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Kismat Conn-OS aaja meri baahon mein..Pg143 (Page 91)

AnnieARS Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 10:04am | IP Logged
really nice story!!
Great work

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello Ariyans...finally back with the last 2 parts...i hope i have done justice to the story...and u ppl will like it...pls read and comment...and yes, i need loads of comments...LOL

thanks for all the support and motivation u ppl have showered on me and this ff...thanks a lot!

Part 7

Our newly weds were already in a cute nhok jhok…..

Shree is on the phone and talking to someone regarding the arrangements for their honeymoon…..they are to leave the next day after the reception in mumbai, that's 2 days from now….while Sheen is also busy cooking up some lists in her mind…

Shree: [turns to Sheen switching off the phone after settling all the deals] what r u upto darling???…..aisa lag raha hai ke tumaare idle mind ab over time kaam kar raha hai!!!

Sheen: [punching him playfully] hmmm….sahi sochaa tumne……

Shree: hmmm……tumaare face pe likha hai ke tum kuch badaa soch rahi ho……tell me what were you thinking about??[looks at her in anticipation]

Sheen: I actually did some browsing about Simla… know, there are so many places to see yaar…..didnt you get my mail???

Shree: haan, milaa….par padhne ka time nahi mili[disappointed by her not so cool reply and adds] toh tum usske baare mein soch rahi thi??

Sheen: haan……main eek badaa sa list banaaya hai… spots, sightseeing spots, sab ki……each spot is famous for something Shee…….humein sab places jaana hai…..sirf 8-10 ghante hai by road to kulu manaali…..aur enroute bhi bohat saare beautiful places hai…..we have to fit that in our tour somehow……[she goes on telling about the various places in and around Simla…..Shree is quite irritated by the fact that she is giving so much importance to all the secondary aspects of their honeymoon……]

Shree: [finally pitches in annoyed at her] shhh…..kya hai yeh???? Hum kisi school excursion ya college tour pe nahi jaa rahe hai??? Tumaare agenda pe toh shopping aur sight seeing top kar raha hai????

Sheen: Shree, kyun itna gussa kar rahe ho??maine socha ke acche se saare planning abhi karlungi…phir wahaan koyi confusion nahi hogi!!!! I was just trying to help you……but you ….[stops half way and poses a long face]

Shree: ohhh meri help kar rahi ho, huh??? [sarcastically] Mindblowing!!! Tum meri fikhr matth karo…..jab hum wahaan jaayenge, main tumhe bathaavunga ke mujhe tumse kya help chahiye….……ok??

Sheen: haan haan teek hai…..but you have to take me to kulu manaali…and don't you dare say no for shopping!!!!

Shree: humaara honeymoon hai dammit!!!! We are going there to get some private space and time after being amidst such crowds here….[looking away and mutters in a low voice].……wahaan bhi meley mein jaane ke baare mein soch rahi ho!!!! Idiot!!!

Sheen: [slightly blushing] don't scold Shree[poses a innocent face to him…..he gets melted at her naive facial expression]

Shree: [grinning] my sweet idiot!!! I have to keep you at tab always dear else you tend to go overboard……[knocks at the back of her head]

Sheen: [sarcastically] mujhe toh meley se dhoor le jaane ke baatein kar rahe ho…..par tum kya apne ETF aur yeh sab gadgets se dhoor reh paavoge?? [pointing at his watch and latest multi tasking mobile] Maine dekha tha kaise tum apne watch tracker ke andhar ghusa hua teh……

Shree: [sheepishly] woh toh aise hi……chodo na!!! dekho….dekho kaise Riya aur Arjun sir ek dhoosre ke aankhon mein khoye hua hai!!!

Sheen: [dreamy] arre haan…. Kitna pyaar hai dono mein…..[Shree smiles, happy seeing his best friend so happy and lost in love…..he too entwines his fingers into Sheen's finger and cherish the moment!]


Arjun and Riya finish their romantic dinner……as they hold their hands and enjoy their sweet little moments together, their eyes are locked…..

Riya's phone buzzes…….and it breaks the romantic moment abruptly slightly irritating both of them…….Riya fishes out her mobile from her bag and opens the message…..its from CHotu….she eagerly opens it…..

Arjun leans forward to check it too but she moves away smiling "nooo yeh galath baat hai…."

Arjun poses to be angry and turns away as if he is least interested in knowing whose it is……

Chotu's message "Riya, tum resort ke pool side pe jaldi aajaavo...lekin akele aana..plz"

Riya is a bit worried seeing it…."what could it be??chotu ne aise kyun bulaaya hoga??

 Oh no, ab main Arjun se kya kahungi??kya bahaana banaavungi??? "

Riya's worries were answered instantly……Arjun also got a call from Sameer at the same instant "haan Rathod…..yeah ok…miltha hoom"

He cuts the call and turns to her "Riya, Rathod ko kuch baat karna hai …..main abi aatha hoom…..aur haan…tum yahi baito….main bas yun gaya aur yun aaya….ok?"

Riya nods with a sly smile thanking her stars for giving this way out…the moment he is out of her sight, she slowly gets up and walks to the pool side which is behind the party place……As she reaches there, she is stunned to see the sight…

Chotu is standing there in a restless manner and with him is a short, slender, cute girl whom she immediately recognizes as Jenny……"Oh my god!! What is this???" Was her first reaction!!

Shocked to the core, she doesn't stop for exchanging any greetings or pleasantries….."Chotu….yeh yahaan???? Kaise???"

Chotu: le aana padaa Riya…..jenny ke ghar waale zabardasti usski shaadi karne waale teh….woh bhi kal….

Riya: Kya??? Itne jaldi??? Aise kaise kar denge? Hum baat karenge unn se?? tum dono fikhar matth karo…haan???

Chotu: ab shaadi ki problem solve hogayi hai!!!  Par…….ek aur problem hogayi!!

Riya: [curiously] solve hogayi…...ghar waale maan gaye??? Great!!! Phir kya problem hai?

Chotu: humne bhaag ke shaadi kar li!! Ab usske gharwaale humein dhoond rahe hai!!

Riya: [shocked competely] WHAT????????? [she looked at Jenny who nods in agreement and Riya now notices the changes in her face…she had a laal teekha on her forehead and a mangalsutra around her neck confirming the wedding] yeh tumne kya kiya CHotu?????

Chotu: Riya…..tum zyaaadha tension matth lo…..plzz…iss haalath mein teek nahi hoga!!! [genuinely concerned for her and her baby] main tumse yeh sab aise kehna nahi chahtha tha…….par Shree ko bulaa nahi saktha na? isiliye tumhe bulaaya…..

A voice spoke up "kyun nahi bulaa sakthe….dhosti ki hai toh har haal mein nibaana padega na?" [it was Shree who walked in hearing their talk]

Chotu and Riya exclaim out in unison "Shreee!!!"

Riya added "tum yahaan kya kar raha ho??? Tumhe toh Sheen ke saath stage pe hona chahiye na??"

Sree: Sheen apni kisi friend ke saath busy hai…..dont worry about her…..[Riya nods…..Shree nods meaningfully to Chotu and Jenny "aakhir tumne bhaasi maar hi li yaar!!!"]

Chotu: waise, tumhe kaisa pathaa chala ke main yahaan hoom???

Shree: maine tumaare mobile ko apne watch ke tracker pe dhaala tha……jab tumne Riya ko message kiya toh mujhe bhi signal aagaya…..tum mujhse nahi chup sakthe commando!!!

Chotu: haan yeh baat toh hai…..par ab kya karenge?? Jenny ke family….

Riya: [snaps him short] Jenny ke family nahi…usse bhi badaa khatrey ke baare mein socho……Arjun aur Rathod sir!!!!

Shree: haan yaar….jab unne pathaa chalega ke tumne ek ladki ko bhagaa laaye ho…toh….[a sharp voice cuts him short]

"PATHAA TOH HUMEIN CHAL GAYA HAI SHREE!!!!"  Rathod's voice thundered as he and Arjun walked to the scene!


[A few minutes before…….Sameer's call to Arjun was to talk about Chotu…….Sameer was totally pissed off and angry…..He wanted to speak to Arjun about it…….they both find Riya and Shree missing in the party…..they understand that they must be Chotu and search the resort for them…….]


Present Moment: 

Arjun: tumhe kya lagaa?? Tum kuch aise waisa karoge aur humein pathaa nahi chalegi…..

Rathod: commissioner sir ka phone aaya tha…..Jenny ka parents ne complain kiya hai…aur saath mein ETF ka naam bhi liya hai….ab kal media mein ETF ki dhajjiyaan udegi aur yeh sab tumhaara ek naadhaani ki wajeh se Chotu!!

Riya: Rathod sir, plzz… Itna bhi badaa galathi nahi hai...kya ek ETF officer ko pyar nahi ho sakthi???

Arjun: beshaq ho saktha hai Riya par aise ladki ko bhaagaana…. chup chup ke shaadi karlena….yeh sab galath hi hai!!

Rathod: yeah right…..tum ek responsible police officer ho Chotu……tumse kaise……[For the first time Jenny spoke up…she was standing tensed and restless so far and was seeing the entire drama unfold!]

Jenny: sir, mujhe aise aap ke beech mein nahi bolna chahiye magar...inn sab mein inke koyi galthi nahi hai….maine hi ziddh ki thi…main bohat darr gayi thi……isiliye, unnone mujhe….[stops midway….Rathod and Arjun couldn't help admiring their love and support for each other…..]

Rathod: [snaps out and adds] jo bhi ho….jisske bhi ho, galathi tho hui hai…..tum dono humse keh sakthe teh….hum kuch karthe…….aise hasty decisions lene ke kya zaroorat thi?? [Riya slowly moves closer to Arjun and nudges his fingers…..he looks sideways to her amused by her sudden action…….She gestures with her eyes to intervene and save Chotu from Rathod……]

Arjun: [understanding Riya's request] khair chodo…….jo hogaya so hogaya….ab aage ke baat karo Rathod……

Rathod: aage ke kya hai…..kal subah ki pehli flight se Mumbai jaayenge….aur kal hi inn dono ki shaadi register karenge….

Arjun: [taking over and in serious thoughts] phir media se baat karenge…..thoda hungaama toh hoga par at the end of the day, sab teek hoga….

Rathod adds, "I hope so.."

[As Arjun finished, all nodded in agreement much to the relief of Chotu and Jenny……that brought the realization to Riya and Shree that their closest friend Chotu had just got married……They scream in excitement and hug them both…..

Arjun and Rathod also hug Chotu and convey their wishes to both……All were happy….just then Sonali rushed into the scene and hugged all of them in joy…….]

Sonali: [snapping out of the hug] ab hugging shugging hogayi toh party mein waapas chalen…….wahaan sab dhulhey ko dhoond rahe hai!!!

Sameer: haan chalo chalo……

[They all go back to the party and the photographer calls in for a ETF group photo…….

So Arjun-Riya, Sameer-Sonali-Sid , Chotu-Jenny, Shree-Sheen all pose together……
All are happy and closely knit together in love, friendship and relationship…………
The photographer clicks the final Kodak moment of the day…….]

All the couples are asked to hit the dance floor for the grand finale of the party!!

Sheen's dadi offers to take care of a sleeping Sid…and she pushes off Sonali also to the dance floor…..

[Imagine Sameer and Sonali dancing in this part]

Ishq Hai,Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale

Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam
Ghayal Kar De Mujhe Yaar Tere Paayal Ke Jhankar
Hey Soni Sone,Teri Soni, Har Adaa Ko Salaam

Salaam-E-Ishq.Ishq Ishq
Salaam-E-Ishq,Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq

Ho Teri Mastaani Anjaani Bataon Ko Mera Salaam
Rangon Mein Doobi Doobi  Raaton Ko Mera Slaaam

Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main 
Soney Soney Aisse Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam

Salaam-E-Ishq.Ishq Ishq

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Ishq Hai...

[Imagine Chotu and Jenny dancing and singing to each other in this part]

Teri Meri Nazar Jo Milli Pehli Baar Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Tujhse Pyaar...
Dil Hai Kya Dil Hai Kya Jaan Bhi Tujhoe Nisaar
Maine Tujhe Kiya Aitbaar

Ho Main Bhi Toh Tujhpe Mar Gayi Deewanapan Kya Kar Gayi
Meri Har Dhakan Betaab Hai Palkon Vich Tera Khwaab Hai

Ho Jaan Se Bhi Pyaari Pyaari Jaaniya Ko Salaam

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-(2)Ishq Hai...

[Imagine Shree and Sheen dancing and singing to each other naughtily in this part]

Main Tere Ishq Mein Do Jahan Vaar Doon
Mere Vaade Pe Kar Le Yakeen
Keh Raha Aasman Keh Rahe Hai Zameen
Tere Jaissa Dooja Nahin

Ho Aisse Jaadoon Na Daal Ve
Naa Aaon Tere Naal Ve
Jhooti Tereedein Chodh De
Ab Dil Mere Dil Se Jod De
Ho Jo Abhi Hai Dil Se
Nikli Uss Dua Ko Salaam

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-(2)Ishq Hai...

Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E...(2)
Ishq Hai


[And finally our favorite cute, romantic, dhaasu star couple ARIYA Arjun and Riya dancing and singing to each other in this part]

Rab Se Hai Iltija Maaf Kar De Mujhe
Main Toh Teri Ibaadat Karoon
Aye Meri Soniye Na Khabar Hai Tujhe
Tujhese Kitni Mohobbat Karoon

Tere Bin Sab Kuch Benoor Hai 
Meri Maang Mein Tere Sindoor Hai 
Sanson Mein Yehi Paigaam Hai 
Mera Sab Kuch Tere Naam Hai 

Ho Dhadkanon Mein Rehne
Waali Soniye Ko Salaam


 ************************************************** ******

[Hoping and wishing that their lives would always be filled with lots and lots of such special romantic moments..."Kismat connection!!" ends……but their lives continue happily ever after!!!!]



[I know I have left out some scenes like Arjun's reunion with his family and Chotu's wedding…..may be I will write some OSs for those…..LOL]     

Scroll down for a small ending part...

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 December 2012 at 2:37am | IP Logged

Kabhi alvida na kehna''''a note of farewell from all our leads...

My note: The picture perfect and joyous life depicted in the story is far from reality but we can always strive to make our life happier'There are small things in each one's life which could give us immense happiness'.The key is to identify and make an effort to bring them into our life'."Live and love life to the fullest"''
************************************************** *******

Our Diya is 2 years old now'She is just like her dad'adamant and pranky''..[yes Arjun is pranky if u don't know it yet] haan Roshni ki jhalak toh ussme hain hi''.abhi se meri maa bann ke phir thi!!

Now, I feel I am the happiest person on earth'.I couldn't have asked GOD for more'.Arjun is the best thing that could have happened to me!!!

Khadus hai, akdu bhi hai'..bohat attitude hai'.par jaisa bhi hai cute hai!!

FYI, we still fight for silly reasons'..perhaps that's the strength of our bonding too'.

- Mrs Riya Arjun Rawte (by the way, I love being addressed as Mrs Rawte)

A life without wife is hell'.the sooner you realize, the better''I don't mind bowing my head a bit to make my special girl happy'..I hate to accept it but it's true that "Love is blind'..and to succeed in love, one has to be a little deaf and dumb too"''

Whatever I do for her, nothing equates the bundle of joy she gave me''My angel baby'she has twinkling and naughty eyes just like her mother'.and yes the dimple,that's intact too'.

Roshni ke yaadein, usske ehsaas abhi bhi hai lekin ek adhoori pyar ke tarah nahi par ek pyar se bhari dua ke tarah!

-Arjun Suryakant Rawte

Iss saal Sid school jaayega…LKG mein honge sir!…..abhi se ETF ke baatein kartha hai…..Arjun aur Sam jo training dehthe hai!!! Phir Riya bhi toh hai…..ARIYA ke Diya, Sid ki best friend!!

Sid and Sam are so similar in their mannerisms and behavior…..dono ka attitude…ufff…poochiyega matth…..mere zirr pe beitke boss karthe rehthe hai……ghar ko bhi ETF office banaakar rakha hai……kya ek chief kam tha ke ek aur cloning hogaya……

Par main bhi utni aasaani se chodhthi nahi…..acche se khabar lethi hoom…..dono team karke mujhse pange lethi hai….par agar zyaadha kiya toh kitchen strike karthi hoom….phir dono mere peeche peeche ghoomte rehte hai mujhe manaane ke khosish mein…..

Jo bhi ho, ek din bhi unke bina rehne ke baare mein soch nahi sakthi…….mere jaan bassthi hai unn dono SS mein!!!

-Sonali Rathod


Agar Sonali nahi hoti, na baaba, sochna bhi mushkil hai….mere ghar ko, humaare pariwaar ko chalaane wali ek wahi toh hai…uss ke bina kuch bhi nahi hoga…..mere professional life mein, personal life mein jo bhi achievements hua hai, sab usski wajeh se…..Sid ko sambaalthi hai…..mujhko bhi….mere ghussa, ego aur attitude handle karna sab ke bass ki baat nahi hai…..hats off to Sona for that…….I love you sweetheart!

Arjun aur Riya, humaare second family hai….angel Diya, usski mummy ki parchaayi hai……cute and simple! Sab kuch picture perfect hai, jaise harr kahaani mein hota hai!!!

Sameer Rathod


Love sure is a distraction but thank god that I got distracted''..else I wouldn't have got Chotu'''

Sab kehte hai ke humaare beech size ki mel nahi hai''.par mein kehthi hoom'..size mein kya hai?? Size badaa ya chotaa, dil badaa aur saaf hona chahiye'..Aur mere Chotu, unse accha koyi nahi!!!

Its unfortunate that my family recognized his goodness only later'but "All is well that ends well"

- Jenny

Mujhe toh usse pehli nazar mein hi pyar hogaya tha'..par kehne se dartha tha''par jab himmat karke kahaa toh jaana ke woh bhi''[shying away]

Woh mujhse unconditionally, bina koyi expectations pyar karne lagi''aur jab mujhe ehsaas hua ke yahi woh special ladki hai, tab maine decide kar li ke main kisi se bhi ladunga aur usse apna banaaloonga'.aur usse unn saare khushi dhoonga jo woh deserve karthi hai!


I was running after a dream and mourning over a broken illusion when my real prince charming was already mine'..He made me recognize that true love truly exists in this world!!! Both of us are sort of crazy [Woh apne gadgets pe crazy hai aur mein apne music pe] and I guess this craziness makes us click!!


I used to scold my friends for wasting their time in matters of love'yet I fell in love'
Something in her sparked love in me'might be her innocence, or her childishness, or her deep, mad and sincere love for me'just for me!!!


Jodi toh uphar waala banaatha hai..'..we can never manipulate or fabricate that bond'..Riya ki Jodi toh Arjun se hi tha'..maine unn dono ko ek saath dekhte hi, realize karliya ke Riya kabhi meri life ka hissa nahi banegi''isiliye, usse propose bhi nahi kiya'''waapas chale aaya apni duniya mein'..ek saal pehle mujhe Nisha mili aur ab hum shaadi kar rahe hai'..Riya bhi aa rahi hai'..usski pati dev [haan, she refers to Arjun like that in our chats!!] aur  usski angel Diya ke saath..


I hope u liked this story and the finishing touch...BYE!!

Edited by vidya.anand - 14 December 2012 at 12:48am

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG kya update thi vidya di

loved it 

i cud actually imagine Ria n shree's face when Chotu - jenny came

loved d cute n romantic talk b/w shree-sheen in d begining 

Chotu ne hungama kiya ...Clap

i liked Arjun sameer ki mini scolding

All in all ..i loved d whole story

Kya kismat connection tha Boss

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 December 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged
loved shree and sheen
omg chotu ne baag kar shaadi ki hai
loved songs for couples
it was amazing,wounderful epilog

Edited by shrutisweety - 11 December 2012 at 10:00am
vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 December 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tani23

Main bhi RES

n advance mein Colorful LIKELOL

pado aur phir like karo...maine unres kardhi hai!!!

Edited by vidya.anand - 11 December 2012 at 3:03am
prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Vidya..

Is till can't believe you ended it...Cry

But as all good things come to an end...You managed to write the epilogues beautifully...

Definitely I will remember this throughout my life...Loved it completely...

Loved the last update...
Chotu and Jenny chaa gaye...

Sheen ki honeymoon was awesome...


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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Padh liya aur like bhi kiya...

n UNRES bhi kiya 

i liked signature notes from all characters

amazing idea

KC rocked 

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