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Arhi FF - Dream Meets Reality Thread 1 (Page 26)

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teaser 2 is more update soon.waiting eagerly for the story to move ahead.i liked daadi's it shradda's idea????

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nce update

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Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful comments and encouragement.Big smile

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Part 1
Khushi started placing the Towel in the Bathroom and she could still see that her father was all asleep.. What had happened to him? He was never so lazy.
Just once sentence from his daughter at the morning was enough for him to open his eyes and see her.. Was he all right??? Was he ill?? The slightest thoughts about the ill health of her father troubled her. He was her father cum best friend. She shared everything with him, right from the list of guys who had proposed her when she was in College. Even her father made sure he shared every possible Happiness and worries with her without fail. Then if he wasnt feeling well then why didn't he wake her up before?? She would have treated him.. She rushed to the bed and touched her fathers forehead to check if he had fever.. And there she skipped one beat of hers.. Her dad was all cold and hard.. She didnt understand what was wrong.. All ill thoughts were haunting her mind but then she tried to avoid all that and the immediately started rubbing her fathers Palm. She started shaking him asking him to wake up from his sleep..


Khushi : "Dad.. Come on Get up.. You are all cold.. I will call the doctor now.. Everything will be alright..Ok? Wait.."

She rushed to the phone and dialled the doctors number..

Khushi : "Dr Sinha.. THis is Khushi Gupta.. Can you please come to our house.. Dad is not well. He is not opening his eyes.. I mean he is all Cold.. I am scared Dr.. Please.. Help me.."

The Doctor tried to calm her on the phone assuring her that he would be coming there in next 30 minutes.. She cut the call and then again sat on the bed trying her best to make her dad warm by rubbing his hand.. She somewhere felt that this was not normal. It wasn't a normal sign to feel her father so cold. But she still continued her task with her teary eyes. She had no one else to assist her.. The father and daughter had always a reserved life here.. They never needed anyone else to complete their family.. The two were enough for each other.. But today she wasnt getting the feeling of having someone with her.. She felt she is all alone.. And that only thought made her scream towards her father's body again and again asking him to wake up as she is now really scared of what had happened to him..

The Doctor arrived in few minutes and checked Mr Shashi Gupta.. He checked his pulse and the with a sad face he looked at Khushi and replied..

Dr: "Sorry Miss Gupta.. He is no more". 

That sentence as if killed her from inside.. She was not willing to agree to this fact.. This cannot be possible.. Just yesterday night she had talked to her father till late night and had fun gossiping about their new client.. He looked so well last night then how could he DIE?? DIE?? Her father was DEAD?? No.. 

She fell down on the ground and started crying badly.. She had no one to comfort her.. She had no one to make her understand this is what had to happen one day.. She had no one beside her except her Dad's Dead Body..
Same Day - Delhi - Raizada House
3 year old Pari was sitting besides her mom Anjali who was spreading butter on a piece of brown bread,for the breakfast of her .
Shyam her beloved hubby  was sitting besides them reading a newspaper.
Nani is sitting at the head of the table  like a king sitting proudly on his throne. she was munching her favorite Aloo poori.
Dhruv the smallest Raizada-  "young lad" of  24 years came in the dining area,with ear plugs in his ears,and i-pod in his hands..he was walking to his seat, his hands moving to the music,with his lips syncing the lyrics.Pari got excited to see Dhruv coming and sitting opposite to her chair and screamed..

Pari- squealed "mamu". . (with a big smile on her face..).
Dhruv- hey angel,whats up? he bent a little to give a cool close fist punch on Pari's small closed hand..

Meanwhile Manorama , a lady in her sweet late 40s - with her eloquent walking style enters and waves her hand saying "Hello Hi bye bye"...
Dhruv- "Mom, I heard you had gone to see 'Salmaan Khan's-Ready' movie,and then when did you come back? You didnt even tell me the story ?"

Manorama  looked at nani and others with embarrassment and faked a smile.
Manorama : "Dhru bitwa.. I saw you in the theater with your latest battalion  of girl friends then why ask me the story? Hello Hi bye bye."

All of them laughs at Dhruv's blush and thats when the earlier mentioned "Lion"aka "Chote"aka "Arnav Singh Raizada" aka "ASR " made his entry to the breakfast table.
Silence pervaded through out the house as if you could hear even the sound of a dropping needle. Pari runs over to him and hugs him.
Pari: "Maamu.. I need snickers that too a big packet  when u return from office. Okay?"
Arnav kissed her forehead and smiled back at her..She was the only one person  who could talk to him without any fear and who could bring out smile easily on his face. He loved his family more than anything but he was not that type who would show off his love and affection in "public".He supported and loved his brothers Akash and Dhruv though they are his cousins and considered his sister Anjali as his own mother. He was supported by his nani,mama and mami when his parents left them alone in this world.Usually his anger's main victim target was their maid servant Hari Prakash and HP would make sure that he hardly makes any appearance when Arnav is near  the table.
Arnav: "I will baby.. But promise me you will do your home work on time and wont trouble Mumma.. Ok?"

Pari smiled and ran from there to her Daddy.. 

Arnav: "Dhruv.. I hope you would be coming to AR Office today. Be sure you arent late. I want you to start learning things there.. I want to see you Working in next one month.. Got that?"

Dhruv gaining his confidence :"Bhai.. Is there anything you say I deny? Ofcourse not.. Dont worry Bro.. I would come.. "
Arnav: "Better.. "
Arnav left the house .. Mohan (His driver) took the Laptop bag from him and then kept it in the Car. Arnav sat at the back seat and the Driver drove it to AR Office.
The whole family let a sigh of relief as they were worried about his upcoming blast on Anjali's success for her attempt to search a  "Bride for her chotte"..
But all of them looked dumbfounded to see him smile and the "boiler less face" today. Something was surely wrong they thought.

Today Arnav Singh Raizada wasnt feeling good.. He could feel someone needs him today. Someone who is close to him but yet far.. He wasnt understanding what was wrong with him. What mattered to him the most was his Family and he had seen them in the morning.. Everyone were safe and sound and Happy too.. Then why was he still feeling someone close to him was in pain.. He tried to wash these thoughts from his mind and concentrate on his work.. 
To be continued

Reactions of the trio writers after writing the part 1 :

trivedishraddha - Hari di, Madhu di ... OMG Poor Khushi CryCry,
my cute Dhruv
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and ASR -BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

Madhu123 - Stop Blushing Kiddo.                 
OMG guys we
missed the twist !D'oh

Kiddo  --what was that..?Ermm Madhu - twist here Confused?
ok guys leave it.. OMG I forgot to sleep ShockedShockedShocked

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yeah!!me first...Dancing
crizal,tujhe dingo...Thumbs DownTongue

and harhem di,really,am Blushing over ASR..u know me well ha...
looking forward to more...guys,comment karke hame batana,k wat u expect,we will try our best to meet ur expcetations...Smile

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