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Always With You (AR FF) new thrd lnk on 154 and pg 1

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Thread 2

hey guyies here is a story for DMG lovers
hope u will like it..

1st there is intro...
this story start from the day when there was emergence in hospital
light of the hospital were gone n there is oxyegen leakage in the ward...

where ridhima was stoping sid to go inside..
n seeing her restless ness arman deciede that he will go inside n help the patients
when he faint he was taken to the ICU

ridhima was praying for him 
n got the news that he is safe now
ridhima waited for him to come to locker room n talk with him...

ridhima - jaise arman ko lagta hai ridhima sirf usk hai sirf uska haq hai ridhima par
ushi tarah ridhima ko lagta hai armaan sirf uska hai 
sirf uska haq hai armaan par

par armaan mein farj ka raatha aapnane ja rahi hun
aur mujhe yakin hai is mein mera pyar mera saath dega
n she run crying leving armaan there with tears

but in this story sid was busy with other patient so he didn't listen to AR conversation

arman(with tears talking in mind)- ridhima mein ne hamseha tumhe rulaya hai
shayad ye hi wajh hai ki mein kabhi tumhare saath kadam se kadam milake nahi chal paya
par aab nahi 

ab mein tumhe aur nahi rulaunga
mein ne decied kar liya hai ridhima 
ab mein tumhare aur sid ke bich nahi aaunga
mein ne decied kar lliya hai ridhima mein hamesha hamesha ke liya tum se dur chala jaunga
itni dur ki khud aana chahun toh bhi na aa paun

thinking this armaan take his belonging a was about to leave sanjevni 
but before leaving sanjeevni he went to all the place as he want to capture the picture in his heart of everthing that how they look like..

he visited the cafetaria
al the scence came in front of his eyes the day he came back projected the sry film for ridhima

day after his memory lose n ridhima was going to fall n he caught her in his arms
thinking about tha day he step forwarde to watch ridhima then realise that was a dream
***flashback ends***

then in fire escape
***flash back***
every moment which he spend with her
all the clos moment then 
day flash when he was back n pull ridhima in fire escape n say i love u 
the day when ridhima said 
"tumhari basket mar chuki hai 
tum wapas kyun aaye armaan
kyun aaye tum wapas"
***flashback ends***

then he move to OPD then remember the ridhima's confession 
***flash back***
ridhima-i hate u arman i hate u 
armaan-but i love u
ridhima- i hate u
armann- i love u
ridhima- i love u
***flashback ends***

then he move out of sanjeevnni n went to basket ball court n remember all there fights n bet
n first day the meet

Armaan (mind)-"kitni aajeb baat hai na us din hum pehli baar mile the us din bhi tum court ke us tarf thi aur mein is tarah
aaj bhi tum ussi taraf ho ridhima aur mein..."

then he finnally bid good bye to sanjeevni

After 4 month 

today nani's condition was very critical
she was shifted to the hospital ICU
her last wish was to see armaan happy
but armaan was no where no body know where armaan went after that day
everone was taking a good care of nani
but nani only want to see armaan
nani always loved armaan as her son...
ridhima was trying to call armaan to call him n tell him about nani;s last wish but 
armaan no was no answering any call of his frndz ridhima n gupta's family

Afetr 2 days nani passed away 

and guyies this is my 1st tym do tell me same i have posted n my FB id gp tooo...

Any one who want PM for the update from me Plz do add me mishs_FF.UD in ur buddy list kindly...


Pictorial editing

Edited by Aayu-loveKaJen- - 06 February 2014 at 11:54am

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Here goes the next part hope u will like it...
plz do ignore the spelling mistakes or any mistake done...

Part 2

after 2 days nani passed away.
And everyone was sad not only gupta's but gang too they all got so much love from nani n everyone love nani as their own nani.
After some days they started their daily roution but with dull mood nobay wanted to crack joke at that moment.

After 8 month.
Atul was very happy today.
But sad too.
He again n again calling armaan but he was ignoring atul n gangs call.
Again atul called him

atul-hello armaan
armaan - hello champ kaisa hai
atul-mera bhai tu itna din se meri call kyun nahi utha raha
arman(lowering this head)-champ vo mein thoda busy tha
atul-hain mujhe pata hai tu kitna busy tha.
Mera bhai jab jhoot bolna nahi aata tho bolta kyun hai.
Armaan-aacha champ vo sab chod ye bata tu kaisa hai anji kaise hai. Aur nikki abhi rahul musskan sab kaise hain.
Armaan- sab ache hai armaan...(chokingly said)sab tujhe bahut miss karte hain. Vo prank karta hu cool n dashing arman.
Armaan vo ridhima...(arman cut him in between)
Arman-atul mujhe kuch kam hai mein baad mein baat karta hun...(n cut the call) atul got the side y arman got work suddenly

Armaan was having tears in his eyes.
All the memories of his n frnd come in his mind n all the close moments with ridhima.
He was missing them badly.
He always keep himself busy he rarly keep in touch with anyone in the gang.

Some days pass atul anji rahul muskan nikki.
All tried arman's no but getting no response.
One day he picked up the call from anji.

Arman-hi anji
anji-hello arman kaise ho
arman-kaise honga. Acha hun. Khush hun
anji(she know he is lying n in taunting manner) khush ho!!!!!!!
Armaan kab tak sab se aur aapne aap se jhut bolte rahoge.
Arman-anji aisa kuch nahi hai.
acha batao kya baat hai phone kaise kiya tha.
Anji-actually arman i m getting marride.
Anji- han armaan
arman(excitedly)-who is the lucky one anji.
arman-what u n atul. I just cant believ it anji.
I m very happy for u.
Acha aab samajh aaya atul ne us din call kyun kiya tha.
Anji-thankz armaan 
arman-date kya fix hui hai.

Anji-5th next month.
After a month.
Arman-congrates anji.
Anji-sirf congrate.
Ye batao tum kab aa rahe ho.
Armaan get disturbed he became sad he didn't want to see ridhima with some one else. N its obvious that anji ki shaadi mein rid-sid jarur honge.
Anji-kahan kho gaye armaan
arman - nahi ...
Nahi kuch nahi...
Anji i m sry but i m busy here i cant come
here r too much work.

Anji-arman abhi toh ek mahina hai tab tak kam khatam karke aa gao.
Mujhe kuch nahi pata.
Arman- i will try anji.
Mein aane ki puri koshish karung
aach anji mein chalta hun i have some work.
Anji-ok bye but aana jarur
arman-i will try anji.bye.

Some day went by...
Armaan was keeping him self busy...
Anji-atul wedding day coming near ...
Gang tried to bring armaan back but arman keep saying that he is busy he won't be able to come for their wedding.

Atul was very happy that his dream is coming true shortly.
But he was not able to enjoy his happiness as he was missing armaan
Like hell he was missing his brother.
Brother who always given his tips to propose anjali.
To impress anjali n always helped him when he needed him.
But today on his day of all dreams coming true he won't be there.
Atul call him but he ignored saying he is too much busy.
He is now used to say this to everyone who call him to invite him for anjali-atul wedding.
Gang didn't know what to do to bring him.
Calling n getting the same reply the days were passsing.
N the eve of their wedding atull called him agin but get the same reply he was very sad for not having his only bhai only one family member...

Day passed n today was 5th.
Day of atul n anji.
Ridhima muskan n nikky were their with anji. Ridhima was making his sister look superlike.
Muskan n nikky praising their sister hood. N there were trying to pull leg off anji but were defeated ny their own mind as they were missing some one.

They returned to mumbai after a week...
All the gang tease them.
Pulling their legs. Asking their gift they bought for them.
Now slowly slowly every one was getting back to their routien excepting that arman won't be coming back again in sanjeevni or back in mumbai.

They were now having fun n working but not as much fun as they use to have before they all tries to show in front of each other that they r happy even when arman was not around but everyone know that each of them r just pretending so.
But in bottom of their heart they keep missing armaan every momemt they all are together specially when the have fun n passes basketball ground n also when they have any problem bcoz armaan was the one who sort out their problems in one go with out any complains n demands.
Days passing by..,...

Armaan keeping himself busy there n missing gang but not even tried once to call them.
Here gang is missing arman every moment but not showing to there frndz. 
Days passing very fastly but sanjeevni many a time left silently dead now every one keep themself more in work.
After 6 month...
Everyone was on airport
whole gang n gupta's...
They were Bidding good bye to...

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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here goes the next part hope u enjoy it...
plz ignore the mistakes...

Part 3------

everyone was bidding bye to ridhima she was going USA bcoz in sanjeevni n mumbai she is not felling well mumbai have given her so uch pain

in sanjeevni she was not able to work as a very moment everywhere she saw armaan ...

she wouldn't b able to find a way to not imagine armaan anywhere any moment

but she did know that armaan was also in USA
b/w nobody knows that...

ridhima joined the hospital there...
she had a daughter too of 1 year now

After 4 years

It was a pleasant evening with a warm breeze blowing. He was sitting on the park bench with his head resting back. The sky reminded him of his love:
"Asmani rang ho…pyaar ki boond ho…
Roshni ho…dhoop ho…
Chahton ki goonj ho…..
Aanchal mein hai dhanak chandni….
Haathon mein wo chand hai…."
Her smile..her love…the innocence in her eyes…the care…her naughtiness….
He was remembering everything….
Armaan: "Riddhima tum Sid ko sab kuch batado…Tum usse pyaar nahi karti…
Wo samjhega tumhe….Wo apni zindagi mein aage bad jayega…"

Riddhima: "Tumhaara mujhpe koi haq nahi hai Armaan….Tum Sid aur mere rishte ko kabhi nahi samaj sakte…"

"Uncle…Uncle...Aap sun kyun nahi rahe meri baat"
Armaan suddenly came out of his memories..He saw a little girl standing near him. She was standing on the bench besides Armaan and pulling his shirt by his collar…
"Uncle aap please meri help karenge…."
Armaan quickly wiped off his tears and took the little angel in his lap.
Armaan: I am sorry baby maine suna nahi aap mujhe bula rahe the..Kya hua..kya help karun main aapki??
Girl: Its ok..Mumma kehti hain jab koi aakhen band karke kisi apne ko yaad kar raha hota hai na tab wo kuch nahi sunta…Aap bhi kisi apne ko yaad kar rahe the??
Armaan: Haan…main bhi kisi apne ko yaad kar raha tha
Girl: Ohh….to maine aapko disturb kiya??
Armaan: Nahi baby…main unhe phir yaad kar lunga…aap batao aapko kya chahiye…
Girl: Wo aap mere saath us ground mein chalenge?? Mujhe na wahan khelna hai…Wo bade bachon ka ground hai na toh mujhe akele jaane mein darr lagta hai
Armaan: Hmm…toh aapko wahan jaana hai?? Aapki mumma kahan hai??
Girl: Mumma toh kaam pe gayi hain
Armaan: Toh aap yahan akele aaye ho??
Girl: Nahi toh mere saath wo hai na meri didi…
She pointed towards a lady in her early twenties. She was talking to somebody in the play ground.
Armaan: Toh aap unhe kyun nahi bolte aapko wahan le jaane ke liye
Girl: Wo nahi le jayegi…Mumma ne use mana kiya hai mujhe wahan le jaane ke liye
Armaan: Acha toh mumma ne unhe mana kiya hai isliye aap mujhe keh rahi hain…Badi intelligent hain aap. Aapki mumma ko pata chalega to wo mujhe dantegi nahi??
Girl: Aapko kyun dantegi…aapko thodi mumma ne mana kiya hai mujhe wahan le jaane ke liye…
Armaan started laughing as soon as he heard this…He kissed her on her cheek and said you are a sweetheart….
Girl: Wo to main hun lekin surf mumma ki…
Armaan: Acha…aur papa ki nahi…
Before she could answer her didi came to take her. Tum bhi na Aru kisi se bhi baatein karne lagti ho. Chalo ab ghar chalen mumma ke aane ka time ho raha hai…
Girl: Yipee….Chalo Mumma aane waali hogi..Chalo
She quickly jumped from the bench, held her didi's finger and started walking with her with joy and excitement. Armaan could not react..He was just seeing her going…
When suddenly she turned back and passed a smile at him…She waved at him..
Armaan also waved at her and she went away…

Armaan went back home…His mom was resting on the bed…He went and kissed her on her forehead…She opened her eyes and looked at her with a smile..she looked very week and pale…She was suffering from cancer and doctors had advised Armaan to take her to USA. Although Armaan himself was a great doctor but he was a Neurosurgeon…
He sat beside her and asked his servant to get some coffee for him and soup for his mom..
Armaan: Aaj kaisa lag raha hai mom??
Ananya: Better hai Armaan..Doctor ki appointment mil gayi??
Armaan: Haan Mom..Kal saare tests karvane hain aur phir unke results ke baad Drs batayenge ki Chemo kabse shuru karni hai..
Ananya: Main toh keh rahi hun tujhe Chemo nahi karate…Bohat painful hai…
Armaan: Kuch nahi hota Mom…main hun na…sab theek hoga…

The servant came with the coffee and the soup.
Armaan helped his mom to sit on the bed so that she could have the soup. Infact he made her have it.
Then Armaan narrated the whole story about the little girl he met in the park that evening..
Armaan: Mom pata hai wo bohat sweet thi..uske lambe baal the…usne cute se ponytail banayi hui thi…wearing a cute short with t-shirt..she was such a sweetheart…aur pata hai wo itni achi hindi bol rahi thi..I am sure she was an Indian
Ananya: Acha…kitni badi thi??
Armaan: Hogi 3-4 years ki…lekin mom baatein toh bilkul bade bachon ki tarah kar rahi thi…
Ananya: Hmmm…kya naam tha uska??
Armaan: Naam…naam to maine poocha hi nahi…

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Wow it awesome:):) I loved it:-)

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is armaan the father..????
continue soon

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here goes next part

hope u enjoye it... plz promot it if u can to encourage m

Aruhi ran to her home..She was so excited that her mom was about to return.
Her neighbor called her
Lady: Aruhi sun maine tere liye cake banaya hai…Tujhe bohat pasand hai na…
Aruhi: Main baad mein khaungi…abhi mujhe jaana hai…mumma aane waali hai
Lady then called her maid (her didi who was with her at the park)
Lady: Soni ye cake leja…ye to sunegi nahi meri…

Soni: Didi aap toh jaanti hain jab uski mumma aane waali hoti hai tab wo kisiki nahi sunti….
Aruhi ran towards her mom, who was opening the door to their home with her key. She quickly hugged her legs…
Aruhi: Mumma aap aa gaye…
Mumma: Haan baby dekho main toh aapse bhi pehle aa gayi…
Soni: Ye kahan aane waali thi Riddhima didi wo toh maine kaha ki mumma aane waali hogi toh ise yaad aaya ki ghar aana hai…Nahi toh ye toh aaj phir kisi se baatein kar rahi thi wahan park mein..
They had entered the house…
Riddhima: Galat baat hai Aru…maine aapse kaha tha na ki anjaan logon se baat nahi karte….
Aruhi: Sorry mumma…Aage se nahi karungi…
Riddhima: Good girl…
Then both of them inside the room and Aruhi told Riddhima what she did the whole day. Riddhima told her what she did the whole day. Although, she was very small to understand any of Riddhima's professional talks but the way Riddhima told her she would enjoy everything
Riddhima: Aur phir pata hai un uncle ki tabiyat aaj bohat kharab ho gayi toh maine unhe injection de diya
Aruhi: Ohh…kitna dard hua hoga uncle ko…Aur mumma wo baby jo kal hi born hua tha…uska kya hua?
Riddhima: Wo aur uski mumma apne ghar chale gaye aaj…Hospital se chutti
Aruhi: Wow…how exciting…Mumma main bhi bade hoke doctor banungi…aapki tarah…phir jab raat ko aapke sir mein dard hoga na tab main aapko injection de dungi….
Riddhima: Laughed at her innocence and said ok
They both then had the cake sent by their neighbor and Riddhima called her to thank her for the cake.

It was 8PM in the night and Riddhima told Aruhi to sleep…Aruhi was adamant on not sleeping today..She wanted her mom to tell her bedtime stories… Then Riddhima narrated her the story of Little Red Riding Hood and Aruhi listened to it very enthusiastically.

Around 10 when Aruhi had slept. Riddhima came to her study. She took out her diary and started writing…She had developed the habbit of writing her diary every night. When she finished she had tears in her eyes. She was remembering that day:
Riddhima: "Galat nahi sahi hai..Meri shaadi hui thi…Par tumse nahi.."
Armaan: " Mujhse nahi toh kisse"
Riddhima: " Meri shaadi Sid se hui. Siddhant mera pati hai..Aur ab main Riddhima Gupta se Riddhima Modi ban chuki hun"
Aruhi suddenly opened the door of the room..She was looking for her mumma..Riddhima quickly cleared her tears…
Aruhi: Kya hua mumma phir se sir mein dard ho raha hai
Riddhima: Haan beta isliye main yahan aa gayi
Aruhi: Mumma aap toh dr ho toh phir aapke sir mein roz dard kyun hota hai?
Riddhima: Pata nahi beta…
Aruhi: Toh aap roz is room mein kyun aa jate ho jab aapke sir mein dard hota hai toh…sote kyun nahi…
Riddhima: Aruhi baby..Wo jab mere sir mein dard hota hai na tab mujhe neend nahi aati aur isliye main is room mein aa jati hun…
Aruhi: Ab aap udhar chalo na mujhe aapke bina neend nahi aati…
Riddhima: Haan chalo…

Next Morning
Aruhi got up in the morning. Riddhima was getting ready for hospital
Aruhi: Mumma aaj chutti nahi hai kya?? Hospital kyun jaana hai??
Riddhima: Are aapko bhi toh school jana hai toh mujhe kyun hospital nahi jaana??
Aruhi: Par main toh school se 12o'clock aa jati hun aur aap toh sham ko aati ho..
Riddhima: Kyunki aap chote ho…Jab aap bade ho jaoge na tab aap bhi late aaoge…
Aruhi: Toh mujhe kabhi bada nahi hona…Mumma aap toh dr ho na aap please aisi medicine banao jisse kabhi bade hi na ho…
Riddhima: Acha meri ma…ab please taiyaar ho ja nahi toh phir mujhe teri teacher se daant pitegi..

Aruhi was very young so she only used to goto a daycare that too for half day. The owner of daycare , Stephanie was Riddhima's friend. Riddhima did not want Aruhi to stay at home for the whole day alone so she had asked Stephanie to keep Aruhi in the daycare for some time. 
After dropping Aruhi at the daycare. Riddhima left for the hospital.

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continue soon
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nice one!
continue soon...Smile


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