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SGFF:Lights,Camera,Action(Part 11 updated) (Page 56)

tani18 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
update fast..w8ing to read those 8 pages..

Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 4:33am | IP Logged
di wait the problem is tat the update is on my pc and now i am using my laptop..i thought i put it in the pen drive but then i did it will take some time..!!! Big smile

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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 4:41am | IP Logged
[ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

Part 7:Pehli Shuraath

Tultuli pulls Suvreen to a Dress shop in Kattgodham.

Suvreen: Arey hum yaha kyun aaye hein Tultuli?

Tultuli: Kuch nahi wo bas thumare liye kuch accessories kareedhni thi..isiliye..

Suvreen: Tultuli accessories sab ki zaroorath nahi hein'ab hum yaha se chalte hein'

Suvreen turns around when her eyes fall on a yellow sports sweat shirt'and bellow that was kept a foot ball'she very well knows how her cheetah loved to play football'Suddenly a thought struck her of buying the sweat shirt along with the football'but then her ego was not allowing her to do it'

Tultuli who was witnessing the change in expressions on suvi's face very well knew wat was going on in her mind..and she has a naughty smile creeping up her face'She knows that her plan of making Suvi buy a gift for Yuvi is 90% the remaining 10% was all left to Suvi'thus, she decided to leave her alone to decide and overcome her ego'

Tultuli: Suvi ekh kaam kar thu yahi rukh jab takh mein waha top floor mein jaa aathi hoon'wahi par kuch accessories karidni hein'

Suvi: Lekin..

But before Suvi could say anything more Tultuli was out of her sight'

Here in Delhi Rajjo showed a very grand dress to Rohini for Suvreen'Rohini first looked at the dress and did not like it because it was too grand and also somewhere knew that Suvreen does not sound like a girl who would prefer such over worked out dresses'She later observed the change in Yuvraj's face'The patience and curiosity now was turning out to be disappointment and annoyance'know she was sure that Suvreen will not like that dress..and very well knew what to do'

She picks up the dress that Rajjo showed her and examined it for sometime'Now, curiosity was building in him'he very well knew how his topper was'

Yuvi: (to himself) Nahi bhabhi'isse math chuno'Pls'Arey yar yeh Maa bhi na'aisa dress koi choose karta bhi hein kya? Yeh sab unn bollywood filmo ke vajah se ho raha hein'yeh filmein banathe bhi kyun hein? Isiliye mujhe yeh pasand nahi'

Rohini has a look on the eagerly waiting yuvi..and then on the dress'she finally tells'

Rohini: Arey wah Mummyji yeh tho bahuth hi sundar hein'Suvreen ko tho yeh bahuth hi pasand aayega shayad..!!!

Raajo: Aur nahi tho kya? Jaanthe ho Kareena ne Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum mein aisa hi dress pehna tha'Yuvi beta acha tho hein na?

Before Yuvi could say anything'!!!

Rohini: Arey Mummyji ab Yuvraj se kya poonchna? Waise bhi issi ne tho kaha ki isse shoping karne mein koi interest nahi hein..aur waise bhi yeh dress Suvreen ke liye hein'Yuvraj ke liye thodi na hein..??

Yuvraj: (now extremely annoyed'he did not know what to do) haan mujhe kya farak padega?? Aap logon ko jo kareedhna hein wo kareedhiye'mujhe nahi kareedna kuch kissi top'mera mathlab hein ki Suvreen ke liye'(and he walks of from there a lil annoyed)

Rohini has a slight smile on her face after hearing to Yuvraj'this does not go unnoticed by Rajjo'

Here in Kattgodham Suvreen guggal is standing all balnk in front of a sweatshirt'the salesperson in the shop is staring at her as if he is studying a medival aged statue in a museum'

Sales Person: Kya hua madam?? (shakes suvi a lil bit)

Suvi suddenly comes out of her trance..

Suvi: kuch nahi bhaiyya'wo sweat shirt kithne ka hein?

Salesperson: Ji wo sweatshirt..uska dhaam Rs. 500 hein aur haan madam ab Diwali sale ke wajah se uss sweat shirt ke saath wo football free hein...Kyun madam aap kareedhogi? Mein pack karwa doon?

Suvi: (now confused..wheather to buy or not)'

Suvi suddenly finds two inner voices in her talking to her

Inner voice 1: Arey suvi..yeh kya karne jaa rahi ho? Uss akkadu ke liye thum sweat shirt kareedhogi? Bahuth hi buri baath hein'

Inner Voice 2: Nahi suvi iski baath math suno'thumhe yeh sweat shirt kareedhni chahiye'kyunki thumare aur yuvi ke beech sirf MUs hein aur kuch nahi'

Inner Voice 1: Tho kya? MUs thi tho kya? Thumhe kyun first step le ni hein?? Wo bhi tho le saktha tha?

Inner voice 2: Yeh samay yeh sab sochne ka nahi hein'aur kya pata wo bhi Delhi mein thumare liye kuch kareed raha ho?

Inner voice 1: Kya? (with a mocking laugh)..Yuvi jaisa akkdu thumare liye kuch kareedega?? Nahi aisa tho kabhi nahi ho saktha'agar thumne uss ke liye kuch kareedhi tho thum sabse badi bewakoof ho'

Inner voice 2: Dosti mein thum aur mein nahi hota'kuch hota hein tho sirf HUM'aur isiliye thumhe hi pehli kadham lena hoga'

While all this cyclone of thoughts were running through a cute girl staring at a plain sweatshirt'some where in Kattgodham..with a weired sales person inturn staring at her'this time a little more annoyed than confused'we had another confused soul who found himself in front of a beautiful lehanga set in a mall in delhi'

He was just mesmerized by the simplicity of the gorgeous dress lying in front of him'A light peach colored lehenga set with a some light work on it'it was just perfect..yes perfect for his topper'he very well knew what kind of girl his topper was'she was a person who liked to be herself'she did not like to wear heavy make up'she did not like to look different from all however she always would end up to be the most special one'not sure for all..but atleast for her cheetah'!!!

His hand moved ahead to pick up the beautiful dress like a reflex action'he wanted to buy that dress'he wanted to gift it to his topper..but somewhere his ego did not allow him to'wat could he do?? He has always been a cheetah'actually circumstances had made him so'after leaving Kattgodham and coming to Delhi he always said away from girls'when always asked about it by his friends he would always say that he did not like girls'and in his own charm put back the questioning mouths to a halt'but the actual reason was only one thing that he did not want anyone take Suvreen's place in his life'it was only later that Annie had got so close to him'not because she he would want her to take suvi's place..but only because of the promise she had made to him:


This is the same day'he has for the first time shouted at rohini'the same room wala story'he was all in anger'he had left home with anger and guilt filled in him'he went to a near by park'he just was admiring at the small children playing around'suddenly a hand rested on his shoulder'

Annie: Yuvi thum yaha ho?...jaanthe ho di ghar mein kithna preshaan hein'di hi kyun? Sab bahuth pareshaan hein'waise meine kaha tha ki mein uss ghar mein nahi aaungi..thumhe ghar se bahar nahi nikala tha'(gives a small laugh just to lighten the moment)

Yuvi: annie I am so'so..mera matlab hein ki..wo mujhe thumpe'

Annie: lo aa gaya na akkadu yuvraj wapas'sorry bhi nahi bol saktha kisi ko'Chal koi baath nahi mein ne thumhe maaf kar diya'waise yuvi mujhe bhi thumse maafi mangni hogi..wo kya hein na aise hi kissi ki personal cheezon par haath lagana achi baath nahi hoti hein na..I am sorry'

Yuvi: Nahi annie'thumhe sorry kahne ki koi zaroorat nahi hein'wo kya hein na Mujhe pasand nahi hein ki koi mere aur Suvreen ke bare mein baath kare..wo mere liye bahuth hi special hein'

Annie: acha'waise kya mein jaan sakthi hoon ki yeh suvreen kaun hein'? Aur haan only if u don't mind ah??

Yuvi feels a lil uncomfortable with this question'

Annie: Yuvi agar thumhe nahi bathani tho koi baath nahi'lekin wo kya hein na'ma hamesha kahthi rehthi hein ki agar hum apne dukh ko kisi se baat the hein tho wo dukh toda tho kum ho hi jata hein'

Yuvi was lil surprised to see this mature and understanding annie'unlike the one'he always saw was childish and irresponsible'he felt that annie was right'thus he finally gave up and said everything about suvreen..about his childhood..and about them and their friendship'

Annie after hearing about this beautiful friendship had tears in her eyes'she knew how hurt yuvi was'

Annie: Koi baath nahi yuvi'Mein jaanthi hoon ki suvi bhi thumhe unthna hi miss kar rahi hogi jithna thum usse'(now trying to change this sad moment..comes back with her childish smile)'wiase ab hum ghar chalete hein warna  Aunty ji tho pure ghar ko sar pe utta legi..aur mujhe di ki dath bhi sun na hoga..!!

Yuvi: (much relived now)'haan chalthe hein lekin jaane se pehle ekh baath'meine uss din se kisi bhi ladki ko suvi ki jagah lene ki muaka nahi diya hein..aur shaayad thumhe bhi nahi de paunga'lekin thumhe mein ab apna dost aur choti behan tho maan hi saktha hoon na?...(he puts his hands forward for a friendship)

Annie: Kyun nahi'waise mujhe bhi tho ekh acha bro mil gaya..!!!

They both leave to the Singh Mansion...where if they did not reachin timw...a complete Karan Johar movie would be released...staring Rajjo Singh...

Flashback ends'

Now yuvi is confused'but somewhere he knows he has to buy this beautiful dress for his topper...Sudenly a woman passes by with her daughter..:

Woman: Arey puttar ji wo dress tho dekho'kinni sundar lag rahi hein'thum pe tho bilkul hi kilegi..(pointing to the dress Yuvi was holding in his hand, still deciding over weather to buy it or not)

Yuvi (in a sudden reflex to the shop boy): sunno bhai..yeh dress pack kar dena'aur billing counter mein bejj dena'

Hearing this the disappointed woman moves to look at other dresses for her daughter'And finally two women were enjoying this glimpse'it was none other than the saas-bahu duo Rajjo and Rohini..who were seeing all these happen from a lil far distance'and had already quit the idea of buying the Kareena Kapoor wala dress for Suvreen'

Yuvi: Yes topper ab yeh thumareliye'

Here in Kattgodham'Suvi is all confused with these inner voice talks'she just gives up..and sees the annoyed sales boy and decides that she needs to buy the sweat shrit..if not for anyone..atleast for the sales boy who has infact left all his work and is trying to figure out wat exactly was going on in the mind of a girl standing in front of him'

Suvi: Bhaiya who sweat shirt jaldi se pack kar do'mein wo kareedhungi'

Two people here too were happy'One was obviously Tultuli as her 90% completed and rest left on Suvi mission was finally 100% accomplished'and the other one was this sales boy'who literally felt like jumping up in the air'becoz he would have probably lost his job if his manager figured out that he has spent about 30 minutes on a not willing to buy customer'if not loose job atleast would loose his Diwali bonus'!!!

Finally a sweat shirt and a lehanga were packed'and along with it was packed Suvi and Yuvi's ego'which no one knew when would be unpacked again'!!! 

[ Do not copy /paste or reproduce the materials or
ideas, in part or complete, without written permission from author of this FF-Manish B Shetty]

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bhavnah IF-Dazzler

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awesome update manish Thumbs Up

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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shasha4ever

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaayyy! Im first!!!!
Finally a sweat shirt and a lehanga were packed'and along with it was packed Suvi and Yuvi's ego'which no one knew when would be unpacked again'!!!  LOL  ROFL
Thanks again!! Big smile

u r welcome..and thank u for u liked that line ah??...actually i too dont know how i got such a catchy line...Tongue Big smile  Big smile

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Originally posted by bhavnah

awesome update manish Thumbs Up

thanx a lot bhavnah..!!! Big smile Big smile

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Monika_S Goldie

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@Mannu: Awesome bhai...
I like the way you's just too good...Thumbs Up

PS: mujhe is story ka jaldi wale versions bhej do na please Wink

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