms. She burried her face in his chest before getting unconcious completely.
Giriraj: ayaan take manyata with you ..
Uday: dad..
Giriraj: ayaan do what iam saying..
Ayaan gave a last look to uday and picked manyata in his arms and started walking out of the house..
Uday got up and was about to stop Ayaan when he felt a hand on his shoulder stopping him from going after them..
Giriraj: uday if you want to stop him you have to go through my dead body.. Only this way you can reach him.
Uday clenched his fist in anger..
Uday: till when you will stop me huh? Dad she is my wife and i will kill everyone who will come in my way..( says looking directly in giriraj eyes and walks angrily towards his room)

PhuufffConfused finally finished it... It literally took me an hour to think and write the fighting scene i know it sucks but trust me couldn't write better than it because i have never wrote one... Ok so guys please do like and comment... And yea from now onwards i won't be pming those who doesn't like or comment...Ouch
So manveerians do give your valuable comments because i have updated this part despite of beeing so busy..
The next update would be posted  on next weekend...
Please ignore every kind of mistakes...

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diorslik IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:16am | IP Logged

Me first yay
...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
That was 1 intense update. Hats off to u SarahClap.  Absolutely superb!!!  The entire scene between Uday / DS/ Ayaan & Giriraj was fantastic.  Very well written.  The angry Ayaan  vs  smug Udayveer  ...   WOW - what a scene!!! 
Please update soon. Now that Ayaan has taken his sister home  ...   I'm dying to know what Jai will say.  I'm sure it will be a mouthfullLOL.
Thanx for the PMBig smile.

Edited by ...navina... - 21 November 2012 at 9:15am

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