Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year


Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

SGFF:Lights,Camera,Action(Part 11 updated) (Page 75)

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Originally posted by Manish_Shetty

Originally posted by sahashrabdidash

Originally posted by Manish_Shetty

Originally posted by sahashrabdidash

do continue soon
sorry yaar lambi cmmnt nahi likh paa rahi hun
aaj pura din cmmnt likh likh ke hath thak tym pakka walla wada lambi cmmnt ki ok?

koi na sahas dear I can undersatnd...and I have a surprise for you..!!! Wink
ye lo lamba cmmntWinkBig smile

first of all it's really awesum
loved the way u wrote all scenes
and the khidki se andar wala was so nycLOL
n ek baat puchna chahti hun...tum itna achha kaise likhte ho???Confusedso really lyk a show...
actually sab sahi kehte hain...tum actor cum writer bhi ban sakte hoBig smile
well aur lamba likhoon???Winknahi nahi kuch next update ke liye bachake rakhti hun nahi toh mujhe aur shabd nahi mile milega cmmnt ke liye aur phir main likhungi...I AM SPEECHLESSLOLLOL
toh usse achha hai ki main cmmnt itna hi rakhti hun...hope u lyk ma cmmntLOLLOL
and yess all da bst for next updates...keep blowing away our minds!!!LOL
and yes last but not da leastLOLtake care of urself  as well as ur ff's...Tongue...slly me I know u'll take careBig smile

p.s.-well I'm really sorry mani...u gave me a lil task to do but I dint cumplete it...for sum tym I forgot abt da analysis...dont worry I have remembered it n will cumplete my dutyBig smileagain sorry for being so lateCrydont be angry on me...I'm sorryDead

thanx a lot for the comment dear...and ya mein lumbha wala reply bhi likunga lekin hein kaam ithna hein ki time hi nahi mil raha sorry for that..!!! waise sorry bolne ki zaroorth nahi hein..I can understand kyunki i myself forgot about tat..!! LOL Big smileBig smile
its ok...atleast u replied toh...I'm happy wid dat...
lol u forgot...I had forgot but remembered again

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Important Note
Dear Readers,
I am done writing the Part 10 of this update. Wondering why this Important Note? Well that is because this one is very special. Recently when I wrote my other FF: Under One Roof, many readers suggested me that I improve on Yuvreen as a couple. Yes, I ll surely focus on that suggestion and will for sure give more importance and attention to Yuveen along with other couples in that FF.
This FF is a Valentine Special Update. Ya I know I am late, but since this the 10th Part of the FF, it is very special. This update is dedicated to Yuvreen. It is a little intense one. I have tried all that I can in terms of writing skills. I have tried to make it as dramatic as possible. Will update the Part tomorrow.
Guys one more thing, I know I have some very loyal readers of this FF, who really support me a lot. Thanks for that. But then I dont receive as much support as for the other two FFs. That makes me lazy to Update. If you all can pease do help me in increasing my readership. Please, and also if there are any silent readers, please break the silence and give me your valuable feedback, in terms of Likes and Comments. Only this can encourage me to write and also help me in giving all my readers regular updates.
Manish Shetty
(Writer - Lights, Camera, Action; You are My Destiny; Under One Roof)

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Update coming right away..!!! Big smileBig smile
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[ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

Part 10: Form Dark Cold Night to Birght Fresh Morning

Lightning strikes,
Fire blazing in the midnight skies,
Horizons clouded in a devils guise,
Angels gaze deep in your eyes.

Thunder claps,
You're startled out of a trance,
Wind swirls like a beautiful dance,
Passion hides behind a burning glance.

Rain falls,
Hatred mirrors boundless love,
I now realize you're a true white dove,
And I'm left with one I'm in awe of.

Sun shines,
The process of healing shows sentiments true,
And infinite care provides the renew,
Of my love with the one and only you.

-       Max Yarus


Yuvraj was in utter confusion. All that he could see was a girl came to her in the dark. Her face was not clear. She had something in her that made him feel better. He could feel the closeness. He could today after so many years feel the completeness of his life. A life that was shattered few years back with the departure of Suvreen. Anees was standing beside Yuvraj and was wondering what was going on. Who was that girl who was there in front them a few minutes back?

Both these confused souls found peace when they heard the conversation between the girl and her parents. Yuvraj now knew why he felt complete. He had to feel complete because it was his Topper who stood in front of him a few moments back. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to cry his heart to her. He wanted to hug her. He wanted to promise her that he would never leave her all alone. But something stopped him. Something made him feel even more miserable. He waited silently until all the three people disappeared in the dark night. This night did have a lot to mean. This night after all marked the meeting of two separated souls. Two hungry souls. Hungry for love, for friendship. Both souls had hearts filled with sorrow of lose, hope of meeting and fear of losing again. This dark and cold night did speak out the volumes of their relationship. This relationship which was dark due to the absence of the light of understanding. This  relationship which was cold because it lacked the warmth of trust. This relationship was gloomy as the night.

Yuvraj slowly made his way from the corner where he was standing. Facing reality would not be easy for him. He would have to stand strong. This night was going to be a long one for him. As he was walking he could recall all that moments that he had spent with Suvreen. There was a balcony and a Swing was hanging in there. He could remember how suvreen used to always sit on it and he always used to push it for her. He moved further. He came across a picture hung on the wall. It was a picture of Suvreen receiving a Trophy on the school day. Yuvraj rememberd it was the first time when he had called her Topper. At first she was angry with him for calling her like that. But, then later he had explained it to her, why he wanted to call her so. He recalls:


Small Suvreen crying and sitting in the very same swing in the Guggal Balcony. She was Angry and was all grumpy. Yuvi walks to her.

Yuvi: Kya hua? Thum mujhse naraz ho?

Suvi: Haan. Aur nahi tho kya?

Yuvi: Kyun?

Suvi: Kyunki thumne muje topper bhulaya. Thum hamesha meri mazak udathe ho.

Yuvi: Lekin thum topper ho. Thum na sirf school mein topper ho balki mere zindagi mein bhi topper ho. Pata hein kyun?

Suvi: (Curious) Kyun?

Yuvi: Kyun ki, jab mere life mein koi bhi problem hoti hein tho, thum sabse se pehle samaj jathi ho. Tho thum tooper hui na? Waise bhi mien Cheetha hoon aur Cheetha ki life ko Understand karna uthna asan nahi hein. (with a smirk)

Flashbak ends.

After that he always called her Topper. For Yuvraj it was as though walking down the lane of memories. These were memories that he had always tried to cover up. But today they were all back, haunting him. But, they were not alone. They were also accompanied by two things. One was a feeling of sorrow and others were unanswerable yet unavoidable questions. He had to tonight face them all. He had fight these ghosts who were haunting him.

Finally he reached an empty room. He could recall that this was the Guggal Guest room. He decided to spend the rest of the night here. The next day morning he would inform the Guggal Family. He did not want to spoil their sleep and most of all he too wanted some kind of peace and rest.

Yuvi to Anees: Suno, hum aaj rath issi kamre mein rahenge. Thum jake fresh ho jao. Aur soo jao.

Anees who was lost in his own thoughts came out of it and went to the washroom to change. Yuvi on the other hand went to the Balcony that was connected to the Guest room. From here he could see not only the Balcony where the swing was hung, but also the Singh Mansion, where he spent his childhood.

The memories that he wanted to run away from was chasing him. They wanted their answers today. They wanted to know many answers. His mind was continuously asking him "If they understood each other that well, then what allowed Miss Understanding to creep in?" "Why could they not get rid of this miss understanding?" "Whose fault was it?"

Yuvraj could not tolerate it. He was sweating. For the first time he was feeling scared. He just could not face it. He wanted someone close to him. He wanted to sleep on someone's lap and cry his heart out like a child. He wanted protection. He wanted to protect himself. There were some selected people who could give this support to him: Rajjo, Rohini, Annie and Suvreen. But, all the three were not with him. He was left all alone to face it. The only person was Suvreen. Should he go to her? After a lot of self arugment he decided to face it. He decided to go to his Suvreen.

Yuvraj walks towards Suvreen's room. He finds two girls sleeping on the bed. He could clearly identify his Suvreen. He wondered who the other girl was. He went to Suvreen's side of the bed and was kneeling down by her side. He could clearly see Suvreen's face. Her face was glowing in the moon light. After all tonight she was the one who was going to bring some light in his life. Tonight she was the shinning star. She was the heavnly star who would guide his path. His path to reality. But how ironical was it? The star who was to guide, herself would be effected with the path she was to show. Suvreen was sleeping in peace. Seeing her in peace made him feel peace too. Her this face was something that he always was dying to see for years.

Yuvraj: (softly as he did not want to wake her up) Topper, mujhe pata hein thum mujse naraz ho. Mujhe hein bhi pata hein ki shayad hum kabhi fir se wahi dost nahi ban sakthe jo pehle the. Lekin Topper, mein ab thumare yadoon se door nahi bhaag saktha. Mein ab har lamha, har waqt, thumara saya banke rehna chatha hoon. Topper mein jantha hoon ki meine thumhe chod diya tha. Lekin topper aage se mein thumare har kadam mein saath dunga. Mein thumare har decision mein tere paas rahumga. Yeh wada mein thumse nahi, khudh se kar raha hoon topper. Yeh wada ekh Cheetha ka apne Topper ke liye hein. Yeh wada ekh dost ka apne dost ke liye hein. Iss wade ko kabhi na tootne dunga mein. Thum chaho ya na?

Right then, Suvreen smiled at him in sleep. She was sleeping like a baby. He was filled with tears. His tears made its way down his face to the bed. These tears were not just Salt water, but they had feelings in them. After all it was not everyday that the Cheetha broke down like this. He was about to get up to leave. Right then, Suvreen in sleep kept her hands on Yuvraj's hand which was on the bed. This stopped. Her grip was tight. It was as though she could not separate from him. Yuvraj did not want her to wake up. He too did not want to leave from there. He sat beside her and he did not know when he fell asleep while staring at his topper.

Next day morning, Yuvraj woke up early. Even though he was not in a comfortable position, he still slept like he has never slept in ages. His mind and heart today was feeling light. He was at once shocked that he had fallen asleep in such close proximity to Suvreen.

Yuvraj: Acha hua ki topper abhi takh utti nahi. Warna wo kya sochthi mere bare mein.

He slowly made his hand free from the tight grip of Suvreen. He walked from there to the guest room, where he found Anees peacefull lying on the bed.

He could clearly hear the commotion going on down in the living room. He could hear Suvreen's Mumma and Puppa continuously talking. He decided to go and talk to them. After all he had to inform them about his arrival.

Here Suvreen, suddenly woke up with a shout.

Suvreen: NAHI…

Tultuli who was sleeping beside her woke up.

Tultuli: Kya hua Suvi? Koi bura sapna dekha kya? Thum kuch bol kyun nahi rahi ho?

Suvi: Wo…Mujhe pata nahi kyun aisa laga ki…

Tultuli: Kya laga?

Suvi: Aisa laga ki, Yuvraj mere paas aya tha. Yahi tha mere paas. Usne mujhse wada kiya ki wo mujhe kabhi nahi chodega. Lekin achanak usne mera saath chod diya. (She starts crying)

Tultuli: Nahi Suvi aisa kuch bhi nahi hein. Sab teekh ho jayega. Bas bura sapna dekha thumne. Sab teekh ho jayega. Ekh kaam karo thum jaldi se jaake fresh ho jao.

Suvreen still lost, gets up from her bed and walks to the washroom to change.

In the washroom in front of the mirror.

Suvreen: Gannu ji, ab yeh kaisa sapna tha? Kya sach mein Yuvi mere paas tha? Kya wo sach mein mere saath rahega? Gannu ji, mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hein. Mujhe lagtha hein ki mein pagal ho jaungi. Nahi Suvi ab bas. Ab thum uss Cheetha ke bare mein nahi sochogi. Use jo karna hein wo kare. Waise bhi aaj RC ki Film promotion hein. Mujhe uss ke liye thaiyar hona bhi tho hein. Haan yahi teekh rahega.

She decides to forget Yuvraj and starts to get ready for the promotion. But one thing was for sure. Their relationship today was not that strained as it was before last night. The night did change everything. It did seem as though the Light of Understanding, the warmth of trust has turned the Dark and Cold night into a Birght morning, with fresh air. Bright which made the relationship clear. Fresh air which marked the new start.

Will Yuvraj really be able to keep all his promise? Guys don't forget, Yuvi is always loaded with ego, so will his ego allow him to keep up his promise? Will he make sure that both his ego and his friendship is not broken? Or wait, Will yuvraj give up his ego for his friendship? What will win? Ego? Friendship? Or Both?

 [ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

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Amazing update Manish..thanks for sharing..Big smile

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superb post

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