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Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Well, that was something! Day Dreaming

Looks like Yash has signed up for the "best husband" contest and is determined to flush out the competition! I just loved his teasing and I can't wait for the day when Aarti is more secure and the banter becomes two way! That is just about going to melt me into a total puddle of mush!

We always knew that "Yash, the husband" was like this (this is the guy who wouldn't let his wife's feet touch the ground!), and we always knew that one day he would be a husband in the full sense to Aarti, but I don't think anyone anticipated just how ADORABLE it would be to see it first hand! Of course, today and tomorrow's episodes are going to be dripping with sweetness because we have two daunting revelations ahead of us, that are going to rock the very foundations of the relationship: the complications with the pregnancy and Prashant's truth. The second one may come later but it is going to be equally shocking to Yash and Aarti, Yash because he will find out that Aarti's ex is alive, and Aarti because she will find out that he is ill. So the writers have to establish how strong Yash and Aarti are before that and just where they are in their relationship at this point.

There were so many loop closures today. Even when Aarti wasn't in love with Yash, she tried her best to do all her wifely duties as prescribed by the family and by her own instincts. Now Yash, even though he may not be in love, or not be aware of it, is doing his husbandly duties in the same manner, with full gusto! There was a time when Yash brought her back into the house, and now she brings him back. There was a time when he ran into a wall because he was so engrossed in watching her be the perfect mother to her children, and today she walked into a wall because she was engrossed in the man that was a perfect father to her children, all four of them. There was a time when she brought him juice because he was sick, and today he brought her juice and made her drink it! She made up silly names for him like "mauni baba," and called him an akdoo and an "uncle", and today he turned around and teased her for being ziddi and bhagodi. The relationship is really coming a full circle.

The fact that SP said they were celebrating Diwali early was a grim foreshadowing...of counting chickens before they are hatched. SP is celebrating the union and the unbreakable bond formed in his family without the realisation that this very Aarti who has promised him eternity has two truths hidden within her than could rip the family apart once more. About the complication with the pregnancy, I am sure the family would support her decision either way, but coupled with the truth about Prashant, it poses a very real threat to the peace and happiness that SP is prematurely celebrating.

Something I found really interesting was the fact that the kids did the aarti for their parents this time around. I was comparing the three aartis of this whole saga, since their return from Mumbai, and it is really interesting the way they chose to place them.

1. When they came back from Mumbai, Gayatri did the Aarti, that is, the past was welcoming them back...and Yash snuffed the dia out. He felt that he didn't deserve this sign of respect and welcome from the past given that he had betrayed it. Even though he wanted to go back into the past, and be welcomed there as he was used to, he couldn't because he had cheated Arpita and he felt guilty going back into his past when he felt he no longer had a right to do that. So when they came back from Mumbai, Yash stepped into the past but not with an auspicious welcome, but with guilt, torture and darkness, which he thought he deserved. He entered the house by himself and ordered Aarti not to follow him; she was stuck in the present while he journeyed into his dark past.

2. When they came back from the boxing match, Aarti did aarti for Yash. This was symbolic of an acceptance of the present. Yash had faced his demons and gotten his forgiveness from Arpita and from his own conscience. He wasn't ready to move on, but he was ready to accept what had happened and no longer punish himself for it. Here Aarti was already in one side, that is the acceptance of the present and she was ushering Yash in. But given that Aarti was carrying his child, acceptance of the present wasn't enough for her, and she left thinking that if the present was so traumatic for Yash to accept, how would he accept the future, i.e. their unborn baby?

3. Today with the kids doing the aarti, Yash and Aarti finally stepped together into the future (tell me they did NOT play karyeshu daasi Dead I am just going to clench my teeth and ignore that for sanity's sake). Both of them have embraced their future together and have promised each other and their family to walk hand in hand through out their lives no matter what. The kids represent this beautiful future because they are the ones that bound Aarti and Yash long before either of the two parties had any inclination themselves, and they remain the strongest cohesive force in the family of five, with their tube light parents just now coming around. The Aarti-Yash bond was always going to be eternal because of these children and their definition of their parents as a unit, only now Aarti and Yash themselves have accepted this bond and decided to fulfill it for eternity.

On the other hand, we have Shobha and Dubey, who every day are diverging as a parental unit. What is wrong with Shobha? She seems a bit psychotic to be honest! I would rank Prashant a fair few notches above her as a human being at this point, because even though he blamed Aarti for separating him from his parents, and even though he swore revenge on her, he didn't hesitate to help her when she was in trouble, out of sheer humanity. If Shobha had found Prashant lying in a forest, I am pretty sure she would have just left him there, because god forbid he should harm her precious Aarti's perfect life with her perfect husband! To be honest, Shobha scares me...a lot. What is this woman? Her dialogue in the precap gave me the heebie-jeebies. How can she bring up the shraadh when Prashant is in so much pain and begging for a single ounce of sympathy from her? I could connect much more to Dubey today and seriously got a lump in my throat when Prashant broke down, holding his father's hand. Prashant's sad, vocal BG music, is simply haunting

All in all, an enjoyable calm before the storm(s)!

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


The only guidelines are:

- No bashing, no bashing, no bashing

- Try not to quote long posts or multiple posts, instead use the @Name of the person you want to respond to. If you do quote, it should be when you are replying to a longer message part by part or where you bold or select a few lines to discuss.

For the list of members please refer to the
Congrats all ...we did it ..Punarvivah found its nomination in top 5 in prestigious ITA awards this year Clap
If you have not joined yet ,then plss join these following threads and increase the Forum Activity Tongue
From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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in all these Caps..i was srsly drooling over GC here LOL
OMg if yash's concern is like this how would his love be Shocked

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No truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Aarti & Yash Scindia's relationship...After they got intimate in Mumbai, Yash who was guilt ridden over "cheating" on his death wife literally went a little Pagal (crazy) that Aarti had to leave home with her children so they wouldn't get affected.

While they were apart, Aarti finds out that she is pregnant w/ Yash's child...The happiness moment in every woman's life became Aarti's worse fear cause she doesn't know how Yash would react to the news especially with him referring to they night together as a sin,  mistake OuchOuch

He finally did penitent and got the forgiveness he was seeking 4m Arpita (his death wife). Aarti & the kids finally came back home , Yash sensed a change in Aarti's behavior...She is no longer the jolly woman she was the tables had finally changed now Yash was the one trying to figure out what's the matter w/ his second wife Aarti.

Aarti found out that there's some complications with her pregnancy, she tries to tell Yash about it but once again he wouldn't let her talk about that night cause it caused him stress. Feeling that Yash would never be able to accept/love their child she decided to leave the SM with Ansh and her unborn child Unhappy

But what Aarti failed to understand/see was that Yash was looking at her in a different light...She left the house and ended up in the hospital thanks to her ex-husband help...Meanwhile Yash searched for Aarti & his children everywhere, only when she was far away from him that Yash realized & understood Aarti's emotions EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Yash & Aarti finally meant, the moment the former saw the latter his eyes lighted up...He told her that she has no rights to keep his children away 4m him...She misunderstood him and was about to leave when he told her that he said that she has no right to separate him 4m his kids and by leaving she would be doing that because of the little one in her wound. 

They decide to go home but this time Yash Scindia is a changed man and Aarti could see it...His every actions said that he will protect her from any harm...As they got home they were stopped at the doorstep by SP who blasts them for their reckless behaviors ClapClapClap


Aarti & Yash sure made a lot of mistakes and they hurt their loved ones especially their children Unhappy

I loved SP and the other members of the family scolding them...And for the first time we got to see Aarti & Yash really standing as a unity when Pankaj told them that it was a mistake to get them remarried Ouch...Even though I think he did that just to knock some sense into their thick skulls Big smile

They both admitted they were wrong and asked for forgiveness...Aarti promised her daughters that she'll never leave them again while Yash promised that he'll give the former her rights meaning he has accepted her as his wife in every sense but he's also making a statement that he has moved on Embarrassed



A very beautiful episode and a great way to start of the week Big smile

It begins with Vidhi trying to reason with SP but he isn't listening to her...He tells AarYa to leave, the latter look at each other, Aarti goes and lights a candle in front of the tulsi while Yash looks at her proudly Embarrassed

She comes back in front of SP and folds her hands, she tells him that she's pregnant, she finally got her family back today and accepts her mistake for hurting them all but she refuses to leave...That's my girl emotionally blackmailing her father in law TongueClap

Aarti says that even if SP asks her to leave that she won't go and that she'll sit on the porch until he decides to forgive her and her husband Yash meanwhile boa in self talk says that her brother will never forgive Aarti just when SP blesses Aarti leaving boa eating her words LOL...That sly fox SP was just testing them and once again Aarti passed his tes with flying colors much to everyone's except boa's delight Wink

Sp tell Vidhi to go the prayer's tray to welcome AarYa into the house, she goes with the kids and they come back where the three kids do the arti welcoming their parents back into the house...AarYa step into the house in sync which means come what may nothing can break them cause now they and one EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash is playing with Ansh & PayPal while Aarti looks on, the former stops and tells her to get to get some rest and nods and walks towards their room but not before taking one last look ate her family being happy to be together again...Pankaj sees her looking their way and tells Pratik that they should leave from there, they both take the kids and leave while AarYa get lost in each other's eyes Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Yash looks at Aarti with a smile on his face and just when she was about to walk away she bumps into the pillar which is a great loop closure for when Yash bumped into the pillar a few days after their wedding when he got caught looking at Aarti combing Payal's hair EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash walks off after he watches Aarti "leaves" just then Aarti comes out from behind the pillar smiling...She enters their bedroom, looks around and is very happy to be back HOME when she belongs...She turns around to find Yash there standing with a glass of juice, she starts to stammer and Yash in a playfully stammers as well...They are both laughing, aww it was a very cute scene HeartHeartHeart

Yash tells Aarti that she must be tired that's why she can't walk properly and that's why she bumped into the wall and Aarti blushes BlushingBlushingBlushing...Yash gives Aarti the juice to drink she takes two sips and Yash tells her to drink it properly...Aww Yash has already started the pampering TongueBig smile

Yash is being all naughty, he tells Aarti that he'll call Shobha maa and tell her that he found her runaway daughter LOL...Yash calls Shobha and he tells her that he found his wife and his son meanwhile someone is ringing the door bell at Shobha's place she goes to open the door telling Yash that maybe it's Dubey...Aarti wanna talk to Shobha but Yash doesn't let her, he says he has yet to complaint about her...Oooh I'm loving this playful, naughty Yash Scindia EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Shobha opens the door and comes face-to-face with P who's in a lot of pain, Shobha says P and he collapses on the floor with Shobha screaming asking him what's the matter...Shobha was really afraid and concern for P Clap 

Yash hears the commotion and calls Hello which Shobha hears and disconnects the call...Yash is worried, he asks who is Prashant? leaving Aarti shocked Shocked...Yash shares his concerns with Aarti, she asks him to try calling Shobha again which he does but he can't seem to get through...AarYa are both worried now...IMO the P secret is gonna come out soon, all I ask the CVs is to let AarYa get some happy moments before all he!! breaks loose Smile

At the Dubeys, Shobha helps P onto the couch, she walks away and P hold on to her pallu and begs her not to leave him...Sheobha has her back turn to him, she assumes that Dubey called P here she walks off saying that she going to send Dubey to P just then Dubey comes in and sees P...Shobha tells Dubey that things are finally going great between AarYa and that she doesn't want her past affecting her present....Okay I understand where Shobha is coming from but couldn't she see that her son was seriously in pain or does she thinks he was faking it ConfusedOuchOuch

Shobha leaves the room in anger, Dubey sees P in pain the latter starts coughing, Dubey gets him a glass of water, he drinks it and starts crying holding on to his father's hand...Dubey in self thought says that he'll support him.

Yash wonders if Shobha could be in trouble, Aarti insists on calling Shobha herself...She calls but Shobha doesn't pick up the call, she thinks it Yash so Aarti calls again and Shobha finally picks it up and Aari asks her is everything is okay because Yash heard someone fall.
Shobha lies and says that Dubey fell, Aarti gets tensed and she wants to go meet them but Shobha insists that everything is fine much to Aarti's relief...I guess Shobha doesn't wanna stress Aarti out that's why she lied but how long are they gonna be able to keep P hiding?  

Yash wanna go visit the Dubeys but Aarti says there's no need because everything is fine but Yash doesn't quit saying that they don't have anyone but them, Aarti finally says yes but they'll take the kids with them and that she'll go get them ready...But Yash tells her to take care of herself and their child and that he'll take care of the rest. Yash gives Aarti a flirty smile before leaving the room...Aarti is very happy...oooh Yash is gonna be the death of me the look he gave Aarti all throughout the episode was heart-stopping DeadDay DreamingEmbarrassed

Precap: Shobha says that P is a stranger to her...Someone rings the bell and Shobha gets tenses hearing Ansh's voice while P is shocked...I guess the cat and mouse game begins tomorrow Big smile

P.S: Sorry I'm late but I had to watch the episode over and over again...I can't get over hos flirty and naughty Yash was today...GC & KS were in their element very playful, i could only imagine how much much they had on set that day taping those scenes Wink

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Watched two beautiful classics over the weekend!

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Wowww what a superadorable start to the week with a completely changed Yash and some suspense hanging on Prashant track ... very interesting Thumbs Up... Gurmeet  take a bow .. u r just brilliant today StarStarStarStarStar

The Awww Yash-Aarti moments with a complete change in Yash's character .. Cuteness personifiedd EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Its a crime to b so cute and adorable .. damn u Yash AngryAngryAngryAngry

I m gone today DeadDeadDead... I mean what was that .. I can't take so much of cuteness , adorableness of Yash at one go .. plsss dont kill me with diabetes ShockedShockedShockedShocked... Seriouslyy I m dead watching AarYa today .. both were freaking awesomee Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

My favourite Aarti and Yash moments r ..

1) Aarti and Yash playing hide and seek with their eyes in first and last scene  :EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Starting Scene where Yash asks Aarti to go inside and then both started exchanging those glances with smile killed me today DeadDead... I loved the way Aarti turns back to see if Yash is watching her out and there she goes , she is embarassed to see Yash is giving her those lovey dovey looks LOLWink .. she quickly tries to hide herself behind the pillar and makes a cute little fool of herself by colliding with the pillar and Yash is enjoying it all  with a cute little smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Loved the way both kept stealing those happy happy glances between each other where Aarti looked more embarassed to see this new side of Yash whereas Yash was quite bold to give her those open lovey dovey looks WinkEmbarrassed.. I know Yash still does not feel that  passionate love for Aarti but from his looks its clear that he feels  immense satisfaction and pleasure seeing a smiling Aarti in front of his eyes EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I loved the loop closure of this stealing glances moment in last scene where it was Yash's turn to look back and smile at Aarti just how in starting scene Aarti looked back to smile at Yash EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... In short both hv found a connection with each other now which was missing earlier Embarrassed... Earlier whenever they walked off , none bothered to look back and check his/her partner's reaction but today both Aarti and Yash  looks back to chk each other's reaction with a smile  exchange ... Its like a beginning of a new fresh husband-wife relationship between both where there is no hesitancy  anymore EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

2) Yash's playfulness with Aarti.. OMGG Soo cutee :EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. I think I will b in phangal mode today LOLLOL.. I still cant believe this is the same boring Yash Scindia whose world revolved only around a dead person few months back ShockedShocked.. Woww where was this Yash Scindia hiding all this while ?? ShockedShocked... Did u guys see the way  Yash was all playful with Aarti today ShockedShocked.. He actually made fun of her nervous stammering when she was doing yaa yaa yaa Yash ji .. aa aa aap yaha ji LOLLOLLOL... Yash repeated those words of hers to make her all relaxed and making sure that cute little smile does not go away from her face ..awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Loved the way he made her drink the juice so lovingly  without getting serious Embarrassed.. Yash does not want Aarti to feel that he is doing all this caring as part of his duty and so he is cracking all those jokes and lovingly teasing her stammering to make her realise that he too is enjoying taking care of her and he is not doing anything out of any force EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... I also loved the way Yash sarcastically told Aarti that let me call Shobha maa and tell her that I brought her ziddi and bhagoudi beti home ShockedShockedLOLLOLLOL... Thats got to b the cutest teasing done by any husband LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... So Yash thinks Aarti is ziddi just like him .. hmmm Wink.. I loved the way he was so informal and playful with her rather than acting all formal Big smile.. I m sure slowly the whole "Ji" fever too will go away since the start of a playful relationship between both is made from today ClapClapClapClapEmbarrassed...

3) Yash's caring side towards Aarti : OMG OMGG I want to hug Yash ji today Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.. First bringing Juice for Aarti and giving her the beautiful pleasant shock of her life and then holding her arms so lovingly and telling her that from today onwards he is taking all responsibility while she will only rest EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. What I loved was his little gesture here of holding both her arms while saying it which made the scene extra spl for me since I could see that warmth and love in his eyes and I could feel that he is saying all that to Aarti from his heart and not just out of his duty towards her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yes mayb Yash is extra protective towards her the way he brings that juice for her or asks her to rest while he will get the kids ready , but I guess Aarti deserves this bit of pampering for few days after all the trauma she went through in past week EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Slowly I m sure things will get natural between both when Aarti might tell him not to pamper her so much LOLLOLEmbarrassed

From every little gesture of Yash , one thing is clear , he is completely out of his past life  and has accepted Aarti as his present and future completely Big smile... Now all he needs to realise is that all his caring and over protectiveness for Aarti is coming only because he has fallen in love with her and so her happiness matters to him so much today EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Right now we r witnessing the phase of a completely changed Yash who is adorable , cute , loving and caring towards Aarti ... Who is protective towards her since he is on a mission to prove himself  as a good husband in Aarti's eyes EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... I feel the next phase will come  once he gets the scare of loosing Aarti due to pregnency complication and thats when we might begin to see his love realisation for Aarti which will hv some really intense and passionate  yet emotional and touching moments between both EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aarti's pregnency complications and Prashant's sufferings both might run parallelally .. While Prashant will suffer , Aarti might get all love and care from her husband .. poetic justice Smile

I dont think Prashant truth will come out now in front of Yash Ermm... Aarti's pregnency complication shock which Yash will know this wednesday as per promo and Prashant's cancer shock which Dubeys might come to know soon as per articles will run parallelally  for now and so there is no scope of interconnecting both tracks at least for sometime Smile...

I feel somehow Yash will find a proper solution for Aarti's pregnency complication and further win her heart and we might see some lovely moments of both where both will keep rediscovering each other Embarrassed and on the other hand Dubeys will struggle to save Prashant's life  who will b battling with cancer Ouch .. This irony will b shown now since in the past when Aarti suffered , Prashant had a gala time with Nida Angry .. so now its Prashant's turn to suffer while Aarti will hv a gala time with her husband's support .. Its poetic justice in a way Smile...

Yash will come to know about Prashant truth at a much later phase when he will realise his love for Aarti and might decide to confess his feelings to her and thats when CVs might drop Prashant truth bomb since mayb a scenario will come where doctors might suggest something like Ansh's bone marrow can save Prashant and so Mr.Dubey will b forced to go and tell the truth to Yash since only he will decide whether Ansh will give his bone marrow to Prashant or not  and thereby he will come to know this truth too  Ouch... Its just my prediction and I m not sure if this is how it will go Ermm

Aarti and Yash finally past Daddy Scindia's test today before entering the house ClapClap

I loved how Daddy Scindia initially tests Aarti and Yash by asking them to get out just to see their reaction and when Aarti lights up the diya near tulsi tree and tells Daddy Scindia that this is her house and so she wont leave whether he likes it or not , thats when Daddy Scindia told both to come in happily since Aarti passed in his test where he was trying to see whether Aarti finally accepted this house as hers or tomorrow she will again leave at the drop of a hat like an outsider Smile...

Daddy Scindia wanted to make both realise that no matter who tells them what in the house , its their house and so they should never ever think of leaving it .. they hv complete right on this house and its their duty to overcome all hurdles together rather than running away from it Big smile... Its a indirect message for Bua too as she too realised Aarti's position in the house today WinkLOLBig smile

Aarti-Yash enter the house together finally  but there are still few hidden secrets to b revealed before they can make their final entry together in their marital life Embarrassed

First time when Gayatri did the arti , Yash lights off the diya and we saw Yash going on a destructive route because of their Mumbai night fiasco secret  Ouch..

Second time when Aarti did the arti of Yash after boxing match  , we knew Aarti is hiding the pregnency truth secret  which later resulted in Aarti leaving the house Ouch...

Finally Kids who were main reason of this punarvivah today does the complete arti of Aarti and Yash both and  then both together enter the house Embarrassed... But Even now I feel loop is not completely closed since there is yet another hidden secret in Yash-Aarti's life which is Prashant and mayb the day this secret too is out in front of Yash , we might see Yash-Aarti's true grihapravesh once again in their bedroom this time with no hidden secrets between both which might b the real beginning of their blissful married life filled wih just LOVEE  Embarrassed

Overall a adorable episode filled with Yash-Aarti adorable moments where Gurmeet was definitely the show stealer with his killer smile and brilliant subtle acting ClapClapClapClapClapClap and Kratika equally complimented him in each of these moments ClapClapClapClapClap

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Sam I've been waiting for u for hours now...coz i really wanted to know what u have to say about this new promo...specially ur symbolisms Embarrassed

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