Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

WU: Oct 18th, 2012: RaYa FlatnMorning wali LOVE!!

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Episode starts with Ram ringing the bell at Priya's new flat late in the evening.
PRK opens the door uttering...

Itni raat ko kaun aa gaya?
(trying to adjust her hair)

PRK opens the door and suddenly gets shocked to see Ram who holds a photo album in his hands.

Itni raat ko?
(was looks back and forth)
Sab theek hai na?
Kya hua?
Aise achanak aap yahan kaise aa gaye?
Kisi ne kuch'

Ram holds up his hand Priya ko chup karne ka ishaara karte hue says-

Saara interrogation...idhar darwaze pe hi hoga ya main andar aa sakta hun?
(Ram trying to hide his 25 paise smile on this face from Priya)

(Peehu ke naam par aakhir Ram ji Priya se milne pahunch hi gaye...kya karienge bhai, pyar cheez hi yesa hai!!! :)

aaye.. (Priya still confuuusssed, yet exicted)
(nain lad jahiyein, to manwava kasak hoyewe kari !!!)

Soch lo.. are you sure?

Whats the option? Come..

PRK steps aside, allowing Ram to comfortably come in and shuts the door with a cute smile on her face


Ram enters the house looking around...

Paani leinge aap?

Ram: (Turns around and gently says-)

Excuse me ( and walks behind RK to adjust the couch for RK to have his seat)

RK turns around and says-

It's ok (seeking permission from Priya to take his seat)
Main baithun! ?

Priya: ( still in nervous take and equally excited)
haan, please

(BG music is back again while both RK and PRK takes their corresponding seats)

Both are feeling equally acquward where and how to initiate the discussion (Pyaar mein hota hai bhai yesa, 'starting problem'). Ram trying to have a glance of PRK every now and then. She notices and lower down her head with shy flavour.
Ram: (Looking around says-)
Settle bhi ho gaye ho?

Priya:(with a gentle guesture)
haan (waving her head and continues...)
lagbhag saari cheezein to thi...pahle ka ghar hai na...toh sab kuch tha, bas gandigi bahut thi toh..safiyi mein bahut time laga...aap hote toh aapko cheek ( slowing a gentle smile on her face creeps in and the BG music still ON)
lekin ab, theek hai... (RK aadat se lachar...chip chip ke apni biwi ko deke ja raha hai...pata nahi, usse kuch sunaayi bhi de raha hai ya sirf taadne mein laga pada hai :) RK ke man mein jo laddu phoot rahein hain, usse baahar aane nahi de raha ;)

Priya continues:
ab manage ho raha hai ache se...bas A..A...AC nahi nahi hai toh...

aaa...sorry...wo kal orientation bahut important hai, issliye...main ye soncha ki aaj raat main poori tarah se peehu ko jaan lun...aur peehu bhi mujhe jaan le...( with a gentle smile on his face )
Main puraaani photos bhi laya hun. (Priya smiles with excitment)
if that's okay?

arey!!! how nice !!! that's a wonderful idea :) infact, mujhe to strike hi nahi kiya ki hum yesa bhi kar sakte hain... thank you!!!
PRK informs RK that she is gonna call Peehu and says -

Peehu...Peehu ko bula leti hun...
Peeehuuu (calling Peehu)
Peehu, bahar aawo...dekho, papa aaye hain...(with a wonderful expression on her eyes and gentle smile on her face...her eyes targeting RK)
(Meanwhile, RK enjoying PRK's beauty that too after a long time...lekin narzarein churaate hue :) and princess Peehu walks in)

Papa aaye hain...

hhhiii... (his hands wide open for a huge huggy)
where is my hug... (and papa beti ka HUGGY ho gaya with a wide smile on their faces & PRK happy to see them in HUGGY state)
aajaa, abhi idhar aawo.. (Peehu takes her seat just next to her papa...then Priya reminds Peehu to take-off her chappal)

Ram: (to Peehu)
Abhi kya hai na, kal aapko to pata hai ki humaare school mein orientation bahut important hai apke admission ke liye...isiliye, maine soncha ki aaj, main apko poori tarah se jaan lun aur aap bhi mujhe poori tarah se jaan lo (Priya blushing while watching papa-beti conversion)
Ye puraani photos laya hun main, mummy aur papa ki...dekhna chahogi?

Par, mere nahi ???

aaa, (Ram looks at Priya and they both get a beatiful eye lock---- RK, kab tak nazrein churate rahogi biwi se...kabhi na kabhi nazar to jamke milna hai !!! ;) )
Aapke aane se pahle hi photos hain...issliye aapki photos nahi hai..mummy papa ke photos hain..theek hai..?
(Ram opens the album and here it goes with the BG track "Bade ache lagte hain...)


Waaaw!!! Maama kitna prety lag rahi hai na!!!
(RK apne aadat se baz nahi aate hue firse PRK ki taraf dekhta hai and fortunately nazarein firse mil jaati hain :) )
Bolo na papa...!!! mama kitna prety hai na? !!!

Ram ( nayi naweli dulhan ki tarah sharmaate hue ):
haan..bahut prety hai...
(PRK slides near to them and the BG continues "tere mere saath ki ghadi ..." )

and the photo album epic is completed and Priya walks in to get Peehu's book and asks Ram to go through them ones so that he can also understand Peehu's performance, likes, dislikes, etc...

Abhi, it's now time for me to get to know the rockstar...(grabs the album from Peehu)

Priya informs Ram that Peehu is fond for colouring and she always gets A+ in drawing and also informs that the is equally smart in other subjects as well... PRK hands over a few books to Ram for him to go through them. Meanwhile, she says that she would ask a couple of questions to Peehu so that she would know what answers should be given during the session...

Peehu, aapka naam kya hai?

Peehu: (after a deep thinking for a while)
aaa...Peehu Sharma (Answers in excitment)
(Oh my god!!! sort of expressions on both Ram and Priya's faces )

Priya: ( correcting the answer)
Sh..Sharma nahi (weird look on Ram's face looking at Priya) ...Kapoor...Kapoor...kitni baar bataya tumhe...
Peehu Kapoor

Peehu: (with a deep breath and a cute smile on her face as if she is finally achieved something big)
aah...Peehu Kapoor!!!

My name is Peehu Kapoor

Peehu repeats the complete sentence "My name is Peehu Kapoor" with her barbie hand rubbing her forehead...

Ram: (with excitment)

aapka favorite colour kon sa hai?

Peehu: (instant answer)

Ram: (with excitment again)
arey mera bhi !!!

aur mummy ka Green...aur yaad rakhna

(Meanwhile, Neha enters watching 3 of them silently)

Priya: (Continues with her next question to Peehu)
khaane mein aapko sabse achi cheez kya lagti haikya acha lagta hai?

Peehu: ( instant answer again as if this was one of her favorite question)
aalu paratha...

Ram: ( with an another excited voice )
arey, mera bhi...!!!

Priya: ( acknowledging Ram with a broad smile)
pata hai...

(Neha thanking god uttering within herself "lage raho" about what is going on and leaves the place)

Priya continues saying if teacher asks Peehu with who do you stay, so answer you stay with both mama and papa.

Peehu cross question Priya asking whether this answer would be a lie. Both Ram and Priya look stun for a while...and then Priya contiues...

Jhoot to hai, lekin admission ke liye bola padega, baby.
kya bologe aap?

Peehu: (answers with a unconvienced manner)
mummy papa dono ke saath rahti hun aur mummu papa kabhi jhagda nahi karte...and they continues with upcoming probable questions. Later, Priya asks Ram to go through few more Peehu's poems so that he would know them, and meanwhile those poems would be a revision for Priya...She then confirms, the poems are like "twinkle-twinkle", "baba-babe blackship", etc. Ram's face demonstrated "kahan phasa diya" and convienced himself thinking "beti ke liye chalo ye bhi kar lete hain"...


While the BG song "bade ache lagte hain..." continues, Priya and Ram get deeply involved in discussing about Peehu's Poems, etc.
Meanwhile, Ram hears some snoring sound ( very much similar to his) and stops Priya and looks around for the source of this well known sound...

Ye aawaz kidhar se? (searching for the source. Priya knows the source and directly looks at Peehu who was asleep. Meanwhile, Ram looks at Peehu which was the right source for this "Khaaraate" sound. Peehu is gently sleeping, folding her hands making strong and effective "Khaaraate" noice very much similar to her papa)

Ram: (surprised to see Peehu in such a state and looks at Priya)
Ye bhi khaaraate!!!

haan..wo...beti to aap hi ki hai...toh...aadat toh wahi aayegi na... (Ram's face lighten with 1000W bulb with excitment and looks at Peehu again)
Meanwhile, Priya says that she would take her to the bedroom to make her sleep and asks Ram to take some rest.
By the time Priya is back, Ram too have already slept with his famous karaate holding Peehu's "twinkle-twinkle" and "baba-baba blackship" book in his hand.

Priya: (seeing Ram sleeping in an uneven position and says-)
kitne acquward tareeke se so rahe hain!
Kuch karungi toh jag jaayeinge...
Book toh hata hi deti hun...
(Priya slowly walks closer to Ram and gently removes the book from his hands and places it over the table. She also clears the complete couch and places them on the table, creating comfortably enough space for Ram to have is nap)

Priya: (Looks back to Ram and talks to herself)
Garmi bhi lag rahi hogi...
coat utaar dete toh ( looks around )...pankha tez kar deti hun...good night ( and leaves to Peehu's room )


Here comes Rahul and Cady going in car with some casual discussion.
Meanwhile, Cady notices Rehaan crossing by and asks the driver to stop the car and tries to locate him while discussing with Rahul about it.
As they couldnt locate him, they resume to their journey.

Next morning:
Ram still deep asleep and Priya enters there watching him and says-

Priya: (thinking within herself)
Sote hue to aaj bhi sanch mein "Golu" hi lagte hain...utaaungi na toh, Golu se yek dum "Daaku" ban jayeinge daaku...Chillana shuru kar deinge bina baat ke...but kya karun! uthana to padega hi...chal Priya, be brave (bucking up for herself)...cumon cumon...(praying to god slowly walks closer to Ram)...ufff...

Priya: ( to Ram)
Mr. Kapoor (with a slow voice, but Ram without any sense that Priya is trying to wake him up. Fir thoda vocal cord set karke, tries again)
Mr. Kapoor...(there seems to be some response from Ram's end as if some fly is irritating him...Priya thinking that nothing is going to happen in this way, she comes closer to Ram and places her hand hesitatingly on his hand tapping him to wake him up)
Mr. Kapoor... (still no luck on the morning trail)

Priya: (loosing her patience)
Ghode bechkar soye hue hain...
(Priya again places her hand on his hand tapping him harder and shouting louder this time)
Mr. Kapooor...

(Ram this time responds with a lovely smile on this face, saying-)
hayyy, good morning...

Priya: (Surprised to see Ram smiling and greets back)
Good Morning

(Ram opens his eyes and suddenly returns back to his original and wakes up pushing back Priya)


aawaaz karke uthane ki koshish ki thi...lekin aap...uthe nahi toh..mujhe yese jagana pada...orientation ke liye...der ho jaayegi..

Meanwhile, Ram looks into his watch and utters "OMG", we are already late...main agar ghar jaake change karunga toh...main 1 kaam karta hun..main apne kapde yahin manga leta hun...tum zara jaldi se Peehu ko ready kar do...

Haan, main..main..usse utha deti hun..apko uthaane ke liye ruki hui thi...main..main...breakfast bhi jaldi se bana deti hun...

haan..haan..please...please...main kapde ke liye phone karta hun...

Neha enters the kitchen watching Ram and greets Priya saying "good morning"

Tumhaari morning to extra good hai :) !!!
I want to know, raat kaisi thi !!!

Priya: (with a blushing smile)
Shut-up !!!!!!!

And they continued with their conversation.

Rajat on a video conference call with his manager about some corrections in the document and informs him that it would take some more time to return back to Dubai.
Later, daijan enters Rajat's room inquiring about their further stay in Mumbai. Rajat informs her that he has booked some service appartment and update her that they would stay their till Peehu's custody case gets resolved.

Cady tries to locate Rehaan at the cake shop and finally has a serious discussion and tries to dig into the reason why he did he spoil Rahul's b'day party for which he asks her to check it from NeVi.

Ayesha gets confused about why Ram didnt come home whole night and later on comes to know that he stayed at Priya's flat as the servant goes to handover Ram's clothes to the driver.

Finally RK ban gaye 'golu se daaku' & our PRK ban gayi hai 'local area ki God' & for all ous our lovely 'RaYa!!!!!


Ram & Priya preparing some dish at Pihu's school ...

By mistake PRK drops some flour on RK's hands & she tries to clean his hand saying sorry!

RK trying to wipe PRK's face ...



Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading the WU patiently & please feel free to share your feedback / comments / suggestions.

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Thanks for sharing the detailed dialogue to dialogue conversation...
I can visualize the scenes during my reading...
Superb n lovely updates Thumbs Up

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thanku so much for update

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Hey wonderfully update.

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thanx alot yar it was  like watching it  live.

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thanks for such a detailed update...

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Thanks. This is the most detailed update I have ever read!!

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Thanks dear 

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