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Always With You (AR FF) new thrd lnk on 154 and pg 1 (Page 4)

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Part 13

Aruhi ran towards Armaan and jumped on seeing him..Armaan picked her up in his 

arms and kissed her on her cheek'
Ar: Wish you a very Happy Birthday Basket!!!
Aru: Thanks Buddy'main kabse wait kar rahi hun'itni late kyun aaye??
Ar: Sorry Basket'
Aru: Hmm'koi baat nahi'chalo ab cake katenge'
And Armaan walked inside the home with Aruhi'He looked at Riddhima who was 

looking at him with utter shock'Riddhima was not expecting him at all'.
Ar (with Aruhi still in his arms): Hi Riddhima'Woh'umm'.Basket'mera matlab'

Aruhi ne mujhe invite kiya tha'
Ri: Nahi...koi baat nahi '.wo'welcome Armaan'.and'wo'umm'Happy Birthday Armaan!
Ar: Tumhe yaad tha?? Thanks'
He was so happy that Riddhima remembered his birthday and she had wished him'He 

wanted to talk to her'to apologize for his behavior the other day'but before he 

could say anything further'
Aru: Kyaaa?? Aaj aapka bhi birthday hai Buddy??
Ar: Haan Basket'
Aru: Wow'Happy Birthday Buddy'Kitna maza aayega'ab aap bhi mere saath cake 

kaato na'
Ar: Nahi'Basket'ye aapki birthday party hai toh cake aap kataogi...
Aru: Nahi'aapko bhi mere saath cake katna padega'bas'keh diya maine'
And Armaan gave upto her innocent demand'
Riddhima was holding the knife with Aruhi because Aruhi had always cut the cake 

with Riddhima and then Aruhi also called Armaan to hold the knife and cut the 

cake'The three of them looked so cute together'
After cutting of the cake, Armaan gave Aruhi her gift'and Aruhi opened it'It 

was a small indoor basketball set'Aruhi was so happy to see the gift'Riddhima 

served food with the help of Soni'All this while, Armaan was looking for a 

chance to talk to her'He noticed that there was a big digital photo frame in 

one corner of the room next to the couch'It was flashing pictures of Riddhima 

and Aruhi'He went and sat next to it and started observing it closely'
All of them were such cute pictures'.There were so many where Aruhi was kissing 

Riddhima and Riddhima kissing her'there was one which had little Aruhi crawling 

and one where Riddhima was holding her finger and helping her walk'then there 

was one where Riddhima was bent like a horse and Aruhi was riding her'
Armaan liked all of them'And why would not he'they all were of his baskets'He 

was smiling'
Riddhima came and handed a plate full of food to Armaan'Armaan looked up and 

saw her standing there with two plates'He took one from her'And Riddhima sat on 

a chair'next to the couch'The photoframe was on the side table in between them'
Armaan noticed that most of the guests had left..There were only kids playing 

Ar: Sab log gaye??
Ri: Haan sab neighbors chale gayen'sirf bacche hain'
Ar: I am sorry mujhe pata hi nahi chala'main wo pictures dekh raha tha'
Ri: Koi baat nahi'maine dekha'
Ar: Bohat cute pictures hain'Lekin inme sirf tum aur Aruhi ho? Sid..
But before he could complete, he realized his mistake'
Ar: I am sorry Riddhima'
Ri: Koi baat nahi Armaan'its okay..
Ar: Nahi'us din ke liye bhi I am sorry'.maine tumhare saath bohat galat behave 

kiya'Main tumhe hurt nahi karna chahta tha'I am really very sorry'
Ri: Its okay Armaan'main wo sab bhul gayi'ab tum bhi bhul jao'
And then there was a long silence'Armaan was feeling very guilty and he sat 

with his head down and eating a little in between'Riddhima could make out that 

he was feeling guilty and he was sad'She did not want him to feel sad'

especially on his birthday'So she started the talk'
Ri: Armaan'tumne ye wali picture dekhi'
And Armaan looked at the frame'It was a recent picture of Aruhi completely 

covered with flour'Armaan looked at it and started laughing'
Ri: Kuch din pehle Aruhi ne zid ki ki wo mujhe kitchen mein help karegi'.aur 

meri help karne ke chakkar mein usne apne upar aate ka poora dabba gira liya'

(they both laughed)..Aur ye ek din maine usey ek horror mask pehen ke daraya 

tha'.tab ki hai'.kitni horrified lag rahi hai na'(Armaan nodded)'
Ar: Aur ye kabki hai??
Ri: Ye'last year'uske crche mein play ho raha tha'toh uski teacher ussey fairy 

banana chahti thi'lekin ussey prince banna tha'.toh ro ro ke bura haal kar 

rakha tha usne apna'tab maine click ki thi'
Ar: OMG'ussey fairy banna pasand nahi??
Ri: Nahi'ussey koi bhi girly cheez nahi pasand'u know she likes cars'dolls se 

toh khelti hi nahi'she does not like frocks or skirts'she only likes jeans or 

shorts'ussey tv pe bhi ajeeb ajeeb cartoon pasand hain jaise Ninja, He-Man, 

Superman etc'she loves video games'.lekin main usse khelne nahi deti'
Ar: Thank god phir toh main uske liye doll nahi laya'you know I was very 

confused'.main uske liye Barbie doll set lene waala tha'
Ri: Acha hua tumne nahi liya'nahi toh wo apne hi b'day ke din muh phula ke 

baithi hoti'Ki uske buddy ne ussey acha gift nahi diya'She throws a lot of 

tantrums you know'
Ar: How strange Riddhima'Basket'mera matlab..Aruhi tumse bohat different hai'
Before Riddhima could answer anything, Soni came running towards them'
So: Didi'did'jaldi chaliye'Aruhi bahar'
Ri: Kya hua Soni?? Tu itna ghabra kyun rahi hai??
So: Didi'Aruhi gir gayi hai'bohat zyada chot lagi hai ussey'jaldi chaliye'.
And Armaan and Riddhima rushed out'.

part 14

Aruhi was rushed to the hospital. The doctor was dressing her. Riddhima's situation was uncontrollable. Armaan was trying to pacify her. 
After the dressing,

Ri: Dr Chris, How is she now?
Dr Ch: She is fine Dr Riddhima..Dnt worry'We have dressed her wounds but could you tell me what happened?
Ri: I was not around when the incident happened but her caretaker told me that she was on a swing and she suddenly felt weak and fell down. That's how she hurt herself on her head. But, why do you ask that?
Dr Ch: Her wounds are not so bad, but, can you get a general checkup done for her tomorrow? We just want to be sure.
Ri: Sure Doctor.

Next Day
Riddhima had got Aruhi to hospital. Armaan was also around. Riddhima was arranging for all her checkups. And Armaan was with Aruhi taking care of her. In the evening, Riddhima and Armaan went to Dr Chris with all her reports. Riddhima did not want to bring Armaan along but, Armaan being a doctor, was suspicious of something so he insisted to join. Dr Chris carefully examined her reports. Riddhima had not gathered the courage to look at them.
Dr Ch: Dr Riddhima, I am shocked to know this. You are her mother and you are such a great doctor then how could you ignore all this?
Ri: Dr I am clueless. What are you talking about?
Dr Ch: Does Aruhi often complain of weakness or problem in breathing etc?
Ri: No Doctor'Not that I remember of. But, whats wrong?
Dr Ch: When I checked her yesterday she had very high BP. Something not expected for such a small kid. She also had generalized swelling on her body. And that's why I got skeptical, and I asked you to get her general checkup done. And here I see the reason.
Ar: Dr Chris, if you don't mind can I have a look at reports again?
Dr Ch(handling over the reports to Armaan and talking to Riddhima): Riddhima I am sorry to tell you but she has abnormally formed kidneys. This is a birth defect. Did the doctor who delivered her never told you about it?
Riddhima was too shocked to answer. She was trembling. Armaan was holding her hand. 
Dr Ch (continued): I am so astonished to know that she has survived 4 years of her life with those abnormal kidneys and without complaints. But, we cannot wait any further and we should arrange for a kidney transplant as soon as possible. I think you should start looking for a donor. 
Ri (in a trembling voice): How many days do I have?
Dr Ch: Hardly a week. We need to operate upon her before that.

Riddhima and Armaan walked out of Dr's cabin and Riddhima was not saying anything. She was just walking in the corridor with her head down.
Ar: Riddhima'Kya kar rahi ho'Hosh mein aao'Hamein donor dhundhna chahiye jald se jald.
Ri: Mujhe itne salo tak pata nahi chala??Armaan pata nahi wo kab kab takleef mein thi'usne mujhe kabhi nahi bataya'aur maine kabhi nahi samjha'.
Ar: Riddhima tum sun rahi ro?? Main kya keh raha hun? Hamein donor'
Riddhima who was hardly listening to Armaan, kept walking in her thoughts and talking to herself.
Ri: Mujhe kaise pata nahi chala'Please forgive me Aru'.main apne dard mein tumhari takleef kabhi nahi dekh payi'.

Armaan had had enough by now. He knew he had to jerk her, jerk her hard to bring back her to reality'And that's what he did'.
Ar: Riddhima ye sab baton ke liye time nahi hai'Hamein ek donor chahiye'Jaldi'
Ri: (now giving up to crying) Main hun na'.I am ready to donate my kidney'Please Armaan'.lets go to the Path Lab and get my tests done'

Armaan and Riddhima rushed to the pathlab. Riddhima was undergoing tests to see if Aruhi's body would accept Riddhima's kidney. They rushed back to Dr Chris with Riddhima's reports.

Dr Ch: This is unacceptable.. Usually, a parent is the first person we think of when we have to transplant an organ to a child. But, in your case Riddhima, it does not match at all'I am sorry but, we cannot transplant your kidney. Does she have any siblings?
Riddhima did not answer for long'She had again entered her trail of thoughts. So, Armaan replied back.
Ar: No Dr. She's the only child.
Dr Ch: Then maybe we have to look for some other donor. I need to rush'I will see you people tomorrow and we can discuss it again.

Three days had passed and Armaan and Riddhima were constantly looking out for a donor. They found a few but, none matched the requirements. To Armaan's astonishment, Riddhima had been very strong throughout. She was very hopeful of finding a donor. Armaan never saw her crying the way, his old Riddhima would have. She was sad but strong to face the situation. And Armaan was really proud of seeing her like that. But, fate had its own plans, Armaan's pride was taken over by Riddhima's cries.
On the fourth day, Riddhima was not able to control herself at all and she started crying uncontrollably. They were in Riddhima's cabin when Armaan walked upto her,
Ar: Riddhima'sab theek ho jayega hum dhundh rahe hain na donor'
Ri: (now shouting and crying in frustration) Main thak gayi hun ye sun sun ke'meri zindagi mein kabhi kuch theek nahi ho sakta'
Ar: Aise mat socho Riddhima'pichle kitne dino se tumne is situation ko kitni bravely handle kiya toh aaj kya ho gaya??
Ri: (crying and begging Armaan) Please Aruhi ko bacha lo Armaan'.Please ussey bacha lo'.Mera ab uske sivay koi nahi hai'.Main uske bina nahi reh sakti'.Please usey bacha lo..Koi toh rasta hoga'
Ar: Ek rasta hai'agar tum maano toh'
Ri: Kya?
Ar: Sid ko bula lo Riddhima'Tumhari kidney nahi match hui'.lekin Sid ki zarur hogi'.
Ri:  (firmly) Nahi Armaan main Sid ko nahi bulaungi'
Ar: Apni ego chod do Riddhima, Sid ko bula lo'.
Ri: Yeh ego ki baat nahi hai Armaan'.Main Sid ko nahi bulaungi'bas maine keh diya'

They start shouting and arguing now'.
Ar: Ye kya zid hai Riddhima'Tum Aruhi ke baare mein socho'tum itni khudgarz kaise ho sakti ho?? How can you be so mean??
Ri (now getting angry at Armaan's baseless accusations): Tum mujhe keh rahe ho ki main khudgarz hun?
Ar: (getting annoyed at her) Haan'tum khudgarz ho'.tumhe Aruhi ki bilkul bhi chinta nahi hai'.Tum sirf apne baare mein soch rahi ho'Tum us bachi ke liye apni zid nahi chod sakti? 
Ri: Armaan tum mujhe meri baeti ke baare mein mat sikhao'
Ar: Sikhaunga'.kyunki tum usey bilkul bhi pyaar nahi karti'.
Ri: Agar tumhe ussey itna hi pyaar hai'Uski itni hi chinta hai toh tum kyun nahi apna test karvate? Tum kyun nahi meri beti ko apni kidney donate karte?

Ar: Mere tests karvane se kuch nahi hone wala Dr Riddhima kyunki mujhe pata hai meri kidney match nahi karegi'.Maine Aruhi ki reports dekhi hain'Aur main uska donor nahi ho sakta'Main bhi ek doctor hun itna toh janta hi hun'Lekin phir bhi tumhari tasali ke liye main test karva leta hun'.Lekin main abhi bhi keh raha hun ki tum Sid ko bula lo'
Saying this, Armaan walked out of the room'He was very furious now'

part 15

Ar: Mere tests karvane se kuch nahi hone wala Dr Riddhima kyunki mujhe pata hai meri kidney match nahi karegi'.Maine Aruhi ki reports dekhi hain'Aur main uska donor nahi ho sakta'Main bhi ek doctor hun itna toh janta hi hun'Lekin phir bhi tumhari tasali ke liye main test karva leta hun'.Lekin main abhi bhi keh raha hun ki tum Sid ko bula lo'
Saying this, Armaan walked out of the room'He was very furious now'

Armaan directly went to the lab for doing his test 
it takes 4 hrs for armaan to have the reports of his test in his hand
whne he got report he didn't bother to see it n went to see ridhima
she was not there in her cabin...

arman ask sister that where is ridhima n where she had be goen if any one know...
but bad luck no one knows where is ridhima...

armaan remember that when ever ridhima is tensesed she use to go in fire ecape it is her habit from sanjeevni tym...
habit which is 8 years old...

Armaan just burst into the fire escape n ridhima was sitting in there.
It her habit to sit in the fire escape when she is sad, in pain, ya feel lonely weather in sanjeevni ya...
Armaan bang in and saw ridhima sobbing as she is helpless for her daughter.
Armaan went in n sat beside ridhima.
They sat silently there their hearts n sience were talking with each other.
Seeing ridhima in tears armaan's heart melt n his eye also were moist but don't let tears to come out. As he knew it will break ridhima

but To break the silence armaan forwarded the report to ridhima.
Arman-mein ne kaha tha na ridhima koi fayeda nahi.
Mein donor nahi ho sakta.
(armaan saw ridhima smiling broadly throught tears)
kya hua ridhima tum itna muskura kyun rahi ho.
Ridhima sambhalo aapne aap ko.
Arushi ko kuch nahi hoga
vo theek ho gayegi
hum uske liya donor dhoondh lenga
vo phir se hamare saath khelagi

(Shaking her When she was not repling him but smiling)
ridhima!! Sambhalo aapne aap ko
mein hu na
mein arushi ko kuch nahi hone dunga
mein donor dhundh ke rahunga

ridhima(spoke happily with tears)humein donor mil gaya armaan humne donor mil gaya.
Arman-kaun hai vo kahan hai
kaise mila
ridhima-(ridhima forwarding arman's reports back to arman) ye raha donor
armaan tumhari report arushi se match hogai hai
armaan plz sirf tum meri beti ko bacha sakte ho armaan plz meri beti ko bacha lo
armaan-(he was in shock state he didn't spoke any word he kept mum n looking ridhima without blinking his eyes. He finally spoke when ridhima shake him) kya.!!!
Ye kaise ho sakte hai
ridhima- armaan kya tum meri beti ke donor ban sakte ho.
Armaan plz meri beti ko bacha lo. Plz armaan

arman-ye kaise ho sakta hai. Nahi ye nahi ho sakta
ridhima-kya hua armaan kya tum meri beti ko nahi bachao gaye
plz armaan aagar tum arushi ke donor bane toh Mein zindagi bhar tumhari har baat manugi.
Mein tumhari gulam bankar rahungi
plz armaan (crying bitterly) plz meri bachi ko bacha lo!!!!
armaan-ye tum kya kaha rahi ho ridhima.
Mein donor kya sach mein mein arushi ka donor ban sakta hu.(now smiling through moist eyes)
Ridhima tum chinta mat karo mein jarur arushi ko bachaunga tumhare liya.
Uske liya tumhe meri ek shart mani hogi tabhi mein arushi ka donor banunga

Ridhima- kaise shart!! Mujhe baatao tum jo kahoge mein karungi.
Armaan-pakka jo mein kahunga vo karogi
(ridhima thought he will ask her to marry him even then she agreed but breakingly armaan got it what she was thinking) ghabrao mat riddhima mein tum se kuch aise waise nahi magunga.
Bus mein chahata hun tum ye rona band karo nahi toh arushi ko kaun sambhalega.
Aur hamesha muskurati raho.
Mera liya uthna hi kafi hain...
(Ridhima look at armaan's eyes n they share a eye lock then armaan broke it n stand up to leave)

ridhima-kahan Ja rahe ho.(shocking at his sudden act)
armaan-dr. Ke paas arushi ka donor mil gaya toh dar kis baat ki.
Ridhima- oh!!!!! Han. Chalo chalen (Actually ridhima was lost in arman's words. For a moment she forgot her daughter)

LINK to back to my jaann.. another ff

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Those who want PM of this update plz send me the buddy request or mention it in one post with quote option...
my account for PM is ->


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hye mish
loved all the parts
Ab let armaan know he is the father
update soon plz

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Awesome part.
I'm loving this ff so much.
Thanks a lot for the pm.

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awsm part.
Thanx 4 d pm.
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Originally posted by mishs

Originally posted by KaJen_addiction

i already read this! anyways thnx 4 pm:)

may i know who many part u allready read.. if u don't mind telling

i already read 4-5 parts on da blog b4 dis!
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Amazing updates! I m loving dis! Cont soonish
thnx 4 pm :))
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Hey it's a very nice story:) the plot is superb and u've done a gr8 job... Plz add me to ur buddy list and plz pm me the next parts:)

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