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Kismat Conn-OS aaja meri baahon mein..Pg143 (Page 9)

kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidya.anand

Riya is a bit filmy!!! Arjun would definitely laugh if Riya says that...
i just wished to bring them closer...all that drama was for that

thanks to all those sweet cute comments and likes!!

will cont soon because Arjun and Riya dont let me free for a moment too...

lol that is true ,...even they don't me also...LOL

glad that u like it ...hey can u just add ki riya is trying to avoid arjun and arjun trying to manaying to riya type,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that will defiantly in comedy manner 

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
hey u just read my mind...
i am planning to do the same...
i always wonder why Riya always goes behind Arjun and gets thrashed by now it will be her

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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 July 2012
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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidya.anand

hey u just read my mind...
i am planning to do the same...
i always wonder why Riya always goes behind Arjun and gets thrashed by now it will be her

hey wow really...All ariya pankhe think same way...ROFL

ok hope u don't mind ... this ruthna manana is also in ETF office so all other like chotu and shree can pass the comment on itROFL,...and this time rathore also join chotu and shree in their funny talk on Ariya...

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
so emotional!! felt lyk crying...*sob* just loved it Smile do update soon..

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Mellifluous IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 8:20pm | IP Logged

tat was realy emotional one..riya's outburst braught tear on my eyes..the storyline is going very unique..update ASAP n please pm me na dear when you updat next??

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immayurfan Goldie

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon

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Queen.Bee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 3:28am | IP Logged
wow!!! awesome... read all parts in one go... u r an awesome writer... please continue soon...

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 9:51am | IP Logged

I am back with my next part...I can see that all Ariyans are happy with "YOU ARE WELCOME" am felt so good to hear him talking pleasantly to Riya...Anyways, it has driven me crazy all over again and i am just wanting more and more of Ariya scenes!!!! lol


Arjun was sitting in the balcony.Waiting for Riya would be an understatement of course he was eagerly, restlessly, impatiently waiting for Riya to be back home..He was concerned for her safety''He couldn't rest till she came back''he wished to see a glimpse of her to ensure that she was fine'..her emotional outpour had shaken him to the core''.Whenever he closed his eyes, her teary face came flashing across!

 It was almost 11 PM''.Arjun sighed and thought if he should call and check on Riya''.but then decided against it''"she wouldn't like it''kuch dher aur wait kartha hoom"

 Just then a bike halted just below his balcony' It was Shree and Riya''Shree took off his helmet while RIya got down'.Arjun hadn't switched on the lights of the balcony'.so there was no way that they know that he was standing there''.

'..for the next few minutes, they spoke'.She laughed at something that Shree told her''Her laugh was mesmerizing''She looked like a small kid while laughing''her smile never left her face during that brief conversation''He saw her bidding bye to Shree and walking towards the elevator'..

 He wondered where her smile and laugh vanished in his presence''.may be he was the reason for that too'.Roshni's death had shattered his life'..and snatched every smile, every happiness of his life''He completely forgot to smile'..he forgot to live life'.He was living like a machine without any feelings or emotions'..He knew that Roshni would also be unhappy seeing his life''.but he couldn't help himself and move on in life''

 When he had just given up on himself, walked in Riya into his dry life and tried to bring back sunshine to his life'..She gave him reasons to smile''she gave him good living memories of Roshni which he could cherish forever''She gave him all the support he required to come back to life''She married him with no expectations''and in return what did he do??? he gave her tears'..just pain and nothing else''no he cant be an insensitive jerk like this''.

 [PS: I just started loving this song and sounded apt while writing this sequence'Arjun and Riya came to my mind when I heard it' might not portray the scene well but somehow I felt like putting it here'.so bear with me'']

Abhi mujh mein kahin

Baaki thodi si hai zindagi

Jagi dhadkan nayi

Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi

Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai

Yeh lamha kahaan tha mera]

 She gave him moments of happiness' he had to leave the past behind and start living the present moment for her'..with her'.


he promised to himself that he would do every possible thing to bring back that smile on her face''.He wasn't sure of how he would do it or if he would be successful but he would definitely try'..He was also not sure if he would give her the status of a wife in all meanings''but he would do the little things that she loved and make her happy, make her feel special!


[Ab hai saamne

Ishe chhuu loon zara

Marr jaaun ya jee loon zaraaa

Khushiyaan choom loon

Yaa ro loon zara

Marr jaaun ya jee loon zaraa

Hoo abhi mujh mein kahin

Baaki thodi si hai zindagi]


[PS: Arjun, by his character, isnt a person who knows to express his love and affection explicitly''.So his way of display of love will be in his own style''there would be attitude, strong headedness, ego etc etc''.And again, he isnt himself sure that he loves Riya''He just feels a sense of responsibility towards her'']


He heard Riya opening the front door and walking in'she had walked past his room and into her room''.he immediately called Shree''Shree wondered why Arjun sir was calling at this time'.he picked the call after stopping the bike to the side'..

"hello Shree'..kya Riya ne dinner kar li??


Shree: [confused at his qn] nahi Arjun sir''usne kahaa ke bhook nahi hai'..par aap

[click'..the call ended'.Arjun had cut the call] yeh Arjun sir ko kya hua?? [he shrugged and started his bike]


Arjun walked into the fridge and took out the sandwiches he had made for both of them''.he put them in the oven for warming and walked over to her room'..Unaware of himself, he was doing all that he used to do for Roshni'.he was trying to become a husband again


[Hoo' dhoop mein jalte hue tann koo

Chhaya pedh ki hil gayi

Roothe bacche ki hansi jaise

Phuslane se phir khil gayi

Kuch aisa hi ab mehsoos dil ko ho raha hai

Barson ke puraane zakhmon pe marham laga sa hai

Kuch ehsaan hai,

Iss lamhe mein hai

Ye lamha kahaan tha meraa]


[He knocked on her door] Riyaaa'..RIyaaa''


After a few moments, Riya opened the door''She had changed into her night wear'hair plaited and pulled sideways'..few loose strands falling over her cheeks'In her casual avatar, she looked even more cute''She opened the door partially and stood by the side of the door'..

 Riya: [enquiringly] kya hua sir???

 Arjun: chalo''dinner khaalo'..

 Riya: maine dinner kar liya hai''[tries to close the door but he strongly holds it from shutting]

 Arjun: aur koyi jhoot nahi milaa''.chalo teek hai'.tumhe keh diya aur maine sun bhi liya''ab chalo''[not waiting for her response, he just caught hold of her hand and dragged her towards the dining table''.]

 Riya: [almost hypnotized by his sudden showering of love, walked 2 steps forward but then something behind her back made her stop'..she shook off his hands and freed herself from his grip] plzz chodiye'..main khud aa jaavungi''

 [Arjun turned and looked at how she wriggled out of his hold''her indifferent behavior was disturbing him but he didn't show it out'..he just nodded and walked to the oven''He put the sandwiches to 2 plates and brought it'' then Riya had taken her chair''the truth was that she was terribly hungry but she was too exhausted to cook something''.She was surprised seeing Arjun doing all this for her but she posed as if nothing of this impressed her''She couldn't even imagine him cooking for her''.she was damn excited'. But she didn't let her surprise, joy or excitement show up on her face''She just sat there with an uninterested attitude'..

 Both ate a silent meal''his eyes were talking in volumes but she chose to just focus on the food'she dared not to look into his eyes''if she did, she would literally melt down to the floor.'.

On the other side, her silence was making him impatient'..he was missing the real RIYA'..The RIYA who had a girly comment for anything and everything'..a comment which he always found silly and told her many a times to grow up''but today he was longing to hear it from her''.

 Why was she so quiet??? Did she shut herself because of him??? And why not? He had himself asked her to mind her own business' just concentrate and talk about only work''He had himself forbidden her from speaking casual and personal matters''..''how many times had he insulted her when she tried to act friendly and casually to him?? He always demanded that the distance between them be maintained''.He himself had built the barrier between them''

 She finished her dinner and looked up at him with a sense of gratitude in her eyes''yes it was just gratitude and only Riya knew how difficult it was for her to hide all her real emotions behind that brief smile'.."thank you Sir'"''..she said and got up from her chair'..She took both their plates and walked to the kitchen sink''.

 As she cleaned up the plates, she saw him leaning casually on the kitchen counter''.He seemed to be wanting to hear something more from her''..She didn't look up from the plates'.]

 Arjun: [trying to start a conversation] main kuch madhat karoom???

 Riya: [sliding the plates into the stands] nahi bas hogaya!!!

 [Dinner or lunch at home was a rare occurrence for both of them because of their job demands''.their timings were very erratic and so cooking at home was so very minimal''So there was nothing much to do for her'..she started walking out'..]

 Arjun: [hesitantly not wanting the convo to die out even before it started] sandwich kaisa tha??? Bohat time ke baadh banaaya tha'..tho kuch choot toh nahi gaya???? [sporting a light grin]

Ab hai saamne.. isse chhoo loon zara

Marr jaaun ya jee loo zara

Khushiyaan choom loon

Ya ro loon zara

Marr jaaun ya jee loon zara

Dor se tooti patang jaisi

Thi yeh zindagaani meri

Aaj hoon kal ho mera naho

Har din thi kahaani meri]

 Riya: [hiding the little smile that was trying to pop up on her lips] nahi'.teek hi tha Sir''

 [She casually walked past him and tried to get into her room but was held back by his hand''.She turned around shocked by that initiative from him''.]

 Riya enquiringly looked at him and then his hand which were holding hers''she turned around to face him

 Arjun: [in an intense emotional tone] ab yeh 'SIR' pukaarna zaroori hai kya?? Tum mujhe Arjun pukaaar sakthi ho''

 Riya: [her heart knew no bounds of joy but at the same time, she also remembered how he had once cut her off rudely and sternly warned her not to get casual with him''] Nahi SIR hi teek hai''.ab aadat baar baar badhli nahi jaa sakthi na??? good night!!! Aap jaakhar so jaahiye'..

 [Ek bandhan naya peeche seh ab mujhko bulaye

Aane wale kal ki kyun fhikar mujhko kyun sataa jaaye

Ik aisi chubhan, iss lamhe mein hai

Yeh lamha kahaan tha mera

Ab hai saamne.. isse chhoo loon zara

Marr jaaun ya jee loon zara

Khushiyaan choom loon

Ya roh loon zara

Mar jaaun ya jee loon zara]

 The grip on her hands loosened and she walked back to her room''He was left baffled by her indifference and her aloof attitude''It hurt him as he wasn't used to this side of Riya!! He was used to a Riya who jumped at the slightest opportunity to talk to him''.

 and now at this instance, he understood how strong the wall between them was''He had miles to go before the distance between them vanished''..He had to work hard and break it himself''.

 At Riya's room: once locked inside, she let out a deep sigh for the act she displayed'.She had literally melted away by all that display of love and affection''but she remained firm and stern in her decision''the decision to keep away as much as possible''

 A voice shook her up from her thoughts''.It was Roshni'

 Roshni: [angrily] yeh sab drama kya tha riya???

 Riya: yeh tum pooch rahe ho??? Tumhe nahi pathaa??? Seedhae ungli, thaedi ungli ki patti tho tumne hi padaayi thi na???

 Roshni: jaanthi hoom'.par itna indifference?? kyun kar rahi ho aisa??

 Riya: uski wajeh bhi who khud hai Roshni''mujhe darr hai ke paas aakhar phir se mujhe dhoor na kar dhe''.The problem is that I don't trust him yet''.achaanak pyar jathaatha hai aur agle hi pal mein nafrat''aur behrookhi''.

 Roshni: tho tum kya kar rahe ho??? Usse aur dhoor hi tho kar rahi ho???

 Riya: nahi'..aisa nahi hoga'I wont let him go'.but at the same time, I wont go to him so easily' main bhi ek aam ladki hoom'.mujhe bhi kuch armaan honge na???

 Roshni: filmy style mein proposal chahthi ho kya???

 Riya: nahi'.par ek simple si "I love you" sunna chahthi hoom'..bas ek baar'..aur ek pal keliye mujhe apni wife jaisa treat karle'.

 Roshni: tumme lagtha hai ke Arjun aisa karega??

 Riya: yeh imtihaan tho usse zaroor dena hoga''warna hum dono hi fail ho jaayenge!!! Par mujhe vishwas hai ke hum zaroor jeetenge!''..

  [Roshni disappeared after giving her a "All the best" smile]


Next day at ETF: It was no different''She was not giving him a chance to talk other than work related matters!!! She was too busy with her research and fun time with Shree and Chotu''coffee break with Shree, lunch with chotu, tea time with both of them, research discussions with Rathod''.no plan'.and no time for just him''

Arjun clenched his teeth when he saw her ignoring him totally'..He was getting the bitter taste of his own medicine''.Usually she used to behave like a Vodafone puppy and follow him everywhere he went but today it was the other way around''

Moreover, unlike all days, she was being teamed up with Shree and Chotu for most of the work''.He didn't get a chance even once''.The entire ETF team including the great Mr Rathod seemed to be scheming up against him''Whenever he went to her, she was immediately called for something more important''.He got fed up and went back to the cabin''.

Rathod was not aware of the happenings''..he had been unknowingly dragged into the whole drama!!!

Towards the evening, Sameer called for a special meeting to brief on the case''.

Rathod: yeh ek undercover operation hoga'.hum police wale hai, iski khabar kisi ko nahi padne chahiye''humare pehchaan kisike saamne explicitly nahi aana chahiye'..Only selected people there will know us''

Riya: [started saying something] Sir'.[but Rathod cuts her off]

Rathod: I am not finished yet Riya''hold on'..our sur names have been changed''.maine names nahi change kiya''kyun ki woh bohat confusing hoga''.hum yahaan se Coimbatore jaayenge and wahaan se ek tour group mein join karenge''.humaare bookings sterling resorts mein kiya gaya hai''.tickets, hotel bookings sab kuch iss naye naam se hoga'sab information inn files mein hai'..[he looked at the folders and started reading the names] Mr and Mrs Arjun Malhotra''.[passed that file to Arjun for his view] Mr Shreekant Jain [passes it to Shree] Mr Chirag joshi [gives it to chotu] aur yeh mera aur Sonali ka'.Mr and Mrs Sameer Bhatia'[all look up hearing sonali's name]'haan woh bhi aana chahthi hai''[bringing in a bitter expression on his face] She wished to go to Ooty a long time before aur time nahi hone ke wajeh se, kahi vacation par nahi le gaya''.ab usse lekhar jaana hi hoga''but don't worry'..she wont be of any hindrance to our duty''..dho din ke chutti hai uski''uske baadh waapas aa jaayegi!! [pausing for a few seconds'..gets up] Any questions???? [he walked back to his cabin seeing everybody silent]

[Arjun smiled to himself after looking at the file' Riya had no choice but spend time with him'..He told to himself "chaahe ya na chaahe''tumhe iss poore tour mein mere saath hi rehna hoga, mere wife Mrs Riya Malhotra bankhar!! Tumme convince karke mere paas waapas laana hi hai''..I have enough time sweetheart!!

that thought and endearment actually shocked him as well''he didn't understand why he felt that urge to bring her back to her usual self'..bring her back to him!!... it might be his ego' might be his adamance'.. or it might be his budding love for her'.]

[To be continued]

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