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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 14)

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Originally posted by mimi.maik

hey tooo much congratulations on your 2nd thread ...ClapClapClap...may GOD bless you sarah...and update the 9th part sooonn...Embarrassed
thanks alo for such a heart warming comment i will update it tommorow sweetySmile

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Originally posted by andy.a

Update a small part today na
.cant wait pls pls pls dear
Dear wait lil more tomorrow you will have a long n interesting chappySmile

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update fast. waiting for it.

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Cograts on ur new threaddd


waiting for teh updatee 

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Humko intezaar rahay ga next chappy ka!!

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You said today ul update till now no update pls update pls

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Guys i know iam very late this time but now iam back and now  ill update fast.
This update is specially for my one and only Chota chatri aka meri suraj mukhi aka RIA meri janoSmile i know iam late but you know i was busy in my proffs so couldn't update it on time. So pardon me for that happy belated birthday meri sweetheart this maanveerlicious update is your gift.
Guys read and enjoySmile

RECAP:Manyata: dekho?
Uday: kyaa jaldi hai princess dekhlunga tumhe bohat jaldi hai.
Manyata: listen prick don't you dare use these double meaning sentence with me got it u have no rights on me.
Uday:don't talk about rights wifey mujhe to itna haq hai k mai tumhe isi waqt tumharey ghar se sub ke saamne utha kar laa sakta hoon and you know I can do it so please don't provoke me. You have already saw whats happens when you provoke me(manyata remembers her wedding night)
Manyata: iam not the same girl anymore yuvraaj udayveer singh I wont accept your gift and I will never ever wear something which you will give me got it.
Uday: hmm then I have only one option. I will come myself and will make you wear them!
Manyata mouth was opened wide making perfect o shape!
Uday: HAAN NAHI TO(smirks)

Manyata: go to hell says exasperated!
Uday: i will be elated when you will be beside me in hell. Now do what i say don't waste my time i have other much more important things to do!
Manyata: u r sick!
Uday: i know(smirks) and cutts the call.
Manyat: rohaan give it to me(says exasperated and takes the shopping bags from him)
Rohaan: i think i should go now.
Manyata: take care(smiles)
Manyata in her room.
Dear diary
Why life is so unpredictable?
I have everything yet nothing. Now i feel like a toy whenever he wants he plays with me and when he is done he throws me like a thrash.
Why what's my mistake what i have done? Well no answer seems to satisfy me completely when i ask myself  because no matter how much i try to find out the answers i fail miserably.
But how long i will be manipulated emotionally? Its frustrating  to be ruled by someone.
It kills me every single day. I my self don't know what will happen with me next. How long i will be this way treated like a puppet? M tired now tired of my life, tired of my existence sometimes i feel like crying day and night! I loathe myself now i have started hating my life and my destiny. People might think such a fortunate girl iam im a royal i have everything! i have every luxury but i wish they could understand the real meaning of a happiness what's the use of being a royal what is the use of having each and every lavish thing around you when u lack the most important thing of life which is being happy if i dont have mental peace then no materialistic things can make my life beautiful or peaceful. I tried alot to overcome my past and those memories but how can you overcome the past which haunts you every second day. How can you live peacefully when you dont have right on your own body? How can you live with the fear of being caught? How can you live at peace with guilt of lying over and over again to those who loves you the most? How you feel when you are forced to talk wear and do everything according to the person whom you hate the most? Its not easy i know m broken devastated shattered from inside but one thing i have learned the more you will look vulnerable the more you will be attacked. Now i have nothing left in me the heart which always believed in cindrella and her prince charming story which craved for true which was unknown to this cruel world and the people who makes this world a selfish place with no place for shit like true love and the dreams of fantasy now got the reality check! This place is not meant for love.
Now i have decided no matter how much he tortures me this time i wont loose now i wont cry infront of him i wont beg for his mercy. Maybe this is written in my destiny and this time i won't run away from it i will face it no matter how much painful it gets but i will walk on the path on which i am destined to walk!
Manyata wipes her tears and closes her diary. She walkes towards her cupboard and keeps the diary in it.
Manyata now was anxious to see what has uday send him and why he wants her to wear it. She opened the shopping bag and found a box which was wrapped. She tore the gift paper and opened the box. Her face turned pale when she saw the same red sarree which she wore on her so called marriage night and in which she got married to uday in semi conscious state. She was breathless she couldn't understand why the hell he wants her to wear this. No matter how much she thinks she have started to understand this man she fails bad.
Manyata saw something else too shining brightly in the bag. She put the saree aside and opened the bag and found another box which was comparatively small in size and less in weight she opened the box hurriedly and found a ruby set along with diamonds . The set was beautiful it was shining brightly. It seemed very elegant and expensive she could see how much costly it can be.
Manyata was very exasperated and highly annoyed she kept the set back in the box and muttered.
Manyata: what the hell is wrong with this guy now m very sure he has some serious mental issues seriously he is mentally insane or what? how he thought i will wear this heavy bridal saree with this ruby set. Oh God what do i do now??(she kept thinking for couple of minutes then an idea hit her mind).
Manyata:  i wont wear them what he will do? let him do watever he wants i know he send this stuff because he wants my family to see me in this bridal attire and questions me why m wearing this stuff and from where i got this! She muttered
 But what if he done something?she wondered.
 But he can't do anything how he will do something when he isn't coming to the party i checked the whole guest list and he isn't invited then how he will be able to do anything. She was trying to make herself understand. she was lost in thoughts when she heard a knock on the door
Manyata: come in
Seemaji: rajukumari ji apki dadi sa ne apko neeche bulaya hai.
Manyata: hum aatey hen seema ji aap jaiye.
Manyata: relax manyata kuch nahi hoga jab tak tum uska darr apne dil or dimagh se puri tarhan se nahi nikal leti tab tak woh tumhe aise hi blackmail karta rahega. She takes a deep breath  mr yuvraaj udayveer singh ab hum aapse aur nahi darenge humen pata hai aap bhi hamari shaadi ka raaz kholna nahi chahte aap humen just darra rahen hai agar apko raaz kholna hota to aap 7 months tak chup nahi rehte humen pata hai apka kuch to maqsad hai or woh hamari riyasat se jura hai kyun ke aur koi maqsad humse jurr hi nahi sakta isiliye ab hum aapse darenge nahi balke aapko har woh cheez karne ki ijazat denge jis se aap humen blackmail karten hain. Manyata gets up from the room goes to her washroom splashes some water on her face.
Manyata: aapne humen bulaya ds.
Ds smiles: haam bete actually i wanted to give you something.
She gives manyata a shopping bag. Manyata opens it and finds a beautiful white sarre with silver embroidered border.
Manyata: gaves a fake smile to d.s actually she was fed up of receiving saree's first that devil send that stuff and now her own ds was repeating the saree fiasco!
Ds: how is it manyata bete do you like it?
Manyata: i loved it ds(she gives a assurance smile)
Ds: good so you are wearing this tonight
Manyata: what. O.O( she was dumfounded)
Ds: well i didn't expected such reaction its just a saree bete.
Manyata: ummm yea ds but you know na i dont know how to wear it so (actually manyata hated saree from the day she wore it at udays place)
Ds chuckles: don't worry bete maids will help you.
Manyata: ummm ds
 Ds:oh God how can i forget your nature you dont like to be touched by stranger ok bete your mother will help you i will ask her ok(she smiles)
Manyata didnt wanted to deny her ds again so she noded.
Ds: good wese i have something else for you too. She gives her a golden box.
Manyata opens it and smiles slightly.
Ds: bete you remember these diamond earings. You and jay used to fight for them these are one of our oldest jewellery they r actually blessings of our ancestors in the form of jewellery. You cried so much for it and you remember i promised you when u were 10 that i wont give them to jay because these belongs to you. U were so0 in love with these earings and jay liked them because you liked them. She always used to snatch everything from you if it was your favourite doll or your favourite dress. I never understood why she is always so jealous of you.
Manyata: jay always likes the things which belongs to me or the things i like but i didn't thought ull remember it  thank you soo much ds i thought you would have given them to jay( stands up and hugs ds)
Ds: bete i will never ever let her snatch the things which are yours Smile now go and get ready party is about to start.
Manyata:ok ds(leaves the office)
komal: manyata bete now if you are done with your makeup can we go on the how to wear sarree mission.
Manyata smiles: yes maa m done she gestures the makeup artists to leaves the room.
Komal: hmmm to ill teach you how to wear a sarree you should learn it bete. See now after wearing this you have to make pleats like this(she shows her how to exactly makes pleats of saree)
Manyata: nahi maa aise nahi aise(she teaches komal when komal mistakenly makes some pleats wrongly) she opens the sarree makes the pleats herself perfectly.
Komal: manyata bete how you know how its made? You have never wore one nor you have saw anyone? The day you came back for your brothers wedding when i asked you to wear sarree on your brothers mehendi you said wearing it is like a rocket science for you then how you wore it yourself now( she was stunned)
As soon as komal said that manyata realizes her mistake how can she do such a big mistake she learn it when those maids made her wear that saree that night.
Manyata: yea maa i didn't knew it but when ds told me that i have to wear tonight soo i watched it on YouTube.( she says and tries not to make eye contact with her mom)
Komal: manyata bete why i am feeling like you are hiding something from me.(asks suspiciously)
Manyata: no maa why would i hide anything from you.
kripa enters the room beautifully dressed.
Manyata: wow someone is looking hot (winks)
Kripa smiles: maa ds is calling you. She wants you to come downstairs.
Many guests have arrived.
Komal nodes and walks away lost In deep thoughts.
Kripa comes near manyata takes the brush from manyata hands and starts brushing manyata hairs herself.
Kripa: so manu or should i say birthday girl what you want as a birthday gift hmm?
Manyata: will you give me what i want kripa.
Kripa: ofcourse i will tell me what you want.
Manyata: promise me
Kripa: manu why u r acting like a kid ok baba i promise you now tel me what you want
Manyata: answers!
Kripa stops brushing her hair and looks at her totally puzzled.
Kripa: what answers?
Manyata turns around takes kripa with her she makes her sit on her bed and asks her.
Manyata: what's wrong between you and bhai? I know something is wrong and please don't lie to me because i can clearly see the emptiness in your eyes. No matter how many times you put this fake smile infront of everyone but you can't hide the pain in your eyes. And i have seen the same emptiness in bhai's eyes too. U guys are newly married you are supposed to be together 24/7 but here you guys can't stand each other for more than  couple of minutes. Is this how newly weds behave?
Kripa: manu don't think about us its your special day don't ruin it lets go down.
Manyata cups kripa's face and asks her: please bhabi tel me. You promised me.
Kripa couldn't resist it anymore she looks at manyata with teary eyes and says.
Kripa:manu i don't know what's wrong with him from the very first day we got married he treats me this way he doesn't talks to me properly we live like strangers under one roof. He doesn't talks to me whenever i try to make a conversation he makes an excuse and goes out of the room or sleeps. I don't know whats wrong what have i done i asked him whats wrong whats bothering him but he never replies me but i know onething it's me m the one to be blamed m very sure i must have done something wrong that's why he is angry from me but i want to know where was i wrong m ready to repent my every mistake but first i wana know what i did which hurted him this much that he couldn't even tolerate me under one roof. For the world we are man and wife but inside our room we are two strangers who can't bear each other presence.(kripa starts sobbing )
Manyata hugs kripa her eyes were teary too after hearing the truth she was feeling extremely bad for kripa she was more like a sister to her now and now it wasn't just about her brother it was about her sister too.
Manyata: kripa everything will be fine she tried to pacify kripa.
Kripa breaks the hug and wipes her tears: i know manu maybe he is suffering from some personal problem or business problem i know m reacting too much. So now no more tears m really sorry for doing all this drama but promise me manu you wont tell anyone anything.
Manyata: i promise bhabi.
Kripa: m going down ds must be alone you come soon birthday girl.(smiles)
Manyata smiles back: give me five minutes ill be there.
Manyata comes down.
Ds introduced her to some important guests they gaved her blessings.
Manyata mood was off. She wasn't happy after what kripa told her she was very upset and kept thinking about it.
Ds: manu meet the most important man of the evening mr pratap singh i think you remember him.
Manyata : ofcourse i do ds she takes blessings from him. Ds his son studies with me infact he is one of my very good friends.
Ds smiles: thats very good bete that you both knows each other..
Pratap: i hope he doesn't irritates you much bete.
Manyata: no he cant even if he wants to uncle akhir hum bhi rajwarey hen.
Pratap laughs: bete waqai me i can see that.
Manyata: but uncle why he didn't along you.
Pratap: bete he had some work there but he is coming very soon, he told me you left your studies in between. Y?
Ds: pratap jee actually we asked her to rest for some time we also craved for her we wanted to spend some quality time with her and she had freezed her semester.
Pratap: achaa but manna parega mrirlani aapne apne bachon ko bohat ache sanskaar diye hen manyata beti ne apni adhi umar videsh me guzari hai par unke sanskaar bohat hi achey hamen to manyata bohat pasand ayi.
Vijay bhai: manyata bhai wow you r looking like a vanilla ice cream wah aaj to saari bhi pehni hui hai iradey kya hai. Ds looks at vijay angrily.
Vj: ohh sorry pratap uncle kese hen aap. Sorry humne aapko dekha nahi Kya hum manyata bhai ko apne saath kuch dair k liye le jaa sakten hain.
Pratap: offcourse beta.
Vj drags her with him.
Manyata gets very really annoyed.
Manyata: stop it vijay bhai stop dragging me. I will fall down this sarree has annoyed me to hell i even can't walk properly in it i don't understand why ds asked me to wear this shit oh God its killing me. I m literally stumbling. Please hold me before i fall vj bhai.
vj: i wont let you fall manyata bhai no fear when vijay is here(smiles)
Manyata: awww thanks vijay bhai but where is everyone kripa ayesha jay k and L?
Vijay: how would i know they must be roaming somewhere. Wese bhaii i m sure yahan apko old citizens ke beech me ghuttan horahi ho gi. Yahan to har jagah burhaapa hi burhaapa hai jawani ka to naam o nishaan hi nahi(smiles evily)
Manyata: shut up vijay bhai.
Vijay: ok i will but for that you have to go with me i want you to meet my lady love.
Manyata: what(asks extremely shocked)
Vijay: yes to challen?
Manyata: but how can v leave like this its my birthday party and...(vj interrupts her)
Vj: bus bus stop your bhasharn we will be back in 30 minutes i swear(makes a pleasing face)
Manyata:urghhh ok lets go.
Manyata: Vijay bhai where have you brought me and please open this blindfold. i came here to see The girl you love but you have tied this blindfold tightly over my eyes. Take it off now( she commands)
Vj: have some patience manyata bhai.
Manyata: I'll fall anytime if you didn't opened this i can't walk without it in this sarree and you huh open it now,(says angrily)
Vj: opens the blindfold.
Manyata opens her eyes slowly and is confused to see a dark room.
Manyata: Arrey  ye lights kyun off hain  vj bhai?
Suddenly the lights came and all shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
manyata was surprised would be understatement she was shocked beyond expectations.
She never ever thought she will get another surprise party! She was delighted amazed shocked surprised and what not!
Ayesha came running towards her and hugged her very tightly. She came with such a force that manyata literally jerked back a little!
Ayesha: happy birthday meri chuddy buddy:)
Manyata:Oh GOd thankz ayesha.
Everyone came hugged and greeted her! She hugged vj bhai.
Manyata: to ye thi apki lady love huh you lied to me vj bhai!
Vj: no i didn't manyata bhai see you are a lady and my love so you are my lady love(smiles )
Manyata laughs: well it makes sense haan nahi to.
Kripa: manu we have invited all your friends your school ones too.
Vj: yes jawano ki mehfil.
Manyata: but vj bhai what if ds scold us?
Ayesha: ullu we arranged this secret party with the help of ds.
Manyata: wow m amazed but where is bhaii?
Kripa: he ds maa and dad will be there in that party actually ds said that you will get bore there that's why she arranged this one for all the youngsters. They all will come after that party finishes.
Ayesha: n the best part is ds have booked this area for whole night.
Now lets go and enjoy but do you remember champoo from our school?(asks excitedly)
Manyata: yea the one with big spectacles and bracels?
Ayesha:yea but now he doesn't looks like that God he looks so hot now u will be stunned to see him but he is mine dont even think about him.
Manyata:ahhh not again
Girl iam not interested in anyone got it but i wouldn't let you fall in a shitmud i mean c'mon champoo your choice sucks girl(laughs)
Ayesha: manyata ki bachi chal ill show you how he looks i can bet you will fall for him.
Manyata: lol i can never fall for anyone except one guy.
Ayesha: ahh yea that ice statue edward c'mon manyata he isnt real stop living in fantasy! And lets meet champoo.
Manyata: watever!
Manyata meets all the guests she even couldn't recognise many. Because some were totally changed and some she didn't knew ayesha called everyone with whom she was in contact she called manyatas jay and her other friends  and cousins too. Kripa cousins male female were present too it was indeed like a youngsters party!
Manyata wasn't aware but someone was their who was staring her.His breath got stuck in the throat when he saw manyata. She was wearing  silver white saree that was draped seductively against her curvaceous body. The color contrasted against her porcelain skin making it come alive. He could see glimpse of her bare waist.
His gazed was fixed on her he came there 30 minutes ago met everyone except manyata.
He was resting comfortably in his chair watching her. He was sitting in such a way that he could only see her clearly. She looked magnificent  he couldn't take his eyes off her at all .He was lost in her he was watching her smiling and chatting with others she seemed happy but her smile wasn't reaching her eyes. Somewhere for the very first time he felt guilty that he was the reason of  the emptiness in her eyes.
The spell was broken when he felt a hand on his hand in which he was holding his drink.
Jay: uday ur drink is finished should i bring you one. (says in flirtatious way)
Uday:no jay i was about to go. He got up and was about to walk when jay hold his hand from behind and stopped him.
Jay: c'mon uday lets spend the night together.
Uday was extremely annoyed he wanted to push her away but an idea struck in his mind.
Uday turns towards jay holds her from her waist.
Uday: then lets go love. Jay smiled she was feeling like she was on cloud 9.
Uday and jay entered the main hall his hands were snaked around jay waist.
Every single girl was spitting venom through her eyes.
Boys were very jealous of how not only the single girls but their ladies were too loosing their selves and drooling over this man.
Jay smirked after seeing the condition of the girls around her she was really pleased.
Uday and jay reached where manyata was chatting with one of her friends.
Jay wanted to jealous manyata by showing the hottest and most eligible bachelor was with her.
Jay:manyata i want you to meet my boyfriend.
Uday smirked and wondered when he became her boyfriend.
Manyata looked behind and was startled to see HIM again.
Manyata muttered:BOYFRIEND
Jay:yes boyfriend now show some etiquettes. (she said it sarcastically)
Manyata was speechless she couldn't figure out whats all this now? her chain of thoughts were broken by ayesha's scream.
Ayesha: OMG u here?(asks uday excitedly)
Uday chuckles on her kidish behaviour.
Uday: yes m here.
Ayesha: how are you (asks smiling at him continuously)
Jay observes ayesha's weird behaviour she can see how latoo was she on uday so without wasting a second she interrupts them.
Jay: he is fine . I can see you know him but let me introduce you both  to him iam sure he doesn't remembers  you. And i think manyata you remember him last time you got unconcious in his arms in ayaan reception.
Manyata: No i don't remember him.
Uday looks at her and smirks.
Jay: watever manyata.
Uday this is my sister manyata and her friend ayesha and guys this is uday my boyfriend(smiles).
Ayesha dreams were shattered on the floor. Her dream of running behind junior udayveer broked badly.Wink
Manyata: nice to meet you now can you please excuse us. Manyata held ayesha's and dragged a shocked ayesha with her.
Manyata wasn't getting whats uday's new plan her nightmare turned into reality infront of her eyes. Her sixth sense was telling her something is gonna happen she cursed herself for not wearing his gift now she was sure he is here to prove his words like he said she will regret denying him.
Vijay bhai: ladies and gentle mens or should i say boy and girls lets have some fun. Find your partners and lets rock the dance floor. So buddies the floor is all yours.
Guys one by one comes to manyata and asks her to dance with them.
Manyata refuses to dance with them saying she can't dance in this sarree.
Vj comes chalo manyata bhai dance karte hen.
Manyata was busy trying to focus her energy in handling the saree.
Manyata: cant you see my sarree vj bhai. Shoo away i need to drink something.
She goes to  the bar and orders a juice.
Suddenly she felts someone presence behind her she instantly turns around and finds uday smiling at her. He was dangerously closeto him.She was breathless.
Uday: can i have the pleasure of dancing with you.
Manyata looks away: i don't want to dance with you now move. She replied defiantly.
I was not asking you. He said pulling her in his arms and molding her body close to his. His one hand was holding her at the base of her spine, other buried in her hair. They were now inches apart uday could easily feel her thudding heart beat against his chest.
Manyata was scared now not because he was so close she was used to of it now she was scared of being watched. She didn't wanted anyone to see them in that state. She could feel the bar tender eyes glued on them. She felt really disgusted and decided to push him. She pushed him as hard as she could with all her force.
He jerked back a little.
She starting walking from there but he caught her hand from behind and said not so soon mrs singh we have many things to discuss (says with his signature smirk)
Manyata: dont create a scene uday.
Uday jay shouts she couldn't see manyata because of great distance but she was sure he was holding some girls hands. She was storming towards uday and manyata.
She pushed her hands from uday with such a force that many of her bangles got broken which cutted her wrist.
Before uday could notice she ran away.
Jay reached him: uday whose hand you were holding(asks suspiciously)
Uday no ones y i will go for another woman when i have you.
Jay: awww uday i can't believe it you are behaving like this with me iam flattered.
Uday mutters: even i cant believe it.
Jay:umm you said something.
Jay: ok then lets go and dance.
Manyata goes to vj.
Manyata: vj bhai lets dance.
Vj: arrey ab tak to bhao kha rahi thi.
Manyata was extremely angry now. U wana go or not ( she shouts)
Vj:sorry chalo.
Manyata and vijay were dancing now.she couldn't dance due to her sarree but still she was. She stomp on vj foot accidentally.
Vj shouts: mummy me mar gayaa mera paon. M sure hamari feet ki bones apne torr di hen.
Manyata: shutup Vijay bhai act like a man.
Vj: ahhh but iam not a man
Manyata WHATTT Shocked
Jay: where are you looking uday please look at me you know today is one of the best day of my life. I can't believe it iam in ur arms dancing with you.(says trying to get more intimate)
Uday eyes were stuck on manyata and vijay. He chuckled when he saw how manyata stomped on his foot due to nervousness. He was enjoying his effect on her.
Manyata: oye r u serious.
Vj: no manyta bhai was joking.(laughs)
Manyata: u r sick vijay bhai.
Vj: now its time to change the step.He twirled her around manyata saari got stuck in her heel she closed her eyes in fear she knew she is gonna fall really hard on the floor in some seconds. After some seconds she wondered y  didnt she hit the floor she opened her eyes and found herself in udayveer arms. She blinked her eyelashes couple of times to confirm it was real or was she dreaming.
After some seconds she realized it wasn't a dream she was in his arms in real.
She stood up as soon she realized her position she was happy to see nobody noticed him saving her except jay and vijay others were so lost in dancing. Vj ran to bring water for manyata while jay was confused. She kept looking at them , her cell buzzed she picked it and walked to other side to talk to ds.
Manyata without uttering a single word started to walk out of the floor but uday hold her again but this time he hold her from her waist.
She yelped in surprise feeling his strong muscles under her and struggled. But he held her firmly by her waist. Let me go she exclaimed.
Uday: princess not until you thank me.
Manyata: ill thank you huh never. I would have loved to be on this floor instead of your arms. I hate you more than anything in this world.
Manyata words woked the devil inside him. He was trying his best to be polite and nice with her on her birthday but she was behaving very rudely. He couldn't tolerate her behaviour anymore.
She wanted to leave she walked a step ahead and then stopped.
The lights dimmed and disco lights glowed.
Uday pushed manyata from her waist as hard as he could.Her back collided on his chest. His fingers traced her half naked back. She gasps going completely blank with this new sensation.
Uday kissed her neck on which her body shivered.
Song started.
Kurbaan hua
 Teri tishnagi mein yun
 "Kurbaan hua
 Teri aashiqui mein yun"
Uday turned her around and put his hand on her waist, she put hers on uday's shoulder and then started  swaying with the beats.
"Bekhudi mein bekali mein
 Bekasi mein hua
 Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
 Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan huaaa'
 Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
 Ada pe'wafa pe'.jafa pe
 Kurbaan huaaa
 Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa'"
Uday smiled : she smells so good like rose and honey he thought. He twirled her around again and brought her back in his embrace.
"Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar
 Tanha hai yeh jahaan
 Jal uthe meri kufr se
 Saanson ka yeh samaan
 Kya hua
 Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon
 Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun
Bekhudi mein bekali mein
 Bekasi mein hua
 Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
 Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan huaaa'
 Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa.."
He brought her back in his arms and kept swaying very very slowly. He was looking at her without blinking while manyata kept looking downwards she was trying her best not to make eye contact with him.
"Marne ka sabab
 Maangta raha dar-ba-dar
 Mitne ko toh dil
 Pal mein raazi hua"
 He took his hand and put his fingers between hers and wispered in her ears "YOU REALLY DON'T REMEMBER ME HAN" manyata was loosing her self completely with his touch. Her mind was completely numb her whole body was in his control.
"Poori hui har aarzoo
 Har daastaan meri
 Ke tum shuru hue jahan
 Main khatam hua"
Uday pushed her waist to make her look in his eyes. When she looked at him she was completely lost. His eyes were mesmerizing. She kept looking in those deep eyes. He brought her closer now they were inches apart.
"Kurbaan huaaa'
 Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
 Ada pe'wafa pe'.jafa pe
 Kurbaan huaaa
 Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa'"
he came closer she forgot where she was. What was she doing she was lost in him when she saw him leaning towards her more she closed her eyes in anticipation. He came closer and kissed her on her cheek.
The music stopped. The lights were onn . Their fingers were etwined and she was breathing heavily.
. Kripa vijya jay ayesha all were shocked. Their eyes were open wide.
Vijay to a girl: hamen please pinch karo hum kahin khwaab to nahi dekh rahen.
Jay was shocked beyond words.
Kripa couldn't believe her eyes.
Ayesha was watching them like a fool with her mouth wide ope.
Other guests were stunmed as well boys were swearing on uday girls were spitting venom at manyata through their eyes. Some were dumbstuck to see such a hot and sizzling couple. They wondered how perfect they looked together.
Manyata opened her eyes and realize the music had stopped and they were being watched.
She looks at him he wisper in her ear.
Uday: this is your punishment of not wearing what i send for you.
Manyata was hurt she pushed his hand from her bare waist with all her force and ran away as fast as her legs could run.
She colided with a hard figure when she looked up she found Ayaan! She was shocked to see him. She left that hall immediately.
Ayaan eyes were fixed on uday he was fuming in anger. He walked towards him boiling in anger but suddenly he was stopped he turned back and saw ds holding his hand. she gestured him to follow her and and he did. Giving a murderous glare to uday.
Uday smirked and decided to follow his wife.
Manyata was running she was about to fall again but uday came and saved her. Manyata was out of her mind now she stood up pushed him away and slapped him hard on his face and ran away.
Uday was half crazy now.
Uday: u will pay for this slap manyata.
Manyata ran to the reception.
I want a room.
Receptionist:mam there is no room  all r booked.
The receptionist got a call.
Receptionist: ok sir. She kept the phone mam here is the keys of your room. And you dont need to pay for it.
Manyata couldn't understand why she said that but she wanted a room very badly so she decided to pay for it later right now she wanted to leave she didn't wanted anyone to see her tears which were on the verge of falling.
Manyata ran towards the room slammed the door and locked it.
She fall on the floor. Tears started rolling down her eyes. After some time she got up and stood infront of the mirror crying continuously.
She saw him in the mirror her heart skipped a beat she heard his footsteps he was advancing towards her. He held her hand and pulled her towards him.
Manyata: how you came inn i locked the door(she shouts at him)
Uday: well iam the owner of this hotel i can go to any room i want.And beside that this is my suite no no no pardon me i should say our suite after all you are my wife (says in flirtatious tone)
Manyata: iam not your wife you got it i can't be wife of a beast like you you are the most brutal man i have ever met dont you have heart do you know just just because of you today i couldn't look into my bhaii eyes. I hurted the most important person of my life i love him more than my life  and because of you just because of you he was hurt today i can't see him hurt do you get that if i have to sacrifice my life for him ill do it without thinking once she shouts very loudly at him.
Uday lost his self control. He digged his nails in her smooth skin on which manyata screamed loudly with fear.
He said looking in her eyes holding her tightly by her wrist.
Uday: i will make sure your brother bleeds to death and i dont think you want him to be proven as an looser and a unsuccessful brother who even was not able to save his sister's life. He wasn't there when his sister needed him the most. When his sister was forcibly married to me his biggest enemy(smirks)
Manyata:dont you dare touch my brother. i will never ever let you gave him a single scratch you have ruined my life but i wont let you even touch my brother mr Udayveer Singh.(says with teary eyes)
Uday smirks: from where you got so much courage u weren't so brave some time ago?
 This not so cool attitude can ruin your life dont you know what can i do with you! dont you remember that night.
Manyata: i remember every moment spent with you! how can i forget those worst moments of my life which haunts me every single night. And what will you ruin? you have ruined me already!
Uday: that was just a promo love i can do much much more and trust me i can. Dont wake the devil inside me(says angrily)
Manyata: do watever you want to do now i dont have anything to loose you have already killed my soul. And you have already hurt me mentaly what will you do? you will hurt me physically do it iam not scared of it now!
Uday: you know what now i wont  only hurt you physically i will hurt everyone dear to you and i will make sure you cry every single night!
Manyata: sorry but now you wont get that pleasure i wont cry no matter what you do. Now let me go(she tries to push him)
Uday pulls her back: no not so soon baby first let me punish you for slapping Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh!
He comes very close to manyata.
Manyata closes her eyes waiting for his next move!
Kripa: manuuu
Manyata opens her eyes wide and gets extremely tensed to see a shocked kripa infront of her.
 Kripa was shocked to see both of them so near again.
Kripa: ds wants you both in the mahal now.
Phuff guys im hell tired now. Updated the whole update from my cell. It annoyed me to the core. My lappy windows is corrupted and i updated it specially for my ria darling. I hope all of you and ria you liked the update. Guys i worked really hard on this update and typing from a windows cell is really not a easy task. Now m done with my work its your turn to show ur love by liking and giving your valuable comments. Avoid spelling/gramatical mistakes.

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