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Kismat Conn-OS aaja meri baahon mein..Pg143 (Page 7)

daisydee425 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
thnks for pm

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Gud morning Ariyans...I am back with a new part...this serial and our fav jodi is urging me to write more and more...Wink

they dont seem to leave my head...dil aur dimaag mein bas yahi chal raha hai!!! lol hope u like this too...its a long one...plzz bear with me!

thanks for all the comments and likes...

Part 4:


She quickly changed into her official attire'.she was so pissed off with the total waste...she has spent so much time in getting read and in matter of minutes, he opposed it and asked her to change!...she threw the bangles and earrings to the dressing table...She tried to pull out the mangalsutra but stopped midway...she also let the sindoor be as it is...


She locked the house and hurried downstairs...She was surprised by the sight she saw...Arjun was waiting for her in the SUV...She tried to ignore him and walked past the vehicle...He honked hard and in a loud voice "Riyaaa...get in!"


Since there were a lot of people there, she didnt want to create a drama...moreover, a fight on the first day of marriage would give fodder to their gossiping!! so she got in quickly...As he glanced at her, he saw the sindoor and the malgalsutra...pointing at those "yeh sab bhi uthaar dhaeti, huh??? you need not sport these just because we are married...everything remains the same as before"


Riya: really??? then why did you wait for me "SIR"??? 


Arjun: [grinding his teeth in rage but then controlling] pehli din hi alag alag jaayenge toh Rathod se ek lambi lecture sunna padega...aur mujhe uss lecture mein koyi interest nahi! sirf iss liye wait kiya...


She didnt react but opted to be quiet after that...He zoomed off when she didnt reply...She just looked away from him...tears were welling up in her eyes but she closed her eyes and hid it behind the eye lids...


[Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye. 

Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye. 

Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na 

Milke bhi, hum na mile, tum se na jaane kyun. meelon ke, hai faasle, tum se na jaane kyun. anjaane, hai silsile, tum se na jaane kyun. sapne hai, palkon tale, tum se na jaane ooo.. 

Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye. 

Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye. 

Tu jaane tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane naaa... ]


Her thoughts snapped out as he pulled up the car in front of ETF office...

He didnt wait for her but she quickly followed him as he strolled into the office...The entire team was present and there were loud cheers and claps as they came in...Riya knew that it must be all Shree and Chotu's doing...She rolled her eyes at them and gestured them to keep quiet...Arjun posed a "WHAT THE HELL!" attitude and walked to his cube!


Sameer Rathod chief, ETF was observing all that happened...he wasnt one bit surprised by Arjun's attitude...He knew Arjun too well...He shrugged off and came into the conference room..."Team...woh gang ka hideout pathaa chal gaya...abhi abhi lead milaa hai!"


[All assemble around him...while he gestures "MOVE IT TEAM!"]


After the shoot out and trapping the goons, they get into the SUV [Shree, Riya and Arjun in one...Chotu and Sameer in the other]...Riya searches her neck and finds the mangalsutra missing...

She shrieks out..."STOP!!!"


Arjun: [puts a sudden brake and halts the vehicle...looks at her through the mirror] kya hua Riya??? 


Riya: mujhe wahaan waapas jaana hai...


Arjun: WHAT??? paagal ho kya???


Riya: sir plzz...aap log chaliye...main aa jaavungi...[she tried to get down]


Arjun: [realizing that arguing with her is of no use] wait a min Riya'..Shree, tum Rathod ke saath uss gaadi mein chale jao...main Riya ke saath jaa rahaan hoom...


Shree: [opening the door] jiii sir...


[At the same time, Rathod's vehicle had stopped seeing this and they were wondering what was happening...Shree walked to them]


Rathod: kya hua Shree...gaadi kyun rokhi???


Shree: [getting in] pathaa nahi sir...par kuch toh chootta hai..[grinned as he stressed it in Arjun style]...woh dono waapas wahaan jaa rahe hai...Arjun sir ne humme office jaane ko kahaa!


Rathod: [muttering under his breath] yeh Arjun aur uski jaane kya karne waala hai??? [then gestures Chotu to start driving towards the office]


[Arjun and Riya reach the spot...Riya gets down and rushes to the place where she had hid herself before the shoot out...then she starts scanning the entire place for the lost property...Arjun was plain confused seeing her actions...He just kept following her since his queries to her as to what she was searching went unanswered...She didnt bother to explain to him what was missing...]


His eyes fell on it first...It was lying on the floor below some wooden trunks...He picked it up and walked towards her...She was frantically searching and was sort of panicky when she didnt find it...He decided to tease her a he put it into his pockets


Arjun: Riya...ab bas karo...chalo chalthen hai...


Riya: [ignores him]


Realizing that she wont give up till she finds it, he shows it before her eyes "kya tum yeh dhoond rahe ho???"


Riya's eyes lit up seeing it...She simply nods and tried to take it from him...but he pulled it back to himself "iss keliye tum waapas aayi!! paagalpan ki bhi hadh hothi hai Riya!! maine kahaa tha ke yeh sab utthar denaa...tum ek ETF officer ho aur case ke beech yeh sab sambaalna tumaare bas ki baath nahi hai!"


Riya: [glares and snatches it from him] shayad aap keliye yeh koyi maayinae nahi rakhthi par mere liye bohat important hai...[walks away without giving him a chance to reply and stops to turn back to him] mere jaan se bhi zyaadha important hai!! [She runs towards the SUV leaving behind a stunned Arjun...he keeps looking at her retreating back till she gets in...Arjun follows her after few moments...]


While in the car...Arjun tries to look at her a few times but she never turns to him...her silence was torturing him for the first time'..he didn't know why but he wanted to hear her chirpy silly talk and become sure that she was fine!


[Nigahon mein dekho meri, jo hai bas gayaaa.. 

Woh hai milta tumse hubahuu.. 

Ooo, jaane teri aankhein thi ya, baatein thi wajaaa.. 

Hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo... 

Tum paas ho ke bhi, tum aas ho ke bhiii, ehsaas ho kee bhi, apne nahi... ]


She was upset with herself for having reacted angrily...She kept telling to herself to keep cool...She needed a lot of patience to deal with this man and his attitude...She had to wait patiently till he understands her and reciprocates her love for him...She couldnt give up nor get flared up so easily...She knew him so well and had expected all this to happen...then why was she over reacting?? she scolded herself and kept gazing at the looked like it was going to rain...a heavy rain...the dark clouds were an indication to that!! like their life, the weather was also going to be stormy...and she better be prepared for it!! she wiped off her tears!


[Aise hain, humko gile, tumse na jaane kyun. 

Meelon ke, hain faasle, tum se na jaane 

Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na 


At the same time, his mind was rewinding and replaying all their close encounters again and was destiny that brought them together...he was punishing her for no fault of was true that Roshni's memories filled him up always but there was another truth that Riya had started taking a good place in his thoughts, in his dreams and in his life...He could neither refuse it nor accept it...He could neither remain silent nor speak his mind out...He felt trapped between hell and heaven...Life without Roshni was hell to him...Roshni could never come back to him...he cant change the destiny...and a life with Riya was the new heaven which he couldnt even think of at the moment!


Ooo jaane na jaane na jaane na .. aaa tu jaane na .. 

Khayalon mein, lakhon baatein yun tu keh gaya... 

Bola kuch na tere samne... 

Ooo, huea na be-gaane bhi tum hoke haar kein... 

Dekho tum na mere hi bane. 

Afsos hota hai, dil bhi yeh rota hai, sapne sanjota hai, pagla hua... 


She sighed and tried tying back the malgalsutra around her neck...but she was not able to hook it up...She was getting irritated when she failed 2-3 times...


He grinned seeing her futile actions and stopped the car...he leaned side wards and put his hand forward to help her hook it...his touch on her neck gave her shivers...she controlled herself and shuddered off his hand..."nahi main kar loongi"


Arjun: agar tum kar paathi, main help karne ke baare mein sochtha bhi nahi...ab nakhre bandh karo...Allow me to do it...


Riya lowers her hand and turns to his side so that its easy for him...He smiles and takes the strands in his hand...the touch of his fingers gliding towards the back of her neck were having undefined effects on her...He had no clue of the stormhe caused in her head and body...She was aching to hug him tight and find peace in his arms...She closed her eyes as he brushed aside her hair for better visibility...


His state was no better...The scent of her shampoo was giving him reminiscence of his lost love...he just wanted to pull her into his arms and breath in her fragrance...his male cologne was also having a similar effect on her...she was breathless for a moment...even after hooking the chain, he remained still in the same intimate position...This was the first time that they were so close to each other...a passionate attraction was triggered off on both sides...kya yeh Arjun ka pyar tha ya sirf koye hua pyar ka yaad...yeh kehna mushkil tha!!


Soche ye, hum the mile, tumse na jaane kyun. 

Meelon ke, hain faasle, tum se na jaane kyun. 

Anjaane, hai silsale, tum se na jaane kyun. 


Sapne hain, palkon tale, tum se na jaane kyun.uuu... 

Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye. 

Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye. 

Tu jaane naa.. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na 

Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaaane na...



The sudden ring of the mobile pulled him back to his senses...he immediately pulled back from her and took the call...


It was from Rathod...kahaan ho Rawte???


Arjun: [looking at Riya for a second and starting the SUV] bas abhi...[Rathod snapped him "jaldi pauncho...ek naya case aaya hai!!"]


Riya straightened herself from the trance and brushed her hair back to its position...She sighed deeply which looked like she was a bit disappointed...Arjun mentally thanked Rathore for the timely call else he would have done something crazy that he would have regretted later! 


ETF office: All are seated around table and the lights are dim as always...


Rathod: Ooty ke mashoor flower show ka security in charge hum honge...


Arjun: [sarcastically] ab hum sab cases aur criminals ko yahaan chod kar Ooty ke phoolon ka raksha karenge?? 


Rathod: [angrily] baat sirf phoolon ka nahi Rawte...har saal lakhon lok yeh flower show dekhne aathe hai...unke ifaasat bhi humaare haat mein hai!!!


Arjun: [glaring at him] yeh toh wahaan ke local police bhi kar sakthi hai...phir ETF hi kyun???


Rathod: haan kar sakthe hai par home ministry ke through seedhae ETF ko milaa hai...political interference ya negligence ke binaa isse solve karnaa chahthe hai...

humaare past successes ke wajeh se hum par vishwas banaa hai...ab usse bachaana bhi humaare responsibilty hai...[Rathod stops Arjun from arguing further] yeh case jitna seedha dikhta hai utna hai nahi...jab hum case ke andhar jaayenge, tab samaj paavoge...


[In between all this arguement, there is a small comical talk between Riya, Shree and Chotu]


Shree: [as soon as he hears 'Ooty', is over excited] kya timing hai yaar...jaanthe ho Ooty bohat badaa honeymoon destination hai...


Chotu: hillstation hai na???


Shree: [dreamy] haan haan!


Riya: tab toh humme gharam kapde saath le jaana chahiye...bohat thand hogi na??


Shree: [winking at her] tum kyun fikhar karthi ho???? tumaare paas tho ek HOT HOT pati hai na??? tumme thand kabhi nahi lagega...


Riya: [rolls her eyes and punches him playfully'.blushing] SHREEE


[Chotu and Shree starts laughing but try to control within a cough...Sameer and Arjun turn to their side]


Sameer: kya ho raha hai???? yahaan kuch comedy circus ho rahaa hai kya???


All say in unison "Sorry sir!!"


Rathod: Riya, tum Ooty ke baare mein khaas kar botanical garden aur iss flower show ke baare mein full information nikhaalo...humme parso nikhalna hai...


Ji sir...Riya nodded and thought to herself..."accha hai, iss gharmi waale situation se kuch toh aaraam milegaa!" 

She glanced at Arjun at that thought and as if getting a hint, he also looks at her...there was a sort of telepathy between the two which seemed to be increasing these days 


Chotu and Shree notice the momentary eye lock and Shree comes up with an instant mischievous remark..."sir, main kuch first hand information dhoom..." 


Sameer nods to go on...


Shree: Ooty ek hillstation hai...honeymoon couples keliye bohat khaas jaga hai!...[he gives a meaningful nod at Riya and Arjun...Arjun stares back hearing this]


Sameer: [glaring at Shree] bas karo yeh thamaasha...[turning to Arjun] waise Shree sach keh rahaa hai...shaadi aur vacation ka mausam hai...toh wahaan tourists bohat zyaadha honge...aur unn sab ki security ka responsibility humaare uphar hai...[he looked at all for a moment] so thats about it...lets call it for the day...kal subah milthe hai...


Riya: sir, main kuch dher kaam karke jaavungi...


Sameer nods and walks out...Shree starts shutting down the system...

Arjun walks over to Riya's desk "tum kaam katham karlo, main yahi hoom!"


Riya: no sir...aap fikhar matth keejiye...Shree hai na?? woh mujhe chod dega...usse bhi kuch kaam hai...[she turns to look at Shree who was packing his bag, hearing this he lets out a sad sigh...and sunk back into his chair...]


Arjun: mujhe lagaa Shree bhi jaa raha hai...[shrugging] teek hai...main chalthaa hoom...


Shree waited for Arjun to leave before rushing to Riya..."hey Riya, yeh tumne kya kiya???...tum dono ke beech mujhe kyun mohra banaa rahe ho??? Main toh ghar jaakhar sone ka plan banaa rahaa thaa'"


Riya:[as if that was the limit...starts sobbing uncontrollably...Shree is startled by her cry''all her bottled up emotions and feelings poured out with the tears] nahi Shree...unnonae bohat baar mujhe unse dhoor rehne ko kahaa hai...dhoor jaathe jaathe kab kaise unke paas aagayi pathaa hi nahi chalaa...ab dil aur dimaag se unke itne kareeb hoom ke unke mooh se "dhoor ho jaao" sunn ke himmat bhi nahi hai...isiliye, unse dhoor rehnaa hi accha hai!!


Shree: [making her sit back and gives her a glass of water] kya haar?? tum toh ek dham si senti hogayi!! main toh bas mazaag kar raha tha...


Riya: [wiping her tears off quickly] sorry Shree'.


Oblivious to both Shree and Riya, Arjun was listening to this emotional outpour...he had come back to tell something to Riya!

He talks to himself "Riyaa, mujhe nahi pathaa tha ke maine tumme itna hurt kiya hai...sorry Riya...sorry" and walks back to his car...


[To be continued]

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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aww that was so emotionalCry
my eyes welled up at the last partCry
i know its so hard for a girl to love someone and sit right next to him or say live with him under the same roof and all the while her prince charming seems not to give a damn about her and her emotionsDisapprove
your FF is one of the best FF's I have ever come acrossThumbs Up
beautiful and interesting concept with luring sequence of eventsBig smile
GREAT job.. keep updating soon Wink

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intersting update
continue soon

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Very emotional dear..had tears for riya&arjun.riya's outburst very touchy..and dat dialogue mangalsutra wala realy very nice...a different story line.OMG!Ooty ma fav place..sounds interesting...plz update soon dear..waiting..

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elle.. Goldie

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That was. an awsum part
Update soon

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emotional chaptr... y s he being a jerk... continue soon...

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i love your work...amazing updateClapClap
ooty..huh?...seems interestingTongueTongue
luv the building chemistry b/w arjun n riya
update soon dearSmile

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