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A busy and noisy day in city of dreams 'Mumbai'. But this day was silent for some ppl. As something dreadful happened in their lives.They were shattered. Some coz of guilt, some coz of hurtful words of their partners, some coz of not being with their soulmate……
Three persons were jst shattered as today they were lifeless.. today the three were bodies without soul…

Two were thinking how last night became the dreadful night ever to them.
One was thinking about last was the worst night for his frnds and this also made him remember something, last night made him remember of someone….
A boy sitting on chair in his room's balcony staring at the environment around him..
He had a face of being dumped by life. He looked everywhere and felt like the shining sun, the pleasant breeze, the chirping birds are making fun of him. He himself felt that he had lost his soul.
He also laughed at his fate that how life always gave him happiness of one day and then always snatches happiness as if happiness is not for him.
He stood up and leaned to the railing and looked down soon he looked up and found the breeze while blowing hitting him hardly as breeze wanted to convey that u r not worthy of ur life.. He wanted to give up as his life was no more his' he had lost his life long ago to the person whom he loved the most but unfortunately he was all alone. Without her he seemed incomplete.

Most of the persons say lovers are meant for each other..
he thought about this statement of ppl and chuckled a little as yesterday she proved that some lovers are not meant for each other.
today he was jst broken into pieces he felt that someone was continuously hitting with a rod on his head. His heart pained remembering last night. He recollected the memories they shared with each other the moments they spent in each others embrace. But today she was gone from his life forever……

he sat down remembering yesterday night and soon broke down in tears.
In no time he was in tears.

On the other hand
A girl sitting in her room sitting beside her room's window staring outside with tears continuously flowing down her soft cheeks. But she didn't bothered about the tears all she was thinking about him.
How she hurted him last night. How she lost her life last night. How that night became a dreadful night to him and her. She remembered his face while she said those hurtful words to him. She was equally hurt while saying those words to him not equally she was more hurt than him. Only she knew how much hurt she was.
she was crying and crying. She was now tired of crying but her tears were in no mood to stop.

Guyz I know u all are now very confused bt any guesses who are these both
I know almost all of u must've guessed that the boy is REY and the girl is KRIYA
But ;

These both are not REY and KRIYA.
the girl is SHARON and the boy is SWAYAM………..

Next day morning
Sharon and Swayam came to college. They saw each other in atrium but they both were not able to control so they went from there. It was Rey who noticed this and was also hurt after knowing about what was going in his two besties lives. Sharon went to RH and Swayam to BB court. Rey thought of going to his besties but thought that they need some time alone so he went to FE…
He also got lost in his thoughts.. he rememberes those momenst which he and his BAATCUTTER spent here together..'
He remembered that confession of hers, unknowingly a tear escaped from his eye he soon wiped it and went away..

At night
Rey went to Swayam's house and they both decided to go for a walk. They were walking on road silently. The silence was not bothering them both were in their own thoughts that they even forgot that they were walking with each other..
(now their convo will start but both will be losted in their own thoughts while talking)
Swayam: life kitni complicated hoti hai na
Rey: hmmm
Swayam: pata nhi jo kuch bhi insaan chahta hai wo use kyu nhi milta.
Rey: hmm kayi logo ko mil jaata hai universe ji hum jaise logo ko hi nhi dete..
Rey: universe ji hume khush hi nhi dekh skte I think.
then Swayam realized what Rey was going through.
Swayam: m sorry Rey.
Rey: wat? Dude ye tu kya keh raha hai?
Swayam: mai apni life mein itna bzy ho gya ki apne bestie ko time hi nhi de paaya..
Rey: tu kya bakwaas kr rha hai stop this crap
Swaym: ok dude..
they smiled at each other..

There was a bench nearby and they sat on it.
Swayam took out his phone and started seeing Sharon's pics.
Both smiled.
Swayam took Rey's phone and started seeing hie besties images.
Swayam: abhi tak uski pics hain??
Rey: dude wo mujhse pyaar nhi krti thi iska mtlb ye nhi ki mai bhi use pyaar nhi krta..
(ab to smjh gye na ki swayam kiski pics dekh raha tha)
(wo Kriya ki pics dekh raha tha)
Suddenly Sharon came from behind and said that she wanted to talk to Swayam
Reyam were completely shocked but soon they recovered and Swayam went with her.
Swaron went away now Rey was all alone.

now Rey took his cell phone and started seeing all the contacts in his phonebook as he was free
(are who bechara free tha to usne socha ki phonebook hi search krle)
He then came to Kriya's no. and by mistake he dials it
(mtlb uska haat glti se dial button pe rakha gaya)
Before he cut the call someone picked it.
he was shocked. He placed the phone near his ear and heard a voice.
He heard the voice to which he was longing to hear.
there was hi angel on the other side…
he was shocked, surprised, happy mixed emotions
the person on the other end was continuously saying hello hello hello… who's there etc.
but no one replied.
suddenly he heard a voice from behind
(mtlb phone pe jo baat kr raha tha uske ilawa Rey ne ek aur awaaz suni phon pe)
Lady: tum kyu meri baat nhi sun rhi ho?
girl: mom plzz
Lady: kriya beta ek baar
Yes the girl was none other than Kriya…
and the other lady was her mom Smriti ghai..
Sm: Kriya plzz meri baat maano hum vaapis chalet hain
Kriya: mom aap meri baat kyu nhi smjh rhi ho?
kriya didn't noticed that the phine was on and Rey was hearing all the convo..

(Kriya don't know that Rey is on the other side)
Sm: beta plzz mai tumhe aise nhi dekh skti. I know pehle maine jo decision liya who galat tha. Mai selfish ban gyi thi.. ab jab mai keh rhi hoo kit um dance kro to tum inkaar kyu kr rhi ho?
mai tumhe waapis chalne ko keh rhi hoo fir bhi tum meri baat kyu nhi maan rhi ho?
tears started flowing down Kriya's little soft cheeks
Kriya: mom mai dance nhi kr skti pehle meri life mera dance tha but ab meri life sirf Rey hain. Unke bina mai dance nhi kr sakti.

Aur mai waapis kis mooh se jaaoo
mere frnds to apni life mein aage badh chuke honge..
I knw ki who mujhe bhoolkar aage badh chuke hain. Ab to wo sab mujhse nafrat krte honge kyuki meri wajah se hi unki team bikhar gyi hai..
sab meri wajah se huya hai
apne frnds ko to mai mnaa loongi but Rey unse kya kahoongi ki pehle mai aapko hurt krke chali gyi aura b waais aa gyi hoo
aur agar wo apni life mein move on kar chuke honge to mai waapis ja ke unhe dobaara peeche nhi laana chahti
I can't mom.. I jst can't…..

She broke down in tears. Her mom came to her and cupped her face.
Sm: I know beta Rey boht hurt hoga but agar wo apni life mein aage nhi badha hua hoga to..
aur main Rey se aur tumhaare frnds se baat kroongi…
mai Rey ko btaaoongi ki meri wajah se ye sab huya hai aur agar usne sach mein tumse pyaar kiya hai to wo tumhe zarur accept krega….

Rey on the other side was in tears… he wasn't able to recover..
Sm: Kriya plzz ek baar mere liye plzz

Kriya: mom aap plz mujhe force mat kijiye…
Sm: Kriya beta bs ek chance do nd m sure tumhaare frnds tumhe zarur maaf krenge pllzz beta bs ek baar mujhe yakeen kro
Kriya: nhi mom mujhse ye nahi hoga
mai unhe face nhi kr skti
Smritii thought that she'll not agree so she thought of talking to Rey..
(usne Rey se baat krne ka isiliye socha kyuki use laga ki Rey hi wab use uski beti waapis de skta hai coz uske bina she a lifeless person)
Smriti: Kriya ok tumhaari mrzi…

ON the hand Rey cut the call and thought he'll call her now .
He called her. Hearing the ring Kriya picked it up.
Kriya: hello..??
no response
Kriya: hello…hey hello??
still no response
smriti took the phone from her
Sm: hello kaun hai?
No response
Sm: jab baat nhi krni to call kyu krte ho
she was about to cut the call when she heard a voice
Rey: aunty.
Sm: *shocked+happy* tum??
She looked at confused Kriya nad left the room leaving Kriya confused more confuse..
Sm: Rey?
Rey: aunty are u ok?
Sm: ya m ok.
look Rey m sorry ….(she was cut by Rey)
Rey: plz aunty aap maafi mat maangiye maine sab kuch sun liya...
Sm: kya tumne kaise..
Rey then tells her everything.
Sm: acha huya tumne khud hi sun liya warna mai hi tumhe btaane waali thi
Rey*confused* wat??
Sm: Rey plzz meri ek baat maanoge???
Rey: hmm (sobbing)
Sm: mujhe meri beti waapis dedo
Rey was in tears now.. he wasn't able to he didn't gave any reply.. and Smriti thought that he is mad at her…
Sm: rey plzz
Rey somehow managed to speak
Rey: thnku aunty… mai zarur use waapis laaoonga but pehle aapko yaha aana hoga
After hearing his voice she was rooted to her place as his voice was shaking and she knew how much he was crying at that time
Sm: nhi hum abhi waha nhi aayenge
Smriti tells him the plan and he agrees…..

soon they cut the call..
Rey was sitting on the bench smiling coz of smriti's plan.
Soon he saw Swaron coming from other side holding hands and smiling.
Rey: guyzz tum logon ne patch up kr liya yay m happy for u..
(guyz wo Swaron Rey se kaafi door khde the aur humaara Rey khushi se chilla rha tha coz ek to use uski baatcutter milne waali thi aur doosra swaron phirse couple bangye the)
Rey started running to them and hugged both of them xcitedly
Swayam: dude kya huya itna khush lag raha hai
Rey *xcitedly* mujhe meri BAATCUTTER waapis mil gyi
And he hugs them both
Swayam was sooo happy and shocked that he didn't responded the hug..
Sharon didn't knew ki baatcutter kaun hai isiliye usne bhi Rey ko waapis hug nhi kiya
Rey: *angry* guyz tum log khush nhi ho kya?
Swayam: m sooo happy dude finally
Sharon: ye baatcutter kaun hai?
Rey: woo umm woo….
Sharon: kya wow wo….?
Swayam: actually Sharon humaara Rey pyaar se Kriya ko baatcutter bulaata hai *sweetly*
Rey blushed
Sharon: u mean Kriya aa rhi hai
she hugged Rey with all her might"
REY m so happy for finally sab theek hoga
Rey: wo aa nhi rhi hai mai use laa raha hoo
Swaron: mtlb?
Swayam: and tumhe Kriya mili kaise?
Rey then narrates the whole story and the plan told by smriti
Rey: guyz will u come with me?
Sharon: agar tum mana bhi krte to bhi hum aate
Rey*xcitedly* m soo happy kal mai use milloonga..
Now these four reached dehradun next evening..

The trio reached Ghai mansion}
I mean outside ghai mansion
Note: here Kriya's mom is a popular writer and ghai's are very rich.
Sharon: OMG this house is so huge,,,,,………. so beautiful
Rey: even mujhe bhi nhi pata tha ki uska ghar itna sundar hai..
Swayam chuckles at this
Rey: ha I know tujhe to pehle hi pata hoga na is ghar ke bare mein after all she's ur bestie
Swayam giggled
Swayam: ha pata tha kyu usne tu,mhe nhi bataaya???*teasingly*
Rey: huh very funny
Sharon: guyz ab bas kro c'mon lets go in
trio went in

there they saw Smriti talking to Kriya
Kriya's back was facing them that's y she wasn't able to see them but the trio knew who she was…

smriti saw them but she didn't said anything as the three were busy in staring her…

Rey was staring her. He was happy to see his Kriya …
no not only his Kriya…
his baatcutter..
no not only his baatcutter…
his love..
no no no not only his love..

he was happy to see his life….
he was lifeless person without her and vice versa..

he was staring at her without even blinking his eyes once.
for him the world jst stopped there as if time will not move..
a smile was plastered on his face and unknowingly a tear escaped his eye which was not gone unnoticed by the three( three means Smriti, Swaron)
they were having tears of happiness in their eyes..
soon smriti came out of her thoughts and found that Kriya was continuously speaking something…
Kriya: mom ye sab kya hai…mom mom mom…
no response
Kriya: mom ?????
again no response
kriya: I knw aap mujhse kyu baat nhi kr rhe ho.
Smriti was confused
Kriya: aap isi baat se gussa hona ki maine waapas Mumbai se mana kar diya
but mom aap kyu nhi smjhti mai waha nahi ja skti
agar gyi bhi tu sab ko kaise face kroongi
sab waha mujhse nafrat krte hain aur mai ye she nhi paaoongi she broke down in tears

Smriti and swaron went from there as they thought Kriyaansh should sort out everything.
They quietly went away now Kriyaansh were only present in the room..

Our Kriya was full on hyper mode by now as her mom was not replying to her

Kriya: mom itna kyu gussa??…………mommm….suna na
she was going on speaking when two muscular arms hugged her from back…

She stopped speaking.
She was rooted to her place no reaction, and was standing there expressionless.
10 mins passes but they were in the same position.
Neither she spoke anything nor he.."
though she was shocked but was njoying being wid him..
She then gathered courage and looked down at her waist as his arms encircled her perfect figure then she slowly looked towards her right shoulder where he kept his chin and was smiling b/w his tears..
He loosened his grip on her waist and she turned slowly and faced him with much difficulty.
She stood there infront of him looking in his eyes..
Both were lost in each others eyes.
For them the whole world was like as if not existed..
They were in that position from continuous 15 mins.

Rey: BAATCUTTER………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kriya: hmmm…..
Rey: Am I that bad ki tumne mujhe reason bataana bhi zaruri nahi smjha..
she jerked her head up and wiped his tears with her soft palms..
Kriya: SORRY REY…..
Rey: apology accepted..
they both shared a smile and she hugged him with all her might as if she'll never let him go
he too responded with same power..
firstly it was a warm hug but soon it became a passionate hug….
Soon they parted from each other..

He again started looking at her as now she sensed wats in his mind.
She lowered her lashes but felt his intense gaze on her and she lifted her lashes uup and as she looked at him he presses his lips on her soft pink rosy lips..
She too responded the kiss.
They kissed each other to the earnest..never wanting to let each other go..
This kiss conveyed all the love they had in their hearts for the the other.. this kiss conveyed how much they loved each other, how much they missed each other, the pain of not being with each other…..the happiness of meeting again each other..

Soon they broke the kiss unwillingly as they were lacking oxygen. They were breathing heavily. There was a couch nearby they fell on the couch and were breathing heavily with their eyes closed..
Soon he became normal and looked at her who was still not normal and was breathing heavily with her eyes closed. He smiled at her and hugged her….to which she also responded…

god knows how much they were in that position hugging each other…..

next part will be updated soon

my kaminis dekhte hain kaun first cmmnt krta hai...


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Me first !!! Me first !!! Dhinka chika !! Dhinka chika !!
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