The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 8:24am | IP Logged
                                            Jiye kyun?
PS: guys this OS is a bit long i i hope u guys don't get bored reading it..


I hope u njoy my 1st OS on KISHA


So here it is..



It had just stopped raining and the scenery outside was a worth to watch'


Kiya: (inside her car) such a beautiful day! (and smiled happily)


She was really happy today'but what was the reason? Her mom..NO! her di? NO FREAKING WAYS!! Then? Yup, it was Keshav Desai..


Kiya: aaj mein Keshav ko sab sach bata dungi that..(and suddenly the driver stopped the car)


Kiya: kya hua kaka?


Driver: kiya baby, school aa gaya..


Kiya: (smiled) oh! bye kaka..


Driver: (smiled n left..)


Kiya: (looked R.A from outside and completed her sentence) I Love You Keshav!! (and closed her eyes)


She slowly opened her eyes and entered R.A 'she was way too happy today that she didn't even taunted Panchi, Piddi, RV n Bobby who were standing near the playground discussing abt something..


Bobby: hmm'(smirked) look whose here..!!


RV : THE Kiya Gujral!


Bobby: tujhe kisine pucha tha kya?


RV: tujhse kaun baat kar raha hai?


Bobby: apne limits mein reh!


RV: toh abh mujhe tu batayegi k mujhe kya karna hai aur kya nai?


Bobby: haan, q?


Piddi: bas karo yaar!


Bobby: tu chup reh!


N b4 RV or anyone could say anything Panchi shouted


Panchi: bas!!!!!


All were quite for few seconds.


Panchi then went near Kiya n said


Panchi: m really sorry Kiya..actu


Kiya: (cuts her) its ohk dahling!! (She pulled Panchi's cheeks sweetly) nyways a very good morning to all of you!!


And went away..which left everyone in shock..KD who was not far away noticed this n was shocked too..


KD: yeh itni khush kyu hai?


He shrugged and started to walk when he bumped with someone..(Kiya)


KD: m really sorry who mera dhyan..tum?


Kiya: hmm..n its ok! ( she shook her head n started to walk  when suddenly she looked back at a confused KD) hey stoneface!!


KD: hmm? (same state)


Kiya: Oh! hello, mein tumse baat kar rahi hu..tumne suna bhi kya joh kuch bhi meine abhi kaha..


KD: haan, bolo na! (smiled)


Kiya: (looked at him for few sec) meet me on the terrace in 15 mins


KD: par..


Kiya: no questions! 15 mins..byee..(n left)


KD: ajib ladki hai..


Locker Room


Kiya: (to herself) wats wrong with u kiya..tune KD ko terrace pe q bulaya hai? GOD!!!! Give me strength..usk samne jaane k baad pata nai q mein bahot nervous ho jaati hu..n then everything goes...uff!! (she sat on the bench!!) Kiya, u can do it..NO, u'll have to do it..b4 he confronts u..(n left the locker room..)


Soon, piddi n bobby entered together at the locker room..


Bobby: piddi!


Piddi: hmm?


Bobby: woh..(kaise puchu)


Here, Kiya realised that she 4gotten to keep her bag so she left for locker room..


Piddi: bobby!


Bobby: haan?


Piddi: kya hua? Tu kuch puch rahi thi na..


Bobby: woh..(she took a deep breathe) KD-Kiya ke bich kya chal raha hai?


Piddi: matlab?


Bobby: kahi KD ko woh lipstick pasand toh..


Piddi: (started to laugh)


Bobby: abhey chu..hey has (laugh) q raha hai?


Piddi: bhai aur kiya ko pasand!! (laughed) asa kabhi nai hoga..


Bobby: q?


Piddi: qki bhai toh usse apna dost bhi nai mante!!


Bobby: matlab? Saaf-saaf bata sab!


Piddi: toh sun! (he tells her everything how he saw kiya with that kunal n how he told it to his bhai..n KD planned to humiliate kiya publicly by making her his friend and then')


Bobby: kya? Tum dono pagal ho gaye ho kya?


Piddi: matlab?


Bobby: kisi bhi ladki k feelings k saath khelne ka haq tum dono kok kisne diya haan? Agar kiya ko sachai pata chali na..toh..(and left in disguist)


Piddi followed her'but what they both didn't realised was that kiya had heard everything and stood behind the door like a statue..she was in a big shock..


Kiya: kept her palm on her mouth and ran..all saw her in of hem was JJ)


Unknowingly she reached terrace her fav place..and was still in same position crying badly..


Kiya: how could u keshav?


KD: (who was standing there from past 5 mins asked her) kya?


Kiya: (saw him and tears flowed dwn from her red cheeks)


KD: kya hua? (he went near her and was about to touch her when kiya stopped him)


Kiya: don't!


KD: Kiya [concerned (real one)] kya hua?


Kiya: (caught his collar and still crying) how could u Keshav? I trusted u'meine tumpe itna bharosa kiya aur tumne..mujhe lagta tha k is pure duniya mein dad k baad koi mera apna hai, mera dost hai, toh woh tum ho!! lekin..


KD: (lost his temper he loosened kiya's grip frm his collar) saaf-saaf bolo Kiya!!


Kiya: tum mujhe publicly humiliate q karna chahte the Keshav?


KD: (shocked) (he had actually 4gotten his plan..the so called "JUSTICE" wat he wanted) (he didn't sai anything)


KD: (to himself) yeh mujhe kya ho gaya hai? Mujhe toh iss chicklet ko uski sahi aukat dikhani thi..toh ye'.meine kuch kiya q nai?


Kiya: 5in!!


And she turned around to leave..


KD: qki tum us Kunal k saath date pe gayi thi tab jab mein jail mein sad raha tha..


Kiya: (looked shocked..she had had thought that piddi being a psycho was speaking rubbish but when she heard KD..) what?


KD: Q, hosh udd gaye? Paani chidku? (sadly yet angrily smirked) tumhe kua laga tha, k tum us Kunal k saath mere against planning karogi aur mujhe pata bhi nai chale ga?


Kiya: (was again shocked) Keshav tum gal..


KD: galat samajh raha hu'right? Chicklet don't forget..tum ba


Suddenly JJ appeared from nowhere


JJ: shut up KD!!!


KD: (attitude) aap bich mein


JJ: (cuts him) tum kya jana chahte ho?


KD: toh suniye..mein ye jaana chahta hu k Kiya ne mere saath asa q kiya?


JJ: kya kiya?


KD: (tells him everything)


JJ: (closed his eyes) toh tum..(controlling his anger) toh tum isliye Kiya ko sabke saamne humiliate karna chahte the?


KD: (looked away)


JJ: arre bewakuf!!


KD: (looked at him and then kiya)


JJ: is ladki ne tumhare liye kya kuch nai kiya..aur tumne??


KD: yeah, right!! Mujhe jail bhej kar khud bahar aaram se us Kunal k saath..chi!!


Kiya: (couldn't take it anymore) Keshav? (totally broken) she ran away and a chit felled down from her pocket


JJ: Kiya!!


JJ: (frstratedly) KD!! You are such a losser!!


KD: sir aap kya jaante hai is sab k baare mein? Kiya ne mujhe hurt kiya hai..she cheated on me!!


JJ: hurt? Cheated? Q? woh kya tumhari g.f hai?


KD: (shocked) nai!


JJ: toh phir tumhe itni taklif kyu ho rahi hai, thi ya..joh bhi ho..


KD: (had no answer) Oh LORD!! This uncle is absolutely right..y m I feeling so bad? Who is she? Or rather who was she?


JJ: kya soch rahe ho? Tumhe sachai jani thi na..toh suno'and he starts telling KD everything from JJ asking Kiya to help him , requesting her mom, then how Kiya went against her mom n helped KD n JJ..n saved KD's life risking her own life n future..blah blah blah..


JJ: sun liya sach? Mil gayi kaleje ko thandak?


KD: (shocked he kept looking at JJ)


JJ: abh pachtake kya have lost a true friend KD..just thing abt wat u were gonna do..didnt ur heart stopped u even once?? Kya tum sach mein itne pathar (stone) dil insaan ho KD? Nai..toh jao aur jake maffi mang lo..(and left)


KD: (slowly gazed dwnward in guilt n his eyes fel on the chit which had fallen from Kiya's pocket he immediately picked it up n was shocked to see his name on it..he started reading it..



        To Keshav,


                         Mein samajh hi nai pa rahi hu k kaha se start karu...Well , lets start from our first meet..tumhe yaad hai hum sabse pehle kaise aur kab mile the? NO not in R.A..? (KD thinks for a while but doesn't remember anything) Nai na?

Kse hoga?8 saal pehele woh motisi, chotisi ladki, tumhe ek tall si ladki se bacha rahi thi..k tumne chori nai ki..yaad aaya? Hmm..woh motisi ladki mein thi..aur dusri Anya di..(KD couldn't believe it that the fat n short girl whom he wanted to thanks was Kiya..a small grin formed on his face) phir humari mulakat R.A mein hui'aur hum dono ek non-sense n stupid se seat k liye lad (fight) pade..aur phir kya..we were the famous enemy of ROYAL'S..phir achanak se ek din tum khud mujh tak chal k aaye aur friendship k taraf haath badaya..aur hum friends ban gaye'(KD smiled) aur phir tumhara mujhe humesha defend karna, RV se ladna,'mujhe acha lagne be honest I..I..Oh God!! Kitna mushkil hai ye..I falled for u Keshav..tum kab mere liye stoneface se KD aur KD se Keshav ban gaye mujhe pata hi nai chala..(all the flashback of what Kiya wrote came in front of KD's eyes) I..I..I think I Love You Keshav!! I Love You alot!! I'll be waiting for your reply..


                                                                                            With lots n lots of love,



Reading the letter tears formed in KD's eyes, he couldn't believe his chicklet had started loving him..she flirted with that ####@#d Kunal for save his future..his life..


KD: kitna bada bevakuf hu mein..


He then looked at the place were Kiya was standing few mins ago..without blinking..


Hey guys listen the song while reading aage ka part its from Dum Maaro Dum n my fav song : Jiye Kyun?


Na aaye ho, Na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge

Na shaam ki karari chai, labo'n se yu pilaoge


(KD remembers how they used to meet at a near by dhabba near R.A and drink tea..n suddenly he recollects how Kiya left him few mins ago..he slowly gets up and leaves)


Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na din dhale sataoge

Na raat ki nashili bye se neendh mein jagaoge


(Here, Kiya was sitting alone at her specific lonely place outside her house which no one knew and was still crying and remembering how they used to fight on silly topics and how KD used to tease her in his normal way..but his bye, hayee the way he used to say bye to her..she used to get goose bumps..n she used to get up from her sleep in utter shock and again used to lay dwn on her bed blushing'she smiled in tears)


Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai

Gaye tum gaaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai


Kiya: (ran inside her room crying but her family didn't even bothered to ask her the reason, she didn't even ate her food n sat in her window chair seeing KD's photo in her cell) I'll never 4give u kesh..KD!!


Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai

Gaye kyu toh jiyein kyun


(Here, KD was sitting on a rock at a lonely beach ans stared at the beach deeply where he saw only Kiya's smiling, blushing, irritating, sad n at last crying face and he closed his eyes in guilt n frustration)..M sorry Kiya!!


Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na dooriyan dikhaoge..

Na thaam ke wohjosh mein yun hosh se udaoge


(Next day, Kiya didn't showed up n KD got tensed..)


KD: toh tum abh mujhse milna bhi nai chahti?


Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na jhoot se sunaoge
Na rooth ke sihane mein, remote ko chupaoge


Kiya was lying on her bed thinking y did KD broke her trust..y ppl she luv leave her..or cheat her? Y? isn't she a good girl? Then y?


Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai

Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun


Kiya: that's it!! I know wat to do..




Suddenly KD sensed something was wrong with Kiya n without thinking anything abt anyone he just ran n ran n ran,,n finally reached Kiya's place..he slowly entered her gate n he safely climbed through the pipe to Kiya's room..n was shocked to see kiya trying to cut her wrist he jumped inside n shouted


KD: KIYA!!!!


Kiya: (was abt to scream but KD stopped her and the blade fell dwn on the floor) (she pushed him)


KD: (again pulled her towards him)

Aankh bhi tham gayi, na thaki
Raat bhi na bhati, na kati
Raat bhi cherti marrti
Neendh bhi lutt gayi, chiin gayi
Raat bhi na sahi, na rahi
Raat bhi laazmi, zaalmi


Kiya: leave me!!


KD: tum yeh kya kar rahi thi? (shocked n afraid) agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh?


Kiya: (freed herself frm him) just go!!


KD: No ways! Tum pagal toh nai ho gayi..tum sucide karne wali thi?


Kiya: y do u care?


KD: b'coz I Love You too..!


Kiya: (looked at him in shock  tears formed in her eyes) phirse jhoot..tumhe kya laga mein tumhe maaf kardungi? Just get lost KD..


KD: Keshav! Tumhare muh se Keshav jyada acha lagta hai..


Kiya: y KD? Y did u do this to me?


KD: (had no ans) cant we start a fresh n new life?


Kiya: no! just leave!! I don't want to see ur face..


KD: kiya, I m really sorry! Mujhe laga tha k


Kiya: what? Tumhe laga k mein aur woh cheapo Kunal date kar rahe hai?


KD: kiya


Kiya: (cuts him) arre KD, tum jab jail mein the toh mein njoy kse karti? Are u nuts?? (and fell dwn  on her knees)


KD: m really sorry Kiya..plzz mujhe ek last chance dedo!! I promise mein tumhe shikayat ka moka nai dunga..


Kiya: (looked at him) go!!


Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun




KD: (got up went near the window n turned back) I Love You Kiya! Trust me!! Byeee..(and left)


Kiya: I hate u..i hate u KD suna tumne..!!


KD: (had left and was crying [not actually like kiya but tears did rolled dwn frm his eyes..)


Kiya: I hate him!! N she got a msg it was frm Juhi it read


"Many ppl r so lucky that even aft hurting, they get so much love"..:)




"Very few r so unlucky that even aft luving so much, they get hurt"


"but if we actually love the person we surely 4give them no matter wat b'coz they r d one's without whom we cant live, trust them, give them one more chance..n then they r all urs"..

tc beb give KD another chance..he luvs u..byee


reading the msg Kiya suddenly got up n ran out of her house and searched for KD..but she didn't found him..loosing all hope she went to her lonely place n was shocked to see KD sitting there..


Kiya: Keshav?

Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge
Na shaam ki karaari chai, labhon se yun churaoge


KD: kiya? (he got up n went near her) tum?


Kiya: (smiling in tears) I Hate You!!


KD: I Love You too..(and went to hug her but she took a step back_


Kiya: I said I Hate You!!


KD: (gave her one of his deadliest looks) N I said I Love You too..


Kiya: promise me, that


KD: (cuts her) that I'll luv u, I'll never hurt u, I'll trust u, I'll fight 4 u, I'll protect u from everyone, I'll give u all the happiness which u must have ever imagined..i promise 'plzz 4give me..1 last chance? (and opened his arms)


Kiya: (happily ran towards him n hugged him tightly..)


Kisha together: I LOVE YOU!!


Kisha looked towards each other happily and KD kissed her forehead lovingly and wiped her tears signaling her in a NO!! Kiya nodded n KD took her in him arms again..


                                      ###THE END###


I hope u guys liked it..i know its tooo big i guess but this OS just came in my mind n so wrote it..plzz ppl comment..liked it disliked it..khul k tht when I'll write another one I'll know wat to write n how to write..n last but not the least sorry for the grammatical mistakes made by me..i hope u guys njoy it..FC!! J

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-Razzy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was freaking awesome just luved it !!!!!!!!!!!!
do write more and pm me whn u do plzzz

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-Alia- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
It was very lovely!
when u wrote 'Kiya: (cuts him) arre KD, tum jab jail mein the toh mein njoy kse karti? Are u nuts?? (and fell dwn  on her knees)' 

What my mind thought, she cuts him with the blade. Lol. 

It was very good! :D 

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keshiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 10:00am | IP Logged
i really don't have words to describe ur os. it is so beautiful. just loved it and it was not too big to get bored. at least i did not get bored. i can read anything about KISHA. And i proudly say i didn't waste a second while reading it i mean many people say 'i wasted my (so called) precious time reading it.' I owe this to you. 
 plz do write more on Kisha and do pm me when you do so. 
Bye!! Have a nice day. Smile

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Good job! Loved ua OS :D

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snowflake. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
keep up the good work, love it ClapClap

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IcyToasters IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
NO COMMENTS;)(I m speachless man)

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anamikaanjali22 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Ohhh myyy goddd!!!! This is's so beautifully written...I could actually imagine this happening wid them...loved it...:):):):)

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