Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

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-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
Posts: 36944

Posted: 10 April 2012 at 9:15am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone,

I am going to try to address some concerns in this post. Firstly, let me begin off by thanking you all for all your patience. I think the forum can only function well when we have wonderful members. I understand that with an entry of another popular celebrity, things are bound to get out of control, but we need to be calm. I think it is important to respect others and their choices, even if they are different from ours. This is how discussions and debates are formulated. This forum after all is a discussion forum and is open to healthy debates as long as one doesnt step over the line of decency. If one member likes one celebrity over the other, that should not be a reason for you to attack the other member. Please remember, if one does not agree with you, does not necessarily mean they are bashing you. They are simply expressing their side. I think a lot of times members get too involved in proving one is better than the other, that they dont realize that they cannot force their choice down someone else's throat. Please chill & relax, Karanvir and Harshad, both are integral part of this show. There have been some instances where members have gotten personal with another member, that is a STRICT NO. I have a NO tolerance policy in regards to personal attacks. So please lets not go to that route. If one feels bullied, please pm me immediately. My name is Gagan, you are more than welcome to pm me if you have any concerns. It may take some time to reply back if it is not urgent (please type urgent in subject for urgent issues), due to heavy volume of pms and till we do not get official dev team placed in life ok forums. Other than that, I hope we all have a great time here and promote healthy discussions.

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-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
Posts: 36944

Posted: 19 April 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
Please members, I request you all to cooperate. Please give me the same respect and courtesy as you all expect.
I would really appreciate it.

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-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
Posts: 36944

Posted: 30 May 2012 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
This post is just regarding Appreciation threads and not the discussion forum. You have more liberty to discuss and post criticism of other characters on the forum itself.
Now coming to this particular issue:
Let me be straightforward with everyone. I do hold the right to remove ATs from this forum at any time, however I do not want to go to that extent as we all come  here to discuss and enjoy. I feel we should have atleast one post where members do not have to bear bashing or even criticism.  I am putting in place an AT system, which I had enforced in DMG forum once and it worked just fine and the same will apply here.

1. You are not allowed to discuss other members or other fan groups in ATs
2. You are not allowed to discuss the other actor ( applies to only KV and Harshad)
3. You are not allowed to discuss others shows or other actors who are not related to DSDDSB
4. Appreciation threads are specifically meant for fans who appreciate the actor.

Now this is how it will work:
Karanvir and Harshad ATs can come up with their own moderating team, who will watch over the ATs so that members do not overstep the line. If you see someone is violating the rule let them know. If the moderating team is able to address the issue and get the member to remove any bashing post within 24 hour then there will be no penalties. (There are exceptions such as if the moderating team tried, however the member was not cooperating or if the member did not come back). If the members  is a newbie or MID, then I will take care of those as its probably a troll. It's a time waste to explain to them. Their posts would disappear anyway once I get them banned.

Now, lets say people are bashing and moderating team doesn't look into it or there is a repeated behavior of bashing or misusing of the 24 hour rule. Then the AT will be warned and will be closed for some time period.

1st warning - AT closed for 24 hours.
2nd warning - AT closed for 48 hours.
3rdwarning - AT closed for a week
4th warning - AT closed for a month
After this AT will be moved to CFC forum.

I apologize if some will not like this, but I was forced to put this in place.

IF Dev Team

Edited by SkyLight - 30 May 2012 at 8:12pm

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
Posts: 26250

Posted: 22 September 2012 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
Please make sure to read all of the rules for this section. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the IF COC - I-F Code of Conduct

These forum rules are meant to elaborate or update the rules already existing, so that there are no ambiguities remaining.  All of them have been rolled in here so that one can find them all in one place.

DSDDSB Forum Rules 

1. Comparison Topics/Instigating Posts/Plotting: Instigating topics and comparison posts on this forum are NOT allowed. Some members purposely instigate others and believe they can get by with it and some plan attacks in other places and decide to disrupt the functioning of the forum. Well, it will not happen anymore. 

2. Regarding AT threads: There are Appreciation Threads for all the Jodi's. Please do not create individual threads over little things that can be discussed in AT. Please remember to not chat and stay on topic. All the Physical attributes of the Actors(eyes/nose/Hair) should be discussed in the AT's of the respective Actor. Please avoid opening separate Topics for them. 


        1. You are not allowed to discuss other members or other fan groups in ATs
        2. You are not allowed to discuss the other actor ( applies to only KV and Harshad) 
        3. You are not allowed to discuss others shows or other actors who are not related to DSDDSB
        4. Appreciation threads are specifically meant for fans who appreciate the actor.

3. Name-Calling/Stereotyping:  Giving names to other fans: Bashers, Haters and etc. will not be tolerated. From now on name calling, bashing other fans, or stereotyping will not be allowed.In addition, comment on the show and not the viewers. It seems like half of the posts are targeted at the viewers rather than the show. Do not pass snide remarks at viewers of the show just because their interest lies in something different from yours.

4. Utilizing Report Feature:
 If anyone sees a thread/post/comment which is offending posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your favorite idol. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action and try our best to resolve the issue.  Note that this could take some time - just because you don't see anything doesn't mean that there is nothing happening behind the scenes.  So don't make matters worse when you don't see anything.

5. Bashing/Personal Attacks: Bashing and making personal attacks against any actor/actress/CVs/members is not allowed. Make sure members know the difference between bashing and criticism. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states things in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points a bit too heavily such that, it no longer looks like criticism but looks like a total attack. Everyone has his or her own point of view. Let's respect it. You have the right to raise your opinion but one should see lines aren't crossed. Avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member.This is against IF COC and won't be tolerated.  Again, anything that you feel is bashing, or goes against the COC, simply use the report button rather than responding and escalating the issue any further. 

Keep a control on your sarcasm. If the mods feel that your post is no longer critiquing, but is full of sarcasm/attacks... that will be held against you.

Also note that this is applicable to actors, as well as other members.  Attacks on characters are perfectly legitimate, and it's perfectly fine to argue about them, so long as it doesn't escalate into personal attacks on either other members, or the actors, but is limited to the characters..  So far, we have been giving members the benefit of doubt, but whenever you are discussing these characters, make sure that you are not conflating character w/ actor, since the rules are very different for the treatment of either entity

6. Repeated Topics: 
Check a few pages back before making a topic on the same point. Repeated topics will be closed. We are noticing a lot of this lately, but going forward, we will feel free to either merge or close them

7. Quoting Posts/Members/Creations/Pictures: 
Don't quote long posts especially when it messes up the coding which makes it look bad. If you want to reply to someone use the @ format like @A:  , @B: & so on. Only upto 3 quotes are allowed in a post given the fact they are relatively small quotes and not page long essays, unless the purpose of quoting the long post is to provide inline replies to the entire thing.

Definitely avoid quoting pictures or creations when responding to them, since they already slow down the site to begin with, particularly for readers who don't have high bandwidth.

A long quotation is justified only if your response would otherwise appear on a different page, and you want both the citation and the response to appear together.  Aside from that, it is only justified for making inline replies.  Please be selective about using it.

8. No Chatting/Spamming: 
Refrain yourself from chatting/spamming on the forum. Don't to start your personal chats in threads opened for various subjects/discussion topics. Please try to stick to the topic when posting replies. There is a Chat Club in the forum, so please use it.

9. Picture topics:  
We have a picture gallery and I want you all to use that. Please do not make anymore topics on pictures. If there are some special pictures that you want to post on the forum then you will have to ask Dev Team before opening a topic on pictures. We will allow picture topics on special occasion, but again only after taking permission. Post all the pictures in the Picture Gallery, including any kinds of screen caps from the episode. Separate topics can be created for off-screen pictures, including pictures from specific events.

10. Emotions: 
Do not type message or post reply full of emotions only. Emotions are used to emphasize how you feel when words alone aren't enough. They serve as 'add-ons' to your message BUT it doesn't mean that you are to type a whole line of Emoticons alone, without a single word or phrase (e.g. ROFL)! Messages containing only emotions  will be deleted.

11. Posting Articles: Before posting any article please check to make sure that the article has not been posted before. IF has launched its own news hub Telly Buzz. We are now in direct competition with IndianTelevision & Telly Chakkar. See to it you do not post articles from these two websites. Also, do not copy paste articles from TC/ (Telly Tadka by changing the names or titles. No direct content from any of these sites will be allowed here. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Provide link/source of the articles. Similarly, do NOT discuss articles from Telly Chakkar, Telly Tadka or IndianTelevision on I-F.  These are against the greater I-F rules. In the future, any of these articles will be trashed without warning.

12. Organizing Contest/Activities:  You may not post Contests/Activities/ Games/ Appreciation-Fan Threads without prior approval from the moderators. This forum has an organized GOTW/DOTW so if you want to participate, please sign up when the sign up lists are out. 

13. Introduce Yourself: Members who are new to this section please introduce yourself in - Introduction Corner - thread instead of creating new post. Any new post created just for that reason will be trashed.

14. Promotions:
  I know some of you all are very excited that you have become senior member, goldie, IF dazzlers, IF rockerz.. and we are truly happy for you all, but since this is a DSDDSB forum those topics need to go in the Meme4u Forum.     

15. Asking for Updates: 
Any new thread opened that is asking for written updates will be closed. There are designated updaters for each day, and the updates will be posted, so please be patient. That being said, you may ask in the Help Desk. 

We now have a new line-up of updaters & back-ups.  We expect them to have a detailed update up & running within 12 hours after the show originally airs.  If you are a primary updater and can't do your role that day, PM your back-up and get a confirmation that it will be done.  Conversely, if you are a back-up updater and don't see an update within 12 hours of the show originally airing, take it as a signal to do an update.

16. Use Like Button: 
Every often we see members posting thanks or tfs or one liner instead of using the Like button. The Like feature has come in place of Thank You feature so that spamming could be alleviated. Saying thanks, tfs, etc constitutes to spamming. If you have nothing more to say apart from thanks then just do so using the Like button.  If you just want to post thanking an updater, we recommend that you post a line or two about the subject itself.

17. Help topics:
 If you have any queries regarding the show then please post it in !DSDDSB Help Desk- Post all Questions/Queries! We will definitely try our best to help out there.

18. Typing in CAPS LOCK:
 Please do not write in Cap Locks, not in any of the posts, and not as the titles for the threads that are opened. If you continue to do so it will result in a WL increase.

19. Creating MIDS: Creating MIDs (another account) on IF is not allowed under any circumstances. Wrong usage of creating a different account will result in a WL increase without any warnings as this is a serious issue. 

20  Promo & TRP Threads:  We have created a thread /+ DSDDSB Promos +\ just for all promos and glued it.  From now on, all promos, and discussions about them must be posted there.  Don't create any other promo threads.  Similarly, any promo videos will be moved there.  Note that NO exceptions will be allowed here.  If you see a very exciting promo, celebrate the fact that you saw it by posting there, and as soon as we see it, we'll update the headline & index.

Similarly, a new thread about TRPs /+ TRP Ratings Thread +\  has been started , and that will be the sole thread in which TRPs can be posted - no exceptions.  If you see the newly released TRPs, this is the place to post.  It'll be updated & maintained in an index, and discussions can continue.

21. SBS/SBB Segments: Each fan group will be allowed to open their own thread for the SBS/SBB segments of Harshad Chopra and Karanvir Bohra, for which the videos can be restricted to only the parts of the respective actor. If an episode covers both Harshad and Karanvir, two separate threads should still be created for the discussions. That being said, no more than two new SBS/SBB threads should be opened per day, and remember no bashing the other character in the threads.  Anyone who would like the complete segments, with both actors, can refer to the segments uploaded by the Videobies.


22. Official Forum Threads: Any threads that meant to be the  " Official DSDDSB ______ Thread" will be open for everyone to post in, regardless of who started the thread. No restrictions can be made as to who can post and who cannot.  In addition, please get the approval from one of the DT before posting any such thread that is meant for the whole forum. Once the thread gets approval from the DT, it will not belong to the TM, and therefore, the TM cannot tell anyone to stop posting. 

23. Video Mixes: Members can open their own VM gallery which they can update from time to time. This way one can find creations (VM's) by a particular member in one thread itself. You can share/post your Creation in ::DSDDSB MediaGallery::

24Telling others what to do: We would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum. Because there is now a designated DT for the forum, let the moderators decide what is needed on this forum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. You cannot stop someone from posting in any topic. Any issues with any post, use the report button, and the matter will be looked into, but remember that the way the way the issue is resolved may not necessarily be in a way that you agree with.


25. No Stretching the Issue or Discussing the Matter After DT has Posted Warning: Though we urge you all to ignore and report, any of you ignore that and reply back. Also, despite DT posting warnings, members still stick to that incident instead of discussing the topic at hand. This stretches the issue. There is no need for you to reply back if the DT has already dealt with the issue. If people are so found of doing so, action will be taken.

26. Personal Lives of Actors NOT to be Discussed - Unless there is a statement from the actors, discussing an actor's personal life is not allowed on IF, not in ATs, and not in the general forum either. And please, don't encourage any further discussion on any rumors. Any such topics will be closed.

27.  Stick to the topic of the thread.  This has been touched on a bit above in point #8, but it's worth elaborating it separately here.  Normally, this wouldn't be a rule, but what we've noticed is that in most of the threads where fights break out, it happens when someone posts something that, among other things, strays from the topic under discussion.  We understand that while reading opinions, it's easy to get carried away and just continue the conversation, forgetting what the topic of the thread was in the first place.  However, if we see any fights break out, and then see that any of the offending posts are irrelevant to the topic of the thread in question, the fact that that topic was hijacked will be held against you.  So while posting, do consider whether your post is still consistent w/ the thread

 Moderation: Not everyone on Dev Team is a moderator. Coolbies and Videobies do not fall under the category of Moderation as they only provide updates. The Moderation chain latter as follows: Viewbie > Moderator > Channel Moderator. Your first contact would be the section's Viewbie or Moderator as they will take care of day to day activities on the forum. If you have complaints regarding moderation those can be sent directly to CMs, but any other issues must be brought to the attention of Viewbies first. In case if any members feels that a warning being given is not justified or there is an error then please pm the DT member, but do not argue on the respective post and cause disruption. If you are not satisfied with the answer then please direct the concerns to CMs.

Warning Level Procedure:  Please read this for full details on the warning procedure:New Warning Procedure. Dev Team will keep a running list of members, who will continue to break rules.


1. Verbal warning 
2. PM warning from Dev Team 
3. WL Increase. 
4. Lead to possible Ban.


If for some reason you do not agree with the warning you have received in your topic then you need to PM the moderator/viewbie who warned you instead of starting an argument in the forum. If you are not satisfied with the reply given by the DT members then you may take up your issue with the Channel Moderators. However, absolutely no arguments on the forum as that will lead to a direct increase in your warning level.   

Also note that all warnings, and WL raises happen in private - the COC for DT members precludes them from sharing such information w/ members outside their DTs.  So please don't ask us why hasn't someone been warned - maybe she has, maybe she hasn't - unless she voluntarily reveals it, how would one know?

Note that in case of members who already have WLs of 20% or above, steps 1 & 2 above will not apply - if you violate any rules, you'll see a direct increase in your WLs.  This is because since you already have a WL above zero, you are expected to be more mindful of the rules, and not post things that violate them.  As a result, for those people, if we see violations, their WL's will go directly up.  You'll see the offending post URL and the explanation in the WL itself.

If you have any doubts/suggestions/objections regarding anything then feel free to PM the DT.  Or else, any questions or concerns regarding the above, post them in the gripes thread - /+ Your gripes about & suggestions for this forum +\

-DSDDSB Dev. Team 

*Credit goes to SkyLight and -Preeti-*

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 9735

Posted: 13 October 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone!

I know that a lot of you are frustrated and annoyed with the way the show is progressing, the forum is so negative, characters, and a billion other things. Everyone has their own issues.

We really do understand that, and that you guys want to vent out your frustrations in the forum -which is also perfectly acceptable. However, this is a request that we hope everyone does take into account when they're posting - Please stick to the topic of a thread. Simply because you are frustrated doesn't mean that you should take out your annoyances on other forum members, whether it's through the digs/attacks, the consistent mocking, etc. And at the other fan group as well.

Mocking people because of their opinions, because they're enjoying the show, is definitely not allowed. There's a serious limit to everything, and simply because you don't enjoy the show at the moment doesn't mean that you have to mock/direct sarcastic remarks at those who do. Respect that other people can have different opinions, and accept that they will not always be the same as yours.

At the same time, respect that there are people who dislike the show at the moment. There's no need to tell anyone that they can't or shouldn't  post in the forum because they're not watching the show or something like that.

Everyone has different opinions and viewpoints on the show. RESPECT THAT.

In the past few days, we've seen a lot of  the "people who like the show at the moment enjoy seeing DV/support DV" type comments - NOT allowed. That's wrong, that's really really wrong. Keep in mind that everyone isn't watching this show for the same reason, some people are watching to see the message for women who suffer through domestic violence, others for their favorite actors/characters, others for simply entertainment simply to see where it goes as a story, and others for yet other reasons.

Taking our your frustrations with the show and forum on individual members will result in a WL raise. ANY personal attacks we see, sly digs directed at each other or the other fan group will be dealt with seriously. Everyone's been reminded of this fact enough times by now, everyone should know better than to attack at each other.

Here's the link to the Frustrations thread if anyone wants to vent there - feel free to use it. /+ DSDDSB Frustration Thread +\

That being said, any questions, comments or concerns, please PM the DT. And once again, please keep the rules in mind when posting, about the sarcasm and attacking members/actors/ etc.


Edited by ..Naina.. - 13 October 2012 at 2:20pm

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.Vrish. Viewbie

Joined: 25 October 2008
Posts: 26250

Posted: 26 November 2012 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Hi, Everyone

As you may know, there is a brand new announcement made by the Administators on I-F, so please read this carefully and keep in mind what it says

In short, going forward, please remember not to get any unwanted content from social networking sites - namely Twitter, Facebook, any other forum, Fan Page, Blog etc to the DsddSB forum that is likely to spark a debate/create unrest.

This means any content that demeans an actor in or off the show or gives rise to negativity and sparks a debate.  This includes any comments passed on those sites or articles.

Please keep all these issues on other sites and do not drag them here.

Violating this rule can lead to warnings and subsequent increase in a persons warning level.

/+ DsddSB DT +\

Edited by .Vrish. - 26 November 2012 at 11:46pm

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