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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 45)

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Hello  how are you lovies? Well iam back yes iam here with an update. You will be thinking how i updated without any reminder or threat right?LOLLOLLOL Actually i wanted to give you a surprise by posting this chapter soon. Well this update is my personal favourite and i really hope you will like it tooWink.This update is dedicated to all my readers who liked my last chapter and those too who commented. Last chapter was highly liked i couldn't believe last chapter got so much appreciation. This chapter is dedicated to the people mentioned below who always likes my workSmile

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!"""Special Update""""!

Manyata came downstairs for breakfast:
Manyata: morning everyone.
Jay: huh bitch.(murmurs)
Ds: morning bete come sit.
Vijay: morning manyata bhai kesi rahi aapki beauty sleep?
Manyata: good bhai.
Brijraj: so bete apne packing karli 5 pm ki flight hai aapki.
Manyata: jee dad. But where is bhaii?
Kripa: love he is out of town he had some important meetings so.(says sadly)
Manyata knew he left deliberately. Probably he was angry from her. Because no matter how much important meeting comes he never leaves when his angel goes back to chicago.
Manyata said nothing n kept watching her serial.
Ds: komal why you aren't eating anything?
Komal: iam not hungry maa sahib.
Manyata: maa you r looking so pale and exhausted. Please eat something.
Komal: m fine bete.
Brijraj: komal its ok our daughter will come back very soon. Why you are behaving like she is going away from you for the first time?
Komal: i don't want her to go now maharaj. She can complete her studies here too can't she?
Ds: komal i don't have problem if manyata wants to complete her studies here then she can.(stares manyata)
Manyata stands and sits beside komal and holdes her both hands in hers.
Manyata: maa trust me i will be fine and wese bhi kuch aur years hi reh gayen hen after that ill be here with you.
Komal: why you are so eager to go away from us manyata? Don't you love us? Don't you want to stay here with us forever?(asks with teary eyes)
Manyata: who said i don't want to maa i do want to stay here but i can't.
Komal: y you can't bete y?
Manyata: i wish i could tell you maa(tears were on the verge of rolling down her eyes). Maa i need to call my friend. Manyata walks away.
Ds noticed the tears in her eyes which confused her further.
In manyata's room:-
Manyata was busy in packing her and ayesha's bag. On the other hand ayesha was watching tv and sipping tea. The 2 girls already had breakfast with everyone.
Ayesha: arrey why you are making so much noise churail can't you pack it without making noise. But tell me why the hell you need to do it? You are a princess not a commoner. You can ask any of the servants.
Manyata: iam not like you who can't do her work herself. The servants works whole day they are human too they get tired too.
Ayesha: so what they are paid for it.
Manyata: ayesha you know na i don't like when you talk like this. They are working for us because they needs money to fulfil their family needs got it.
Ayeshaa: dhanyey hen aap rajkumari jee a true dayaalu princess.( laughs)
Manyata: shut up monks. Otherwise i wont pack your bag.(throws her dupatta on ayesha's face)
Ayesha irritatingly: oye don't disturb me and let me watch this movie. Its so cool n thrilling. Full of suspense.(says excitedly)
Manyata: ye movie. Well the hero is in real the villain he killed  heroin's father.(tries not to laugh)
Ayesha stood frowning at manyata who was grinning at her.
Ayesha: urghhh i will kill you manyata who asked you to tell me who killed who. I was watching this movie from 1 and half hour and you revealed the suspense i hate you.( shouts and was very angry)
Manyata laughs.
Kripa enters and gets extremely happy to see manyata laughing so heartedly.
Kripa:kya horaha hai.
Manyata: hahahaha nothing much. Ayesha was showing me her love( laughs)
Ayesha: shut up.
Kripa: ok ok but tel me have you packed your bags.
Manyata: no not yet bhabi.
Kripa: oh God mannu u r packing your stuff from yesterday. Pura mahel lejaney ka irada hai.
Manyata: no bhabi i need 1 hour more.
Kripa: ok make it fast actually ds wants you both in living room. All family wants to spend some quality time with you both before you leave.( caresses manyata cheeks)
Manyata: ok then give us just 30 mins ok.(smiles)
Kripa nodes while walking out of the room she notices some bags. There were around 8 suitcases.
Kripa turns towards manyata.
Kripa: mannu r these your bags?
Manyata: yup mine n ayesha's.
Kripa: mannu 8 bags?
 isn't that too much ( asks mockingly)
Manyata: oh these are filled with clothes. Shoes n makeup aren't packed yet.
Kripa: whatt oh God mannu the plane would be filled only with your luggage( says laughingly)
Manyata: hmmm ek aur solution hai. Mai aisa karti hoon luggage ko chor kar apko le chalti hoon. You are much more lighter than these bags. 55 kg stuff is better than those 100s of kgs stuff( winks).
Kripa: hahaha done. Now iam going come soon ok.(turns n leaves the room)
Manyata was indeed very happy. She was going away from Him. She knew she was running away but still she was feeling like this was the only way to go away from him forever.
Manyata and Ayesha entered the living room, everyone else were chatting feeling the blissful atmosphere which reigned there. Manyata felt little sad she was not only running away from HIM but also going away from her lovely family she will miss them badly. She walked to komal and sat with her and kept her head on komal's lap. Komal started caressing her hairs.
Komal: so you have packed your stuff.
Manyata noded tears rolled down her eyes but she wiped them quickly.
Komal: mannu ayaan called when you were busy. He wanted to talk to you.
Manyata: i was going to call him maa. She excuses herself n calls ayaan.
Ayaan: hello
Manyata: bhai you went away without seeing me.
Ayaan:iam sorry angel. I couldn't stay the meeting was very important. Iam really sorry.
Manyata: its ok bhaii but i want a promise from you. I know you have always fulfilled all my needs but today i want a promise from you promise of always keeping bhabi happy. I don't want anything for my self bhai but please give all the love she deserves its her right bhaii. She left her family her friends her lifestyle even her surname for you. Can't you give her little love? How ill be happy there when you won't be happy. Bhai you remember you promised me on my birthday that you will give me anything i ask for then i want you to fulfil your promise and keep kripa always happy ur angel won't ever ask for anything else.
Ayaan was speechless he knew he was wrong he too felt guilty of his cruel behaviour towards kripa.
Ayaan: i miss you and i love you angel.( he disconnects the call)

Manyata was sitting with everyone while servants were keeping her suite cases in cars.
Ds: ab aapko chalna chahye bete apki flight 2 hours ke baad hai apko atleast 1 hour pehle checkin karna chahye.
Manyata: jee ds. She hugs everyone. And takes blessings from ds brijraj and komal. Komal had tears in her eyes.
Komal: apna khayal rakhiye ga.
Manyata was getting weak after seeing tears of her mother she deliberately says.
Manyata: vijay bhaii aapne apne makeup ki list nahi di.
Vijay: ohh hum bhool hi gaye. Ye lo. He hands her a paper.
Everyone was shocked to hear that.
Ds: makeup for vijay?
Vijay: jee nani sahib nowadays special makeup comes for boys too.( says excitedly)
All laughs including komal.
Manyata: where is jay maa.
Komal: she wasn't feeling good so i send her to doctor(says nervously)
Manyata understood that her maa was lying jay didn't wanted to see off her.
Manyata huged everyone again and sat in the car along with ayesha.
Vijay and kripa too joined them along with lots of guards.
The car came to a stop. They reached the airport. Manyata and ayesha hugged vijay n kripa for the last time and went inside the airport.
They checkin and now were waiting in waiting lounge. Everyone was watching them as if they were some ghosts. Actually the way they both were escorted with guards maked them special. Everyone knew they were from some very rich family. Jay was recognised by everyone because she was page 3 queen. Everyone had seen the the elder princess of devgarh but nobody had ever seen the younger one.
Manyata used to hate extra attention. She used to believe that fame comes with lots of responsibilities and she wasn't mature enough to be perfect in all aspects of life. She believed fame takes your freedom away. You can't live the life of a commoner if you are famous. And she was more happy in living a life of a commoner than a diva like her sister jay. That's why she didn't wanted ds or brijraj to see her off. But she couldn't help it when ds informed her that she would be going with guards and a personal bodyguard who  will be with her until she reaches safely.
Ayesha was enjoying the attention on the other hand manyata was fuming.
Their bodyguard came and informed them that the flight has delayed for some 20 minutes more.
manyata cell started buzzing she didn't recieved the call as it was from a private number. She switched off her cell took the sim out of it and break it into two.
Manyata mutters: finally iam going away from you mr udayveer singh forever. And this time you won't be able to find me.
Manyata was bored so she decided to read some magazines while ayesha was sitting and chatting with a guy who was in their flight as well.
Manyata gaved a second look to ayesha and murmur: despo
A black BMW came to halt infront of the airport. 2 cars came following each other. Few men dressed in security uniform got down from both cars. One of them ran to the car which had stopped in the middle and opened the back door.
Uday got down from the car and quickly scanned the surrounding under his black shades. He frowned by seeing an excessive amount of reports with cameramen crowding the path of enterance.
Uday to rohaan: i didn't asked you to call the whole damn media.( says angrily)
He took few steps forward as the police followed him along with guards and security of the airport.
Guards pushed away the reports who were firing questions at him one after another at the same time fighting and pushing each other to come forward.
Reporter1: Sir how you feel to be the most successful n youngest business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor of india.
Uday turns towards the reporter smirks and replies.
Uday: wont be any more.
Uday: ur questions will be answered very soon have some patience said with a husky tone before going in without turning back.
Uday entered the airport surrounded by guards.
Reporters tried to enter the airport too but were stopped by airport security.
One of the news reporter turned to the camera and said on her microphone.
Reporter: as you have saw that the yuvraaj of jaigarh udayveer singh have just entered the mumbai airport. But why? what is he planning to do next? To know more stay tuned to aaj tak.
Uday along with security maked his way towards the waiting lounge. They had took special permission for it.
Manyata was enjoying her tea and reading her favourite vogue magazine.
Ayesha came and handed her cell phone.
Ayesha: ur cell was switched off that's why komal auntie called on my cell.
Manyata took the cell and headed towards an isolated area where she could easily talk to her mom.
Manyata: hello maa kya huwa.
Komal: pata nahi bete hamara mann bohat ghabra raha hai.aap theek to hena.
Manyata: arrey maa humen kya hoga hum bilkul theek hain aap to aise darr rahin hain jese humen airport se koi uthaa kar ke jayega haan nahi to.
Manyata freezed. She recognised his voice. Cell fall down from her hand and broked into pieces  . She started breathing heavily. She turned around. To her shock and utter disbelief it was uday. In a split second uday looked at manyata. His eyes sparkled with sheer delight to see her infront of him. He could feel sudden rush of blood in his veins. His heart beating like never before it felt like someone breathed life into him.
On the other hand manyata stood there stupefied and dazed.
Manyata blinked to clear the tears blurring her vision, to see someone she had never ever expected to see in her life again. Her mind was still refusing to register and believe the sight infront of him.
"uday" manyata murmured and stood rooted on the floor.
A small pleasant smile appeared on uday's lips.
Everything came to a standstill and their was a prolonged silence between them.
Uday broke the spell by coming closer and wispered.
Uday: you can run away from yourself but can't run away from me. Its time for you to go to your real home sweet home wifey.
Uday hold her by her wrist and started dragging her.
Manyata was in state of shock she couldn't protest.
Her bodyguard came and stopped uday.
Bodyguard: Sir you can't take away mam like this.
Uday: really you will stop me from claiming my own wife. (smirks and gestured him to move)
Ayesha was shocked to see him like this taking manyata with him.
Ayesha ran towards them but were stopped by the airport security .
When they came out. The guards surrounded both of them. Uday kept dragging manyata while she was following him like a statue. When she calmed a little she released her hand from uday by pulling her hand away.
Manyata: leave me leave me..( starts shouting)
Uday turns towards manyata.
Uday: this is not your bedroom. Dont create a scene otherwise i will lift you in my arms infront of everyone. And you know it i won't hesitate in touching you. ( said very slowly almost like a wisper)and grasped her hand and pulled her back again.
Manyata was more scared now. Now she knew him very well she knew he would do it. If she didn't stopped protesting.
They headed towards the exit and she was shocked to see the airport crowded by reporters paparazzi and media.
Manyata looks at uday in disbelief she understood his intentions.
A single glistening drop of salty water rolled down her cheek. She kept her eyes closed and trembled inside with pain. They came out of the airport.
Uday: wipe these tears and look happy otherwise you will regret it.
As soon as media saw udayveer singh with a beautiful girl holding her hand in his they ran towards them.
Everyone was sitting in the living room having tea.
Komal: maa sahib hamen bohat darr lag raha hai. Achanak se manyata ne phone disconnect kardia kuch huwa na ho hamari bachi ko.
Ds: komal network problem hogi aap chinta mat kijiye.
Komal: pata nahi kyun par hamara man bohat ghabra raha hai.
Vijay came running towards them
Ds: kya huwa bete why are you running.
Vijay: switch on the tv ds manyata bhai manyata bhai( breaths heavily)
Komal: kya huwa manyata ko. Maala maala tv onn kijiye.
Maid switches onn the tv.
Reporter: jese ke aap dekh rahen hai yuvraaj uday singh ek khubsurat larki ka hath thammey bahar nikley hen kon hai ye larki jantey hen unhi se.
Manyata to uday: please uday don't.
Uday: i never wanted to but you forced me by running away.
Media surrounds them.
Reporter1: Yuvraaj ji we have seen you with so many models and socialists as your gfs. Are you committed?
Uday: having gfs never meant iam committed.
Reporter2: sir who is this girl?
Uday: ahaan she isn't only a girl she is princess manyata. Princess of devgarh.
Reporter3: what princess manyata ?
Uday: yes...
Reporter3: sir when you are planning to get married? Will it be love or arrange?
Uday: well i don't need to get married.
Reporter 5: why?
Uday: because iam already married( smirks)
All reporters gets shocks and starts murmuring to each other.
Reporter 6: Yuvraaj udayveer singh is married this news would surely break many young hearts.
Reporter 7: sir who is the lucky girl.
Uday: infront of you.
Uday: Meet my wife MANYATA UDAYVEER SINGH MY QUEEN (he holdes manyata from her waist).
All reporters got shocked. They started clicking their piks.
Ds was shocked beyond words.
Komal fell down on the sofa.
Ds: manyata udayveer ki patni hai.(says in utter disbelief)
Guys you have reached the end of another chapter. I am evil and i know itWink please avoid gramatical and spelling mistakes. Please do like and comment for the quick update. Will be waiting for your valuable comments.


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Wow that was an amazing update

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It was definatly your best chapter, i really loved it!!!!Star Can't wait till their love story starts and uday turns positive!Embarrassed It was  an amazing chapter, continue soon!!!TongueSmile

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""I am evil """

i just came to know u r one. Mannn how can you do this to me ...2222222much.I feel iam being deserted . Omg i need oxygen now. I cant breathe nor hear my own heart beat. You have become ruthless writer troubling your fans like this. I cant believe iam writing this , I sorry i need an update asap. now thats an order. Man this is a killer i should say .killer chapter from you .Awesome update sweet heart. But need an update real quick please .atleast for once you can do it . I cant dream to w8 all week long for your next update now please dont make me w8 that long pleaseee.

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y y y?????sarah y?har baar intresting point pe kyunthe end ka board laga deti ho?????ekta  kapoor part 2 goodnesss...that was it....finally finally uday has disclose the secret...hayeee...mujhe sirf J kamini ka reaction dekhna hai...ush ka sooo...called boy friend ush ki sweet lill sis ka hubby OMg...i love it...ush ki toh waat lagane wali hai...plzzz...plzzz...plzzz...plzzz...update soon i cnt wait for next part. thanx for PM.

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sarah love it muuahhh uday is sooo evil and crul but i still love him and love u sarah

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Omg wow wow wow wow wat an update
It was awesome
I have no words to describe how beautifully u have written this chapter
It was amazing
Love the manveer airport scene to da core
Finally uday disclosed the secret, poor J is gonna get the biggest shock of her life when she finds out that her so called crush is her little sister's hubby
Plz update da next part soon and include alot of manveer scenes

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