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Tu hai toh i'll be alright!!~SS~ (Page 23)

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loved it a lot

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Originally posted by girlz-rule

@sachiarsha: Awesum n fantastic SS!!!!Smile
Thank you :)
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Originally posted by meghanakiran

loved it a lot

Thank you :)
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update pls
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I know this took forever, and I really am very sorry, but life has just turned obnoxiously heavy, studies really are ruling me now, please do forgive me, and i'll try to give an update sooner after this and even finish it soon. Thank You.

And now it's ur turn to read and decide, what u wanna throw at me, just let it be soft, so I don't get hurt, U know. Wink

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Chapter 3:


Kria's POV:


This morning's different, very different, it feels so much more serene and true, I feel so eased telling everything to mom and dad. I've forever hated hiding these things to them, I love mom dad whom god have let me have along with which god has even gifted me a very beautiful gift of my two stupid yet cute brothers. Now come on they're not it, they too have given me the best girlfriends. Both of these to me are the best brother that I've never had. Universeji thank you, agar mujhe in sab me kisi bhi ek ko loose karna padega toh I'll probably will have a big urge to lose myself. All these 6 people mean everything to me, and I'd need nothing now, I'm seriously complete. Nonetheless why do I feel, like you're still to surprise me today, Universeji?? Though I need none of your delicate surprises, but whatever, if you've already planned, then you better make sure it's something worthwhile, I'm sure u need no piece of mind. *Kriya was thinking all this while sitting at her window drying her hair, while smiling to herself.*



"Kriaaa" a voice came from the other end of the door "Kria bete utho,dekho..." that was it, somebody was really to get a shock of her life.


"Mom kya hua, main yahan hoon"

"Kria are you alright?  like 8:00 and what I see is "the Kria Ghai", all dressed, what's the deal?"

"MOM! There's no deal, at least nothing of what you're thinking" kria offended, giving her a fake broad smile " *sigh* come on mom, what are you, and I've got a meet at 9 at campus, and THAT IS ALL! so ur please not using ur imaginations, yeah?"


Breakfast table:


"Kria what time are going to be back, and have you got a dress for tonight?"

"I guess probably by 2, and there must be, I've got this wardrobe like flushed with clothes" "errr mom?


"I was thinking could you please come at the campus at 1? now, now ur not asking any questions, just please, it's important"

"Okay, i'll be there"

"Thanks mom" with that kria kissed both her parents and ran out of the house.

At the campus:

"Guys sab read hai na??"

"HAAN" came an associated yell of 6 people.

"Kria" - vishkha

"Could" - bharat

"you" - rinni

"please" - nilesh

"for the sake" - simmi

"of heaven" - amar

"RELAX" - all six again

"Sorry* she said scrunching her nose.

"Kria relax love, they'll all like it i'm sure" Vishakha assured

" U sure na?"


"Oh god! guys Cake kahan hai??" come another anxious yell from kria.

"Kriaaa, cake bhi agaya hai, decoration bhi hogayai, watchman uncle se bhi baat hogayi, aur kuch?? sab kuch hogaya hai hyper queen, chill yaar!" Simmi ensured her, while rushing and holding her tight.

There are sudden few footstep after a few minutes, and to be guessed it was their moms, the lights and gates were immediately closed and when the mothers entered, there was a loud yell with a lot of balloon bursting sound, the mothers were happy and shocked would be an understatement. Them all rushed to their moms and grabbed them into the area where there was six layered cake lying elegantly on the table, with "Happy Mother's Day" was imprinted.

Long story short, all the moms had tears in their eye and were immensely overwhelmed with the feeling love and happiness.

"Kria" but like kria could listen this voice.

"Kria??" sharon stood there all shocked, all she could she was Kria throwing her clothes out over head from her wardrobe, okay to be honest, it wasn't only over her head but also over her shoulder, and even to the left and right, and probably every possible corner over her room was covered by clothes she had thrown out of her wardrobe and even a whole luggage full of clothes.

"This probably, no certainly is the biggest thing in my life, i'm thrown in, to deal with!!" Kria unconscious was mumbling loudly, still continuing to throw her left over clothes, even picking up and throwing the one's on the floor around her.






"Okay so now ur yelling as hell and believe it or not, my ears have seriously started bleeding baby girl" sharon managed to say rubbing her left ear.

"SHARON! Thank god ur here, what have I even done on this face of earth to go through this??" Kria said annoyed while signaling at the bunch of clothes on the floor, with her hands.

"This sure as hell was just so messed up and now damn it's got difficult as Geometry!!" While saying she sat down on her bad, with her head hiding into her palm.

"Hehe!! Simmer down baby. Okay so maybe let's make this difficult seeming geometry get as simple as ABC??" sharon said placing her palm on Kria's shoulder, while sitting down with her.

"What is suppose to mean?" Kria could only think of contemplating, but to be noticed, all confused.

"Baby girl, I've got you a perfect dress for tonight, i thought it could be of a use somehow to you" Sharon replied with a cheeky proud grin, out of what she did.

"No wonder sharon, why bhai loves you and has decided to make you my Bhabhi, ur the best at the moment at least" Sharon blushed and her cheeks turned into every possible existing tint of pink to red, but eventually understood what kria just said.

"Kriaaa, youu, chodoongi nahi main tumhe." With that sharon started chasing an already running kria.

"Aaah, accha baba sorry, ab chod bhi do" Kria pleaded sharon to leave her ear.

"Hmmm...okay so we're gonna come here to pick you up, okay?"

"but for what I can come na"

"Idk, ask ur brother, he told me, to inform you"

"and how about you? it's already six, and you too need to get ready, don't you?"

"well I was thinking, can I get ready here, I mean i don't wanna go all the way home and then get ready, it's kind of tiring" sharong said with a baby face



"Since when did u have to ask for those permissions??" now she was yelling.

"Don't you shout I was just..."

"I was just what?"

"Fine" sharon could only sigh in response.

"Now how do u like the idea of getting your little pretty ass to the washroom, I too need to use it, but while ur in, I'll collect all the accessories u know. Oh how I wish this wasn't to be an all-dress-up-like-girls party!! but whatever."

Dresses : Neha  Sharon Kria Rey  Swayam Vicky

Footwear: Neha Sharon Kria (all the color matchings are cuz i could find nothing better sorry)

(sorry guys this is the best i could manage )

*horn* *horn* *horrrnnn*

"Sorry sorry sorry, so sorry"

"Kiddo kahan hai??"

"Bhai idhar" she said with a cheeky grin on her face.

"What the hell" this was from both her brothers

"Kiddo ye kya pehna hai??"

"Exactly ye kitna short hai, shona if u needed something, u could have asked us, ye sab..."

"Shut up!! What is your problem?? I gave her this dress to wear, and she's looking perfect, what me and Neha wears does not bother you but Kria's does. How hypocritical! I'm disgusted to guts I swear!! huh!" all this while, Kria was only standing her head pulled down.

*A big silence* well which did feel eternity though!

"I'm sorry"

"No we're sorry" vicky too apologized along with Swayam

"Sharon, maan jao na, she na Bhai sorry bol rahe hain, please" with that she starts tickling Sharon, only lightly enough to just make her giggle.

"Okay Okay, stop!!"

"Can we please go, I wanna be there now that we're done with the dramas here"

"Hawww, Neha that so mean, but okay, i'll see you later, chal Kria"

When they finally reached the place and has unloaded themselves, all they had to do was wait.

"Where is your this very special guest bhai??"

"Abhi aa..." Oh like you can complete your sentence when it is to kria.

"Kabhi? Bhai till this freak's here, I can't go in and if I go in, none of you are going in, No one, not even you Neha" her face was decorated with an evil smile.

"Wow! Thank you Swayam, I never knew this was what I was excited to come here for, what kind of friends do you have?"

"Chill Neha, he'll be here in 5, he texted"

"In 5 han?" Universeji better it be somebody livable

"Better she be good, at least no like all those other dumb girls, she must be one like Sharon and Neha I hope" he could talk to anybody, without ears right now.

Little did these two poor souls know, what was coming for them, what was life gonna offer and how, this was gonna effect.

"There he is"

"Where swayam bhai?"

"Woh baba"

Sheeks, W-H-A-T?? him? That thin, no no that skeleton?? bhai seriously?"

"are but..."

"but kya bhai could u really not find somebody nice, kya bhai???"

"KIDDO!! Ye nahi uske peeche, that's the guy."

"REY" both sharon and neha squealed together, and with in no time they were both hugging him so tight like their lives depended on him.

"Are are bike se toh utarne do" he said giggling

"Swayam why dint u tell us, that you special guest was him?" Sharon questioned sternly.

"hehe! sorry"

"Swayam" she simply sighed, shaking her head.

"Are baba I told him to inform u two, it has been ages since we've been together, and i just wanted to surprise u two" he though caught on to the situation with a bright smile.

"awww...when did u come back from London?"

"Ahan, me and neha were talking about how we're missing you, yesterday, in front of these jerks, and look how good they are at hiding, huh!!"

Kria's Pov:

I've seems millions of guys till the date, but this guy seems so different. Mere his look got me disaffiliated from the world. I suddenly started to feeling an anxiety, a feeling of my heart slowly stopping to beating under my skin, before thumping for a few seconds, when I'd seen him, this din't feel like very good. This was disastrous, something I never had to go through before, I've never had this feeling with any other guy, note not even Johnny Depp. Okay okay I get it, it's disgusting to think of it right now, back to the topic. He, he gets me all mesmerized, I don't know what am I supposed to do right now.

Rey's Pov:

Soon at the moment my orbs met her's already staring hazel ones, the voices got numb, I myself got numb, the voices of other four quarreling started to blur out, nothing was audible, nothing could be sensed except those staring right through me, those eyes were like pulling me towards her. I could literally feel my soul merging into her's, like I was walking towards her, in no time, it felt like I knew her since ever, like we were meant to be. I don't know what it was, I don't know what this feeling was like, even why I had this uneasiness which seemed to only finish when I'd hold her, not just holding her but holding onto her for my dear life. This was different, weird and something I'd never felt before. What was it, just those eyes or was it that girl, or was it me, God this is gonna make me insane. I wanna, I really wanna look away and run away from this agitation. The feeling of my breath caught into my throat wasn't very nice experience, and the thought of knowing her better din't seem very nice either.

Kria's Pov:

See, I still am in a trance, his trance, I really wonder how dead I am, or insane, or am I even acting pathetic, Jesus I don't even know if I'm actually saying this all, as in not thinking, but giving all the idiots around me a chance to know what I'm thinking, wow! this is great, I know that I maybe doing this but I still can't take off my of him. Tragedy, tragedy, tragedy!! this is Jeez I don't even have words now, but one thing is sure as hell, that whatever this is is not very good, I mean how can it be good that his eyes met mine and instead of looking away I looking even deeper in those brown killer orbs.  But wait, why is even looking at me, oh god this seems seriously, he's not only looking at me, but also staring at me. Sh*t he's staring at me, nobody deserves this, there is a hot guy looking at me, and i'm shamelessly staring back at him, above all, I don't even know what i'm looking a lost puppy or maybe even worse a dumb big eyed chicken, whose ready to cry any moment. Wow! what more proof do you need that my destiny sucks, wait a second, why has he suddenly started looking agitated?  My face, my face, he thinks i'm ugly, an ugly duckling staring at him no no no no, no way, no freaking way, this can't be happening, I need to look away, do something, do something, UNIVERSEJI!!

Rey's Pov:

Yes, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen but she looks so anxious, is it cuz of me, cuz i'm staring at her, cuz she thinks, she's too good for me, well no lies she is, she is an angel, I've never seen a girl like her, I don't want her to hate me, but I've nothing for her like me as well, god how do u do this, couldn't u have made something better out of this situation, I know you hate me, that is why u send me here like this in front of this, *sigh* even words don't describe her perfection right something do something, I need to stop staring at her, come on Reyaansh, kick your butt and think of something, do something, do something, JESUS!!

"Rey meet her, she's Kria, meri kiddo"

"nah meri shona" 

Thanks to those few words, which jumped out of vicky's mouth well which sounded more of yell and just saying, but I really needed this, I had an urge to hug vicky so hard for this help but I just smiled to myself, more of a smile of victory, but soon I realized, that swayam too did say something"

"you said something swayam?" okay to be honest my question left confused, of why din't i hear him, but little did he know, what had these minutes got me to.

Kria's Pov"

"This is Kria our sis" swayam repeated this  with an r to save us all the trouble, the next yell, there were some talks going between both of them,  I swear I've got this bunch of craziest brothers.

"And Kria, this is Rey, our brother, just the way you are for these two" sharon clarified further.

"oh, Hi Rey" though I said it, but I had mere belief of getting a reply, but he did, that was shocking, the actions and reaction I could feel from him a few minutes back weren't very similar to this one.

"Hi Kria, very nice to meet you" this was joyous, like he felt good about seeing me, there was no tint of lies, really none.

"Same here" that was all I could manage, yeah I managed a smile too though a shocked one but I did, you need guts to do this. He's the first guy I've laid my eyes on, yeah apart Jhonny Depp, fine now my brain needs to stop this, like right now, okay so yeah, what was I saying *sigh* damn he's so good, I've never admired a guy before come on now simply cuz I've never seen such a piece ever before. And I..

"Kria chalna hai?"

"haan ayi" great that's it dumb-kria-mode is over for now and all, this is it! the real kria is back.

*end of POV(s)*

3rd Person :

With that they all left to the hall with their respective partners and were soon on the dance floor, doing some random dancing on some irrelevant songs, while our Rey and Kria, they found themselves well...friends. God these two, where Kria was laughing at any irrelevant things those girls standing there were saying, we had this very talented man here who pulled his corner, at the bar, drinking what?? well yes, "Orange Juice" no no no don't get frightened, one flavor would be pain in ass, so he also ordered for apple juice and existing cold drinks. No freaking way, this guy's is just so unromantic, or maybe just the atmosphere but whatever. 

While all this giggling session of Kria, Neha somehow dropped there and well questioned her "Ermmm...Kriaaa?"


"Since when did u get so social, and well shocker! ur laughing at what these butterflies are saying, like seriously?? You need to see a doctor."

"Well..." nobody knows how but they found it so humorous that they couldn't stop laughing after that for a minute, so overall it was a good 15-minutes stomach aching laughing, they did.

Well yeah I'm sorry talking about destiny, you wouldn't be surprised to know, that Rey was actually looking at her for 15 minutes, well that wasn't in a cute way, there comes a shocker, well it was intense, so intense that if his eyes would have radiated heat, Kria would have been melted like wax. Obviously Kria was totally obvious of this "him-boring-his-eyes-into-her" thing, but somebody, was seeing this all, every move he made towards her, everything and that was none other than Neha.

She now knew that she has to do something of this K & R equation, god these people. Okay then, here goes the first step, pulling Rey and Kria on the dance floor and step two well that's the song, and the chemistry, she needs to do nothing with that...



...cuz that was creates as soon as her touched her with all the passion he possessed in him, pulling her into himself such that she felt that she'll be a part of him any second.

I love you... I love you... I love you

her right leg being next to his left and the left one at it's place, wherein Rey's left palm was laying elegantly on her back and the other one intertwined with hers, which which she pushed herself back and returned making a semi-circle. And then kept looking intensely in each other's eyes.

Baby I love you
You are my life
My happiest moments weren't complete
If you weren't by my side

they both turned their head to left and then facing back each other (on beats) Kria moves towards the right along with Rey and comes back to original and she takes three steps ahead, while Rey takes them back, after which they both sway to first kria's right bumping in and then left bumping again, and they repeated it once again.

You're my relation
In connection to the sun

Rey then held her shoulder bringing his hands down to her waist slowly. and lifted her up in the air, such that her hands lied on his shoulder and eyes looking at the sky, and then intensely looking into his when he got her back on the floor.

With you next to me
There's no darkness I can't overcome

As soon as her leg dropped on floor, she swirled out slipping down, leaning on Rey's leg along her left leg stretched and after which he pulled her up, intertwining their palms, crossed.

You are my raindrop
I am the seed
With you and God, who's my sunlight
I bloom and grow so beautifully

And twirled her around, with their palm still intertwined and in air, and then got their hand down making a circle and ending on their sides slowly, and got her close to her, locking her hands her hands behind her with his left palm and getting his right one to her face.

Baby, I'm so proud
So proud to be your girl
You make the confusion
Go all away
From this cold and mixed up world

Kria also freed her right hand and placed her palm on Rey's face mimicking Rey, caressing a little and then swaying toward him and thn back again, while Rey working accordingly swaying along, and then they swayed to left and then right.

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you here with me
Cause I'm Dangerously In Love with you

her rolled her out with the hand he had locked at her back, still looking at her, while she was looking away, and then looked back at him, spinning back into her arms and swaying a little.

'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you
I'll never leave
Just, just keep lovin' me
The way I love you, lovin' me

Kria  bent back , rolling their shoulder twice and then again in front, when Rey did vice-verse. 

'Cause I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you, here with me
'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you, lovin' me

They did some simple swaying and moves, thoroughly acknowledging  each other about their passion for one another.

And I know you love me
Love me for who I am
'Cause years before I became who I am
Baby, you were my man
I know it ain't easy
Easy lovin' me
I appreciate the love and dedication
From you to me

she slipped down splitting her legs with supports of Rey, and instantly Rey pulling her up, after swirling her around and her ending bent down her back.

Later on in my destiny
I see myself havin' your child
I see myself bein' your wife
And I see my whole future in your eyes

when Rey pulled her back, she ended up, with her right palm on his cheeks and her nose touching his looking intensely in his eyes.

Thought of all my love for you
Sometimes make me wanna cry
Realize all my blessings
I'm grateful to have you by my side

she turned towards left a little, causing him to pull her, making her back hit hard on half of his chest and his right hand grabbing her's right one, while his left laid on her waist and her lied over his.

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you, here with me
'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you
I'll never leave
Just, just keep lovin' me
The way I love you lovin' me

They moved to right forward, and then to right backward, swaying their hips a little, for a few time. while Rey's hot breath hit Kria's neck, due to their high proximity, while her nose was in her hair, breathing in her different scent, and hie eyes closed in focus.

'Cause I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you, here with me
'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you, lovin' me

her twirled her around making her face him, slowly opening his eyes and looking at her like it would be her last day, all the heat could be sensed in his eyes, they then crossed their hands over each other's head, resting on neck, and they then suddenly left each other's hands, causing everyone to gasp, but they managed to grab one another's arms, looking away from each other.

Every time I see your face
My heart smiles
Every time it feels so good
It hurts sometimes
Created in this world
To love, to hold
To feel, to breathe
To live you
Dangerously in love

they then looked at each other, while Rey, started pulling her up slowly and twirled around half way, from under his arm, making her bang into his chest and closing her eyes, opening it once she could feel his left arm snaking on her back slowly, and they then intertwined their palms once again.

Can't do this thing
I love you, I love you, I love you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I cannot do
I cannot do anything without you in my life

And they elegantly swayed, while, kria gave little jerks to her hips, making Rey want to eat her up right away, making him increase hit heat and wanting her even more, this feeling though was new but not annoying, and yes was unknown.

Holdin' me, kissin' me, lovin' me
Dangerously in love with you
Oh, I love you
I love you, love you
Love you, love you
Love you, I love you

He held her body up, placing his hand on her waist and one on her left leg, with her facing the floor, which she instantly, turned around in his arms, no lying like a baby, and then her legs and arms stretched, while all Rey did was swirling around continuously, finally placing her down and taking her deep into her embrace.

Oh yes, I love you
I love you, love you
Love you, love you
Love with you
Love you
I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you
Dangerously in love

All this time now they were closely embracing each other, such that Rey's breath was hitting Kria's hair, and eyes, and her's was hitting his neck, sending shivers down, one another's spine, swaying side to side.

*end of music*


Sorry for taking so ass long, but had no inspiration, the dance thing, kept me held, sorry, and "didn't" proofread, sorry, hope you enjoy. Also for song info, scrap me :)

Btw I'm giving in no update before at least 45 likes, i'm sorry I don't wanna be rude but really is it too much to ask for after all the hard work I put in?

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wers d update dear???
plz update soon...
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Originally posted by princessSonia

wers d update dear???
plz update soon...
I'm still forming it, hope i'll be able to do a good one today itself :)

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