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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 34)

_Grey_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Sarah its 1:40 am pls update mai bina pdhe nhi soungi ...haan nhi toh Wink

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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Lovies first of all iam very sorry for updating so late. Actually i was writing but guests came so couldn't write. Iam very happy lovies my nephew is born. N guys i am so over whelmed by your response to the last chapter i love all my readers who like n comment. I love you all especially zinayrulesWink
Ok so coming to the chapter. This chapter is dedicated to my sweet little bili ruba aka adorable_rana. From next chapter i would be dedicating a single chapter to any one of my 3 loyal readers.
So people read and enjoy.

Chapter 10

 I want to talk to  udayveer alone commanded mrirlani devi.
Everyone left the office except ayaan.
Ayaan: iam not going anywhere ds.
D.s: bete i know what iam doing so do what i say.
Ayaan left the room without uttering a single word.
Manyata was lost in deep thoughts. She was lying on her bed like a merciless creature. She couldn't figure out why ds asked everyone to leave her alone with uday? Why she wanted to talk to him privately? What if he told her the truth? How she will react? What will she do?
These questions were running in her head. Everything happened at the party kept flashing infront of her eyes.
 Sunlight illuminated through the curtains and hit manyata's face. She was awake she closed her eyes to avoid the sharp light. She couldn't sleep the whole night . She opened her eyes slowly and saw the time it was 5am.
She sat on the bed. Her head was aching badly. She walked towards her cupboard grabbed a towel and headed towards the washroom.
Cold water was doing wonders on her body. She had a bath for 20 minutes then wore a simple yellow anarkali.
She came down for breakfast. Everyone was sitting on their respective seats except ayaan.
She greeted everyone and sat beside vijay. She was expecting  different behaviour from everyone but everyone were behaving normally like nothing had happened.
Everyone ate the breakfast quietly and went to their rooms.
Manyata was bewildered by her family members behaviour nobody asked her anything but why?


Ds was sitting on her chair lost in her thoughts.
Ds: uday beta i know you from the day you were born. I always knew you will be a successful yuvraaj who will not only rule on the state but will rule on its people hearts as well. You are God gifted or should i say a born politician? Diplomat, biased, cunning, clever, heartless Without feelings.(smiles)
Uday smirks: daadi sahab you know me very well iam impressed but you know what you were always like a role model for me. Dont you see yourself in me. I have heard the same about you from my elders. You were a perfect daughter and yuvraani then you got married and you became a perfect maharani. As long as i remember you didn't had feelings too. Your husband was dying but you weren't with him in his last days because you were busy in business trips. RIGHT(smirks after seeing the guilt on ds face)
Ds: bete that was the biggest mistake of my life and i regret it every single night. I was unlucky i couldn't spend those last moments with him. Like you said yes i was a perfect daughter a perfect yuvraani a perfect maharani too but couldn't be a perfect wife. (says with teary eyes)
I dont want you to repeat the mistakes i did which i can never repent. So yuvraaj ji don't make me your idle you will be left with nothing in the end.(takes a deep breath to subside the pain)
Uday: what you want to know? Ask me directly (looking straight at ds)
Ds: you know what iam trying to ask you but if you want me to ask you directly then fine. What you want from manyata?
Uday laughs histerically.
Uday: what i was just dancing with her. Why you are making a mountain out of a mole hill?
Ds: yuvraaj ji  i know i have grown old but my eyes have seen this world and its people. I saw clearly your intentions while you were dancing so intimately with my granddaughter.
Uday: hmmm in that case you are right i do have very bad intentions( laughs)
Ds: why manyata?
Uday: ask your son( gets up angrily and walks out of the room)
Her chain of thoughts were broken by knock.
Kripa enters: ds you called me.
Ds: yes bete i need talk to you about something very important. I know i should have talked to ayaan about it as he is the yuvraaj but i can't talk to him about this matter i know he is very possesive about manyata he won't listen to me. You r his wife and our house bahu. I trust you more than anyone and i know you will help me.
Kripa: ill do anything you want ds.
Ds: thank you beta i knew you wont disappoint me.
Ds: bete yesterday i saw rage in udays eyes i felt like iam not talking to the man i knew from his childhood he was a complete stranger. The way he talked to me astonished me he had never ever talked that way with me ever. At first he tried his best to be calm but when i provoked him his eyes told me a whole new story.
Kripa: ummm ds actually(says stammering)
Ds: what is bete you want to tell me something.
Kripa: yes but(says hesitantly)
Ds: don't hesitate bete tell me what is it.
Kripa: Actually yesterday i saw manyata and yuvraaj udayveer(stops because she was hesitating)
Ds: manyata yuvraaj uday what? Tell me everything clearly.
Kripa: ds i can be mistaken as well.
Ds: you r killing me bete please tell me now.
Kripa: i saw them in udays suite alone. And they were...
Ds: they were(asks suspiciously)
Kripa: they were very close i mean like they were.
Ds: they were(asks scared)
Kripa: like they were about to kiss.
Ds: whatt!

Ds: but how you knew they were in udays suite?
Kripa: ds i asked the receptionist about it and she told me she send her to yuvraaj ji suite because yuvraaj ji n mam wanted to be alone for sometime.
Ds:no i cant believe it manyata can't do this. Says totaly shattered.
Now i have only one option i will send manyata back to chicago!'''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Manyata was walking in the garden.
Jay comes there.
Jay: hello manyata khush to bohat hogi na tum.
Manyata: jay me kis baat par khush... Jay interrupts her.
Jay: oh shut up! Aur kitna girogi manyata huh!
Manyata: what are you talking about jay( asks totaly bewildered)
Jay: stop this drama manyata you know very well what iam talking about. Why manyata why you forced him to dance with you why(shouts angrily).
Manyata now understood what jay was trying to say.
Manyata: i forced him (asks with teary eyes)
Jay: yes you did! But remember this time i won't let you snatch what is mine. From childhood you used to snatch away the things which i loved but this time i won't let you got it manyata. I love uday very much from the day i came to know the meaning of love he is my passion now.
Manyata: its not called love jiji its called obsession.
Jay:don't you dare teach me got it n i wont let you snatch him away remember that(walks away angrily)
Tears rolled down manyata's eyes.
Manyata: ye sab hamare saath hi kyun horaha hai(sobs).
Ds: seemaji call manyata.
Seemaji nodes.
After some minutes manyata comes.
Manyata: u called me?
Ds: sit down we need to talk.
Manyata nodes n sits down.
Ds: manyata bete are you fine? Is there something which is bothering you? Do you want to say something which you cant? Is there anything you are hiding from us? If it is tel me now because after now you won't get a chance to give any kind of explanation.
Manyata was shocked she never thought ds would ask her this. She wanted to tell her everything but at the same time she knew what type of his so called husband is. If he can kiss her infront of everyone for not wearing what he send for her then what he will do if he came to know that manyata revealed the truth of their forcefull marriage.
Ds was observing manyata now she was 100% sure that her granddaughter was hiding something from everyone for sure.
Manyata: no ds its nothing like you think.
Ds: good bete. Well i have a news for you don't know if its good or bad for you.
Manyata: what is it?
Ds: you remember you said you want to go to Chicago as soon as possible.
Manyata: yes.
Ds: bete i have fulfilled your wish. I have booked your n ayesha's ticket for tomorrow evening.
Manyata was extremely happy she couldn't help n a huge smile appeared on her face.
Manyata: thank u thank u thank u so much ds.
Ds was astonished she wasn't satisfied with manyata's reaction. She thought manyata would protest but here she was happy on going away from HIM.
Ds: smiles. And bete i have decided to give a party for you before you leave.
Manyata suddenly shouts:NO
Ds was shocked to see her sudden reaction.
Ds: but why bete.
Manayata knew she did a big mistake by reacting that way she regreted that.
Manyata: ummm ds actually i said no because i m fed of parties i mean u arranged party on my birthday vj ayesha arranged for me another surprise party so iam now you know.(says hesitantly)
Ds: ok beta as you wish so start packing.
Manyata: jee ds but i want one more favour from u.
Ds: boliye bete.
Manyata: actually ds i want you not to tell this to anyone?
Ds: tell not what?
Manyata: i mean i don't want anyone to know m going back not our relatives not your friends no one.
Ds was hella confused.
Ds: but why any reason behind it?
Manyata: no ds its just i dont want anyone to know i mean you know(she was extremely confused she didn't had a solid reason so she was hell confused which was well noticed by ds)
Ds: hmmm ok bete as you say.
You may leave now.
Manyata nodes and walks out of the room.
Ds: now m very sure manyata is hiding something from me but why n what?(ds thinks)
In manyatas room.
Manyata was busy in paking.
Ayesha: manu yaar listen na.
Manyata turns around.
Manyata: what?
Ayesha: yaar m not getting this why so suddenly ds booked our tickets.
Manyata: because i asked her remember.(turns around n again starts packing again)
Ayesha while eating chips:hmm wo to hai but y so suddenly dont you think something is fishy.
Manyata: shut up ayesha!
Ayesha: oye mannu sun na dekh kuch days aur yehin reh jaten hen then we will go pakkaa.(gives cheesy smile)
Manyata: tujhe nahin jana mat ja but i will go.
Ayesha: whats wrong with you mannu r u the same girl who used to wait the entire year for vacations. U were the one who used to be so excited to go home. What happened now? Why you r running away from your own home? Whats changed?
Manyata: everything is changed every damn thing is changed damit! She shouts.
Kripa enters: everything like?
Manyata: nothing kripa i was just. Kripa interrupts her.
Kripa:just what?
Manyata: nothing bhabi i was just packing.
Kripa: so you are willing to go?
Manyata: yes.
Kripa helps in folding manyatas clothes.
Kripa: mannu koi baat hai kya y i feel like uou r hiding something from us.
Manyata: why would i hide anything. I have said this to everyone i am not hiding anything from anyone trust me bhabi.
Kripa: mannu i trust you mannu. I have already committed a sin by not telling the secret of your forceful marriage to any one i just dont want you to suffer anymore.
Manyata: m hood now ok now smile.( manyata hugs kripa)
Kripa: mannu you know yesterday my cousin rihanna called me she was saying that you n uday looked really nice together.
Manyata breaks the hug.
Manyata: what?(gets very angry)
Kripa: while dancing puri baat to sunti.
Manyata: no ur friend might be blind.
Kripa was amazed she wasn't expecting manyata to say something like this.
Kripa was in deep thoughts she was back to her senses when ayesha shaked her.
Ayesha: kahan kho gayin bhabhi ji.
Kripa: kahin nahi i will be back ok.
She leaves the room hurriedly.
In ds office:-
Kripa: ds i don't think what we think abt manyata is right i mean the way she reacted when i said uday n she looks good together astonished me.
Ds: i don't understand bete what's going on i thought they both are involved. After what uday said i was sure he is upto something i thought maybe he likes manyata n you know what type of image he has. He is a womanizer. Manyata isn't that matured i didn't wanted her to be trapped. But manyata isn't showing any likness towards him then what was that what we saw that night. There's nothing wrong in dancing but they were dancing very intimately. Manyata didn't looked uncomfortable. It didn't seemed like udayveer forced her. Kripa bete m not getting what's going onn.
Kripa: i am not getting too whats going onn. Ds why dont you ask her?
Ds: i asked her but she said its nothing. I think we were wrong its nothing like how i thought. May be i over reacted.
kripa: u r right ds she never lies to me.
Uday was watching tv when suddenly kurbaan hua played on tv.
A huge smile appeared on his face.
Uday: wese itni b boring nahi ho tum miss haan nahi to(smirks).
His chain of thoughts were broken by his cell buzz.
Uday recieves it.
Uday: hello.
Man: sir sorry for disturbing you so late. But it was necessary to inform you.
Uday: inform me what?
Man: sir actually our informers informed me that princess manyata is leaving for chicago tomorrow evening.
Uday: r you sure.
Man: yes sir.
Uday: ok.
Uday cutts the call n crushes the cell in his hand angrily.
Uday: bad move princess very very bad move. Aapne aise bin bataye chupke jaane ka soch kar achaa nahi kia ab bohat hogaya.
Lagta hai ab humen dunya ke saamne aap pe hamara jo haq hai woh dikhana parega.
Princess you forced me to take this step.
Tomorrow evening i will declare u mine infront of the whole world(smirks)

Guys this chapter is finished! I hope u liked it n my billi liked it i know there wasn't any scene of manveern it was short too but dhamakey se pehle thora to wait banta haiWink i promise you the next chapter would be explosive.
Please avoid any kind of error haven't rechecked it. Lovies cant send pms now will send it tommorrow.
Guys please please do like n comment.

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_Grey_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Yay!!!atlast u update   Party
Fab Sarah Clap Clap Clap
Manyata ko bdi jldi ho rhi hai apne so called hubby se dur bhagne bt bechari chicago phuchegi toh pr spno mai LOL
Well princey ws smiling while d song ws on Wink
Damn excite fr d revealation update update soon iss baar ki tarah nhi Smile
bad move princess Thumbs Up
Love it to d core Heart Hug

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-BerryCharm- IF-Addictz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-TeriMalang- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Dat was fabulous updatee
Loved it completely
Hee DS knew him in n out ...
Ouch princey walks on DS path..:D
Hmmm something fishy?? Naahh Its a big trap laid by princey and manyata already trapped in it
Wow! Princey smiles remembering their dance
Next update will be dhamakedaar with the truth coming out in open

Cont sooonnn :)

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Udaylovie Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
awesum mindblowing ... dude u r great ...
plzz update soon im very much exited fr the revealation ...

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sirjee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
waooo...sarah u always end up at high note...
plsss update next part soon n in dat part plss reveal dat truth of manveer forceful marriage...

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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Awww this was just extravagantly MARVELLOUS!
Loved it soo much, already craving for the next chapter...
Very very good going Sitara!

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