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Forcefully Yours Thread#2 IMPORTANT NOTE pg 143 (Page 131)

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Hello lovies how are you all?  I know you all must be angry from me for not updating From so longConfused
 well I have a long story which you wont be pleased to hear'. Dukh bari dastaanOuch
 LOLLOL m jokin actually didn't updated cox of my susti (laziness) but now iam back with two good newsBig smile think thinkBig smile
Alright I will tell you'  Actually my college is closed yuppieWink' its good news for me but its for you too you must be wondering why? Shocked
Because ill be able to update twice a week Big smile happy right? Alright now its time for news 2 ...  Today iam giving you special manveer only updatesBig smile no ayaan( zainab would be very happy todayLOL) no ds no one just manveer licious and jaigarhicious update ROFLlol :D why because its my birthday :DParty
SPECIAL THANKS: to my dear friend Zainab
Hug for making such a beautiful  birthday post for me and wana thanks all those who wished me thanksss alott zaini and each one of you who wished me love yaa all so muchHugHugHug

Manyata: waiter have you seen uday? I mean your Yuvraaj'..
Waiter: yes mam I saw him going outside'.
Manyata: ok thanks'.
Manyata: ye uday bahir kyun gaya'. She was about to go but at the mean time kripa came'
Kripa: manu now we need to go..
Manyata: but wait I want you to meet someone'
Kripa: not now manuu iam sorry but I have to leave please'
Manyata: whats wrong?
Kripa: no mannu nothing is wrong its just iam not feeling well..
Manyata: bhabi you can stay in my room and rest if you aren't feeling well' I will call the doctor..
Kripa holds manyata hand in order to stop her'
Kripa: no mannu u don't need to iam going'
Manyata: but'
Kripa: please'
Manyata: alright but promise me you will call me as soon as you reach home and inform me about your heath every single minute'
Kripa: I will don't worry (she kisses her forehead)
Kripa: I love you.. take care..
Manyata: I will but please do call me ok..
Kripa: I will'
Vj: bye manyata bhai ..
Manyata: bye vijay bhai (hugs)
Manyata eyes got teary when they were going away .. she felt like again she is left alone in this suffocating place'.
She immediately wipes the tear which dared to fall on her cheek'
''Uday uday'' manyata called him but he didn't bothered to look at her...
Uday stormed off like a tornado towards his room..
Manyata kept calling him'. He even didn't look at her'
Manyata felt really humiliated people present there watched him stormed off  without paying attention to his wife'. Everyone started whispering to each other' manyata felt dejected''..
How could he avoid me like this infront of everyone...  some minutes ago he was all behaving like a lovey dovey husband and now look at him... How can he? Now i won't talk to him either...
Everyone left after a while'
Rohaan: sab achey se hogaya nahi manyata'..
Manyata was in deep thoughts..
Rohaan gestured pinky to tap on her shoulder'
Pinky : kyaa huwa kahan kho gayi'
Manyata: nahi kahi nahi' sorry what I missed?
Rohaan: nothing much I was saying the party was great henaa?
Manyata: yeap all thanks to you both'
Rohaan: no all credit goes to you'. Alright now we should leave you two alone your husband will kill me for keeping his wife away from him for so long'bye
Manyata: bye rohaan.. she hugged pinky'
Manyata didn't knew why but today his behaviour hurt her alot it wasn't like it was the first time he behaved this way she has seen worse but still somewhere in her heart she thought he wasn't what he seems or pretends to be'.
She liked the way he was close to her but after this she wont ever believe him NEVER''''

Manyata kept tossing on her bed'. She couldn't sleep at all' after trying for an hour she gave up finally' she sat on her bed'. Her hairs were all ruffled' eyes swollen'. And face paler than kasper'..
Manyata looked out of the window and thought to spend some time alone outside.. she really needed some fresh air' she folded a shawl on her body'.. as it was really cold outside..
Manyata walked towards the pool and sat beside it'.
The view was beyond beautiful it was a full moon night the water was shinning in the moon light.. the environment was very peaceful with no sounds'.. she felt at peace finally!
She kept thinking about the events which happened in her life' her life turned upside down faster than expected'.
She was married now'. to a man who is her biggest enemy' what was her mistake'. Where she went wrong? What she did which made him so cruel towards her? She even didn't knew him then how can he claim she has hurt him? These were the questions which no matter how much she tries revolves in her mind 24/7'..
She knew she wont be lucky enough to get her answers'.
Suddenly she felt someone hand on her shoulder' she turned back and found giriraj'.
Manyata: aap do you need something?
Giriraj: nahi I have come here to talk to you'.
Manyata: talk to me about what'
Giriraj sits with her on the floor'
Manyata: don't sit here uncle I will bring chair for you'
Giriraj: no my child I love to sit on the floor'..
Manyata: smiles'.
Giriraj: bete If I say I can understand your pain would be a plain lie.. I cant understand your pain.. infact no one can understand what you are gone through except you yourself'..
Manyata: uncle'
Giriraj: no please let me finish'
Manyata nodes'
Giriraj: Whatever my son did with you was the most brutal thing he has done ever'..  I know what he did is beyond repair''. You must have dreamed of how you will have your wedding n all but he broke your dreams''  I don't know why you came back here' if there was someone else she would never have decided to live with a man who done such harm to her'.. bt iam glad you are back' you know when I entered this house today for the first time I felt like a home'. Just from your presence this place has turned into a home'..
Manyata: uncle giri I don't know what to say'
Giriraj: bete you don't need to! whatever you did for us is enough'' thanks beta thanks for everything' for making this house a home for bringing happiness which was missing from so long'..
Manyata: uncle giri I just wana say don't expect much from me or this relation with uday whatever iam saying probably will hurt you but I cant keep you in dark' I don't want you to make your hopes high''' I know how it feels when everything shatters'. But I i (she couldn't speak further)
Giriraj: bete  ok but you know what my heart says' you are destined to be here' this home belongs to you'. My son belongs to you'. And one day you this house will be equally important as your home is for you or maybe more'. (smiles)
Manyata knew he was dreaming of something which would never happen but still she couldn't just ask him to stop dreaming'''
Manyata: bohat raat hogayi hai dad you should go and sleep'
Giriraj: haan bete'
Manyata and giriraj both got up and manyata was about to go when giriraj called her'
She turned back'
Manyata: kuch chahiye apko?
Giriraj stepped forward and hugged her'
At first manyata was startled she didn't expected a hug was coming on her way and that from giriraj'
Giriraj: bete I know you feel alone here you don't have your ds your brother your father here'. But you don't need to worry..
I will be a father for you unnati a sister'
But yea uday cant be like a brother to you'..( laughs)
Manyata laughs'. She felt so pleased' she literally needed a hug and right now it was working as a medicine to heal her wounds'..
They broke the hug'
Manyata: thanks uncle'
Giriraj: no call me dad'.. no matter what happens in future I will always remain your dad and you my daughter'. No one not even UDAY can break our relation'
Manyata smiles: ok dad '.
Giriraj: now go and have a peaceful sleep'
Manyata: good night dad'
Giriraj: good night bete'.

Manyata woke up early she had a bath and headed downstairs'. She knew now as she isn't alone with her so called husband she has to no matter what behave normally like a good bahu a good sis in law but she was adamant not to talk to him from now no matter what'..
She entered kitchen daimaa was kinda shocked to see her so early in the morning..
Daima: bete aap yahan?
Manyata: actually woh hamen neend aur nahi arahi to humne socha ke yahan aakar apki thori si help hi karden'
Daimaa: nahi aap jaiye arram kren hum krlenge..
Manyata: nahi humen to aaj help karni hi hai'
Par humen kuch pakaana nahi ata'
Daimaaa laughs: bete humen pata hai' achaa agar apko help karni hai har halat me to jaiye aap table set krdijiye..
Manyata smiles: thankuuu maa' I mean daimaaa'. (she mistakenly calls her maa)
Daimaa: koi baat nahi hum apki maa bhi hain aur daimaa bhi..
Manyata smiles and leaves'.
Uday was busy in his room working on laptop when he hears a knock on his door'
Uday: come in'
Maid: Yuvraaj sa daima said breakfast would be ready in 5 minutes'. Please come and have your breakfast'
Uday : where is manyata..
Maid: she is downstairs'
Uday: ok'.
Uday knew the way he behaved with her wasn't good at all but he couldn't help it he was out of his mind after seeing that bas***d ( AYAAN)' he couldn't control his anger'. He knew if he stayed downstairs he will probably harm her or himself'. That's why he left without answering her back'
Uday came downstairs talking to rohan on his Bluetooth'
Suddenly his eyes fell on manyata who was arranging plates and other stuff of breakfast'' he couldn't speak for a while.. after some seconds when he was out of shock heard rohaan voice'.
Uday:  rohaan I will talk to you later' ok
 Uday comes and sits...
Good morning wifey. ...
Manyata avoids him and continues doing her work...
Hello wifey(uday waves infront of her face)
Still he gets no reply...
She was in no mood to quarrel with him or of seeing him yell at her so she thought the best way was to stop answering him'
Uday talked to her for some 5 minutes more but after getting no reply he gets out of his mind'.
He got really frustrated now he got up pined her hands on the table and crushed her body with his...
Now manyata position was really awkward...
she was half pressed on table beneath her hand and he was infront of her...
Uday: i told you when i speak i want answer...  Don't you dare ignore me...
Manyata eyes were glued to his' she was scared to see him in his real avatar again'.
ahem ahem
Get a room guys''

Suddenly uday realized his position he stepped backwards and left without looking at her'.
Manyata heart was thudding like never before'' breath heavy than before'
If someone else see them they might think they were romancing like unnati misunderstood'..
Unnati comes smiling'
Unnati: kyaa baat hai hamen nahi pata tha k subha subha hamen aisaa love scene dekhney ko  milega kyaa baat hai'.
Manyata: unnati ill be back in a second she runs away'
Unnati: wah hamari bhabi sharmaati bhi hain' (mutters to herself)

Finally done with this chapter'''' I hope you liked it'. Like I told you other update is waiting for you' lol I might be the first person giving present to others on her own birthday lol'. But see iam different I wanted to share my special day with you guys by giving you double update'..
N yaa DON'T FORGET to LIKE BOTH chapters'. You might get many more double updates in future if I got a lot of likes Embarrassed

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Manyata was roaming in her room cursing uday'
Kutaa kamina ullu ka pathaa' diplomat jerk donkey monkey'. What the hell he thinks of himself he will do whatever he likes and I won't stop him'.
How dare he came so near me how dare he scared me soo much how dare he yell at me'. He was showing his anger to whom? to me?
If he is Yuvraj then iam not a pauper '. Iam princess as well saala kamina didn't like it when I didn't replied but how he behaved was that a civilized way?'..  my heart was about to stop'. Kutta leaves no chance to come near me'. Muttered manyata who was right now red like a tomato due to anger'' agar mera bas chalta to wahin table se knife uthaa kar uska galla kaat deti haan nahi to'..
Manyata bus bohat hogaya ab to paani sar se uppar chala gaya hai aaj yahan tak pohanchaa hai kal aur agey pohanch gaya to'.. she kept roaring like a lioness to herself'..
Kya karun kya karun?
At last her mind worked and a plan stuck her mind'.
Manyata smiled brightly showing all of her teeth'.
Udayveer singh now you are dead'..

Manyata comes downstairs and finds unnati sitting on the table sipping her tea'.
Manyata: hello good morning'
Unati: Good morning bhabi'
Unnati decided not to tease her further after seeing her flushed face'..
Unnati: come bhabi have breakfast'
Manyata comes and sits'
Manyata: wheres dad?
Unnati: he left a while ago'..
Manyata: ok I think m late'.
Unnati: its ok smiles'
Manyata thanked God that unnati didn't talked to her about that incident'..
Unnati: so bhabi tel me'. What you have studied'. What are your likes and dislikes and wot aims you had before getting married to my dada n your favorite color food desert song movie'. Etc etc..
Manyata: seems like I have to give an interview..
Unnati: yea kind of (smiles)
Manyata: ok I have done bachelors'and
Unnati: wait just bachelors? Didn't you liked to study further'
Manyata: I wanted to but couldn't because got married to your dada'.
Unnati was confused'' wots your age?
Manyata: 21
 Whattt unnati couldn't stop but shouted'.
Manyata: yaaa what happened..
Unnati: iam sorry but I didn't knew it'( she tried to act normally)
Manyata: its ok'
Unnati: don't you think its too early I mean iam really happy dada found such a beautiful and young bride but I am just saying you both could have waited for some more time and then you know I hope you haven't took me in wrong sense I swear I didn't mean to offend you or something its just I didn't expected dada would marry such a young girl''
Manyata: no don't worry I know what you mean' but all I can say  is its destiny'.
Manyata didn't wanted to tell unnati the truth after talking to her she observed two things one unnati didn't knew anything about her and uday forceful marriage and second that unnati loved uday a lot he was kind of her hero' she didn't wanted to show her how cruel he was' she knew how lovely the bond between sister and brother is '.. she has a brother too and she knew how much she will get hurt if she knows about him and his deeds'''

Manyata was walking when she saw a servant passing by..
Manyata: where is your yuvraaj?
Maid: he is in the garden talking to someone'
Manyata: ok'.
She smiles and walks hurriedly towards the guest room which was now his room'.
Manyata: what the hell he thinks of himself... Huh i will show him what i can do...
She opens the door of uday room and see no one...
Manyata: achaaa moka hai manyata lele badla ... She runs towards his brief case she opens it and gets the file out of it...
Manyata: uday ke bachey ja ab presentation dey...(she heard uday on phone talking to rohan about this presentation some days before)
Manyata walks towards her room humming a song!

She enters her room' manyata now next plan is to hide it somewhere where uday cant find it iam sure he will know its me so I better find a safe place'.
She looks around the room and decides to hide it under the mattress'.
Haan this is the best place he will search everywhere except this place'. Uvraaj uday now I will see how you will be able to breath in peace'.. you have awaken the lioness inside me now you will pay for it'.

Rohaan: uday the meeting will start within 2 hours'
Uday: ok
Rohaan: I think you should see it once I mean before giving the presentation the clients are very important' if they liked it we will get a really huge contract.. we need to grab this contract in order to remain the best'.
Uday: yea don't worry but for you I will go through it again'.
Uday opened his briefcase and finds it empty'
Uday was confused to see no file...
W*F? Where has the file gone I remember I put it myself inside it then where it's gone'.?
He thought for a while.. suddenly a name flashed in his brain'.
Yea how can I forget now I have a STUBBORN 10 YEARS CHILD in disguise of my wife''( says angrily)
Uday calls manyata'..
Manyata: hello hi'.

Uday: manyata you have the file right...( gritting his teeth)
Manyata: yes...
Uday: dekho manyata i want it now... Le aoo
Manyata: no me nahi laungii tum bhi aye to you won't find me at home because iam not at home...
She cut the cal before uday can even reply her'
Uday: hello hello manyata? (he angrily throws his cell on the floor and the cell breaks into couple of pieces)
Uday: MANYATA (shouts boiling)
Unnati: bhabi why so suddenly you make this plan? Of shopping?
Manyata: actually I wanted to buy some stuff so thought its better to go with you then going alone'
Unnati: ahan you know you and bhai have same nature'
Manyata: how?
Unnati: you both are shy and quiet types'
Manyata chuckles..
Unnati: what?
Manyata: well here your observation is wrong iam not at all quiet and shy types but in real iam totally opposite of it'.
You know when I used to be in chicago my friends tagged me as chatterbox and wild cat'. I was famous as the most vivacious person of my department and yea I was expert in doing pranks' you know me and my friends used to make crank calls on saturday night it was really fun'..
Unnati while observing her glowing face on the mention of her old days'. Then what happened now bhabi why you aren't the same as you were before why the spark in your eyes is missing?
Manyata was tongue tied she didn't knew what to say now'
Manyata: I have some work in this shop so please let's go' she walks as fast as she could to avoid unnati suspicious gaze'..
 Unnati understood she was running away from her questions she felt something was very wrong between these two but WHAT?
Uday entered his palace fuming'.
Uday: where is manyata?
Maid: unnati and manyata left for shopping?
Uday: with which driver?
Maid: no they left alone mam wanted to go alone with unnati'.
Uday: God'. Alright actually I have lost a file ' its color is maroon I want you and all maids to find it in my room' I mean the room which I used to use before '. Search each and every corner of it do you get that I want it at any cost..
Maid: jee
Uday tried to call unnati but she wasn't receiving his call'.
Uday called one of his men'
Uday: iam sending you a number I want you to track its location...
Man: ok sir..
Uday: fast..
Man: you can call me back within 20 minutes sir'( he cant call uday back because uday has private number)
Uday: ok make it quick'
After  20 minutes he finally knew where they were'..
Manyata and unnati were having lunch'.
Manyata: you know unnati iam a big foodie'
Unnati after looking at her tray' ya I can see that bhabi.. (both laughs)
They were chatting when they saw 2 bodyguards entered the restaurant'.
Manyata: barrey baap ki aulaad''. bloody show off..
Unnati laughs: what?
Manyata: I don't understand one thing' why people appoint bodyguards I mean if they have so much money they can donate it which will help someone' what's the use of this body guard stuff'
Unnati: bhabi they appoint it because they have life threatens you see'
Manyata: alright if your life is in danger wth you are doing in a restaurant cant you order it at your home instead of showing off like this'. I really hate people who show off on buying expensive cars watches perfumes and yea of course bodyguards'.
Unnati: laughs you are too cute bhabhi'.
They weren't even finished yet when they saw uday entering the restaurant along with two more guards'''
Manyata cold drink got stuck in her throat'. She started choking'''.. unnati on the other hand couldn't stop but  started laughing really hard and loud'..
Uday: what happened ladies'..
He looks towards manyata'
Happy to see me wifey'.? Asks uday
Manyata who was bewildered just gave him a faint smile'
Uday: ladies iam here to pick you up so lets go'
Unnati thought manyata would have called uday to pick them up'
Unnati: yea we are done lets go'' along with your BODYGUEARDS she said bodyguards loudly in order to make fun of manyata'
They left the palace'..
Manyata all the way couldn't stop thinking how he knew where they were she switched her and unnati cell phone on silent herself and unnati was all the time with her she didn't speak to him either than how'.
Suddenly the car came to a halt in front of his palace'.
Manyata was back in the world of reality''
They all entered the palace'
Unnati: I will go and keep these shopping bags in my room'
Manyata was also about to go but uday hold her hand from behind and stopped her '
Uday: and where you think you are going? Han?
Manyata: didn't answered and kept trying to release her hand from his manly grip'
Manyata: don't create a scene n let me go'.
Uday: I will after you tel me where you have hide the file'
Manyata: find it yourself mr YuVRAAJ Udayveer singh.. show your power'
Uday: well if I can find you then I will find the file as well
Manyata: huh you won't be able to'
Uday: really?
Manyata turned towards him facing him: yea really (she mimicked)
Uday: fine then you have to sit here with me until I find the file'
Manyata: and if you didn't find it then?
Uday: then I will be your slave for 24 hours but if I found it.. you will do what I will ask you for 24 hours DEAL?
Manyata: yea ok done deal'
Maid came: yuvraaj sa is this the file?
She shows a maroon file'.
Uday smiles when he sees it in her hands'. On the other hand manyata was boiling'..
Before uday can reach the maid manyata ran as fast as her legs could and snatched away the file from her hand'.
Uday: manyata give it to me'?
Manyata: no no never' she runs and uday runs after her..
Uday: dedo manyata now I have find it you won't be able to hide it further from me'
Manyata: uday ke bachey what you think after trying so hard I will hand it to you no NEVER'. And wese be you didn't find it yourself you have done cheating' cheater
Uday: alright what you want ?
Manyata: I want to help your rivals I don't want that contract to be yours' your rivals have bribed me you see'.
Uday: manyata dekho I will give you whatever you will ask? Ok what about a diamond necklace?
Manyata: keep it with you I don't want it'
Uday: then wot else? Hmmm alright a Porsche??  girls really love that car (he was sure manyata would give up on this deal)
Manyata: rishwat deraha hai I don't want that either keep your bribes with you I don't need it'..
Manyata was standing behind a sofa whereas uday was standing infront of the sofa begging her to give him the file'.

He was about to catch her but she flew like a bird'
Uday: bohat hogaya manyata give me the file says while chasing her'.
Manyata giggles while running'.
Uday: manyata bachon ki harkatein karna band karo and give me the file now'.
Manyata: uday ke bachey in your dreams (laughs out loud)
Uday by now was enjoying it' for the first time he has saw her like this laughing care free'. As a reflex a smile appeared on his face as well after seeing her laughing'.
They both were unaware of the servants who were smiling to each other after seeing them fighting like kids'
When unnati came downstairs she saw some maids standing in a corner laughing looking at some particular thing'
When she looked where they were looking she found manyata running in the hall and uday was trying his best to chase her'
Unnati smiled after seeing the tom and jerry fight in front of her...
Unnati: humne dada ko bohat time baad aisey dekhaa hai ...  mutters...
Manyata found a chance and ran outside in the garden'.. she kept running but suddenly she slipped due to the wet floor uday who was after her like a express train fall as well'.. he fall above her' she was already drenched and breathing heavily but when he fall above her she was more uncomfortable'.
Suddenly her heart rate increased'. Their eyes met and she was totally lost uday could easily hear her hear beat like a drum'. He smirked after seeing her condition' right now she was totally vulnerable'' he took advantage of the situation and snatched the file away from her hand'. He got up instantly leaving a cofused manyata behind'.
Manyata even didn't knew the file wasn't in her hands anymore' when he got up he showed her the file'.
Uday: I won so be ready for the punishment miss manyata udayveer singh' smirks and walks away'..
Manyata giriraj and unnati were having dinner'
Unnati: where is dada bhabhi'
Manyata thought how would she know where he is..
Unnati: I mean you are his wife you should know where he is'
Manyata: if I could I would have sent him permanently to hell ( mutters to herself)
Unnati: sorry did u said something?
Manyata: no actually I don't know where he is'
Giriraj: manyata bete he must have forgotten to inform you actually we got a very big contract so he is with some of his friends celebrating' he will be late tonight..
Manyata: jee
Unnati: wow phir to hamen bhi treat chahiye right bhabi?
Manyata: hmmm
Giriraj: of course treat to banti hai''..
Manyata didn't felt much happy'..
Uday returned at 4 am''
Everyone was sleeping' he was about to go to his room when he thought of seeing manyata'.
He walked towards her room opened her door and found the most beautiful girl on earth sleeping peacefully on HIS bed'.
The moon light was illuminating from a corner of the curtains and was hitting her face'
Her milky skin was glowing in the moon light making her more beautiful'.
He was looking at her in awe' he was wondering how can anyone be so beautiful so innocent'.  He belonged to a world where girls are like show pieces they make their selves pastries and shows them selves '. But here this girl who was the simplest girl he has ever seen was totally opposite nor she likes to show her self nor she makes her self a pastry In order to seek attention infact she is the one who hates extra attention'.
Involuntary he walked toward her and sat beside her'.
A strand of hair was disturbing her sleep' he pushed it away with his fingers very lightly in order to not disturb her sleep'. He kept looking at her face'. She was murmuring something which wasn't audible but still he smiled after seeing her cute antics''
Suddenly he felt an urge to be more near her he didn't knew which kind of  gravity was pushing him towards her'
He came so closer now that he could even hear her erratic breathing'. Even in her sleep he was having his effect on her' he kissed her forehead '. He was so lost he didn't noticed what was he doing' he was about to kiss her further but manyata voice brought him back to his senses..
Manyata murmured in her sleep: I love you bhai' I miss you'
Uday moved back instantly and without giving her a second glance walked out of her room'''''''''
Manyata was serving breakfast to everyone when uday came and sat'.
Unnati: bhabhi now as you have served everyone you sit and eat too'.
Manyata smiles she was about to sit with unnati but she stopped her'.
Unnati: your place isn't here sit with dada'.
Manyata sat beside uday'.
Unnati: so dada where is our treat'.
Uday: you and your bhabi decide what you want you will get it within 24 hours'
Unnati: thanksss I love you dada'. Hugs him'
Manyata smiled after seeing them which didn't go unnoticed by unnati'. She thought maybe she is missing her family'
Unnati: dada I think you should feed bhabhi because she isn't starting her breakfast'.
Manyata didn't bothered to anwer because she knew uday would handle the situation..
Uday: sure sis'.
Manyata eyes pop out of their sockets to hear uday she thought he will somehow shut unnati but here he was all ready to feed her'
Unnati clapped like a kid' and uday brought a spoon full of cereal close to manyata's mouth in order to feed her'.
Manyata on the other hand was throwing daggers to uday from her eyes'..
Uday smirked when he saw her expressions'.
Manyata ate it' and then started her breakfast.. after 5 minutes she got up from the table..
Unnati: where are you going?
Manyata: ill be back in 2 minutes'
She came back after a while and sat beside uday'
Uday noticed a spark in her eyes she was smiling unnecessarily'.
After some minutes maid came and served uday his favuorite cheese omelet with dark sugar free coffee'
Manyata: unnati don't you think I should also feed uday with my hands'.
Unnati yea sure I would love to see that'
Uday knew something was wrong'.
Manyata feed him little bit of omelet'
He ate it without saying anything'
Uday: wifey itne pyaar se khilarahi ho to saraa khilado'
Here manyata got confused'
Manyata pov:-
Mene to khud is me mirche dali thi then how this giraffe is
Eating it' kahin maid ne phir se to nahi bana dia but she didn't saw me adding chillies in it'
Uday shakes her: kya huwa wifey..
Manyata: kuch nahi she feeds him more'
Unnati cell starts buzzing she excuse herself and walks away'.
Uday: alright wifey thanks for such a wonderful breakfast' he kisses her hands' and walks away'
Manyata on the other hand even didn't care that he kissed her hand all she could think was how he ate that omelet'
When she saw him disappeared totally she took first bite of the omelet in order to check what's wrong when that small piece entered her mouth she was all red'.
It was really really spicy' she drank water instantly' her eyes were now all teary due to a single piece' she wondered how he ate all of it' her mouth was still burning she called out a maid and asked her to bring some honey for her'.
Uday mouth was burning as well but he didn't care he was about to enter his car when he heard manyata from behind'.
Manyata: wait'.
He didn't knew what now she wants'.
She came near him'
Manyata: open your mouth..
Uday: why kuch or bhi teekha khilana hai smirks..
Manyata: shut up and open your mouth..
He opens his mouth all bewildered and ready for something more terrible' but he was totally wrong'
She feed him a spoon of honey'
Manyata without making any eye contact: now you will be fine' she walks away leaving an smiling uday behind'

Hogaya ye chapter bhi finish hogaya'. So people how was it? Do give me your views and'.. n yea please do avoid all  kind of errors didn't had time to recheck it.


Edited by MsLuscious - 02 January 2013 at 4:49am

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andy.a IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 September 2012
Posts: 6861

Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:03am | IP Logged

yah!! first to comment

first of all happy birthday saira
now really loved your birthday treat
uday is finally feeling something for manyata Smile
thats nice
he felt that if he met manyata after that meeting with ayaan he would hurt her
now i must say the way you told about manyata being a 10 year old wife is very very apt
 yes she is indeed like that
the way both were fighting like tom and jerry was really lovely
unnati seems to be a nice person, but i dont feel right about her
giriraj is indeed like a father to manyata . he is so caring and knows what she would be feeling about her marriage
unnti was eally surprised to know about manyata's age
its all her dada's fault
now would uday go on with the punishment?
if yes cant wait to know what it is
awsome upates
happy to know you will be updating twice a week
 so when is the next update?
thanks for te pm and continue soon

Edited by andy.a - 02 January 2013 at 6:14pm

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Damon.Holic IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 June 2012
Posts: 7393

Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
unres...(sorry for the delay)
that was gr8..
i luvd it to the core
first of all belated b'day wishes
now lets turn to ur update
i donno wats wrong with kripa. kuch waisi khabar toh nai?
i feel they hav started to feel they means manveer something for each other. the sseds are sown and soon they wud bloom...
giriraj was so sweet... i luvd they way he treated manyata... i never expected him to do so. i am glad manyata got a father and a sister though inlaw, in her new house.
and i was really surprised that he hugged manyata. i was taken aback.
i feel sad for giri. he is expecting too much from manyta.
so sweet of manyata, she was working in the kitchen.
i really laughed out loud when unnati saw them in that weirdo position. i mean was she thinking and wat was the reallity.
i feel sad that poor manyata had to suffer so many things. she cant evev share those with any1.
Manyata was roaming in her room cursing uday'
Kutaa kamina ullu ka pathaa' diplomat jerk donkey monkey'. What the hell he thinks of himself he will do whatever he likes and I won't stop him'.
How dare he came so near me how dare he scared me soo much how dare he yell at me'. He was showing his anger to whom? to me?
If he is Yuvraj then iam not a pauper '. Iam princess as well saala kamina didn't like it when I didn't replied but how he behaved was that a civilized way?'..  my heart was about to stop'. Kutta leaves no chance to come near me'
omg... that was so much for uday... luvd those gaaliyas. i really feel very sad wen i hear manyta's age.
ahaa... the file waali thing surprised me completely. i was blown off by manyata's attitude and her behaviour. then with such an ease and without the slightest feeling of guilt. (umm... why shud she be guilty?...wateva) she went for shopping with unnati.
luvd how she cursed ppl roaming around with bodyguards. and i was smiling to myself thinking wat wud happen wen she will noe that uday was with the bodyguards.
and the chase
PERFECT... no other word shud be said bout it. cudnt get more betr.
luvd the dining table scene of giri unnati and manyata
and the bedroom scene was speechless. luvd how u described sleeping manyata.
and the next day dinner...
lol lol lol...
i really feel sad for uday. bechaene sara ka sara bina kuch kahe nigal liya... uske gale ki toh waat lagi hogi
and so sweet of manyata, she fed him honey... this is tru love i must say
sorry for giving such a late comment...
luv u... u r really a gr8 writer... muahh... hope u giv such beautiful long long double triple updates in future..
lots of luv and hugs and b'day wishes
pranks aka sanju

Edited by iluvmanveer - 04 January 2013 at 3:35am

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--Zinay-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:16am | IP Logged
You are most and always welcome! Big smileyar u need not to thank me for anything Smilei just made a birthday post for you and that is part of my duty! Embarrassedits part of friendship! i cannot give you any gift Cryi just made a small post for my darling friend!Big smile

ye tum nay bohat neki ka kaam kia ayaan ko in dono chapters say dur rakh kr!! uff,...mje kitni nafrat hai us kaminay say dusron ki behen kay sath khel kr salay ko apni behen ki pari hai!! bloody selfish!!Angry haila main itna over react kr rahi hu ye to fiction haiROFL

this was an beyond thinking birthday treat of DOUBLE DHAMAKA!! Wow!! tumne bohat acha kaam kia hai tumhe bohat nekiyaan milien gi!! v good keep it up!! up say matlab ye nai kay ja kr chat par rakh ao

Enough of my bakwas!!LOLnow i will come to the update!!
awww...i cannot just stop dreaming
Day Dreaming about it! i just loved the ManVeer scenes!! Tonguethey were so so so so much cute their chasing each other all over the houseLOL and their feeling bad of ignoring each other! Embarrassedslowly growing love in their hearts is chearly visible!!Day Dreaming

ooohh!! kissy wissyBlushingarey yar aik kissy to banti thi na! aik is manyata ko sotay hue bhi us jalad ayaan ki yaad sata rahi haiAngrybechary meray princy ko kissy nai krnay diCry!
well this part was so passionate and so dreamy he is starting to like her and enjoy her being with him!Embarrassed

aik dum jhakas update tha! gandi bachi manyata uday k omlet may mirchi daal di! lekin khudko bhi lagi phirCry but he feed him honey after realizing her stupidity was shoo sweet awesome, fantastic, mind blowing, super duper lovely, outstanding, dhin chak, rapchick, marvelous, and etc etc update!Clap bohat bohat bohat bohat acha!!Clap more than words can say!   "JUST PERFECT" !!Thumbs Up


Edited by -Zina- - 04 January 2013 at 5:58am

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_Grey_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 July 2012
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Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:30am | IP Logged
First of all HAPPY B'DAY SARAH HugParty
May u live a happy long and a prosperous life
thanxx fr sch aHeartwonderful treatStar
enjoyed it alot Wink *A manveerilicious treatBlushing*
OMG!! lyk u gave 2 updates and dat to on ur b'day Clap Gr8 yr Smile
It ws worth waiting Big smile
Manyata bck in her wild cat avatarROFL
uday too is fascinated towrds her Blushing
manyata hates too much of show off and her so called husband is such a show off LOL *Bodygaurd*
unnati thought dat they r romancingLOL
Gr is so supportive Smile
he kissed her foreheadHeart and he would've kissed her further bt dis AYAAN Angry
File shi chupai uday ki ROFL i wish i could witness all dis Cry Bt koi nhi ur updates always bring a smile on my face Smile
Manyata ne uday ko itna teekha khilaya tab bhi usne kuch nhi kha manyata Shockedko so sweet of himSmile
last mai manyata ne usse honey khilaya Dancing
these were the cutest updates till now Wink
Keep up the good work Thumbs Up
Luv uh SarahHugHeart

Edited by Sanarasheedroxx - 02 January 2013 at 6:38am

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lilymontez Newbie

Joined: 14 July 2012
Posts: 6

Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Awesome loved it  <3

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:


chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 June 2009
Posts: 7542

Posted: 02 January 2013 at 6:02am | IP Logged
baar baar din yeh aye baar baar dil yeh gaye... tum jiyo hazaron saal saal... a very happy b'day my eternity queen PartyDancing. Its your b;day and we all got the gifts in the form you ur amzing double updates ClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I really loved how you showed the Mnayata-giriraj bonding, he is truly an amazing father-in-law. I so want to see how the equation of this father-in-law and daughter-in-law changes when giriraj comes to know the real reason of why Uday married her and what animosity he has with her family.I so hope he is still out there for Manyata.And like giriraj even we r waiting eagerly for the  day when Uday and his house will becomes her's foreverEmbarrassed

Unnati is sensing that not all is so lovvey dovey in manveer paradise, and how come she hasnt realised that her dada and her bhabhi are staying in separate roomsConfused. Again a amazing contrast Manyata is showing as compared to ayaan where even after what Uday did to her, she doesnt want to tell unnati the truth about her so called heroic broSmile.

Manveer scenes were amazingly written sarah Clap. They have somewhere grown out of the initial attraction and now what they are feeling for each other is much more deep and intenseBlushing. Uday craving to see her smiling and happy, Manyata little concern and worries fro Uday, her want for knowing him more, her trying to figure out the reason behind all this is what will bring her more close to Uday Embarrassed

Now I was so expecting an explosive face off between Uday-Ayaan, but nothing happenedOuch, I guess as you wanted these two updates to be focusing more on manveer, u pushed it to the next update, and might show up as to what happened between both of them after the party in either of one's flashback. Thanks fro the PM sarahHug

Edited by chitra_rao - 02 January 2013 at 8:40pm

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