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snowbrat Newbie

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged

part (iii)

Khushi: i don't know should i trust you or not arnav
saying this she left
and he was standing there with a tinge of hurt in his heart
it was raining outside but nothing mattered for her at the moment. my heart says he is not lying that all what he said was not a lie... that was true i know i have hurted him today by my behavior but...
what he thinks of his self...i know he is not lying can he treat me like this how can he just kiss me so roughly??he didn't even cared of my lip he is so rude and ruthless
he needs a strict lesson and i will give him one. he will be asr in front of the world but for me he is a stupid lord governor. you will sue this mr raizada
she thought to herself and pouted now i will definitely punish him i won't talk to him for three days she was bussy in her self talks and was fully drenched when some one grabbed her and pushed her to the car door behind her. she looked at him it was non other then asr.his grip was tight on her upper arms
Khushi:leave my arms you ruthless person
she shouted
Arnav:no i wont.
he replied calmly.he was also drenched in the rain by now.
Khushi: arnav leave me and go inside the office. cant you see you are fully drenched. what if you catch a cold?
she said in a concerned voice
he was amused by her behavior
Arnav:as if you care?
he asked while a devilish smirk played on the side of his sexy lips.
Khushi: stop that smile.and why are you smiling huh? what so funny here?
she yelled
Arnav: as if you care?
he repeated peacefully
as he nuzzled in the crook of her neck
Khushi: what is this arnav?
she said weakly
Arnav: as if you care?
he again repeated in his sexy voice as he placed butterfly kisses on her neck
Khushi: Arnav...wha...wh..what are you do..doin
she stammered
Arnav: as if you care?
he again repeated the same line
and smirked at what effect he had on her and continued to suck and lick the buttery crook of her neck
Khushi: arnaaav
she moaned
Arnav: you smell like hot chocolate when you are wet.
he praised her as he bit hard on her neck
this brought her back in earth and she remembered she was angry from him
he licked the reddened area on her neck but before he could do anything else she pushed him away with all her power and succeeded
he looked at her flushed face and then at the clearly visible love bite and smile of contentment sticked to his lips
she glared at him angrily
Khushi: you... i dont care for you.i dont care you fall ill or not. you can go to hell. i dont care for you understood you lord governor
she yelled
Arnav:okay bye dear saying this he quickly pecked her lips and left
he can easily feel her eyes glued to his back he turned looked at her came back bent down and whispered in her ear
Arnav:this was hottt. he winked at her and left
she just stared at his back when he again stoped turned looked at her and said
Arnav: by the way sorry for your..only if i hurted
he pointed at her lips
Khushi: yes i don't care. she yelled at him and left for home
Arnav:okay now let see how much you don't care. he thought and smirked at his exclusive idea.
ASR's office
Aman: but sir now suddenly..
he murmured
Arnav: you do what told you to okay. i don't want your advice
he looked at poor aman angrily
Aman: sorry sir
after aman left aakash asked arnav
Aakash:bhai why you canceled the deal with nisha. i mean she is one of our top models for this event and client too...
aakash questioned
Arnav: no aakash i don't want any cheaters in my company
he replied sternly
Aakash:what happened bhai? what she done?
he questioned concerned
his mouth was wide open when he heard what nisha tried to break arnav and khushi's engagement

"If we desire to Blossom like a rose in the garden"

We must learn the art of adjustment with Thorns.<font size="6">this is what i write today plz frnds hit like and coment for me plz. </font>

here is the link for the last two parts


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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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ASR sure is naughty !!! Wink
Khushi is no less much ego LOL
he cancelled the deal with nisha !!! awsum !!!!!

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coalfax IF-Dazzler

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super sweet and gald that arnav broke the deal
sarunsashasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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NAUGHTY Arnav Wink  awesome update continue soon and thank u for pm me
Arshifan4life IF-Rockerz

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Great update
shasru26 Goldie

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Wow awesome
snowbrat Newbie

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Part (iv)
Raizada Mansion

as she came inside the house she just throw her hand bag on one of the sofa and silently sat on the osofa
Anjali:is every thing okay khushi ji?
you are looking really confused.
asked a concerned anjali
Khushi: no di every thing is fine arnavji did nothing to me.
khushi who was lost in her thoughts replied hurridly
Anjali looked at a confused khushi and smirked naughtly
Anjali:but i didn't asked about what choty did to you
she stressed choty and you
Khushi: umm woh i mean... mean..i thought... actaully woh
khushi stammered nervously
Anjali: okay okay i was only joking now tell me what happened?
why are you looking so stressed?
she asked
Khushi: no di nothing has happened.
she replied
Anjali:then why are you looking so worried?
Khushi:ohh its may be due to some extra work which am doing now a days.
she replied quickly
Anjali:but you don't need to khushi should take care of you self
replied anjali
Khushi:yeah i do di
answered khushi
Anjali: yeah i can see that,the marriage of you and chotey is just after this month and here you...look at you instead of going to beauty parlor you are going to office
Khushi: sorry di
replied an obedient khushi
Anjali:okay you take rest till i make some tea for you
she smiled softly and went inside the kitchen
Khushi's Room 10:00 pm

she was standing in the window when a pair of strong muscular arms hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her shoulder
she knew who it was so she tried to push him away but he tightened his hold on her
Arnav: hey sweet heart still angry with me?
he asked lovingly
Khushi:leave me arnav. right now
she replied angrily
Arnav: what if i don't? well do you know you look quite sexy when you are angry?
he smirked naughtily
Khushi:if you didn't leave me right now then i will call Di
she threatened him
and he laughed at her silly threat he turned her towards him and said
Arnav: okay call her... i know you wont because you love it when i am near you, when i touch you, try to kiss you an all
Khushi:ohh it means the relation we share is just lust?
no no strings attached hmm?
she questioned
Arnav:i didn't mean this khushi?
he was stunned at this behavior of her she was being so rude possessive and ignorant
Khushi: i should have understand that ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA can never change..right?
Arnav: i don't care what you may think about me. but the thing is that i LOVE YOU DAMMIT
he shouted angrily
Khushi:i already know that you don't care you just want my lust nothing else.actually arnav you will not have any problem if i cheat on wont have any problem if i let some one else have me... because you do the same
she was going to say some thing more cheap then this when he slapped her hard on her soft cheek
his finger prints were visible on her white cheek
it took one whole minute for her to understand that he actually slapped her
Arnav: khushi how can you be so cheap? how can you even say this?
Khushi: just like you slapped me Arnav.
she was looking really sad and heart broken. tears were flowing on her cheeks
Arnav:what do you think i want your lust? i have alot better girls then you who throw their selves on me and
he shouted but she cut him off
Khushi: yes MR RAIZADA they are better because they are just like you and want only lust from you
but i want love which you dont have
she shouted in a raised voice
Arnav: okay khushi when our requirements are different then how can we...GET MARRIED
he paused to get some courage for uttering such words
she looked at him with wide eyes filled with hurt and tears. some thing pierced her heart with an incurable pain she gathered alot courge and said
Khushi: i am not surprised SIR
she said between sobs he tried to touch her but she moved back and again shouted
Khushi: yes mr raizada i don't care if you broke our engagement and marry someone else because you do not deserve me? actually not you i will brake this official relation
saying this she throw the engagement ring on his face and he was shocked and his temper was again rising but instead of saying something he looked at her in dismay and with hurt now he realized what he done and she shouted again
Khushi:you know what you slapped me on my face but i am slapping you on your heart and i hope this hurt and pain remain forever on its place in your heart because you deserve will never get a true love mr raizada.because you do not deserve love you deserve only hatred.
she looked at him for last time and ran out of the room to go away from him and his house
but stopped by mamiji
she hold her arm strongly and said
Maamiji: khushi bitiya ae sub ka ha?
khushi was shocked to see her aunty there but when she looked around she was double shocked because the whole raizada family was standing in front of her room
Anjali: khushi ji what has happened with you and choty?
she asked with moist eyes
but before she could say any thing payal noticed the red marks on her cheeks and was shocked again
Payal: khushi ji did arnav ji slapped you??
anjali looked at khushi with teary eyes when arnav came out of the room anjali turned to arnav and asked
Anjali: choty is this true?
she asked in shaking voice
and he replied
Arnav: Di no one can ask me anything its khushi who broke the engagement i dont want to spoil her life just because an engagement if she doesn't need me then how can i stop her???
he questioned back to his Di.
Khushi looked at him heartbroken she never thought that he will do this but things were now happening which she never dreamt off
Anjali: did you slapped her?
she asked sternly Arnav looked at her and said
Arnav:Di i told you that she brok...
but Anjali cut him off and again asked
Anjali: choty i asked did you really slapped her?
she looked at him and he said
Arnav:yes Di
and here it was every member of the family was shattered
Arnav: but she said she will cheat on me...Di how can i bear this?
he looked at the whole family but stopped at khushi.he looked at her face washed with tears and something pinched his heart he remembered when he promised he wont allow a single tear in her eyes
~~~~~~~FLASH BACK~~~~~~~~
2 months ago
Arnav: hey Please don't cry... khushi stop crying its not a big thing okay...we can handle this...and you know aman is on his way to us okay so please don't worry. he felt really awkward at the moment comforting his P.A
Khushi:'t...know that ...i am...afraid...offf...darkness...
she replied between hiccups while crying
and he looked in awe at her innocence she was not afraid of her being with him all alone in a jungle but was afraid of darkness this was the moment he decided to marry her
Arnav:khushi but i am here with you..,you don't need to be afraid okay
he said while he closed the distance between them and made her sit and placed her head on his chest
Khushi: of anything ??
she asked
Arnav: yes of anything?
i wont let anything happen to you.
he made a promise to himself while comforting her
Khushi: you will take care of me?
she asked in a sleepy voice
or maybe she was half in sleep
he caressed her face and removed the hair strands which were blocking his weiw and replied with love filled voice
Arnav:i will take care of you forever and never allow a single tear in your eyes.
Khushi: promis????
she questioned back
Arnav: promise. he replied with a smile
this was the moment he fell in love with his secretary and his maami's niece KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA.
And now here he was he broke his all promises to keep her happy he made her cry and hurted her
but is this all my fault????
he questioned to himself


part five

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