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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
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Perfect Mistakes... Chapter 19 Update (Page 7)

ssafdar Senior Member

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Brilliant!!! I'm with Manvi not liking the mean brunette...lol

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shabsem Goldie

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amazing. .thanks 4 pm. .

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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 8:57am | IP Logged
This is damn good, I am getting addicted to this...
Awesome update!

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forever_young IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Woww!!! This is freakingg awesomee!!!
This FF is creeping up into my vein and marking a permanent place
or should i say it already has!!? It is just damn awesomee!! Totally loving it!!!
Thanksss for the PM and keep PMing!!

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||Chapter Three||

Baby, you can't be serious.. 

So far Viraat had five things figured out about Miss Sherni. 

1. She hated guys. (he still had to find out why). 
2. She was quick to judge. (he'll have to change that) 
3. She was a lawyer. (he'll overlook that)
4. She was curious (now this he could use)                       
5. She still had that pulling effect on him. 

He returned his black notepad to his bag as he noticed her making her way towards him. He greeted her wholeheartedly but she ignored him and went straight to the point. "Listen, I get it. It's not your fault for being an arrogant, stupid, idiot Chep, you're a guy by nature, and it's in your DNA to behave like that. But thankfully, I've inherited two X chromosomes, making me part of the smarter and more patient group of the human species. So I'll make you deal. Till we're both in the program we won't speak, look or in any way interact with each other. Making me a happy Maanvi, and also you get to spend your free time staring at other girls instead of wasting your time bothering me. Okay."

He stood up with an amused look on his face and with his hands in his pockets said, "What makes you think you're the only girl I stare at?" She gave him a dirty look, "I knew it! You're such a guy. I can't believe it, I actually thought you were diff.." she left it incomplete and instead groaned in frustration.

6. Miss Sherni was easy to frustrate. (This amused him)

He laughed, "Loosen up, I was only joking." She didn't seem to believe it. "Do you know what your problem is?" he asked her. She rolled her eyes, "Easy, guys. Especially guys like you." He shook his head, "Beeep!! Wrong answer." He could see he was annoying her, he loved it. "Your problem,' he leaned in closer 'is that you're too rigid. You're stiff like a boring cardboard box. You refuse to bend even though in life bends are necessary. You need to be more flexible." "Fine, I'll do some yoga, now could you please step back a bit." 

Again that Chep had invaded her personal space, couldn't he keep to himself. She was about to defend herself with a full on lecture on how it was none of his business to decide if she was rigid or flexible, or a cardboard or a bloody rubber band. But then on second thoughts she decided it would be better not to. She watched him finally step back, "Better, just keep to yourself and I'll keep to mine okay." She felt proud of herself, finally he would stop annoying her. 

She was ready to walk away when she heard, "It's not going to last long". 'Just turn around Maanvi and he'll leave you alone. He doesn't affect you remember,' she advised herself. "Look over there," he pointed to his left. She didn't want to look, but it seemed as if her eyes weren't in sync with her brain today as she found herself looking at a medium sized whiteboard. She first hadn't realised what she was meant be looking at, but then she saw it and boy was she shocked. "This can't be real; you're in a nightmare Maanvi. It's not real, it can't be." A poke on her arm brought her out of the shock. "Ouch!! What do you think you're playing at Chep." She rubbed her arm, angrily staring at him. "Welcome to reality, you're not dreaming. And you better stop with the angry looks now it's not nice. We have to be smiley with each other now, don't we? I'm right aren't I, partner." 


Out every other flammin person in the room, she had to be paired up with him. "Look Maanvi, you might have noticed that there are two people per culture in this room. I'm sorry you don't like working with guys, and I'm sorry I can't do anything about that. However, it's compulsory in the program to work in pairs with the person whom you share the same ethnic group with as it's much easier to present something about your culture together." Maanvi tried to argue with the mean brunette, she also threatened to leave, but it seemed she had an answer for that too. "You're here to do some sort of community service right?" "Erm, actually I," "Exactly what I thought. So I think it's in your best interest to stay in the program and do what's required, which also includes you being paired to Viraat. Everyone gets insecure, you'll overcome it," she replied sternly. What? Insecure?! The lady actually thought she was scared of working with guys? Hell no!! What did she know about Maanvi after all? Nothing. "Fine!! I'll do it your freakin way!" and with that Maanvi stormed out of the room. 


7. The Sherni is capable of bad things. 

Why wasn't he surprised when he heard that she was here to do community service? In all honesty, he kind of expected it. This behaviour just added to her Sherni avatar. He found her leaning against a wall in the car park looking pretty pissed. He passed her bag to her, which she had left on her chair. "Sucks doesn't it? When someone judges you," he said as he leaned on the wall next to her. She silently took her bag, refusing to look at him. "I'm sorry she called you insecure." He didn't speak after that, neither did she. So they stayed like that, silent, both leaning against the wall. 

About ten minutes later she spoke. "Why are you apologising?" He smiled, "You know, not all guys are arrogant. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true." She scoffed in disagreement. "Look, I don't know you, but I know your problem with guys isn't insecurity it's something else. And I also know that what Jess said to you inside was totally out of order, but she's not bad once you get to know her. And before you come to some conclusion about me and her I'm telling you now, she's like a sister to me. Anyway, I'm sorry once again." He waited for her to say something back, but to his disappointment she didn't. He had wanted her to say something, but there was no point in forcing her.

She was surprised at his apology. She was even more surprised when he admitted that guys were arrogant. Perhaps he wasn't as bad as she thought, actually meaning it this time. How is it that he being a guy, he seemed to understand her more than the mean brunette. How he realised that she wasn't insecure about guys but it was something else that bothered her. She finally looked at him and saw a genuine honesty in his piercing, chocolate eyes. She stayed silent, for the first time in her life she had no idea what to say. But he didn't force her to respond either, instead he waited, patiently.

 "I guess I was a bit quick on judging you earlier," she finally said. Yes, he definitely wasn't like other guys. He smiled, "So, friends?" he let out his hand for her to shake. Could she trust him? "Sorry, I don't really believe in friendship." She couldn't trust him, not yet. "Erm, how about partners?" She thought for a moment, then put her hands in his, "Partners, I like that."


Viraat sulked. How had he let it come to this? He was riding shotgun in his own car. Moreover, the person in the driving seat, HIS driving seat, was none other than the Sherni. "Make a left turn," he uttered gloomily, nervously praying that nothing happened to his baby.

A couple of hours ago..
It all started when he was sitting on the ground leaned against the wall beside Miss Sherni. He was bored so he decided to play a game. He thought it would break the ice a bit, make them more comfortable with each other. He already knew that number one on her hate list was guys, but he decided he would find out the rest of the things she hated too. The rules were simple. He would call out a random number, and she would tell him the thing she hated which currently stood at that number on her hate list. She would then call out a number and he would do the same.

"Number 9." "Movie theatre popcorn". Was she insane!! He would marry movie theatre popcorn if he could and here it was on her hate list. "But, how, what!! Why would you even say that?!" She shrugged, "People make loud noises when they eat it, disturbing the movie. Plus it doesn't taste nice." He stared at her like she was alien. "I can't believe you just said that. What do you eat in the cinemas then?" She gleamed, "Jellybeans!!" He made a disgusted face; jellybeans were disgusting and more importantly, who the hell eats jellybeans at the movies. "What's wrong with jellybeans?" she asked in response to his face. "Everything!!" And soon they were arguing over which one was better. 

Him: "Popcorn!"
Her: "Jellybeans!"
Him: "Popcorn!"
Her: "Jellybeans!"
Him: "Popcorn is traditional, Jellybeans are just gross and plastic"
She gasped, "You take that back!!"
Him: "What if don't?" 
Her: "Then along with your hard, repulsive, TASTELESS popcorn, I'll also microwave you!" 

He looked at her for a minute then burst out laughing. Seconds later she joined him, and they both were on the ground, clutching their stomachs in pain. "Seriously, you're something else Sherni. I mean jellybeans?" "People eat sweets at the movies. They don't only sell popcorn you know. Anyway, popcorn is so loud." He rolled his eyes at her; some people just didn't understand the value of something so geniously delicious. 

"Anyway, it's getting late, how comes your ride isn't here yet?" he asked her as he stood up. She stood up too, "I don't know, let me call her." He watched her stare at her phone, "What's up?" She looked up, "Oh, it's nothing, Diya texted, said she can't come because she had to go to go out of the city for an emergency." He could see she was trying her best to hide her tension. He asked her how she was going to get home, and she said she'd manage something. "Would it sound suspicious if I asked to drop you home?" "Yes it would." "Can I drop you home?" He asked hopefully as she stared at him.

She didn't know what to do. Should she accept his offer? How else was she meant to go home anyway? But she still couldn't trust him. He was still a guy. 

She thought for a minute and suddenly a genius idea came to her. "Pass me your keys." He looked confused, "Huh?" She repeated herself and he took his keys out of his pocket and passed it to her. "Where's your car?" He pointed at a Black on Black Range Rover Sport. She didn't believe him at first, but then clicked the keys and to her shock the headlights blinked. "It was a gift" he said. "I didn't say anythi.." he cut her, "It's written on your face." To escape the awkwardness she opened the driver's door and sat inside.

He was bewildered. The Sherni just got inside his car and sat behind his wheel. "Well, get in then," she said. "What are you doing?!" he half asked half shouted at her. She smiled at him, "I'm letting you drop me home. Only thing is, I still don't trust you so I'm going to drive. Now get in."

Did she just say she was going drive?? Viraat never let anybody touch his baby, let alone drive her. He was about to say something, but before he could he heard Miss Sherni start the ignition and he immediately rushed inside before she could drive off. "I wasn't going to kidnap you," he said irritably, putting on his seatbelt. "I wouldn't let you anyway," she replied, putting the car into reverse. She braked suddenly, "BE CAREFUL!" he shrieked. She laughed at him, "Relax, I know how to drive." "It doesn't seem like it," he muttered under his breath. "Did you say something?" "No, I was just saying, we're partners now; you should have a little faith." She waved her hand in the air, and he flinched, "Both hands on the sterling wheel." She looked at him as if he was mad, but did as she was told. He let the air trapped between his teeth escape. "Partners. Smartners. Doesn't change the fact you're still a guy." She changed the gear in to drive and he didn't say anymore, he wasn't going to risk her hurting his baby. 

She looked at the Chep. She had no idea someone could be so overprotective over a car. Maanvi felt bad for not trusting him, but it was hilarious watching him cringe every time she braked or made a turn. "Cheeep," she called out him. "Talk later, concentrate on your driving, please," he begged her. "Omigosh, and you say I need to be more flexible. Anyway, I'm an awesome driver so don't you worry. By the way, what is a College student doing with a $76,000 car in the first place?" "I told you, it was a gift. Anyway, it's $81,000." Huh, that didn't make sense, "it's a black on black, Range Rover Sport Autobiography-LR-V8, Supercharged Petrol Engine 5.0 litre, right?" He nodded. "Well that's around $76,000." "You're right but along with the 20inch 5 spoke Alloy wheels, the black interior, heated duo tone leather steering wheel, privacy glass, the dual view screens at front, the rear seat entertainment, and the tyre pressure monitoring system, it all adds up." She braked at a stop light and did a quick survey of the car. "Who the hell gifted you this freakin car!?" 

He was amazed that the Sherni knew cars. She instantly picked up on the type, the make and the engine. But unfortunately, she was a bit far off from the price. He watched her do a quick survey of the car, clearly she was amazed. Why wouldn't she be, his baby did have that effect on people. "I'll tell you who gifted me this car another time. Lights green, drive."


"Wait a minute, this isn't my hotel," he heard her say as they both got out of the car. "Keys," she tossed him the keys. He locked his car, relieved that his baby made it alive. He wasn't as sure about himself as what he was about say next would probably get him killed.

 "Funny story, we're actually at my house." He saw her eyes widen, she looked ready to attack. He put his hands in front of him, "Before you kill me we're here for a reason Jess texted me with our first project as Partners which was to cook something from our culture and I didn't tell cause you were driving and I didn't want you to hurt my baby I'm sorry," he said in one breath. He closed his eyes waiting for the pain, but surprisingly he heard laughter. 

"You're not mad?" he asked her. She continued laughing, "Baby?!  You can't be serious?" He felt embarrassed, "Yeah, well she's precious to me okay." She was still laughing, he wanted her to stop but as he stepped forward he realised she looked free, happy and he didn't have the heart to stop her.

When Maanvi finally stopped laughing, she noticed the Chep staring at her. Immediately feeling insecure for some unknown reason she coughed. "Oh, sorry." She watched as he ran his hand down his hair, clearly feeling awkward. "Erm, why aren't you mad?" he asked her finally. She knew he was changing the subject deliberately, but she sighed in relief. "I kind of forcefully drove your car, I mean your baby." He rolled his eyes, "People name their cars." She knew he was embarrassed but teasing him felt strangely fun. "Whatever stops the tears Chep," she replied sarcastically. "Can you please get back to the point," he pleaded. "Okay, okay, I'll stop now. Anyway, I drove your car and you brought me to your house Jack the Ripper style. We're even." 

Maanvi said it normally but inside she was confused. Was this really her saying this? Normally she would've murdered any guy who brought her to his house without telling her, but why did she let the Chep off so easily. She looked at his shocked/confused face and realised he was also wondering the same. "Do you live on the street or.." It was her turn to change the topic, "Don't worry Sherni I'm not homeless. I live in a house." She tapped her feet impatiently; the Chep was behaving like such a, well, Chep. "Well, are we going to go there or are you just planning to stay here on the street." He finally clocked on and guided her towards his house. "Wait!" What was it now? "What is it Chep?" she asked irritably. Why was he taking so long, she was cold. "Aren't you worried I might assassinate you once inside? After all, I'm a guy." Was he mocking her? Idiot Chep. She smiled sweetly at him, "Try anything, just remember this, I take Taekwondo, it won't take long for me to floor you." She walked ahead of him, but turned back, "Oh, and one more thing, don't forget I'm in New York for community service." She turned around, pleased with herself. "Noted," she heard him shout as he ran to catch up with her. 

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? 
- Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for reading ,
PM's are sent to those on my buddy list so if you want a PM you know what to do. 

Take care :)

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love_zain Senior Member

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love the story...plz pm me n update soon

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forever_young IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Yaayyy i'm earlyy!! Big smile
Aweesomee updatee!!! I am IN love with ur FF!!!
Damn it's awesomeee!!!
Pleeeaseee continuee soon!!!
Thanks for the PM!!

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PhoenixAsh Groupbie

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I am completely in love with your story...Day Dreaming
I must confess, that I was so ridiculously excited to read some more, that I looked up your story on myeduniya.com. Embarrassed
I am in awe. You really know how to spin a delightful tale. And you have a wonderful way with your words. I love the character development and the fresh feel you give to our beloved Sherni and Chep.
My final compliment (for now) is to tell you that I am still eagerly awaiting your posts on india-forums so that I can read it all again.
Thank you for an entertaining read! Clap
Please continue soon, and PM me when you update!

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