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Scene 1 

Gopi ,ashok,rohini and her mom travelling  in car and SR driving...Gopi says that gokul is having some big plans in his mind...He tells ashok and family to have faith...He will find gokul soon...

Maappu rajesg comes to meet paapu ragini...Rajesh asks for cooldrinks and ragini sends her edupudi to get cooldrinks...One more customer sittig inside the room with her face covered with facial cream...Rags keeps a carrot piece on her eyes and goes out...Rajesh says paappu darlz i love u...The girl with the carrot in her eyes now takes some cotton and keeps it in her ears ...She is now free from maappu - paappu terrormance...but we r not...

Next...maappu gives paappu a gift...Paappu says why all this??...Maappu says i love u so much...Mpaappu says evlo loveuuu??...maappu says alavellam theriyadhu??(mudiyala...ivaingalukku mattum alavilladha loveuu...naamala namma veetukarangala 5 kg,10 kg nnu alandhu alandhu love panrom...kolaigal oivadhillaiAngry)

Maappu kisses paappu...Paapu angry...then back to normal...Maappu says after marraige pls leave this hair cutting and nail vettings job (Deadaama...vittuttu full time veetla sit and fight...enga usura edungaAngry)....Paapu says love...nee sonna naan ketpen...i'll do anything for u jaan...She continues...u r so lucky for my family...nee vandadhu kku appuram ellamae nalaldhu nadakudhu...;from sithappa cominb back home to kaamu going back home...(ellamae?...hallo madam...only these 2...ennamo inbetween 999 nalla kaariyam nadathina maadhiri ellam pesapdadhuAngry)...

Paapu says ours is like an love marraige...Maappu thatting chaing chakk...yes yes paappu...this is love marraige dhaan...oru vazhiya maappu leaves and ppau goes back to her work...


Scene 2

SOkku calls gopi and tells him to be careful...Gokul is a bad guy...Gopis ays ok and call ends...Chettiyar's edpudi comes and says gopi received rs 1 lakh from his mudalalia nd he needs some sign for that...Sokku and co shocked...Edupidi leaves and sokku asks malar abttha money..>Malar says she dont no anything abt that...

Chinna lola mahesu starts...aaha..aahaha...ellarum nalla act panreenga...Gopi anne money vaangittu engayo kuduthutaru...

{will post this part later}

Scene 3

Mahesu shout o shout nnu shouting...Dosevitting to paramu...ur yogya purushan kaga u looted rs 1 1lakh from gopi...podi po...tFor gopi and his father...mayil sethappu is everything...naa ellam dummy piece...Shanthi othu oodhing mahesu...Mayil tries to support mahesu by saying what mahesu telling is nyayam brother but sokku shuts him up...Mahesu kathal thaanga midyama finally sokku tells her to stop...

Sokku says we bought a new motorike for ur marraige...where is it now??...Shnathi and velu silent...Mahesu says iam leaveing this house...Sokku says maharasi ya poittu va...pls go...mahesu money and give it to mayil and kaamu's husband,paramu's husband,malar 's dad...but enakku mattum onnu kudukadheenga...She leaves angrily and shanthi,velu follows her...

meenu comes near sokku and tells him to stop mahesu...SOkku says let her go...She will be very happy in her inlaws house...leave it...meenu worried and crying...


Vayitherichal comments and polambal comments and decorations later...
Sorry for the mistakes..if any
Powercut time..



Tuesday - Oct 16, 2012

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Gokul caught...

Jagan finds the place where Gokul is and he spots Gokul friend. Follows him and finds Gokul. Gokul try to act goody goody but Jagan doesn't believe.He takes an aruval and tries to hurt him, but was outsmarted by Gokul and friend.  They tie him up and Gokul starts hitting him and Jagan starts shouting. 
He scolds him but Jagan spits on his face. Gokul tells him you should have died long time back. Older one and younger one both lost their manam and son useless - you should have died - but you came now to loose the life. They both hit him and Gokul teases about the hair style of Jags.
Broker comes and sees Jags tied up asks them what is going on? Gokul tells this is Mama and I am going to throw him in river so no worries. Broker says finish it off then come to me then I will make biscuits. So they take jags to throw in the river.

In Sokku house, Mayil is brooding over Gopi helping Kamu, Sokku pacifies him saying mahesu is only your daughter couldn't she talk like that? mayi l says I want to go back and Sokku says only if you leave then I will feel bad. mayil is emotional and cries. Sokku says you can only leave after you are normal and takes him inside. 

Gopi and co arrive and enquire the broker and broker telsl they just gone enar the bridge and give direction. They go. Meanwhile Gokul and friend brings jags and tells that they are going to roll him to the water. Exactly at the same time Gopi and co arrive - Gopi waits at one end and SR and Ashok goes and sees Gokul rolling Jags. Seeing them Gokul and friend runs off - Rohini frees Jags. friend was caught by Asohk and SR and Gokul runs away was caught by Gopi. Gopi takes the bag. Gokul run other way and Jags and co come towards him and Gopi on other side on the bridge. Gokul no other go jumps into the water. All peak and some BGM plays no sign of Gokul.




Wednesday - Stepping in for Laksh  - October 17, 2012

Gokul essu .. Jega comes.. stands without saying anything. Gopi gives the bag to Ashok mother. Jegan just walks away without saying anything. Ashok holds Gopi hand and thanks him.

Mageshu criying and crying .. comes to Shanthi's house. Shanthi starts pouring more fuel into burning fire. Mageshu keeps crying and and curse her faith, while Santhi curses Mayil and his family. Mageshu calls Selvarangam.

Selvamragam gets call from Magesu who tells him what happen and his shock. He ask for this small matter she left her house and came to Thirichi vaa nu. Mageshu gets annoyed and tells him to came back to Thirichi immediately without going to Karaikudhi. If he goes there, she does not know what she would do and cuts the line. Gopi tells Selvarangam to drive straight to Thirichi to solve this matter. 

At Jegan house. Wife ask why he still looks sad when all problems is solved. Jega cries and says sorry to Rogini for ruining her life. Rogini ask him to forget everything. Thank god Gopi has came and save them all. Wife also praises Gopi.  She reminds Jega all the bad things Jega did to Gopi but yet Gopi still came and help them.  Jega cries and regrets what he did. He admits being ashamed standing in front of Gopi and that is why he came off just like that. Jegan tells everyone to get ready to go and bring his daughter and SIL to this house. Everyone is happy. 

Gopi and Selva arrive. Mages gets angry seeing Gopi and rudely ask him why he came here? She tells him not to explain anything and only Mayil family is important to him and Sokku. Magesh insults Mayil. Gopi tries to reason with her but she refuse to accept anything. She ask Gopi to leave from here by himself and warns him not to take her husband to do work for Malar's family. Selva says he will go and drop Gopi and come but Mages says no need and ask Gopi to go back by himself. If Selva goes to drop Gopi, Mages says she will commit suicide  if husband goes to Karaikudhi. Magesh ask her husband to go in and turns her face to gopi and she too goes in. Gopi heartbroken with the way Mages talking. 



Thursday Updates 18.10.2012
Episode 637

Jega and Ashok comes to Gopi house. Josiyar sees them outside, thinking Jega is here to fight with Sokku family, talks bad about Sokku family. Josiyar ask why Jega is here now. Malar married Gokul, Gopi brought her here. Then Jega got Rohini married to Gokul, did gopi bring Rohini too here? Jega anger raise up, palar nu he gives a hard slap and josiyar goes flying off.

Jega comes in and everyone welcomes him in. Jega says sorry to Sokku, Mayil, and the rest. Malar comes, sees her father, cries and runs hugging him. Gopi too comes and Jega says sorry to him. Everyone becomes one big happy family. Sokku then informs Jega about Ragini's marriage and he will come tomorrow to give card. Jega wants Sokku to bring the entire family tomorrow to the house. He needs to bring Malar Gopi back home and give them Kalyana virundhu. He goes to Malar, cries and pats her head. He tells her its time to do paligaram for all his mistake. Jegan leaves.

Meenashi brings up mages matter, questions Gopi on why he did like this? Gopi tells Sokku he already spoke to Selvarangam and explain the delay to buy the car. Selvarangam says there is not hurry in buying the car and to take his time nu. Gopi explains to Sokku his unable to explain anything to Mages due to her attitude for now. Sokku ask Gopi not to worry about this. They got more work to do and this is not so important for now. Meenashi is not happy with this answer. Sokku goes away. Meenashi tells Gopi she don't how or what, Gopi must buy car for Mages in next four days  and leaves. Paramu thinks.

Lolayee house. 

Murthi tells Kamu how much better his feeling now that Kamu is beside him. She is healing him slowly. Murthi cries worried about his cancer and he wants to live long. Kamu ask him not to cry, she is here and will not allow anything to happen to him. Murthi says he is not scared of death, but before dying, he wants to be a good husband for her and give her some happiness. Kamu ask him not to cry. The result is going to come today and its going to be positive. 

Ramesh calls Paramu to konjufy with her but Paramu gives him left and right and ask him to bring the money soon. Kamu overhear this conversation and ask him what happen. She then gives starts her advise mazhai and scolds him for being careless. She ask Ramesh to be more careful and handle things more maturely in future. 

Jega at home happily gives instruction to everyone on what to prepare tomorrow to receive his daughter and mapillai. Jega smiles happily and goes in until he sees Rogini.. sleeping sadly. Jega pats her head and goes out heart broken. Wife notices and ask what happen. Jega tells her he is sad to see Rogini's life now. Both cries.



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Thanks for teh udpates..

Gokul essa sethuttara?? .. Happa nagai panam safe.. Now Jagan will apoligize and accept gopi as his SIL

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thanks for the updates, friends. adadaa, indha mahesu dhaan azhagaa sonnaaLE...i will die nu. vida vendiyadhu dhaana...pozhaikka theriyaadha janangappaa.

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Thanks for the updates..

Jagan will financially help Gopi to fund Mageshu.. mageshu eeenu elichittu will take the money!
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thanks for updates... now everyone seems be good... except Magesh... hate gopi n Co. soon she also will realize how GEM is gopi...then ragini will take her position, then the younger sister... the circle keep moving... 
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Thanks Ratna.

So finally Jegs learned the lesson at the expense of Rohini. pavam. I have a feeling Gokul will come back to haunt them. His chapter not over yet.
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yaaravadhu pls kill that mahes and ramesh.
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