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Always With You (AR FF) new thrd lnk on 154 and pg 1 (Page 8)

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Part 35

When once again door bell rang..
Ridhima got irritated..
Ridhima-aab kya hua armaan...
Armaan- vo mein tumhe bahut jaruri baat bata bhul gaya...
Ridhima-aach kya...
Let mein guess...
Sweet dreams
armaan inocently nodded in refusal...
Ridhima- toh ridhima tum aapna dhayan rakhna...
Armaan again refuse...
Ridhima-toh kya batana chahate ho...
Armaan(cutely)- ye hi ki I LOVE U VERY MUCH
ridhima's fake angre flew away n smile captured her lips.
Ridhima bhushingly said 'bye armaan.. Gud nyt.'
n close the door behind n stood resting her back on door after closing it. 
Smiling n pounding old happy moments.
Armaan finally went to his apartment n recieve the text from ridhima 'I LOVE U TOO MR. SUPERCOOL'
'armaan smile reading the text...(imagin screan on tv sets dividing into half n in 1 halfpart armaan kissing his cell after reading text n in another half ridhima kissing her cell after sending him the text bothe scene comes out together)...Armaan n ridhima both went to sleep peacefully that night after 8 yrs...Both were dreaming about each other n their soon arriving jappy days. N smilling in dream...Next day...Sun rise to the world with new sunshine n new hopes n happiness in the life of our love birds with new begning...Armaan's sleep was disturbed was disturbed by the sunlight that was entering the room n directly hitting his face...He open his eyess...The world seems to him was new. As if all around him is happy in their life n happy for him too. As if he have entered in a new world of dreams, happiness, joy, fun n brightness...He streach his hands n pick his mobile n texted a msg n send it...Here ridhima's sleep was disturbed by the beep beep in her cell...She doesn't open her eyes as if she is watching armaan in dream n if she open her eyes he will not be their with her, her armaan, her jaan, her life would flew away..Tym went and again cell rang up...Then again she frown not willing to open her eyes.

Then arushi clutch herself to her mommy means ridhima.

Arushi- (in sleeply voice) mommy phone band karo na...
Ridhima open her eyes n by then cell went silent...Ridhima saw arushi clutching herself in her...

Ridhima had a broad smile..I love u baby...I love u..I love u armaan..I love u for this beautiful gift tha u have given me..The life u gave me.The love that u always showered on me...The way u alway stand by my side.N for being her in my damp lifeI love u for everything n i love u for who u r...Ridhima was saying this with a broad smile playing on her lips in tears of happiness in her eyes in chocking voice..N kisssed arushi's cheek n arushi smile revealing her dimples as armaan's in sleep n ridhima cares her hair for sometime n think.Armaan i missed u so much. 

Ye 9 saal mein ne kaise nikale tum soch bhi nahi sakte. 1 saal jab mein tumhare dukh dekhti rahi unhe kum karne ki chaha thi par kabhi kar nahi pai. Kum karna toh dur mein toh bus dukh deti rahi jane anjane mein. Par i promise armaan aab aur dukh nahi ab bus tum honge mein hongi khushiya hongi aur tumhari litttle basket bus hum log aur koi nahi hoga hamare aur hamari khushiyon ke bich, koi nahi.Then she turn her side pick up her mobile n saw armaan names flashed on screan..5 sms n 10 missed calls...Her eyes left wide open in shock.How she can sleep that extend that she can't hear the noice. 

Then fell smile kal 9 sal baad mujhe itni aachi neend aai. I love u armaan.
She read sms

'Good mrng basket...'

'Have a rocking day with me. We r going out today n be ready with in 2 hrs.'

'Plz wear my colour.'

'N basket don't forget my little basket make her ready too...'

'love u too much-only urs armaan' 

Part 36

She was about to redial his no. When suddenly the door bell rang...
Ridhima went to open the door n see armaan standing their all worried as soon as ridhima open the door -
armaan- ridhima tum theek toh ho na...
Pata hai mein kitna ghabra gaya tha.
Mujhe kitni tension ho rahi thi.
Tum thi kahan itni darse.
Kya kar rahi thin.
Kyun nahi mera calls answer kar rahi thi.
Sab theek toh hain na..
Tum bol kyun nahi rahi..
Ridhima was now smilling to see her old fun loving n caring, loving, sensitive n soft hearted armaan back.. He is so much concern about her till now.
Armaan- ridhima tum has kyun rahi ho.
Aur kuch bolti kyun nahi ho, mein kab se tumse kuch puch raha hun tumse.
Ridhima was still lost in him..
Armaan shake her from shoulder..
Armaan- ridhima tum theek ho na..
Ridhima(smilling) hain armaan.(cupping his face in her hands) Mein bilkul theek hun.. Tum khama kha hi itna ghabra gaye..
Arman-khama kha... Tumhe lagta hai mein faltu mein pareshan hua..
Tumhe kuch ho jata toh.,
ridhima jab tum ne meri ek bhi call ya sms ka reply nahi kiya tab mujhe laga ki kahin tumhe kuch... Tumne aisa kabhi nahi kiya...
Tum kahan thi mein itna dar gaya tha...
Mein tumhe ek baar kho chuka hun aab nahi kho sakta...
Ridhima- armaan aab mein tumhe chod kar kabhi nahi jaungi... Aur jaungi bhi kahan meri duniya tumse shuru hokar tumhi par khatam ho jati hai... Armaan ki basket aapne armaan ko chod kar kahin nahi jayegi.
Armaan-sachi(with innocent face).
Ridhima- muchi... (Looking in his eyes)

arman- acha tum thi kahan..
Ridhima- arman wo mein... Mein wo...(pouting her face saying innocently) Wo mein so rahi thi...
Armaan smiles.
Armaan- (cupping her face) itni ghari neend mein...
Ridhima- hain vo itni saalon baad itni achi neend aai thi..
Toh meri aankein nahi khuli...
Both had eye lock...
But ridhima was felling very shy that she take her eyes off n said.
Ridhima-acha tum betho mein fresh ho kar aati hun. Phir breakfast karte hain..
Ridhima went to freshen up arman first sits on the couch in living room then after some time he move to the room to see arushi...
Arushi was sleeping peacefully.
Arman went n sit next to her. N wisper in her eyer good mrng my little basket..
Arushi open her eyes in hug her buddy tightly.. 
Arushi-guld molning buddy(gud mrng buddy)
armaan- meri basket aaj ghumne chalegi aapne buddy ke aur aapni mummy ke saath..
Arushi-aap humein le kar jaoge..(jumping on bed)
Armaan-hanin mein apni basket ko ghumane le kar jaunga. Phir hum bahut sari shopping karenga..
Khub masti karenga. Thoda sa aapki mommy ko bhi pareshan karenga...
Arushi-ye buddy aap bahut ache hain...
Kash papa...(but she stopped n was about to cry)
when armaan stuck to a idea. He remember ridhima's tikling(gud-gudii) point in stomach. So armaan start tikling arushi there..
And in no time both arushi n armaan was rolling on bed arushi laughing loudly because of tikling n armaan is happy with his daughter...

Ridhima was Standing at the door with tears in her eyes.
ne of father n daughter have tears in her eyes of joy n happiness...


She was happy that armaan so easily made arushi swing to another way when she became sad remembering her father. That were moment ridhima's face to hang but they both soon become very happy n smile whole heartedly when armaan changed the topic n start tikling... Ridhima remember that armaan used to tikle her the very point where he is tikling arushi. N this broaden her smile...

armaan- arey ridhima tum kab aai aaona aandar..
wahan kyun khadi ho...

arushi also look at her mom n stand up m run to her mommy...
and rap herself around ridhima's stomach...
ridhima lovingly cares her hair nlook at armaan

Arushi- mummy buddy bahoot ache hai vo humein ghumane le gane ko bol rahe hain... Hum jayenga na mommy????

Ridhima-hain princess hum jarur jayenga...

Aur khub sari shopping bhi karenga...

Arushi-mommy buddy bahut aache hain...

He best in the world...

Ridhima-vo toh hai(looking directly in armaan's eyes) aapke buddy bahut ache hain...

Aur duniya ke sab se ache insaan bhi...

The topic is making the enviroment emotional n eyes moist so keeping it in mind armaan change the topic.

Armaan- chalo  ab jaldi jaldi taiyar ho jao ... Phir meri little basket aapne buddy ke saath shopping par jayegi na...

Arushi-yehhh... Par mommy aaj buddy mujhe taiyra karenga, plz buddy...
Ridhima-nahi arudhi... Chalo mein aap ko taiyar kar deti hun... Buddy ko tang mat karo...
Armaan-ismein tang hone wali koun  si baat hai.
Chalo aaj mei aapni little basket ko taiyar kar deta hun..
Ridhima- nahi armaan tum bekar mein hi pareshan.
Armaan cut her in between.
Armqan-nahi aaj toh mein hi aapni basket ko taiyar karunga... Chale basket.
Armaan n arushi goes to get ready n ridhima was left there standing n talking how lucky she is to get armaan in her life as a life patner as soulmate as a friend as a lover n as a father of arushi.
All the relation on the earth see her to be complete with armaan in her life.
She thanked god for bring him back in her life.
And wished from god never to seprate them again ever in life..
Else she would kill herself.
After thanking god n praing from him she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
After 20min.
Ridhima came out of kitchen finishing making breakfast.. N then move to the room to see armaan n arushi still in the bathroom. Armaan is making arushi tsking shower in arushi is spliting water on armaan n both r having funn.
Ridhima spoke angrily..
Ridhima-ye kya ho raha hai... Tum aabhi tak taiyar nahi hui. Aur armaan tum pura gila ho gaye ho... Aise hi rahe told tumhari tabiyat kharab ho gayegi.
Tumhe garasi bhi thandi sahan nahi hoti.. Tumhe Turant cold ho jata hai.. Tabhi tum gile ho gaye.(ridhima was scolding armaan n armaan was staring ground hqnging his head down as an obedient boy n seeing this arushi is giggling)

Armaan n arushi both came out.

Armaan was touched by ridhima's concern n her memory that she still remember him from toe to head.
Ridhima was making arushi ready here armaan has dried his choths n body n came up dressed.

Arushi was ready. Ridhima saw armaan n scolded him.
Ridhima-Armaan tum kabhi nahi sudhroge na...
Armaan-ab mein ne kya kiya hai.
Ridhima-armaan tumhare baal aabhi tak gile hain... Phir sara din aaachuu aaachhuuu karte rahna.

Ridhima gesture him to come in sit on the bed n ridhima pick up the towel n start rubbing his hair with towel.
Armaan was memoried by the ridhima's beauty, her concern, her care, her love, n her fragnens...

He was looking in her eyes but ridhima was busy drying his hairs... When she felt his intense eye on her.. She look into his eyes  n was lost in them...

Their eye lock was broken by the voice of arushi...
Arushi-mommy... Buddy kahan ho aap... Jaldi aao na...
Ridhima left the towel n goes out...realising what she was doing n blushing she ran away...

Armaan smiles n start drying his hairs while thinking...

Armaan (in mind)-tum bilkul nahi change hui ridhima abhi bhi vo hi sharam vo hi concern vo tajgi(freashness) vo hi muskuraht vo khubsurti...Jis pe mein ne pehli hi baar mein aapna dil kho betha tha...
Aur aaj tak wapis nahi la paya aapna dil...

Here ridhima went out of room n stand there thinking..
Ridhima (in mind)- aaj bhi tum mein koi badlaw nahi hai armaan...aaj bhi mein tumhari aankho mein khoo jati hun.. Aaj bhi tumhare pass aate hi sab theek lagta hai aur kuch bhi mangne ka dil nahi karta...
Aaj bhi mein tumhari ankhon mein aapne liya unconditional pyaar, trust, care dekh sakti hun...
Armaan kyun tum mujhse itna pyaar karte ho ki aapna bilkul dhayan nahi rakhte..

Thank u all for liking and supporting...thanks to

Another FF of mine
Back to MY JAAN(AR FF)

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Nice update!
Cont soon

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amazing updateSmileSmile
loved ar momentsHeart
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Nice part:) luvd it very much... I want aarushi to tell ridhima in the next part that she wants her buddy as her daddy... Plz plz plz make it happen...
Continue soon...
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mish sorry for not commenting last time
m so. happy ar r together now
marry them soon
this is my fave one do update it soonish
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I m the luckiest girl in the world to have armaan in my life as my love, my friend, as my patner, as my soulmate...(ridhima was shading tears while thinking of it)

Armaan came out of the room n walked to go the dinning area when he saw ridhima standihg holding the wall n have tears in her eyes...
Armaan - kya hua ridhima... Tum ro kyun rahi ho...
Mujhe batao kya hua hai...
Kiski wajhe se ro rahi ho tum ridhima.. Plz batao mujhe

Ridhima- tum... Mein tumhari wajhe se ro rahi hun...
Armaan-meri wajhe se.. Par kyun mein ne kya kiya hai...
Ridhim-tum bahut bura ho...
Armaan - kya hua ridhima.. Mein ne kya kiya hai plz mujhe batao na mein abhi theek kar dunga...

Ridhima sob...
Armaan-plz ridhimabmujhe batao na... Aur plz rona band karo... Aaj bhi tumhare aansu mujhe hurt karte hain...
Ridhima- tum bahut bura ho... Kyun tum mujhe se itna pyaar karte ho...

Armaan was touched by ridhima's word...
Armaan- i need no reason to love myself...
Ridhima give him confused look...
Armaan- arey yaar ab tum aur mein alag thodi na hai...
Ridhima blush at his words n hug him hidding her face in his chest... Not moving apart ridhima was hugging him tightly in digging her face in his broad chest more n more...

Armaan was lossing himself in her... Armaan start placing kisses on her neckline...
After some time armaan aparted ridhima from the hug n cup her face in his palms n move toward her lips ridhima closed her eyes...
Feeling that she is not comfortable with that armaan kissed her forhead...

Armaan-ridhima tum jo karna nahi chahati...phir bhi aankhein band karke mujhe pura haq de deti ho... Kyun?????
Ridhima- kyun ki mujhe pata hai... Mera armaan kabhi aisa kuch nahi karega jo mujhe acha na lagta ho...
Arman-pata hai ridhima mujhe darr lagta hai...
Ridhima-kyun armaan..
Armaan- kyunki kahin mein kuch aisa na kar du ki tumhara bharosa tut jaye...

Ridhima-aacha.. Phir toh tum darna chod do... Kyun ki mujhe aapne armaan par khud se bhi jayada bharosa hai... Mein aapne aap par control kho sakti hun par mujhe pakka pata hai tum mujhe sambha hi loge...
Armaan-i love u basket... I love u..
Ridhima- pata hai armaan mein ne kitna intajar kiya hai tumhare muh se basket sunne ke liye...

Us din market mein jab tum basket kaha tha na toh mujhe laga jaise ab sab theek ho gaya... Phir tum...
but ridhima couldn't complete n arushi comes there n drag her mommy n her buddy with her from their hands in dinning area...
Arushi-Aap kitni baatein karte ho... Chalo aab khana khate hai.. Mujhe bahut bhuk lagi hai...

Armaan changing the topic sits on the chair n pull arushi in his laps..
Arman-bhuk toh mujhe bhi bahut lagi hai...(looking at ridhima n ridhima move to the kitchen)
ridhima came out of kitchen with armaan's n arushi's aloo ke parathe...
Arushi n arman all together- Waooo!!!! Aloo ke parathe...

Ridhima look at them n smiles whole heartedly looking at armaan n his daughter in his laps...
Armaan started eating n feeding arushi.. Ridhima sat beside armaan n watching them..

Armaan- arey ridhima tum kyun nahi kha rahi ho...

Then armaan took a bite n bring it in front of ridhima... She blushed n took it... So in this way they finished their breakfast...
Armaan-arey hain mein toh bhul hi gaya... Champ, anji aur khushi kahan hai...
Ridhima-wo hain... Mein tumhe batna bhul gai... Atul aur di ka koi patient bahut critical tha toh unhe jald se jald jana padha...
Armaan-oh... Kash kuch din rukh jate... Itne saalo baad aapne champ se mila tha...

Ridhima-armaan sach sach batao... Tum meri wajhse hi itne saalo tak aapne sab frndz se dur rahe the na... Kyun armaan...
Armaan- aisa kuch nahi hai ridhima..

Ridhima-armaan tumhe aaj tak jhoot bolna nahi aaya...
Plz aapni ridhima ko nahi bataoga
Armaan- ridhima mein nahi chahata tha ki meri wajha se tumhara mood off ho...
Aur na hi mein tumhe kisi aur ke saath dekh sakta hun... It breaks me apart into millions of pieces..

Ridhima-i m sorry armaan... I m ...
Armaan put his fingures on her lips... N wisper i love u...

Ridhima-i love u too... I love u too armaan ... I love u..
Arman- waise ek baat hai Mrs. Armaan malik ka title abhi bhi unclaimed hai...
Tum claim karna chahogi.


Ridhima-i love u too... I love u too armaan ... I love u..
Arman- waise ek baat hai Mrs. Armaan malik ka title abhi bhi unclaimed hai...
Tum claim karna chahogi.
Armaan said this in mischeives tone n ridhima smiled...
Ridhima-soch ke bataoungi..
Waise vo title already claimed hai...
Armaan get confused.
Armaan- nahi basket its not claimed yet...
Ridhima- its claimed..

Armaan- par... With whom..
Ridhima- with me...
Armaan-itni jaldi kya hai basket..(naughtly)..
Ridhima-shut up armaan...
Its with me result is ur little basket...
Armaan- oh ho...(naughtly) Toh tum ne mere bina puche hi mera naam chura liya

ridhima(romantically)- tumhara naam hi nahi tumhara dil bhi...
Tumhara aansh bhi aur tumhar ehsaas bhi..
Armaan start searching for something standing up around ridhima.. Ridhima got confuse what happen to him in instant. She asked armaan but no answer.

Ridhima-(pissed off) armaan batao na tum kya dhund rahe ho...
Armaan- vo actually mein aapni pyaari se, sharmili si, bhooli si, chulbuli si, innocent si basket ko dhundh raha tha pata nahi kahan chali gai...
Ridhima-armaan vo ridhima ussi din mar gai jis din tum uski zindagi se chale gaye the...
Armaan- ridhima... Chalo acha hai mera saath vo ridhima jai toh mera saath aaye gi bhi toh...
And with this armaan start tikling ridhima n she can't stop laughing and begging to leave her.
Ridhima- armaan... Armaan... Plz chodo,... Mujhe armaan... Plz (laughing and saying in between her laughter)
armaan- aab batao meri ridhima wapas aai ki nahi...batao jaldi se..
Ridhima- armaan...armaan..
Armaan- mujhe pata hai mera naam aacha hai. Aab meri ridhima ko bulao..
Ridhima-tumhari... Ridhima toh... nahi hai...
Armaan- accha dekhte hai..(continue to tikle more)
Ridhima-tumhari... Toh basket thi... Vo hai...

Armaan was touched by her words and stop tikling her.
Ridhima straighten herself.
Armaan- i love u basket.. I missed u like hell
ridhima just kissed his forhead n wisper 'i love u too'
armaan just smile at her gesture.
Arushi came there-buddy i m ready..
Armaan n ridhima get their eye lock disturbed by arushi's voice.
Arman- hain chalo..
Basket tum taiyar ho????
Ridhima was about to answer when arushi said.
Arushi-Hain buddy...
Armaan- ho i mean... Ridhima are u ready...
Ridhima- hain bus 10 min plz...
Ridhima went n changed in red suit in his colour in coloure of love.
coloure of their relation, coloure of their heart, colour of armaan
"sauce wala laal"
she came out dressed to see armaan n arushi making masti..

When armaan saw her he keeps on staring with out blinking his eyes.
Ridhima blushed seeing his intense eyes on herself. Slow walking she reached upto armaan n arushi arman was still staring when ridhima called him he didn't get his eyes off her. Then ridhima shake him n...
Ridhima-armaan kya dekh rahe ho..
Armaan-tumhe... Bahut bahut bahut sundar lag rahi ho..
Ridhima blushed n saidaab chalo armaan..
Armaan-hain.. Chalein basket..
Trio move to the shopping mall.
First they went to the child section n armaan-ridhima selected a dress for their little basket n some toys for her..

Then they move to ladies section. When ridhima was totally confuse what to take armaan comes and give her a packet..
When ridhima was there was a beautiful asmaani coloure saare n little pink colure chhudi-dhar.
Ridhima look astronishly at him.
Ridhima- armaan ye...
Armaan- ye mein ne aapni basket ke liya liya hai..
Ridhima- par armaan...
She stopped in between looking his cute face..
'okay.. I'll take it.
Acha aab chalo aab tumhare liye bhi kuch lenga.'
then they were going to gents section when they was ice cream parlour.
Arman was his basket n their little basket and was sure they want it but ridhima kept mumm.
Armaan went to ice cream parlour n brought ben jerry's chocololate flavour for ridhima n one stauberry flavour for arushi. N give them respectively..
Ridhima was it n ask from eyes 'tumhe yaad tha'
armaan got her query.. N said. 'mujhe sab kuch yaad hai, mein kuch nahi bhula'
ridhima smile whole heartedly.

Arushi-buddy aapko kaise pata mujhe ye flavour aacha lagta hai..
Armaan- kyunki ye hi flavour kis aur ka bhi favourte hai...
Ridhima knew that stauberry is his favourte..
Ridhima was enjoying her ice cream like a smaal kid unaware of her surrounding..
Armaan was enjoying seeing his 2 baskets enjoying ice cream so much...
After that they went to parking...
Ridhima-armaan mein abhi aai..2 min.
Armaan-kya hua bas.. I mean ridhima..
Ridhima-wo ... Washroom jana hai.
Ridhima made n excuse n went..
After 10 min she came.

Arman- ridhima washroom mein itna tym
ridhima-i lost my way..
Arman nodded n they then went to a fair...
Armaan n arushi was having fun arushi was in armaan arm. And ridhima was admiring armaan, his talks, his action, his cute face, his smile over all whole of him.. When she heard a thunder. They she came back to the planet earth n saw armaan n arushi were not there arround her. She panicked n moving ahead to search them when very next moment she feel armaan near by..


Arman nodded n they then went to a fair...
Armaan n arushi was having fun arushi was in armaan arm. And ridhima was admiring armaan, his talks, his action, his cute face, his smile over all whole of him.. When she heard a thunder. They she came back to the planet earth n saw armaan n arushi were not there arround her. She panicked n moving ahead to search them when very next moment she feel armaan near by..

Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on feel me
girl feel me
(ridhima feel armaan near by n looking for him)
Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on heel me
girl heel me
(she was armaan on stage singing for her)
think about the love we making
and life we sharing..
Come on feel me
girl feel me
(they had an beautiful eye contact)
Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on feel me
come on heel me

hua jo tu bhi mera mera
tera jo ikrar hua,
toh kyun na mein bhi kehdu kehdu hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua...
(coming towards him without breaking the eye lock n smiling)

Tera hone laga hun
khoo ne laga hun jab se mila hun - 2
(singing while dancing with arushi but straight from heart for ridhima)

Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on feel me
girl feel me
Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on heel me
girl heel me

waise toh maan mera pehle bhi raaton mein aksar hi chahat ke saapne sanjota tha
(revolving around her n diple smile)
pehle bhi dhadkan dhun koi gaiti thi
(putting his hand on his heart n then towards her... As saying ILU by hands)
par aab jo hota hai vo
pehle na hota tha..
(moving backwards looking at her in front of his eyes)

Hua hai tujhe jo bhi jo bhi.
Mujhe bhi is baar hua
(looking at armaan from some distance)
toh kyun na mein bhi kehdun kehdun hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua
(singing for armaan while sitting n making arushi's hair altought their are made but something she have to do na... lolz)

Tera ho ne laga hun
khoo ne laga hun jab se mila hun - 2
arushi- buddy mein aapse kuch puchun...
Armaan-hain pucho..
Arushi-pehle plomish karo aap maanoga..
Armaan-hain baba.. Mein aapni basket ki haar baat maanunga...
Ridhima-armaan aise hi.. Pehle..(but armaan cut her in between)
armaan- nahi... Mein hamesha aapni basket ki sari baatien manta hun(means to ridhima this tym n she was touched n have tears armaan look at her.. But)
arushi- (shakiing armaan) buddy kya mein aap ko kuch aur bula sakti hun..
Armaan- off course... Aap aapne buddy ko kaise bhi bula sakte ho...
Arushi- (jump with excietment) theek hai toh kya mein aapko daddy bula sakti hun...
Armaan-(didn't get it first) hain kyun nahiii...(he streched nahiii as by that tym he got her)
ridhima n armaan both look at their little basket dumbstuck...

Armaan- aap bula sakte ho.. Mujhe aacha lagega..
Arushi was very happy... Ridhima was shocked but inner of her heart she was jumping... Armaan come near her n wisper..
Armaan- dekha basket meri little basket ne aapne papa ko kaise pehchan liya...
Ridhima smiled whole heartedly...
While armaan went some distance n start song again..
aankhon se chulun ki baahien tarasti hai
dil ne pukara hai hain
aab toh chale aao.
(streching his arms welcoming ridhima to run n hug him tightly)
Aao ki shabnum ki bundein barasti hai,
mausam ishara hai hain ab toh chale aao...

(ridhima was standing shocked n armaan with streached arms welcoming her when she came out of shook with thunder sound)

(in between song tunder effect of sound as we saw in bheegi si bhaagi si song n ridhima clutch armaan tightly n then realise her position her hand in his neck n his hand on her waist tightly enveloped as to hide her from world)

bahon mein dale bahein bahein
(spreading her arms in his neck)
bahon ka jaise haar hua
(armaan kiss her forhead while ridhima's hand were around his neck)
hai mein ne maana maana mujhe bhi pyaar hua..
(hiding her face in his broad chest while blushing)

Tera hone laga hun
khoo ne laga hun jab se mila hun - 2
(hugging her passionatly when arushi too run n join the hug enveloping her little arms around her mommy's n daddy's legs then armaan pick her up in his arms while ridhima with tears of joy...)

Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on feel me
girl feel me
Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on heel me
girl heel me
think about the love we making
and life we sharing..
Come on feel me
girl feel me
Shining like the shading sun like pearl upon the ocean,
come on feel me
come on heel me
(last stanza they were standing closely arushi in armaan's arm n ridhima was in front of them n both where talking to arushi n going back to home)

< guyies plz do tell song ki jaise mein ne picturize karna chala tha waise aacha laga ki theek theek tha. Plz do tell i wana add more songs further >

After dropping ridhima n arushi at home armaan went to his apartment. Soon he went to his room n hit the bed to meet his angle in dreams...
Days were going on like this...
So Smoothly, happily, funfilled, hopefull, joyefull...

When day in hospital
armaan was on duty when one of the intern is trying to come close to armaan...
Ridhima saw this n got jealous...
Ridhima went from there but armaan took this in notice..
He went after her in looker room.
Armaan- basket meri baat toh suno..
Ridhima-mujhe nahi suna kuch bhi jao ushi lessa ko sunao jiss se tum abhi chipak rahte...
Armaan- ridhima mein kahan chipak raha tha vo hi...
Ridhima-hai kehdo tum nahi vo chipak rahiu thi tumse... Hai na.
Armaan-hain basket...(ridhima gave him angry look n armaan shutup after sometime armaan came n hug her n put his head in crook of her neck nuzling her neck making her melt in his arms. Ridhima just wisper 'armaan' in all the love to control her fellings. But armaan continued..

Thank u all for liking and supporting...thanks to
Another FF of mine

Back to MY JAAN(AR FF)
Aadha Aadhura Tera Bina(AR FF)

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Savvy11 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
Hey this part was way too awesome... I just luvd the idea of arushi calling armaan not just as buddy but as daddy... Thanx for making my wish cum true:)... Plz continue soon... Waiting...
Take Care!!

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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awsm part.
Cont asap.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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