Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

WU: October 16th, 2012: Peehus Admission Take 2!

ranii.sharma Goldie

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Posted: 16 October 2012 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
Written Update:
October 16th, 2012!

Episode starts off where it left off yesterday... Ayesha and Shipra turn and see Ram along with Priya and Peehu in the restaurant. Ayeshas friends (or whoever the people where that we was sitting with) started saying, "You know what they say, first love is unforgettable", "Looks like Mr.Ram Kapoor is still under more control of his first wife", "You can never forget you first marriage" As A and S start to feel uneasy and don't like the remarks coming at them when one of the ladies say "now whats going to happen to ayesha?" and all the girls at once say "Poor baby" (They got that right!!LOL) Ayesha gets up and leaves and Shipra follows her.
Ram Priya and Peehu are all sitting down at the table with Peehu inbetween Ram and Priya. Priya shows Peehu how to drink/eat her soup with a spoon and then Priya starts to feed her. Ram watches Priya show peehu how to eat and smiles to himself staring at them (Cutest face ever!!Day Dreaming) when Priya looks at him and they share an eyelock Wink Ram asks if he can feed Peehu and priya smiles at him and then at peehu and then Ram starts to feed peehu (So cute! So happy to see this scene) Just then Rams phone rings, Its Vikram, but before vikram can say anything Ram says that he's feeding his daughter soup so he cant talk (Priya looks up at him) Vikram asks where is he and Ram says hes at lunch with Peehu and Priya (Priya smiles) Vikram starts to ask another question when Ram says Im busy Im feeding my daughter soup you know what that means to me? Bye! and hangs up Vikram is at nehas house and neha asks what happened Vikram tells her that Ram is with Priya and Peehu and they're all out to lunch and Ram is feeding peehu and hes ssoo happy that he doesn't even want to talk when Neha starts to playfully hit vikram on his shoulder telling him that hes mean, why'd you give me stress (she thought Ram and Priya weren't getting along cause of the way vikram portrayed it before) and then neha puts her head on vikrams shoulder and vikram puts his arm around her shoulder when Neha suddenly moves back and they both realize what they just did and Neha says "Hi five!" and they High five each other and look away awkwardly 
Back to the restaurant RaYaPe finish their food when the waiter asks what they want for dessert, Ram and Priya at the same time say: "Kul-" and look at each other realizing they were about to say the same thing when Peehu Finishes off their sentence and says "Fi" They both look at her and smile. Day Dreaming
Peehu continues, "Thats my moms favorite and mine too!" 
Ram: (smiles) Mine too (Priya looks up at ram)
Peehu: Wow that means all three of us like Kulfi!
Ram: Do you know the right way to eat Kufli?
Peehu: By sharing!
Ram and Priya look at each other again and remember the time when Priya was drunk when they left Nehviks house to eat kulfi.
Waiter: so 3 kulfis?
Ram: No.. Just 2 I don't want anyOuch
Ram looks upset and Priya stared at him and looks down. Kulfi comes and Ram still looks a bit upset Priya watches him. Both look at peehu and smile When Peehu asks why Priya isn't eating her Kulfi Priya says her throats a little bit bad so she gives peehu her kulfi and says you eat it Peehu's astonished and tells her how can she eat 2 kulfis! Priya tells her to share her kulfi with her papa Peehu takes the kulfi and gives it to Ram and Ram looks happy again and says thank you and starts to eat it and Priya Watches and smiles..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Ayesha enters her room in a very bad mood, Mamaji follows behind her.
Mamaji: why if your mood off? You went for a kitty party right? What happened did someone wear the same dress as you?
Ayesha: Stop your non-sense! (Mamaji asks again why her mood is off, ayesha continues) I just came back form seeing a nightmare that has ruined my mood. I saw Priya di in that restuarant with her daughter peehu with my husband Ram in a 5 star hotel. They looked like a playfully laughing happy family and all my kitty friends saw and they were laughing at me, Ive becomes a laughing stock! (LOL They're not the only ones laughing at her) Ram and Priya together will ruin my reputation
Mamaji: This is what I was scared of.. Ram and priya are all fine and then they have their little kid who will bring them together. Ram can't live without his daughter and you're going to have to pack up
Ayesha: What pack up?! Are you trying to scare me!
Mamaji: Im not trying to scare you my sleeping beauty Im trying to wake you up.. Mamaji then tell ayesha a plan to how to seperate Ram and Priya and the only way they can do that is if they create MIsunderstandings between Ram and Priya using Rajat even though there is nothing between Priya and Rajat theres no harm in just dropping the idea in front of Ram.
Ayesha calls the school principle and asks if ram has come yet and the principle says not yet but he is on his way Ayesha tells the principle that Hes coming with his first wife and their daughter to get her admission into the school and even though teir daughter is very cute you know how kids are that come from broken families right? Peehu is very smart and very intelligent but that child is going to need extra attention so if you know what I mean please do give her that extra attention. They hang up the phone and mamaji praises her.
Rahul calls vikram and tells him that he forgot his house keys so since hes near vikrams office hes going to drop by in 5 mins to pick them up vikram says ok and hangs up. He than gets a call form reception telling him that a Mr.Rehaan is here to meet him Vikram tells her to send him in but he doesn't want to get disturbed no phones calls nothing! Rehaan walks in and Vikram says: listen, I told you to stay away from me and my family so how dare you come here!I didn't call you nor did I ask you to come here so Leave!
Rehaan: Relax I just wanted to thank you for that night of the party for considering me your family and I heard that your wife has moved out? and that she left you because of me? I wanted to thank you for that too so much happened adn that too because of a birthday cake. I hate birthdays, its too over rated.
Vikram: Leave
Rehaan: Whats the rush? Nice office (he gets up and walks around) and nice view
Vikram: just leave ok
Rehaan: If you call me family then treat me like family
Vikram: I dont have all day to listen to your non-sense, now leave quietly or else I will push out of this office
Rehaan: Face the facts or should I do that for you too
Vikram gets up and pushes rehaan towards to door and he walks out and comes face-to-face with Rahul. Rahul asks why is he here and Rehaan walks away Rahul enters vikrams office asking why that boy was here, Rehaan watches on around the corner hiding
Vikram: heres are the keys take them and go
Rahul: Dont change the topic dad I wanna know why he was here and what he has to do with our family.
Vikram: this is my office and I don't talk about my personal family matters so pick up the keys and leave.. Go!
Rahul leaves and Vikram feels bad..
Ram Priya and Peehu are sitting in the principles office.
Ram: Maam, thank you so much for giving us the time to meet in such short notice. I want to choose the best school for my daughter, and you know this school is the best. So please lets quickly finish all the formalities and this (pointing to peehu) is my daughter peehu.
Principle: Hello
Peehu: Hello Maam
Ram: I know this school is a wonderful school but I want to ask some question on behalf of her (Pointing to priya, Priya raises her eyebrow and stares at him and looks back at the principle and smiles sort of in a way where she knew this was coming) So what is the food like in your cafeteria? You guys serve nutritious and healthy food right?
Principle: Yes of course we have our food catered by one of the best top catering canteens.
Ram looks at priya all happy and excited like hes proving a point that  This school is better than the rest. Priya looks at him in disapproval but smile sweetly at the principle with her arms crossed the entire time not interested 
Ram: and all the rooms have ACs? (Principle nodds) great! and I see your flooring is very good too. Priya takes a deep breathes and yawns slightly not even the slightest bit interested Ram continues, and wat about everything else? Grounds, facilities, sports etc?
Priya: Parking?
Ram: yes yes and parking! Very nice parking!
Principle: Yes our school is top in sports extra-curricular activities etc..
Ram: Excellent! Thats what I wanted to hear! Actually Yeh (showing priya with both hands) Yeh Peehu ki mama ki Tasali ke liye, Sab kuch teek?
Priya: Bauth! Bauth hi tasali hogaya hai 
Ram: Perfect so if we can finished all the formalities
Principle: Actually before that I want to talk to peehu before we continue further I want to ask peehu a few questions..
Ram and Priya agree..
Principle: Peehu, what your papas name?
Peehu: Golu UncleLOL
Ram and Priya instantly are taken back.
Principle: Kaun si uncle?
Priya: uuhh.. (Whispers audibly) papa ke naam
Peehu:(bites her tongue) uhh Papa! Sorry! Ram kapoor
RaYa watch her carefully and nod agreeingly with a smile.
Principle: Peehu aap kaun si city mein rehte hai?
Peehu: (thinks hard) Dubai!LOL
Priyas smile instantly dissappears as she looks at peehu and Ram hits his hand on his forhead.
Principle: (confused)Dubai?
Priya (again audibly whispers a nervous) mumbai
Peehu: Mumbai
Principle: oh good, (Ram moves his hand off his head and forces a smile on his face and chuckles nervously and priya looks at the principle with a fake smile) Peehu, whats your address, where do you live, where do your mom and dad live?
Peehu: Mein aur meri mummy ek flat mein rehte hai aur papa kahin aur rehte hai (Priya looks at Ram and Ram looks away and down trying to make sense of this situation)
Principle: You guys don't live together?
Peehu: No because they fight and they always fight (Ram and Priya are bewildered and have no idea what to say, Priya puts her hand on her forehead massages it as she sinks into the chair a little tiny bit and Ram stares at peehu as she continues) but papa promised me no shouting no fighting (Now ram scratches his forehead)Only smiling and only hugging (in a Cute peehu/amrita way awwhh)LOLLOLLOL
The principle looks at RaYa and Priya quickly sits properly: (giggles) actually voh (laughs nervously) kya hai na ki (clears her throat trying to think of something to say) He thinks I cant hear properly so he sort of yells when he talks (Rams shocked) and sometimes I think that he can only hear loud sounds so I talk to him loudly (Ram stuttering trying to say its not true(like that time at the airport when ram missed his flight and priya was trying to persuade the attendant that rams sick and he needs to get on the plane)) s-s-so its about ageing you knowROFL
Ram: yeh tum kya kya kya bole jaa rahe ho (kinda mad)
Principle: its okay mr.kapoor leave it, I can clearly see your guys differences. and Im also seeing the effects its having on peehu, a child will do exactly what it sees
Priya: no no no no
Principle: i dont want all this in my school and Mr.kapoor I dont think I can give peehu admission into my school. sorry
Ram: please dont do this look this isn't fighting this is a normal arguement that happens all the time (trying to convince the principle)
Priya: (trying to convince the principle as well) and as peehu said no fighting only uh smiling and uh hugging (Ram agreeing with her as they both hold each others hand to show the principle they're happy)
Ram: actually Im punjabi and you know how much punjabians love to speak loudly
Priya: Yes! and I love it when he speaks loudlyLOL
ram: yes its an old habit so please dont call this fighting and argueing thats no fair please
Priya: One chance please?
Principle: Im very happy to see how you guys are very concerned for their kids so tomorrow I want you guys to come back and we'll do an orientation which we do foe new children in which we'll see the what the equation is like between the kids and theyre parents (RaYa look at each other and Priya agrees while Ram looks stumped) We're going to see what kind of relationship you guys have so you guys come tomorrow with peehu and then we'll see and decide 
After listening carefully to the principle ram and priya agree priya says "absolutely" and ram says "of course we'll for sure come" 
Priya: We are a wonderful family
Ram: yes family number 1
Priya: we even watch movies together (RaYa looking at each other smiling like theyre a happy family)
Ram: ok so we'll leave now and then we'll be back tomorrow morning
Priya: (as they all get up) and we'll talk softly.. Chalo? (turns to peehu) say thank yo maam (turns to Ram) lets hold hands and go? and they walk out holding hands


Rajat and Priya are sitting at the table and rajat says that Ive seen how you and peehu are and peehus is your whole world and I wont let anyone take her from you... Priya has tears in her eyes and she smiles as she looks down 

Todays episode was mind blowing!!! Totally loved the whole  part at the restaurant and the school ssoo funny! Amrita did an outstanding job today!! Definitely took the cake from Ram and Sakshi! Just too cute!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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thanks  for the update

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Thanks for the update!!!!!

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thnx 4 d WU.
Oh god i just love this Pihu Heart

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hey thanks for the update

 i watch just for peehu patakha
she brings smile to my face

rest story is moving on and on

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thankx a lot for updates..

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thanks lot for update

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Completedd!! Embarrassed Finally sorry Tongue

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