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Kismat Conn-OS aaja meri baahon mein..Pg143 (Page 24)

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

Hello Ariyans...after all my rona dhona, i am back with the next part...hope u will enjoy it as always...

thanks for the awesome, sweet comments and likes...thanks a ton...

and yeah Rohan will be a positive character...i mean he will only vouch for Riya's happiness...

Part 10:

Riya instantly hit off well with the ladies of the group''.before the bus arrived at the resort to pick up the guests, she was continuously chit-chatting with the group''Arjun clenched his jaws many times'.his wife seemed to ignore his presence completely'.though she looked at him a few times, she didn't make any effort to ease the frown on his face'."humesha bak bak''kabhi takthi nahi!!!".'

In between he also saw Shree walking up to her and both having a private animated talk''He didn't understand what it was all about''Riya was having a tough time explaining something to Shree''but kya?? He wondered''

Then he saw Shree leaving her giving up the argument''..She joined the ladies group again''Left with no choice, Arjun decided to call her back'.."Riyaaa'"  He had been doing this for a while now''She going away and ignoring him and he having to call her back like a despo husband''.He hated doing it but she left him with no choice''

Riya: abhi aayi ji'.[she replied politely in the typical wife language'.the last addition "ji" made 4 heads turn to that direction''.Rathod was the first to turn'.then Shree and Chotu''Arjun was confused if he heard it right'..]

Riya smiled cutely as she walked back to his side'."kya hai Arjun ji'..aapne humhe kyun bulaaya???"

She herself was amused by it and found it very funny'..Arjun looked at her with "WTH" look "WHAT???" are you upto some new drama Riya?? Yeh ji ji kya lagaa rakha hai??

Riya: arrey nahi ji''unn aunties ko lagtha hai ke mujhe apne pati ko thodi aur respect dena chahiye''.[she blew her hair frills in anger and continued] bullshit!! But karna padega'.warna meri image ka kya hoga???

Arjun: IMAGE??? For gods sake Riya, hum yahaan case solve karne aaye hai'.[looking to the other side] tumaari image banaane nahi'..samjhi ya samjhaavum?

Riya: bohat hogaya aapka samjhaana''thodi main bhi samjhaavum''[he turned back glaring at her but she continued].aakadon ke isaab se aise cases mein, aam casual talk karna zaroori hota hai''choti si choti clue crucial ho jaatha hai'..

Arjun: [hands on his hips and in an interested tone] iska matlab tumhe kuch clue mili hai''bolo'.kya hai??

Riya: [deciding to play with him a bit'..smiling sweetly] bathaathi hoom'.par aise nahi' ek sweet smile ke saath poochiye'..

Arjun: blackmail, huh?? Tum ACP Arjun Rawte ko challenge kar rahe ho!!

Riya: arrey arrey, iss mein itna gussaa karne waali kya baat hai''ab hum pati patni ke roles kar rahe hai''tho aise akdu mooh banaakar baatein karthe rahe tho baaaki log kya sochenge''isiliye, ek pyari si smile ke saath baat keejiye na Arjun jiii

Arjun: [that brings a small smirk on his face] waise, Riya'.hum pati patni ka roles nahi, sach mein pati patni hain'..

Riya: [sarcastically] aapko yaad hai??'..thank god''

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan
Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan
Benaam rishta woh...
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, 
Darmiyaan Darmiyan Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan
Haaye Darmiyaan Darmiyan Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan
Oh its a special feeling
These moments between us
How will I live without you 

Both share a romantic moment and an eye lock before he snaps out''.

Arjun: [smiling] ab bolo'.kya clue hai??

Riya: Sir, iss tour group mein almost saare members ek doosre ko acche se jaanthe hai''.dho logon ko chodh ke'''..woh dho log, iss trip shuru hone ke 10 mins ke pehle hi register kiya''I mean, already bookings thaa, par last minute mein cancel hogaya'..aur usi tickets mein yeh dho naye log join hua hai''one Mr Raj Shikhawat and another Mr Salil'..

Arjun: [doubtfully but still with a smile plastered on his face]iss mein ajeeb kya hai?? I mean, last minute planning karli hogi'..

Riya: pathaa nahi, par kuch toh choot rahaa hai, Rawte'..[after saying this, she turns to him with a childish smile, he also looks at her astonished''She tries to escape from there]

Arjun: mera hi nakkal'.huh?? [grabs her hand and pulls her to stop her from escaping'..She turns with a jerk, bounces onto him'..Shree who is witnessing all this, clicks a romantic picture of both'.] the moment breaks when the bus horns as it nears them'..

They get into the bus and have a silent romantic trance''.all the cute moments running across both minds''Subconsciously, their hands entwine at some point during the bus journey''."kyun? kab??kaise?" none of that bothered them at that moment'everything could wait!'.they were together at that moment and that was just what mattered'''.they just sit back leaving all other thoughts to rest'..

Aankhon mein tere saaye
Chahoon tto ho na paaye
Yaado'n se teri faasla haye
Jaake bhi tu na jaaye
Thehri tu dil mein haaye
Hasrat si banke kyun bhala
Kyun yaad karta hoon
Mit.ta hoon banta hoon
Mujhko tto laayi yeh kahaan
Benaam rishta woh...
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo bayaan darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan
Haaye.. Darmeyaan Darmiyan Darmiyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh toh tha tere mere darmiyaan

Hard for us to say
It was so hard for us to say
Can't close a day by day
But Then the world's got me in way

The first stop for the bus is at botanical garden''.

As the investigative streak in him triggers off, he forgets the husband role and walks ahead of Riya trying to explore the place''Riya too pretends that she isn't affected and gets busy clicking away pictures of the beautiful place''..Suddenly, a prank crawls up into her brain'."SHREEE'" she shouts out to shree'''Arjun turns back to her and listens to what her demand is''.

"Shreee, click some photos of mine, na???? its such a beautiful place''iss trip ka ek badaa album banaavungi"

Shree jumps at the thought and agrees to take photos while Arjun fumes and comes to her instantly''.

Arjun: [annoyed] yeh photos ka shauk kab se lagaa??

Riya: aaj se''bal ke abhi se''.kya pathaa, hum yahaan phir kabhi aayenge ya nahi?? Isiliye inn saare yaadon ko samaet kar rakhna chahthi hoom''hmmm ek aur wajeh hai'.secret hai'[goes near his ears and in a hushed up tone] 'photo click karne ke bahaane iss poori jagah cover kar sakthe hai'..kisi ko koyi shak nahi hoga''

[Shree is silent and watching the scene with interest trying to collect bit and pieces which has a scope for teasing RIya later]

Arjun: [her lips slightly brushes his face as she said that causing him to shy away suddenly] kabhi kabhi smart batein bhi kar lethi ho'' agar pictures lena tha toh mujhse keh sakthi thi''Shree ko kyun bulaaya??? Camera dho mujhe! [turning to Shree]Shree, tum jaao'.

Riya: parr''

Arjun: par kya?? Mere wife ka photo koyi aur keechae toh woh ajeeb nahi lagega kya???

Riya: ek minute Shree, ab tum aayi gaye ho, mera aur Arjun ji ka kuch photos click kar ke jaana'..[grins widely at both the guys who look stunned at her sudden request]

Shree: [shrugging his shoulder] okay!!!

Arjun doesn't protest as he knows Riya will win anyway'.

Both pose together for the photos''Shree keeps clicking away their romantic moments''.Riya has strange ideas'.she runs and climbs a bent down tree and wishes to be clicked''Arjun is annoyed on one side but also grins at her weird wish''.."tum kya pichelae janam mein bandhariya thi??? Uthro neechae''"

Riya: nahi'.take a photo Shree'..[she stands there for a pose, Shree smiles at her before clicking''Arjun is still annoyed and keeps calling her down]

Arjun: sambaalke Riya'.. gir jaavogi''

Riya: [grinning widely at him] aap bhi aa jaahiye'..saath mein ek photo ho jaaye'..

She starts insisting that she wont get down till he comes up and poses with her''

He climbs up and catches hold of her waist when she jerks backwards suddenly''their eyes lock for a few moments'..Shree gulps''.and rolls his eyes at their romantic gestures''he thinks to himself'."aaj tho chotu ke kaan pakh jaayega''arrey kitnaa kissae sunaanae hai!!!"

Shree: [mutters under his breath] waaah kya scene hai!!! [clicks all the poses with a naughty smile on her face] Yeh special photo main tumhe frame kar ke gift karoonga Riya!!!

Arjun climbs down carefully and then helps her get down'..

After that, Arjun and Riya part from the rest of the group for their part of the investigation''..

An unidentified body was found almost a week back in the less crowded forest area'.So Arjun sets out to explore that area further''

Again the tough cop in him is out on the prowl and Riya is having a great problem keeping up with him'' Her dress doesn't give her the much needed freedom'.the dupatta and the flowy top keeps getting caught onto every bush or thorn on the path''..And she spends most of the time trying to disentangle it''

He literally sprints through the densely forested area and every 5 minutes, turns back to check if Riya is behind him''.In some places, he literally drags her along'''.

Arjun loses patience and sarcastically comments "insaan ko wahi pehnna chahiye jisme woh comfortable hai''" and he just pulls out the dupatta which almost tears into 2 pieces'''with it, breaks Riya's heart too'.it was one of her favorite dresses''expensive too''She starts sobbing as she trodes along the path, following him closely''"mujhe kya patha tha ke aisa hoga humaara honeymoon!!" she just mutters out in her frustration'..but nothing escapes our hero's ears''.he turns back furiously, pins her to the nearest tree and looks into her eyes "toh tum bolo kaise hona chahiye tha??"

She shivers at his sudden proximity and his unexpected behavior but then one look at his face and his deep eyes makes her blush'..which eventually snaps him out'''He regrets his action and frees her''She tries to save the situation "mera matlab hai ke'maine socha''[she stammers and searches for words'..]

He retorted in a mellowed tone "Rehne dho'.main samajh gaya...chalo, kuch kaam kar lethe hai!" he made up for the awkward moment and continued his search'''

They get some clues from the place''.some blood spots on a nearby bush which seemed to have been ignored by the local police!

On the way back, Arjun gets an intuition that they are being followed and have to be extra cautious''He tries to act very normal and puts his hand around RIya's shoulder and keeps her close to him just to make it look like 2 love birds having some romantic private time away from the maddening tourist spots'..When he grabs her closer, she doesn't understand it but he then whispers into her ears making her tremble again'." ab aise hi mere saath saath chalna'''[pausing] yahaan kuch toh gadbad hai!..."

She is a bit scared and obeys as he says'..

They return back to the spot where they join the bus''.And then back to the resort'.Its almost dinner time'.so they directly have a quick dinner and then come back to their room''.

He calls Rathod and tells him about the new discoveries "hum kal subah milkhar detailed mein baat karenge Sameer'..nahi room mein nahi''iss resort ke gym kaaali hi rehtha hai'.wahaan pe milthe hai'..haan'teek hai 6 baje'.." Riya heard him speaking to Rathod sir'..Tonight, she didn't have the determination to spoil the night's sleep'.She was damn tired and the uncomfortable posture on the couch would take its toll on her''So she didn't wait for anything'she just changed into her night dress and crashed onto her side of the bed pulling onto her a major portion of the quilt'..

He smirks as he sees her on the bed''She is all cuddled up and turns to the other side as soon as he takes his place on the bed''"kya baat hai Riya'.aaj koyi nautanki nahi karogi???" he sarcastically commented as he pulled his share of the quilt''She chooses to remain quiet posing to have slept already''He turns around seeing her silent response...He peeps over her to see her eyes shut tightly''He smiles at her cute innocent face and caresses her hair "good night Riya" 'before returning back to his place''

As the night deepens, there is literally a tug of war'they toss restlessly on their sides of the bed, pulling the quilt more and more to each other's side''At one point, both toss up and turn to each other almost onto each others arms'They remain locked in each others arms for a moment''.but her phone rings and ruin the moment''.she pulls back herself from his arms and gets up to pick the call ''he is embarrassed and moves away tooo''"damn!" he was cursing the caller within his mind and that actually surprised him''.

Riya walked to the hall with the phone'"hello'"  The very next moment she screamed "ROHANNN"

That was enough reason to irk Arjun''he sharpened his ears to know it further''.from her replies, one could guess what were the questions from the other side'''.

"how are you???? meee'.i am fine''.u tell me'.how are you????? hey I already said hundred sorries''''I know yaar, I hurted you''I kept you waiting'''..but plzzz''[then she was silently nodding to the phone]'''yeah I have a surprise''no no'..thats not done''I cant break the suspense now''.[then she kept silent for a few moments and then screamed again] WHAT????? You are coming to India?????? Really???? I cant believe this yaar''WHEN???? Oh ok'.. I will wait for your surprise too''' break your surprise only when I break mine'. that's a deal!!!...then tell me'.." but before he could say something, Riya found her phone being snatched away''and switched it off''.

"That's enough for the day!''.chup chaap so jaavo"'.having said that, Arjun walked away casually''

Though Riya was sad that she couldn't continue her chit chat with her long time friend, somewhere deep down, she sensed jealousy in Arjun and that made her happy''.She smacked herself for being so crazily in love with Arjun''"ekdam Akdu hai'.par phir bhi kitna cute hai!!!"

[To be continued]

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oh dis s a cute update... thnx for updating it... continue soon... thnx for PM

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oh its so cute update
continue soon
thanks for pm

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Too cute...loved the photos wala scene..adorable...haha shree is so funny!!

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Awww Arjun ji..
Riya ki kya weird wishes thi...

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awww most cute update..full of romance,naughtyness,jealousy Embarrassed
love this so much n thanks for pm Smile

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nice one loved ariya's photo session and romantic moments.. so rohan on his way to india making arjun jealous!!! thanks for the pm.. Smile

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cute update

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