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SwaRon SS:Pen Friends...Note -pg-76 (Page 7)

kria1996 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
interesting concept !
do pm me when u update.. :)

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sky_fighter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
yes i do think love is possible without even seeing or talking to the other person. although now-s-days its mostly through Facebook that people fall in love and dump each other but then again. this is happening out in the real world also so we just cant blame entirely the web and internet for it. it  the outcome is the way u use ur resources. oh yes back to SwaRon, nice topic's u choose Deepika. very unique and interesting. Very much intrigued to know how they will meet and how the story unfolds. 
So when do u plan to post the first part?

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sweetcherry95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
update the first part 

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SwaRon321 Newbie

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Awesome Concept!
And really very UNIQUE...
Do update soon...
I'll be waiting  Smile 

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Hey Friends ...thanx a lot for liking the concept...sorry for the delay in updating 1st part ...please continue commenting as they are my sole inspiration for writing ...will be waiting for ur comments and feedback(positive and negative all are welcomed)

Thank u all for liking the Concept of this SS ..Smile

stuti1995megsySwaRon321rockstarriya_26-swaron-mohitmohanty19tan-yatanharockkstruptiswaronmahak_28troublemagnetneeliyerkria1996Nehal92sweetcherry95pooja123456kool kanztoshanaik3011reet_26gunnu1Wantubakd3lover90tanha29swaron9113Tanya_Swaronluvtanzz15an_skyfightermrashAnanya.SwaRonfrankyfioSwaRonLuverarjuhiswaron007idiot_boxbhanumathitanhabeenyTanuka_TanHakritzzz_ArShasurbhimathurNirju99--Rose--maraudernature2sadiyaswaronpratik54000Anindita91OceanicRockStarRutu--NishaGoyal--abhilasha_dreamSudha-SKaishu3003shaani2209TanHa911-Jum-RulzZ-ABBY92yogini64Suku_SwaRon


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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Hey guys...This is the 1st  chapter  of this SS...I am really sorry I am very very late for posting the 1st chapter...i wanted this SS to be my best work...I don't know if you all will like this part...I rejected so many thoughts about this and finally went forward with this particular idea...hope you all like it ...and thank you so much for these lovely comments on the concept...they are really very encouraging ..plz bear the spelling mistakes...didn't get time to proof read.SmileSmileSmile

This Chapter is dedicated to my dear friend  Nehal...Smile

@Nehal..hey partnerHug...i know...i can't write like u..u r just amazing as a writer...i just  hope u will like this part... luv u ...Heart

Would like to mention all my IF friends...

Nisha,Himani,Sukanya,Satnam,Pratik,Tanuka,Ananya,Amrita(Amy),Nehal, Surbhi ,Tanu,Ani,Tanya,Lalita,Maria & Tejal ... Thanx guys for being so sweet to me ....luv u all HugHugHug




Raiprakash Mansion was decorated like a newly wed bride'.world famous wedding planner and best event management company were handing the event'arrangements for the most awaited engagement ceremony of the country had to be the best'.two biggest business families of India were going to be relatives'.it was not just an engagement 'but merger of two biggies in the business world'.it was going effect the share market and change the entire  scenario of the Indian market'.people from all age group dressed in their best formal party attire were ready to witness this event'.all of them were excited'.about the engagement..


Well ...not all'.


A girl was getting ready in her bed room'.best beauticians from all over the world were experimenting things to make her look like an angel'but'she was already looking like an angel'her natural beauty was shining through '.she was wearing a baby pink lehenga'.with beautiful embellishments'.the silver embroidery and stone studded beautiful lehenga was going her creamy complexion perfectly'as if it was meant to be on her '..She was wearing a beautiful diamond necklace studded with a Ruby in the center with matching earrings'.she was looking like an angel who just got down from heaven'.to spread happiness and love in earth'.

Hey Sharon'.u are looking so beautiful'..u will be the most beautiful bride ever the world have seen'.one of her friends complimented her'.

She smiled'..her perfectly carved lips widened a bit and gave a small smile'.but it didn't reach her eyes'.she was not smiling from her heart'.her angelic beautiful green eyes outlined by dark kohl were undoubtedly the way to heaven'.but it was not filled with excitement and happiness'.they were sad, uninterested & lost in thoughts'..


Arre'ladke wale aa gaye'jaldi chalo'.

Suddenly a noise came from outside of the room'she looked at that direction'.young girls dressed in traditional attires were running towards the main hall'.they were holding flowers, sweets , Aarti & other necessary  things for the welcome of  the much awaited guest of that grand night'..

She sighed'.and looked at the opposite direction'..outside the window'moon was playing hide and seek with clouds'.she saw a faint image on the  silver surface of moon'..tears started forming in her beautiful green orbs'.

No'U can't cry today Sharon'this is going to be your destiny'they have written your have to accept it'happily or forcefully'doesn't matter'..she told herself'.and tried to console herself'.

She was busy talking herself'.lost in some distant world when her friends and cousins came and took her to the main hall'.

Sharon'you are so lucky yar'.the groom is so handsome'he is looking so damn hot in that cream color designer sherwani'.one girl said excitedly'.

And his hair'.ahhh'.so silky yar'I wish..mere baal aise silky hote'another girl chirped in'


Those deep eyes 'ahh mahn'.our Jiju looks so hot'..someone commented teasing Sharon'.and all girls laughed'.in unison'.

Ek baat toh pakki he'.u people will be the most good looking pair 'ever'..u are so beautiful and He is sooo handsome'..

She was least bothered about the discussion going on'.she was making herself ready for the next few hours.. which were going to be difficult for her'.

They reached the main hall which was decorated keeping HER taste in mind'.as she likes things to be subtle 'not over the top''.it was decorated with white and purple flowers'.

Generally even a little imperfection makes her furious'but that day she was different'she was least bothered about the surroundings'.her restless eyes were searching for something'the thing which she knew'is not present there'..


Ladies and Gentleman'.thanks for gathering here for this auspicious and most important occasions for Shekhawat and Raipraksh Families'. She heard her father talking from the stage'.looking very excited about the event'.


Crowd applauded. 'with broad smiles on their faces'..

She  climbed the stage and her cousins made her stand next her would-be 'fiancee' she took the place and stood there'.

Please welcome my lovely princess Sharon and the only son of Mr Rajveer Shekhwat'.the inheritor of the great Shekhwat dynasty Mr Swayam Shekhwat'.Aren't they making a lovely couple?Please give them a big hand'.Mr Raipraksh spoke again'.his voice was full of excitement'.

Next moment'.her father gave her hand in HIS hand'and he slipped a Solitaire diamond ring in her ring finger'which she knew is directly connected to her heart nerves'.she followed his action and slipped a big diamond ring in his ring finger'..his hands were cold'just like his attitude towards her'..not that she wanted any special treatment from him'.


She looked up'.his eyes were cold'.she knew it's a forced relationship on him as well'just like her'.he was a good looking guy'well'.she had to admit he was  looking no less than a greek god'.those deep dark brown eyes'..silky hair'.perfectly shaped nose'beautifully carved  lips'.he was attractive..very attractive'.but'.

She sighed'..she was not getting any solutions to her endless queries'.

She heard anannouncement for a dance of the couple of the evening'.she danced with him'.he was nice & gentle' soon as they finished the dance she broke apart and created distance between them'

The rest of evening was full of fake smiles'praises'.

WOW'u look so beautiful'

Ur necklace is looking so pretty'

Both of you make a great couple..

You look perfect together'.

Her cheeks started paining after giving broad smiles to each one of them'.she was getting irritated '.

She looked around'.a face caught her attention'.he was looking quite bored of the party as well'.she excused herself from Mrs Malhotra who was flaunting her new diamond necklace and walked towards the direction he was standing'.

Hey..she said'

Hii'he replied..with a smile'.

Bored?..she asked'

Yeah'.i hate these kind of parties'.

& this evening is supposed to be the most beautiful evening of our lives'.she exclaimed'

He giggled at her words'

I am getting restless here'can we go out for sometime'.i don't want to interact with these Armani suit hangers and designer sarees and jewelry models'.he said'with a cute annoyed look on his face'

Fat models'she added..

He let out a small laughter but controlled when a fat aunty looked at him'

Yeah sure 'we can go to the garden'.she said

They walked out of the hall and went to the garden'

It was beautifully decorated with lights and a perfect moon was adding charm to the night'.

I am swayam by the way'strange'we just got engaged'..but didn't get a chance to interact with each other'properly'

I am Sharon'she replied with a smile'

Yeah'engagement 'that was the last thing on my cards for now'she replied'

Last few words'just slipped out of her mouth'she was surprised to see herself talking so comfortably with HIM..

You don't seem very interested in this marriage'.he asked with a teasing look on his face'

Well I can say the same for you as well'she replied quickly'

He nodded in positive'

So may I know the reason for u being not interested in this marriage'he asked'

Umm'nothing as such'I just finished my college'I wanted to have a relationship'a marriage'a sacred bond'not some business deal'

What about you'she asked..

Well'I am just not ready for this marriage thing'.i want  certain things in my life'


Certain girl.. I guess'she said with a teasing smile'.she was enjoying this conversation by now'

Nope'.Had many girls in my life'.but none of them  touched my heart'.

Ohh'so now that we are engaged'.how am I supposed to behave to win your heart Mr Shakhawat'she raised her perfectly shaped eye brows'it danced along with her question'

Hey'please spare me the horror'lets be friends first 'later we can see how these things take shape'

Yeah sure'she replied with a smile...

They were sitting on the grass'it was full moon night'moonlight seemed so soothing after the  fake smiles pasted on the faces in the party'at least something was genuine'.real'

After few minutes of silence'

I guess'we shall go back to the party'they will think we ran away'.she said'

With each other'strange'he grinned'

You are impossible'lets go inside'she said and got up from her place'

Hey I am possible'.he said and followed her towards the party hall..

Rest of the party was boring again'but she felt comfortable around him'and she could say the same for him'at least he seemed genuine'

He was also not ready for the marriage'she was relieved listening to that'

Finally the event came to and end'.all the guests left'including the groom's family'.

She started walking towards her room'.

Ahaa'.this is called business'I have made the biggest deal of my life today'.The Raiprakashs & the Shekhawats'..united'.there won't be any competitor in market 'nobody can beat us now'NOBODY...she heard  Dad's voice'coming out from their bedroom'

I know Darling'.i have got a very smart husband'.her Mom replied to him'.

The sad expression on her face changed into a dirty one'...for them'her life was just an business deal'it was money which mattered for them'.not her happiness'

She reached her room'changed into  comfortable night dress and rested her tired self on the bed'.

She saw her laptop lying on her bed'.she opened it'..

Clicked on the browser '...and logged into Friends-Book'.

 On the extreme upper left'a sign indicated'she is having one message in her inbox'

She clicked on the icon'.

Read the message'

Shan :

Hey Sneha'how are you'couldn't find you online whole day'.

She started typing a reply'.


Questions...Doubts..If you have read my FF/SSs know that i would unfold the story slowly in  future updates...and try to clear all your doubts..Smile

So guys how was it? good ...bad ...very bad..boring ... plzzz do comment.. i will wait for your comments and feedback Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Please don't kill me for the delay...and dont expect frequent updates as well..will try to be regular...Embarrassed

plz add me to your buddy list ...for pm..

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Deepu di  Hug
so we finally are getting an update after such a long time for this ss Big smile

Awesome start deepu di !!
very well written indeed Clap
the ambiance and all the engagement ceremony ,etc were very well described .
the swayam and sharon coversation was really nice 
the Pen name chosen by you is too good , I Likeee Wink
In all loved the update 
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

P.S - thanks for the dedication di .
 Love u loads  Heart

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
res nehal Smile

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