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Always With You (AR FF) new thrd lnk on 154 and pg 1 (Page 4)

..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged

Those who want PM of this update plz send me the buddy request or mention it in one post with quote option...
my account for PM is ->


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LilApple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 3:15am | IP Logged
hye mish
loved all the parts
Ab let armaan know he is the father
update soon plz

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Awesome part.
I'm loving this ff so much.
Thanks a lot for the pm.

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
awsm part.
Thanx 4 d pm.
KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mishs

Originally posted by KaJen_addiction

i already read this! anyways thnx 4 pm:)

may i know who many part u allready read.. if u don't mind telling

i already read 4-5 parts on da blog b4 dis!
KaJen_addiction IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Amazing updates! I m loving dis! Cont soonish
thnx 4 pm :))
Savvy11 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Hey it's a very nice story:) the plot is superb and u've done a gr8 job... Plz add me to ur buddy list and plz pm me the next parts:)

Edited by Savvy11 - 04 January 2013 at 10:20pm
..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Part 16

They both rush to the doctor...
And from the door of his cabin both shouted in unison ...
Doctor humein donor mil gaya... (with hug smile on their face)
dr. S- thats good. How is the person.
Arman- i m the person
n when we can do the formalities n when we can start the operation.
Dr.s-just now.
We can operat now.
We don't have much tym.
Arman n ridhima- okay i will come back doing the formalities
arman-nahi ridhima tu ruko mein karta hun
ridhima-nahi arman.,...
(but she was cut shot by armaan)

arman-tum rehne do mein dekhta hun.
Tum basket ko..., i mean...arushi ko dekho...
Mein formalities puriKarke aata hun...
saying this he went to do the formalities n ridhima went to call her maid to bring arushi from home to hospital.
Soni-ji ridhima di mein arushi ko le aai.
Ridhima-acha chalo aarushi mein taiyar hona hai
arushi-par mommy mein toh already taiyar hun
ridhima-nahi arushi tumhari tanbiyat theek nahi hai na toh ...ridhima was cut shot in b/w when arman comes
Armaan-ridhima vo mein ne sari formalities kar di hain.
Ab mein OPT ja raha hun
arushi-hii.. Buddy kya hua aap ko aap itne pareshan kyun ho.
Aur aap OPT kyun ja rahe ho vo achi jagh nahi hai. Mommy kahti hai vaha vo jate hai jo aapni mommy ki baat nahi mante.
Buddy kya aap apni mommy ki baat nahi mante.
(ridhima had tears in her eyes listening to her sweet voice n innocent comment armaan to felt emotion. But araman is arman he never let out his tears in front of ridhima bcoz he know that is will break her more so hold his emotion he Tackle the innocent comment made by arushi. He laid down on his knees to level himself to arushi's level n spoke in firm voice)

arman-nahi basket mein aapni mommy ki baat manta hun jaise aap aapni mommy ki har baat manti ho par humein vaha phir bhi jana padhta hai..
Aru-par kyun buddy mommy toh...
Arman(cut arushi's word)-basket kabhie kabhie humein aapno ke liya(looking little at ridhima) ya unki khushi ke liya vahan gandi si jagha jana padhta hai...
Arushi-buddy par aap kyun ja rahein hain aap toh kissi ko bhi aaise hi khuss kar dete hain toh vahan kyun ja rahein hain...
(it was becoming difficult for armaan to handle more so he look at ridhima to help but before anyone can speak further nurse comes there)
nurse-excusse me Mr.Mallik aap ke operation ka tym ho raha hai.

Arman-(2 nurse) ji bus 2 min mein aaya.
(2 arushi) basket promise me tum mommy ko pareshan nahi karogi. N mommy ki har baat manogi.
Arushi-aare buddy aap aaise kyun bol rahe ho. Aap mujhe chodh kar kahin ja rahe ho...
Arman- nahi mein aapni basket ko chod ke kabhi nahi jaunga
(then looking at ridhima) kabhi bhi nahi.
Ridhima n armaan's eye contact for 5 min then they break the eye contact hering the nurse who come ro call him aagain.
Arman leaves for operation.
Now half an hour went ridhima was becoming restless for armaan n making her daughter ready to take her for operation.
Nusre came with the enesthatic injection for arushi so that she would b sleeply during her operation.

Arushi 1stly regected to take the enjection bur ridhima convince her saying
ridhima-aru beta aagar aap ye injection nahi logi toh. Aapke buddy aapse baat nahi karenga.
Unhone aapse promise liya tha na ki aap aapni mommy ki har baat manogi...
Arushi innocently just nodded her head n took the injection...
N slowly went to sleep n ridhima went to See armaan from out side the operation teater glasss door...
She was becoming more n more restless by tym..
There is no one to convience her...
No one to console her...
The person who can console her ..he himself was making her restless by tym due he has being operated...

arman-ridhima chahe kuch bhi ho jaye mein har mushkil waqt mein tumhara saath donga. Kabhi tumhare saath nahi chodunga.
Kabhi tumhe kisi bhi pareshani mein akele nahi khade hona padhega...
**flashback ends**

ridhima-sahi kaha tha tumne armaan. Armaan tum hamesha aapna vaada nibhalte rahe kabhi bhi kisi bhi karan tumne aapna mujhse kiya vaada nahi toda...
Tumne hamesha mujhe khush dekhna chaha aur har mumkin koshish bhi ki ki mein kabhi dukhi na hun par arman mein kabhi bhi tumhe khushi nahi de pai. aaj bhi tum meri khushi ke liya ye sab kar rahe ho aur mein , mein ne hamesha tumhe dukh diya yahan takki mein ne tumhe tumhari be...
Suddenly her chain of thoughts break with the opening the door of OPT

Part   17

N the door of the OPT opened n then the dr. Comes out without any express on his face...
He did not know what to say or do he has a good n a bad news for her.
(After all fate has his own terms)
ridhima-dr. Meri beti vo theek toh hai na..
Doctor aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahe...
Dr. Kuch boliya na...
Aap itna chup kyun hai.

Dr.shurya- dr. Ridhima i m sry... I don't know what to say
ridhima- nahi aisa nahi ho sakta. Arushi ko kuch nahi ho sakta.. Nahi usse...
dr.s - dr. Ridhima sambhaliya aapne aapko...
Arushi ko kuch nahi hua hai vo ek dum aachi hai operation is very much sucessfull...par...
Ridhima-par kya dr. Arushi toh bilkul sahi hai na toh aap aise kyun...(for a moment ridhima forgot about armaan suddenly she remembered him)...
Doctor Armaan...Armaan kaisa hai...
Aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahein hain doctor...
Boliya na armaan kaise hai...
Vo theek toh hai na docotor aap kuch bol kyun nahi Rahein...
Armaan kaise hai doctor...

Dr.s-dr.ridhima sambhaliya aapne aapko.
Ridhima-doctor kya hua hai mera armaan(she spoke mera armaan unknowingly in pain as he was never away from her. Even when they didn't know anything about each other in these 8 yrs)
dr.S- ridhima vo ... Armaan ...vo
ridhima-boliya na boctor kya hua hai mera armaan ko...

Do.S- he has been operated before he didn't told us that...
We had some compications during his operation n due toh excess of bleeding he has been in danger he is hanging between life n death...

Ridhima- ridhima was hell shocked to hear this that her armaan is hanging between life n death...
She shout at top of his voice nahi aisa nahi ho sakta... Armaan... Armaan mujhe aaise dukh mein akele nahi chod sakta...
Nahi vo aapni basket ko itna dukh nahi de sakta...

Dr.S- doctor aap majak  kar rahein hain na...
Dr.S- nahi ridhima ye koi majak nahi hai.. . Armaan is in coma...tum aapne aap ko sambhalo... Aur arushi ko bhi Tum aise tut jaogi toh arushi ki dekhbhal kaoun karega...

Ridhima-nahi aaisa nahi ho sakta...(saying so she run towards armaan in ICU..)

ridhima was shaking armaan very badly..n criying alot.
Ridhima-utho armaan ... Utho bahut ho gaya magak mein janti hun tu natak kar rahe ho tumhe kuch nahi hua hai...
Utho armaan utho na...
(doctors n nurses were watching her n her madness)

armaan tum aapna promise nahi todh sakte...
Armaan tumne promise kiya tha tum mujhe kabhi akele nahi chodo gaye toh phir aaj kaise...
Utho na armaan please armaan aapni ridhima ke liya,... Aapni basket ke liya armaan plz utho na...

(ridhima was crying while hugging him. suddenly armaan wisper n ridhima loo at him)

armaan-basket...(unconsious state) mujhe chod ke mat jao basket... Mein tumhare bina nahi jee saktaa...

Doctor rush to him seing so n start checking him
ridhima-nahi armaan mein kahin nahi ja rahi Tumhari basket yahin hain...
Tumhare pass... Aapne armaan ke pass...(docotors after checking him said congrates ridhima he is out of danger... Ridhima smile through tears.. Then after some tym like 25 min later armaan open his eyes but would not find anyone there. He felt depressed.)

armaan(mind)- hmm mein kal bhi akele tha aur aaj bhi...
Kisi ko meri fikar nahi...
Kissi ko mujhse pyaar nahi...
Kissi ko koi farak nahi padhta mein hun ya nahi...(he wished that when he would open his eyes then he may see ridhima. But bad luck he can't find ridhima. As just 5 min ago she went to see her daughter but before it she was sitting just beside armaan)
ridhima was with arushi sobbingly ridhima was rubbing her plam on her head with love n affection.

Here armaan was feeling isolated in the whole world so he tried to get up n start to dress up n leave for his home.
But nurses tried to stop him but he didn't Listen to the nurse. so nurse called for the doctor... But armaan is armaan after all... He neither listen to anyone...

In between all this ridhima comes to see him. She was shocked to see him struggling with doctor n nurses to let him go from there. In this ridhima entered there n spoke.
Ridhima-armaan tum kahan ja rahe ho.. Tumhari tabiyat theek nahi hai...
Armaan- mujhe kissi ki humdardi ki jarurat nahi hai... Mujhe jaana hai...
Ridhima-armaan tum yahan se kahin nahi ja sakte...
Armaan- tumhe kya... Mujhe jaana hai yahan se abhi issi waqt...
(armaan start going n just passed ridhima but still in the room)
ridhima-tum mein jid hai na armaan kissi ka kehne na sunne ki...
Dusro ka dard lena ..
Dusro ka dar batna ...
Khud ko taklif dena bahut aache se aata hain na tumhe...
(ridhima know by hurting him she can stop him but she never want to hurt him but...)
armaan stopped hearing her.

Ridhima-armaan Tum kahin nahi ja rahe ho.. Tumhe rest ki jarurat hai...she little push armaan back to his bed...
tum Yahin rest karo...
Tum yahn se kahin nahi hil rahe ho... Samjhe...

Armaan can't ever resist ridhima then like a child he obey ridhima n settled back to his bed...
(doctors n nurses smiles to see this.. N leave... But when the doctors were leaving ridhima moved behind the doctor)

ridhima-excusse me doctor..
Dr.s-yes dr. Ridhima boliya
ridhima-actually doctor  i want a favour from u...
Dr.s- yeah... What can i do for u..
Ridhima-actually doctor i ... I want to ask u something... Dr can u shift armaan n arushi together in one room so it would be easy for me...
Dr.s- sure dr. We will shift them in one room after 2 hrs.
Ridhima(with broad smile)-thanks doctor.
N she left back to armaan's room.
Ridhima take his mediciens n give it to him.
Ridhima-hmm lo ye davai le lo.
Arman take it in one sec.

After 2 hrs

Both armaan n arushi were moved to the private room.. Ridhima was taking a very good care of both armaan n arushi equally, lovingly, n affectionately...
But while taking good care of armaan she was advoiding the chance to talk to him or look into his eyes...
Inwardly she was happy n brokken both...
She is happy that alest she ghot a chance to take care to armaan n her daughter in free from danger
but broken seeing the only 2 person she love the most in the world both were on the hospital bed n that too in pain..

Days passsing ridhima was takking a good n healty cre of both. She didn't left side of either

Part 18

Days passing ridhima was taking a good n healty care of both. She didn't left side of either...
Arushi was coming closer to armaan her buddy...
When arushi comes to her sences after sleeping she talks with her mommy n her buddy a lot...
Armaan too use to talk to her alot..
Arushi-buddy aap mujhe aache lagte ho...(armaan smiles n ridhima went to see the doctor)
buddy aap mujhe basketball khelna sikhao gaye na jab mein theek ho jaungi???
Arman- hain bilkul basket mein aapni nanhi si basket ko basket ball khelna jarur sikhunga...
Arushi-ye buddy aap bahut aache ho...
Arman-waise aap ki mommy bhi toh bahut aachi basketball khelti hai toh kya kabhi unhone aap ko nahi sikhai..
Arushi-nahi vo... Mommy mujhe sikhane le jatii thi... Par mein ne mana kar diya.
Armaan- kyun????
Arushi-kyun ki vahan jake mommy ke dil mein dard hota hai... Aur mujhe aacha nahi lagata... Par aap mujhe sikho gaye na buddy???
Armaan(mind)- mein janta hun ridhima tumhare dil mein dard kyun hota hai...
Hum pehli bar basketball court mein mile the...
Ridhima tumhe meri har baat aabhi tak yaad hai... Har lamha ... Humari har ladai... Vo har matches... Har nok-jhok...
Tumhe sab yaad hai
arushi- kya hua buddy aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahe...
Aap mujhe basketball sikhayenga na.????
Arman- hain zarur sikhaunga aur bilkul aapki mommy ki tarah basketball champian banaunga...
Arushi-pata hai buddy mommy baatati hai unka koi bahut aacha dost the.. Vo bhi bahut aachi basketball khelte the.. Vo mommy ke bahut ache dost the..  Aur vo mommy se hamesha har jate the... Pata hai kyun???
Arman- kyun???
Arushi- kyun ki mommy batati hai vo mommy se is liya haarte the takki mommy jeet jayen n khush jo jaye... Vo mommy ki smile ...
(ridhima enter n arushi didn't complete her sentence n call her mommy)
arushi- mommy kal se buddy mujhe basketbal
Khelna sikhayege...
Armaan n ridhima look at each other...
Arman(mind)-tum janti thi ridhima ki mein jan ke harta hun..???. Sirf tumhari smile dekhne ke liya... Phir bhi...
Ridhima-acha toh phir toh aap jaldi se theek ho jao phir aap ke buddy aapko basketball sikhein gaye...

Aur ...
Arushi-aur kya mommy.???
Ridhima-mein bhi aap ko sikhungi basketball. Aapni aru ko basketball itni pasand jo hai...
Arushi-par moomy phir aapke dil mein dard hoga na mujhe aacha nahi lagta jab aapko dard hota hai...
Ridhima- nahi beta aag mera dil mein kabhi dard nahi hoga basketball se...(looking at armaan) kabhi nahi hoga aab mera dil mein dard...
(armaan was admiring arushi n her love for her mommy n ridhima n arushi relation but in deep heart he is hurt that he can't have such happiness in life.. As he woud not think about any other girls given her the place in his life which was ya which will always remain for ridhima)..
Ridhima-(mind)armaan mujhe toh laga tha tum aapni purani aadato ke pass vapas chale gaye honge... Vo street fights.. Bike racings... N all aur mujhe se juda har yaad ko mita chuke hongay... Par tumne mujhe aabhi bhi aapni yaado mein khayalo mein zinda rakha hai...

Mujhe laga tha tum baketball nahi khelo gaye kabhi kyun ki hamari mulakat wahin hui.. Pyaar bhi wahin hua... Aur hum bichde bhi wahin se the...
Par tum ne aaj tak mera se judi har yaad ko sambhal ke rakh hai... Kyun armaan kyun chahate ho itna mujhe...(ridhima was thinking all this while staring at armaan. N ridhima come out of her thought when arushi call her shaking her. But ridhima's eyes where moist)
Arushi- mommy aap itna dar se bol kyun nahi rahin... Aur Aap buddy ko aaise kyun dekh rahi ho...
Ridhima-kuch nahi beta bus kuch yaad aa gaya mein aabhi thodi der mein aati hun.
(saying so ridhima leave with speed from there for fire escape)
armaan-(mind)ridhima kab tak tum aapne aapse bhagti raho gi.. Kab tak ridhima kab thak... Kabhi toh tumhe saachi ka samna karna padhega
(2 arushi) basket main aabhi aaya..
Arushi-par buddy aap ko to doctor ne rest karne ko kaha hai toh aap kahan ja rahe ho?

hope mein ne aap logo ko bor na kiya ho...

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