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SGFF:Lights,Camera,Action(Part 11 updated) (Page 66)

Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by maria_rox14

Originally posted by Manish_Shetty

Originally posted by sahashrabdidash

manish kya baat hai yaar...u r really awesum man...kya likhte ho
well for not updating its ok but u gave dat post n 9th december...ab toh its 22nd...ab toh update karlo yaar if u can...

haan ab update karungs..I have holidays now I ll update this week for sure..!!! and ya I ll try to give the maximum number of updates in this week...becoz again from 12th my midsems are scheduled..!!! Wink
Please Manish we are DYING here!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for their meeting from sooo long!!!! Don't make us all wait
Btw I updated my os did u read it???

maria..i promise this weekend there would be an update..!!! and ya ur os..I did not come online yesterday the whole day...and will read it today..and let u know soon..I am sure it will just awesome.!!! Big smile Big smile

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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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[ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

Part 8: Nasdeekiyan Ya Fir Dooriyan?

Note: I have not prepared a promo for this part. Sorry for that. Actually could not come up with one. Also in this update the Yuvi-Suvi have almost come face to face...but they would finally meet in the next update...which would be ready very soon and will not make my readers wait for a long time for that.

Yuvi after purchasing that beautiful lehanga for suvreen takes the pack and walks towards his laila…on the way he calls rohini and informs her that he is waiting for them in the parking…and they finish their shoping and come directly there…

Here Suvreen content buying the sweat shirt…In the cash counter she completes with the payment and by then even tultuli joins her.

Tultuli: Arey yeh kya Suvi…? Thumne shoping kiya? Thumne kya karedha??

Suvi: (trying to hide) Kuch nahi bas wo kuch zaroori cheez karedhni thi…waise ab yeh sab bathien chodo…hum ab ghar ke liye nikalthe hein warna Puppa naraz ho jayenge…

Tultuli: aise kaise?? Chal ab mujhe dikah ki thumne kya karedha hein…?

Suvi: Maine kaha na kuch nahi…(and she starts to walk from the shop…)

Tultuli to herself: Arey aise Kaise Suvi…Mein tho thumhe yehsas dilakhe rahungi ki thum aaj bhi Yuvi ko apni dost manthi ho…(she too follows suvi with a small naughty grin on her face)

Here in Delhi…a Cheetha is just too annoyed…Yes annoyed becoz today his ego was clashed…He purchased a lehanga for Suvreen…He did  not know why he had taken such a move…He had made up his mind that he would buy any gift for her…then what was gone wrong with him today? How could he go against his own ego? How could the Yuvraj Singh do something that he had decided not to? Many questions were just making their morning rounds of jogging in his mind…and he did not know how to bring them to a halt…

Yuvraj: (a bit annoyed…to himself) Yeh maa aur bhabhi bi na…kithna time lagathi hein shopping mein…agar inka bas chale tho yeh pura mall hi kareed lein…isiliye kabhi bhi inn ladies ke saath shoping nahi jana chahiye…

He was mumbling this to himself when suddenly his cell phone starts to ring…

Tultuli marched towards Suvreen from the shop…with full determination to get the baf out of suvreen's hand…While Suvi is talking on phone to someone…Outside the shop…

Suvi: Hello…Haan Puppa…Haan puppa bas aa rahe hein…Nahi puppa Tultuli hein mere saath…Ji puppa…Ji puppa abhi aathi hoon…

Suvi continues with her ji puppa..while Tultuli grabs the moment and snatches the cover from her and runs away from there…Suvi keeps the phone and also starts running behind Tultuli and finally catches her…but wat is the point the sweat shirt was already in Tultuli's hand..

Here in Delhi:

Yuvi: Hello…Haan bolon RC

RC: Arey Aneesh se baath tho ho gayi na thumari…?

Yuvi: Haan yar ho ayi baath…aur haan thu tension na le sab tikh se ho jayega…and hum log aaj hi sham ko Kattgodham ke liye nikal rahe hein…

RC: Tension mein kyun lunga?? Mujhe pata hein ki thu cheetah aur thum sab kuch sambhal loge…!! Waise thum ab kaha ho?

Yuvi: Woh mein na Maa aur Bhabhi ke saath shoping aya hoon aura b unka intezar kar raha hoon parking mein..

RC: wo tikh hein…chal thum apne shoping continue kar..mein thumhe baad mein phone kar lunga…

Yuvi: Chal tikh hein…

And he cuts the call…Rajjo and Rohini return to the parking with a load of shopping…!!  They all sit in the Laila head towards the Singh Mansion..!!

Tultuli and Suvi reach home…At home they see a lot of shor sharaba…Yes the preparations for the Diwali at the Singh Mansion was in full swing becoz this Diwali was certainly very special due to the arrival of the Singh family to Kattgodham…

Lovely: Arey lo aa gayi thum dono? Kaha the…jaanthe nahi ho kya ke ghar mein kithne Kaam pade hein…Thum dono tho aaj kal sirf ghumne mein hi laga deti ho..Chalo ab aao Suvi beta meri haath batao kaam mein…

Tultuli: Aunty ji aap tension na lo…ab hum aa gaye na..mein bhi aap logon ki help karti hoon…

Lovely: Lekin tultuli beta thumhe bhi tho ghar jana hoga na..waha par thumari mumma bhi tho thumare liye wait kar rahi hogi..

Tultuli: Nahi aunty…meine mumma se keh diya hein aur unhone haan bhi kaha hein..wo kya hein na di london se aa gayi na diwali ke liye tho wo mumma ki help kar lengi…

All start with the preparations…

In the evening…Yuvi reaches a beautiful, lavish building…with a name plate…RC Motion Pictures in it…!!! Aneesh was already waiting for Yuvraj outside the building…!!! Yuvi gets down from his Laila and shakes hands with Aneesh

Aneesh: Arey thum aa gaye…Chalo ab nikhalthe hein…actually journey mein five hours lag jayega…!!! Tho acha hoga ki hum abhi nikhalte hein…!!!

Yuvraj: (sits down in his laila) Chal aa baith jaa…!!

Two of them leave to their destination- Kathgodham..!!!

On the way…

Aneesh: Wo mein ekh baath bathana bhool gaya tha…Wo hotel ki arrangement nahi ho payi hein…Humeine shayad koi aur place dhundana hoga…

Yuvi: Kya??...Tho hum kaha jayenge?? (little annoyed)

Aneesh: Wo RC keh raha tha ki thumara waha par ghar hein na…tho hum waha chale jaathe…(eager for a positive reply)

Yuvi: Arey mujhe kya pata tha ki hotel arrange nahi hua hein?? Mein ghar ki keys nahi laya hoon…

Aneesh: Oh…Sorry…

Yuvi gives a annoyed look to Aneesh…and continues with their journey…

Yuvi: (to his mind) Arey yar iss Aneesh ke wajah se mujhe toppe…Mera mathlab hein ki Suvreen ke ghar jana hoga…Aur kar bhi kya skatha hoon…

Here in Kathgodham…The four ladies are bussy…Baby, Tultuli, Suvi and Mumma Guggal...They are preparing besan ladoos…and every time suvi takes some ladoo mixture in her hand she ends up squeezing it due to sleep…Mumma observes this and…

Mumma: Arey Suvi beta…lagtha hein thu aaj bahuth takh gayi hein..ekh kaam karo..thum jaa kar soo jao…!!! Aur baby aur tutluli thum dono bhi so jana…!!!

Suvi: Nahi mumma koi nahi…itna kaam hein aap akele kaise kar logi…aur haan mujhe kuch bhi nahi hua hein…mein tikh hoon…

Tultuli: Haan aunty ji…Waise mein bhi tho yaha aapki madad ke liye hi rukhi hoon na…?

Baby: Arey di maa keh rahi hein na ki wo kar lengi…tho hum chalte hein na…

Mumma: (gives a stare to baby) Lo iss kaam chor ko tho bas bahana chahiye kaam se bhagne ke liye…

Puppa: Arey Loveli ji aap meri baby ko kyun dath rahi ho??...Waise Suvi thumari mumma tikh hi keh rahi hein…thum log jaao mein thumare mumma ki help kar dunga…

Suvi, Tultuli and Baby exchange funny looks

Suvi (with a laugh): Puppa…aap ladoo banayenge?

Puppa: Haan bhai…kyun nahi…waise thum log nahi janthe waise meine thumare mumma ko pehli baar ekh shaadi mein mila tha…aur mein tab ladoo bana raha tha…

Suvi, tulutli and baby…start laughing out loud…

Mumma: (a lil embarrassed) tikh ab bahuth has diya…thum teeno jao aur so jana…aur haan suvi beta tultuli ke liye guest room khol dena…meine already waha naya chadar laga diya hein…

Tultuli: Arey yeh kya aunty ji…aap ne ithni jaldi mujhe guest bana hi diya?? (a lil depressed) meine Suvi ke kamre mein nahi so sakthi kya?

Puppa: Arey drama queen…ab bandh bhi karon aur jaake jahan marzi soo jana…Ab kush?

Tultuli: Thank you uncle ji…Chal suvi chalthe hein…

Suvi, Baby and Tultuli hug Mumma and Puppa gudnite..and they leave for their rooms…Baby in one room and Tultuli and Suvi in another…!!!

Yuvraj and Aneesh reach Kathgodham…Now they don't exactly know what to do…!!! Yuvraj knows that he can go to the Guggal house and spen the night there…but he does not want to…They come to an halt in front of a small hotel…They plan of taking a room here though the condition does not look like staying…

Aneesh: Hum yaha rukhenge?? (with a disgusted feel)

Yuvi: Aur nahi tho kya??...(Annoyed with Aneesh's behavior) Thum chathe kya ho?? Hum jaake footpath pe soye??

Aneesh: Nahi mere yeh mathlab nahi tha…actually mein soch raha tha ki thumara agar ghar yaha hein…tho thum kisi na kisi ko tho jaanthe honge na…tho hum waha jaake raath guzar sakthe hein na…?

Yuvi: Nahi…mera yaha par koi apna nahi hein…Ab apni yeh suggestions dena bandh karo aur chalo room dekthe hein…

Right then Yuvi's phone rings…Yuci picks it up

Yuvi: Hello…haan bolon bhabhi?

Rohini: Kaha hein thu?? Thum log reach ho gaye??

Yuvi: Haan bhabhi...

Rohini: Acha batha…kaunse hotel mein ruche hue ho?

Yuvi: Wo actually kya hein na bhabhi…(gives a look to Aneesh…and Aneesh feels guilty) Aneesh hotel nahi book kar paya…aur isiliye koi 'Decent' naam ki hotel pea aye hue hein…

Rohini: Kya?? Lekin yuvraj agar hotel book nahi ho paya hein tho thumhe ghar ki keys le jaan thi na…Cha lab koi baath nahi…ekh kaam karo…Thum Guggal house chale jaana…Mein abhi Baldev uncle ko phone kar deti hoon…Hum kal jab takh nahi aathe wahi par rukh jana…Okay?

Yuvi: Nahi bhabhi…iski koi zaroorth nahi…Unhe kyun kama ka takleef dena…Mein yahi rukh jaaunga…

Rohini: Yuvraj agar thum kisi ko takleef dene ka kayal rakthe tho aise bina kuch arrangements kiye nahi jaathe…Ab shayad drama math karo aur guggal house chale jao chup chap (she is a bit annoyed with Yuvraj's careless behavior)

Yuvi: Lekin bhabi…

Rohini (cuts him off in mid sentence) dekh yuvi ab mein kuch nahi sunungi…Thum agar abhi issi waqt Guggal house nahi jaathe ho tho mein Mummyji ko sab kuch bata dunga..aur thum ache se jaanthe ho ki fir kya drama hoga…pura kathgodham utt jayega…So chup chap jao aur guggal house mein raath guzarna…

Yuvi: Ji bhabi (annoyed)


Yuvi cuts the call…Now he has to unwillingly go to the guggal house…he has to now face his Suvreen…But does not know how to…What will be her reaction when she sees Yuvraj…What will he say when he see her?? Will he even be able to tell anything…Will they become good friends again?? Will they fight again?? Will Suvreen be able to trust him as much as before?? Will Yuvraj aways be by his side in all her decisions..?? Will this just remain anger?? Will it turn out to be friendship??A friendship that would last forever…or will it turn out to be something much more than just true friendship??

[ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

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Monika_S Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Mannu: tumhari hindi mast's cute... Thumbs Up

I like the speed of the story...I mean it's a perfect pace a story should follow...

I am so excited for the next part...where they would actually be meeting??

What's teh due date???

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sujairohit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged

Very good ,liked it very much.

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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Monika_S

Mannu: tumhari hindi mast's cute... Thumbs Up

I like the speed of the story...I mean it's a perfect pace a story should follow...

I am so excited for the next part...where they would actually be meeting??

What's teh due date???

Thanx a lot di..and ya I am always thankful that being a South Indian I know pretty good hindi..!! and ya due date it is 25th or before..!!! I will update as much as possible in these holidays..!!! Big smile Big smile
Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 6:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sujairohit

Very good ,liked it very much.

thanx a lot..!!! Big smile Big smile
luvushivin1 Goldie

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awsum...liked it very much...Thumbs Up

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